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In today's video I went into creative fills and exposed players stats!
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26 feb. 2021




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Zisc Maand geleden
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Myles Regan
Myles Regan Dag geleden
Coalz シ
Coalz シ 2 dagen geleden
@Samuel Perkins cLaimed
Ean Mendoza
Ean Mendoza 3 dagen geleden
I play 7 hours more than the teen
HS Alkaabi
HS Alkaabi 3 dagen geleden
@Samuel Perkins here
ilyGhost 5 dagen geleden
@Samuel Perkins well rude
Rhonda Pucheu
Rhonda Pucheu 10 uur geleden
I don’t know mine
Rhonda Pucheu
Rhonda Pucheu 10 uur geleden
I subscrubed and liked
Rhonda Pucheu
Rhonda Pucheu 10 uur geleden
1v1 me please
Rhonda Pucheu
Rhonda Pucheu 10 uur geleden
I’m cracked
Rhonda Pucheu
Rhonda Pucheu 10 uur geleden
Can you expose me to my name is wooollhhjk
Karate Trix
Karate Trix 12 uur geleden
I love how the guy with the recon is certain 257 squad wins. But actually he ain’t got no squad wins
Bxrry 14 uur geleden
please dont expose my stats LOL
Karate Trix
Karate Trix 12 uur geleden
No way your a cool kid bro
Tax collector
Tax collector 14 uur geleden
Hmmmmm pretty sure your suppose to say 69 wins cuz u said 68
is that a supra?
is that a supra? 15 uur geleden
After seeing this *heads on playstaion and keeps going to into random creative fills*
UNO JOJO 20 uur geleden
the guy with 1 win lol
Jack R
Jack R 20 uur geleden
0:0 0 wins 100 win rate
cyberking Dag geleden
You need to say 33
Javaedits342 Dag geleden
Kauãh Dag geleden
Andrew Gomez
Andrew Gomez Dag geleden
You said he has 32 but he has 33
Kori Vazquez
Kori Vazquez Dag geleden
he said a relavent lol
Exotic ruby 2
Exotic ruby 2 Dag geleden
First for 69 wins he said 68 lmaoooo
Fire Sharkking
Fire Sharkking Dag geleden
33 wins dummy
Alien gamer
Alien gamer 2 dagen geleden
9:00 it’s actually 33 not 32
Saman Junaid
Saman Junaid 2 dagen geleden
the soccer skin is MAD
Gaming with Titus
Gaming with Titus 2 dagen geleden
It said 33 not 32 8:59
Yo soy Yo
Yo soy Yo 2 dagen geleden
My Id is Pqu1FN and I have like 70 wins
Odyssey Glitches
Odyssey Glitches 2 dagen geleden
Zisc someone might have only put their acc on that season
Dakota Broussard
Dakota Broussard 3 dagen geleden
Zisc YOU HAVE 32 TO WINS Me going back thats clearly 33
gooey blueface
gooey blueface 4 dagen geleden
9:50 me
Kael is a qt
Kael is a qt 4 dagen geleden
bruh you forgot the 1 in the superhero skins name. you spelt his name wrong
Kozy 4 dagen geleden
you look like a mix of soar milo faze flea and jerian
Kal zoe
Kal zoe 4 dagen geleden
Minus Caliber
Minus Caliber 4 dagen geleden
He faked the first one and its so obvious 😂😂😂
Eisa Playz
Eisa Playz 5 dagen geleden
i have 57 wins and my user is Eusu_playz two
josephine jones
josephine jones 5 dagen geleden
i love creative fill
Ayesha Waheed
Ayesha Waheed 5 dagen geleden
i have 100 win no CAP
Elie Matta
Elie Matta 5 dagen geleden
you get the best lobbies
Kat Barrientos
Kat Barrientos 5 dagen geleden
Alef Tewoderos
Alef Tewoderos 5 dagen geleden
Zisc i exposed your stats
Blaze on 0 fps Ψ
Blaze on 0 fps Ψ 5 dagen geleden
Disc zisc bisc sics taht is so dumb
Darren Wong
Darren Wong 5 dagen geleden
I need to ask him about this
YTReganthings 5 dagen geleden
Hi Zisc can I 2v2 u on fn plz my name is YTReganthings
Espen Welding
Espen Welding 5 dagen geleden
I only have like 124
Outdoors with Kaden
Outdoors with Kaden 6 dagen geleden
The website is off, I have like 104 on my account and it shows 62 on mine
JayeCee Fontenette
JayeCee Fontenette 6 dagen geleden
Zazz Randall
Zazz Randall 6 dagen geleden
Did someday someone is going to hit like 100 mill on NLblock on fortnight so do you like one of these videos and the person expose like a hacker or just like the stats thing is going to get banned from reports
Matthεw Fungツ
Matthεw Fungツ 6 dagen geleden
La tuya por si acaso
znvcz z
znvcz z 6 dagen geleden
the remegade rair is a bitrch
Reaps 6 dagen geleden
Luminor Fn
Luminor Fn 6 dagen geleden
I'm going to start playing creative fill from now
Melanie Martinez
Melanie Martinez 7 dagen geleden
Huh??? it said 33 and he said 32???
ASB el terminertor Destiny
Dude look at total wins
THE CREEPERS 7 dagen geleden
2:19 notice how he said 68 instead of 69
Luᖘroᖘlαyຮ :v
Luᖘroᖘlαyຮ :v 7 dagen geleden
That web does not work “LOL”
Gavin Brown
Gavin Brown 7 dagen geleden
yo zisc can you please look up my stats my username is reckzo gg
Wept Baseball
Wept Baseball 7 dagen geleden
Does Zisc know his numbers
CRIMBLES 7 dagen geleden
Me i have 1 win
Khalifa Binadi
Khalifa Binadi 7 dagen geleden
Brantley johnson
Brantley johnson 8 dagen geleden
Yo sense you exposed peoples stats i just looked at your and you have 1,456
Gabe Hillwick
Gabe Hillwick 8 dagen geleden
Daniel Freeman
Daniel Freeman 8 dagen geleden
i have 100 wins
Sea tree
Sea tree 8 dagen geleden
Sorry 69 wins
SoaR Dylan
SoaR Dylan 8 dagen geleden
I got 29 wins if you see vmpvurbs that’s me I don’t play that much
XTRA Reet 8 dagen geleden
Yo not 1 win go down and it will say solo and squad
Gordon Kemp
Gordon Kemp 8 dagen geleden
S Chan
S Chan 8 dagen geleden
The end of the video was crazy LOL 😂
TRjawad1 8 dagen geleden
What's the link
Khamair thomas
Khamair thomas 8 dagen geleden
Curleen Bishop
Curleen Bishop 8 dagen geleden
who else thought this man was jarvis
Ashdon Kot
Ashdon Kot 8 dagen geleden
Just a question how do you see your stats
LEWIS ENGLERT 8 dagen geleden
I have no clue how manny wins i have
LEWIS ENGLERT 8 dagen geleden
Can you invite me its reywrap
King demon Broom
King demon Broom 8 dagen geleden
In fact
King demon Broom
King demon Broom 8 dagen geleden
Devin DDanielski
Devin DDanielski 8 dagen geleden
you lied to the last one the last one had 33 wins and you said 32 wins to him
Stig Grundstrøm
Stig Grundstrøm 8 dagen geleden
Are your teeth like water?
alivia 9 dagen geleden
Guys i have 69 i gotta get out of that help me get another win 😭✋🏼
Jackie Whitfield
Jackie Whitfield 9 dagen geleden
I like ziscsv video
PikachuCaner 9 dagen geleden
where you looking wins?
DEMSH00T3R 9 dagen geleden
1) I have 41 wins 2) My account is private and I can’t undo it. 3) My first solo win was in season 8 4) i started playing in season 4
Jennifer Chaves
Jennifer Chaves 9 dagen geleden
Lmao of the liers
exclusive fn
exclusive fn 9 dagen geleden
I mean he did say he hacked the person that hacked him he probably did have 6 wins the person he hacked probably have more
exclusive fn
exclusive fn 9 dagen geleden
He literally said at least tho it's 1000 or less
jacory ortiz
jacory ortiz 9 dagen geleden
I subbed to u a while ago but it unsubbed what is this app
Zsombor Maglóczki
Zsombor Maglóczki 9 dagen geleden
Imagine still thinking that fortnite tracker is working
Peter Fishlock
Peter Fishlock 9 dagen geleden
Colin Woolard
Colin Woolard 9 dagen geleden
SHAME LESS 9 dagen geleden
Like how a 9 year old is swearing and acting like he’s hard 😂 *me*😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐
SHAME LESS 9 dagen geleden
Also the tracker glitches ALOT
Zakai Bell
Zakai Bell 9 dagen geleden
How many wins you have zisc?
Claps YT
Claps YT 9 dagen geleden
Say hi 1656 wow
J. Bautista PUENTES
J. Bautista PUENTES 9 dagen geleden
hey zisc whats the page you looked for that stats
playboy._xqar 9 dagen geleden
*deletes the kid that has 12 wins*
GFX Ducky
GFX Ducky 9 dagen geleden
when you check zisc's stats
avarkaTM 9 dagen geleden
one guy had 69 wins but he said 68 because he cant just say it
djoki vuk
djoki vuk 9 dagen geleden
32 wins???
LOL Toxic
LOL Toxic 9 dagen geleden
Nemesis 10 dagen geleden
Stop the cap
Joey Spams
Joey Spams 10 dagen geleden
2:19 68
Bryan Melton
Bryan Melton 10 dagen geleden
I love when he says cheater when he is a liar not a cheater
Ethan Tastet
Ethan Tastet 10 dagen geleden
The guy who have 12 win is so cute
TC yyzgamer
TC yyzgamer 3 dagen geleden
Odysseyman the astroknight
he is adorable
Aviation Gamer
Aviation Gamer 6 dagen geleden
@M A N T E ?
M A N T E 6 dagen geleden
Child predo 101
Ethan Buck
Ethan Buck 6 dagen geleden
Ian Mcarthur
Ian Mcarthur 10 dagen geleden
I done Ziscs and his wins are 143
KroloFN 10 dagen geleden
damn this guy cracked i have like 2
martin o hare
martin o hare 10 dagen geleden
add me pls bot no sorry your a pro
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i won a meme tournament...
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