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On this episode of "You Sang My Song," country music legend Dolly Parton watches fan covers of her songs on NLblock. She listens to covers of her songs "9 to 5," "I Will Always Love You," "Jolene," and "Hard Candy Christmas." Dolly shares her affection for the fan covers and offers sweet words of wisdom and encouragement to the fans that created them.

Dolly Parton's A Holly Dolly Christmas featuring collaborations with Miley Cyrus, Michael Buble, Jimmy Fallon and more is available now:

Love Raptor “9 TO 5” -

Angie K “9 TO 5” -

Seb Skelly “9 TO 5” -

Steve Knill - ‘I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU” -


Wiki & Thomas - “JOLENE” -

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Dolly Parton Watches Fan Covers on NLblock | Glamour


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15 okt. 2020




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David Moreno
David Moreno Uur geleden
When she started harmonizing I lost it🖤😭🖤
diane9247 2 uur geleden
Dolly is an angel...a genuine, beautiful, loving angel. 💕
Jessica Brusich
Jessica Brusich 2 uur geleden
I’m not much of a country music fan. But how could this video not make someone smile?! What a great soul. What sweet reactions to get to see. Thanks to the people that brought this video together.
charlene webb
charlene webb 2 uur geleden
I Love Dolly Come To Las Vegas For A Show Would You Please .!
Mark B.
Mark B. 2 uur geleden
Dolly's arms are so small 😍
TheKatherine1958 3 uur geleden
Dolly=Earth Angel in heels. 👼
Cynthia Smith-Heiden
Cynthia Smith-Heiden 3 uur geleden
Shes such a precious woman. Very fun to watch
Chris Struble
Chris Struble 3 uur geleden
Dolly is the most amazing human in history
Cari Waldick
Cari Waldick 4 uur geleden
I love when she sings harmony underneath the cover singers. Hard Candy Christmas sounded great with the two of them.
Ricky’s Adventures
Ricky’s Adventures 4 uur geleden
Dolly Parton is life ❤️
Vexic929 5 uur geleden
The world doesn't deserve Dolly ❤
CMurray1124 5 uur geleden
She's so gracious and wonderful. I love Dolly so so much
desrtangl 5 uur geleden
Love this to bits! Someone needs to reach out to Stevie Nicks to do this same thing. That would be equally as amazing!
Gabriel Hamsi
Gabriel Hamsi 5 uur geleden
Flower13x 6 uur geleden
I adore Dolly!! I could watch her doing this alllllll day!!
jojobean2420 6 uur geleden
She is so prescious, I literally cannot🥺🥺
TaRa0350 6 uur geleden
She is a national treasure!!
rgncajun21 6 uur geleden
How humble can one megastar be tho.
Diana Brown
Diana Brown 6 uur geleden
Dolly is just the sweetest woman I've ever ever heard
Angela Netherton
Angela Netherton 6 uur geleden
Listening to her sing along is making me cry! She is an angel on earth. I think Dolly sounds so beautiful! I love her!
Elizabeth Nevers
Elizabeth Nevers 7 uur geleden
Pretty sure Ian was sitting on the toilet. Which I think Dolly would think is funny. :)
Grover 666
Grover 666 7 uur geleden
God she’s just a wonderful woman ❤️
Candyflip Records
Candyflip Records 8 uur geleden
How generous is this woman? Unbelievable. 💓💎
gnomeymalone 8 uur geleden
Loved this! Love Dolly!
Rose Weldon
Rose Weldon 8 uur geleden
where is the medieval version of Jolene lol
Angelina Ortega
Angelina Ortega 9 uur geleden
I love her spirit she seems like such a loving sweet person
john wallace
john wallace 9 uur geleden
class. nothing but pure utter southern class
Your Name
Your Name 9 uur geleden
Funny how she makes today's celebrity status a joke yet while they all develop attitude and a superiority complex if not a serious God complex and show however much gratitude is required to keep them afloat and no more, she hasn't changed a bit since either 51 or 55 years ago I think it was when she began.
JeannineMarie Schley
JeannineMarie Schley 9 uur geleden
I love when she sings harmony with the artists. That's so awesome! Love her!
bananaboat805 10 uur geleden
Dolly is precious, plain and simple
Melissa Barranti
Melissa Barranti 10 uur geleden
Seb’s reaction to Dolly was adorable he’s so sweet and shy, and when Steve got emotional awww.
sheri 10 uur geleden
Dolly is so humble, gracious, genuine and lovable. A truly lovely human. ❤️
msmorbid921 10 uur geleden
“My best friends’ got red hair” - plot twist, Dolly and Jolene are really the best of friends.
Sinna-G 11 uur geleden
The Earth is not worthy of Dolly Parton. She is EVERYTHING that is good with the World!!
jennifer smith
jennifer smith 12 uur geleden
She is a National Treasure !!!! The only one Dolly and there will never be another.
Alix H
Alix H 12 uur geleden
Ian! ❤ yay
Gabriele Giangrandi
Gabriele Giangrandi 12 uur geleden
Her eyes are so creepy
R G 13 uur geleden
Dolly Parton is just grand!
OnceUponAPiano 13 uur geleden
Dolly Parton is such an incredible source of kindness and good in the world
Felix Henson
Felix Henson 13 uur geleden
She is such an idol and inspiration. Love you Dolly!
SophiiAnne 13 uur geleden
We don't deserve her.
Shannon Niessink
Shannon Niessink 14 uur geleden
Dolly for President!❤️
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 14 uur geleden
Look, she's Dolly, I can't imagine her saying anything bad about anyone's performance. She's always going to find something positive.
Erica Spears
Erica Spears 15 uur geleden
I adore Dolly! 💜 This is wonderful 👏🏻😊
Zaina B Cureton
Zaina B Cureton 15 uur geleden
I can’t get enough of her and these videos of her.
zipperXie 15 uur geleden
She's such a wonderful person. Dolly Parton is just amazing, inside and out.
Margo 15 uur geleden
She sang harmony with that dude who was covering I Will Always Love You. That would have put me over the moon! Love Dolly. ❤️
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 14 uur geleden
Jackie Baucom
Jackie Baucom 16 uur geleden
Dolly Parton is a NATIONAL Treasure!! 💋
StormyPeak 16 uur geleden
Dolly is such a sweet person, a national treasure. I don't think I've ever heard her say a mean thing about anyone, and it was fun to see the reactions of the artists in the video when they heard her comments about the song covers.
Motsidisi Rankwe
Motsidisi Rankwe 16 uur geleden
I wish they had shown her the video of the Ndlovu Youth choir singing Jolene
Oriana van Gulden
Oriana van Gulden 17 uur geleden
This is the best video of “watches fans covers” of all time!!
P Dolly
P Dolly 17 uur geleden
Her harmonies are sublime, I 💚💚💚💚💚 her
Daniel Butcher
Daniel Butcher 17 uur geleden
I would love to hear that first band live.
Jessica Baker
Jessica Baker 18 uur geleden
I want Dolly and Ian to duet Hard Candy Christmas!
Cold Winter
Cold Winter 19 uur geleden
What a great segment this is! Such happiness all around...Very Cool! Go Dolly 👍💗
Jonathan Magelhen
Jonathan Magelhen 19 uur geleden
6:31 gee... i love to see a duet... lovely 😍😍
darkat 19 uur geleden
Omg I love her
Andriotti Junior
Andriotti Junior 19 uur geleden
She's so lovely and big hearted. ❤️
Darian Weber
Darian Weber 19 uur geleden
I could listen to her say “guitar” ALL DAY
Tom Mason
Tom Mason 20 uur geleden
I love this. She is a Goddess.
Angel Ray
Angel Ray 20 uur geleden
fred williamson
fred williamson 20 uur geleden
The only person in this entire world that actually sounds like Dolly is Alexandra Kay. Hands down! End of story, have a nice day.
Pauline Malone
Pauline Malone 20 uur geleden
What a treasure this wonderful woman is
Zachandstacy Dunn
Zachandstacy Dunn 20 uur geleden
And this is why I love and adore miss dolly because she is such bright little light and you can tell she has such a good heart!
Steven DuVall
Steven DuVall 20 uur geleden
I think only song included in this final edit that Dolly DIDN'T write was Hard Candy Christmas.
Creativa Artly
Creativa Artly 20 uur geleden
I want to see more of this. This is so cool. Wish we’d seen her react to people singing Coat of Many Colors, but that’s just me being nit picky.
Carl Stawicki
Carl Stawicki 21 uur geleden
Dolly's enthusiasm for these covers shows true integrity. A lot of bands (or the labels) are notorious NLblock blockers.
AdLibby 21 uur geleden
This is just wonderful. Moved me to tears when she would sing along with them.
Penni 21 uur geleden
Love Dolly!
Line Pigen
Line Pigen 22 uur geleden
She seems like such a nice person
Grace Michaels
Grace Michaels 22 uur geleden
Dolly Parton is the sweetest little thing on earth. I said thing because she must be an angel. And angels aren't human.
jennel802009 22 uur geleden
Let's talk about Austin's version of, "I Will Always Love You." I could feel that he was really feeling that song. Heck! I could feel it. LOL! Beautiful cover!
canadiankazz 22 uur geleden
I had the biggest smile for this whole video. This was lovely.
Lela Zizolli
Lela Zizolli Dag geleden
Dolly looks like the nicest person to have ever been on You Sang My Song 💗
jmatt4life Dag geleden
All the Tribute Artists were WONDERFUL!
jmatt4life Dag geleden
It seems Dolly can harmonize with anyone! She is a MARVELOUS talent!!!
jmatt4life Dag geleden
Who doesn’t LOVE DOLLY? She is an American Gem!!!
what is your damage heather
she is a TREASURE
Hot Pocket of Cheese
What a national treasure 😭😭😭
Amy Valencia
Amy Valencia Dag geleden
Dolly Parton is such a gift to earth🥺💛
Portfoliono Dag geleden
Dolly is the only thing this world can unite over and honestly it makes sense she’s such a beautiful person
Melissa Jayne
Melissa Jayne Dag geleden
Dolly is like the sweet southern Grandma, full of love and kindness. Ugh my heart ❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️
Kiarra Shane
Kiarra Shane Dag geleden
I love dolly so much loved her ever since I was little
Kevin Blair
Kevin Blair Dag geleden
She is such a gracious lady.
Heather T
Heather T Dag geleden
Aww, so sweet and awesome to see her genuinely happy and proud to see others do her music
msaddicted2utube Dag geleden
She is beautiful, classy, inspirational, moving, and so kind. Love her!
Sandra Whitlock
Sandra Whitlock Dag geleden
Dolly Parton is the best! 🌺 💜🌺💜🌺
Linda Callahan
Linda Callahan Dag geleden
This woman is always so kind and generous in herself and others....a great role model.
Peliroja Dag geleden
Dolly Parton is a beautiful and humble human being who has always embraced her roots! Amazing singer/songwriter! ❤️💕👍
Lynne Shapley
Lynne Shapley Dag geleden
Awesome human being right there !!!! 🥰
TxAngel Dag geleden
He was right! "A Legend!"
daemion luccas
daemion luccas Dag geleden
My favorite parts were when she was harmonizing along with the videos. It sounding so effortlessly amazing.
Susan Littrell
Susan Littrell Dag geleden
What an amazing human being!
crezman Dag geleden
I'd like to see a show where she mentors singers that is NOT a competition.
Kiki B.G.
Kiki B.G. Dag geleden
Ed Earl 😍 I love that she brought up Bert & TBLWinT! ♡
Oscar Korlowsky
Oscar Korlowsky Dag geleden
I really admire dolly 🤩
mike856ms Dag geleden
Let's be honest here. Dolly was being nice to all of them. None were great.
Tessmage Tessera
Tessmage Tessera Dag geleden
If we ever have a "Most Adorable Human Being In History" contest... well, you already know who I'm gonna vote for.
Mark A.
Mark A. Dag geleden
I was hoping she would hear Little 10 year old Jadyn Rylee singing Jolene!!!!!! Hopefully next time 🙏💗👌
Gail Lovett
Gail Lovett Dag geleden
Those were great!!
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