Daniel Cormier SLAMS Jake Paul & his team, Paul responds, Perry GETS MAD at Jake Paul,PPVs revealed 

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MMA news today:
ROBERT WHITTAKER talks his win over Kelvin Gastelum & calls for Israel Adesanya title fight
DARREN TILL praises Jake Paul & slams UFC fighters
MIKE PERRY gets mad at Jake Paul for releasing sparring footage
JAKE PAUL calls out Nate Diaz
DANIEL CORMIER reacts to Tyron Woodley's confrontation with Jake Paul's team
DOMINICK CRUZ reacts to Robert Whittaker's impressive win over Kelvin Gastelum
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19 apr. 2021




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Zaki Shakir
Zaki Shakir 16 uur geleden
That’s what them you tube clowns do they like women stir up drama to get views stop feeding into his lame ass just like them lame ass pranks
Johan Kristoffersson
110% Poser Paul
Balkuky Kykyjsk
Balkuky Kykyjsk 2 dagen geleden
Stop showing anything with Gay Paul !!!!!!!!!! Stop it !!!
ThePakman90 3 dagen geleden
Talking shit without another man name on your chest lol
Enzo Sperandio
Enzo Sperandio 3 dagen geleden
Jake Paul taunting none boxer is so lame.
Allen lee
Allen lee 3 dagen geleden
Isnt It like entering a dragster in a dirt bike race ?
Doenerteller Versace
Doenerteller Versace 3 dagen geleden
JP needs a Highkick in his fu......face
A Tsylor
A Tsylor 4 dagen geleden
Perry wasn’t lying. Paul looked like he was about to pass out when they were taking those gloves off and perry strolled up fresh as a daisy.
Vi Lô
Vi Lô 4 dagen geleden
Simon Lawther
Simon Lawther 4 dagen geleden
Would love to see jp never wake up after Nate diaz annihilates him.
John Hardesty
John Hardesty 4 dagen geleden
Who’s that meth addict screaming about Jake Paul tho?
Viper Tz
Viper Tz 5 dagen geleden
OK this is funny to me Jake is a coward he calls out UFC fighters yet he doesn't want to face them in a cage only in boxing. Jake needs to stay in his lane call out fighters in boxing if he had guts he would face them in there inviorment but he knows if he did that Jake he would go to sleep quick
David Arango
David Arango 5 dagen geleden
Mike Perry G'up jake paul the biggest lame on earth
KH Gaming Games
KH Gaming Games 5 dagen geleden
ZUFFER 167 6 dagen geleden
Fake News!
23Hamlet24 6 dagen geleden
It’d be fun to see Nate Diaz running into Jake Paul somewhere and all is captured on video.
combat wizzard
combat wizzard 6 dagen geleden
a UFC event requires triple the money to produce then a Boxing event. The truth is only the TOP boxers make big bucks and there's only about 10 of them and I may be exaggerating that! while MMA has literally hundreds of known fighters, known world wide! that's the part that Jake Paul is leaving out. Even the low paid MMA fighters are MORE KNOWN more then the HIGHEST PAID 10 BOXERS! Undercard boxers make jack shit and you may not see them for another year whereas undercard MMA fighters make about the same per fight and fight 3-6 times a year and have huge fan bases! No one even knows UNDERCARD BOXERS!!! WAKE UP LAMBS
Eugen Bereziuc
Eugen Bereziuc 6 dagen geleden
yes nate vs jake... that would be SICK!
Yosiah Ben Israel
Yosiah Ben Israel 7 dagen geleden
Mike Perry was out of pocket with that 🍦
Robert 420 B a r t o n
Robert 420 B a r t o n 7 dagen geleden
I'd love to see Jake Paul knockout douchebag Diaz
Tommy Russell
Tommy Russell 7 dagen geleden
We have to watch this tiktok kids give money to real fighters to win the match. Both are equally without self respect, all about money
Abbas Musawi
Abbas Musawi 7 dagen geleden
Nate would clap Jake soo hard
Brad 7 dagen geleden
Jake Paul is still yet to fight a boxer? Wow
Skammas 7 dagen geleden
I don't watch any of these. Jake Paul is a clown just like his brother. Everybody knows that. The day one of these UFC fighters put hands on him to hospitalize him, then I maybe watch it.
Kostas Kitmi
Kostas Kitmi 7 dagen geleden
Sheesh Jake Paul is playing y all like a fiddle. It's a gimmick. Shit sells well if you fkn take all that crap seriously. Laughable stuff.
DAVE KLEIN 7 dagen geleden
Best part for me is these chump NLblock boxers, who’ve NEVER boxed an actual boxer. He’s fought a retired 5’8” NBA guy with his hands by his side and running into JP’s fists...and who was his first fight against? KA something or other NLblock nobody also? I love these guys NEVER boxed a boxer, they are whining how they represent boxing, and they’ll whoop MMA fighters in boxing...if you’re all so tough, fight Askren in an MMA match...fight ANY amateur MMA fighter in an MMA match, and see how humbled you become. Lastly, Diaz, Masvidal, McGregor would straight up box the skin off their faces. Just laughable these tools call out those they know CANNOT FIGHT THEM, CONTRACTUALLY, COWARDS, BUT ITS OUR FAULT, BC ONLY IN AMERICA, CAN UNEDUCATED, UNTALENTED, IRRELEVANT, UNNEEDED, UNLOVED, AND ABSOLUTE FAILURES AT HUMANITY ALLOWED TO BECOME RICH, WHEN REAL PEOPLE STRUGGLE.
Monez45 7 dagen geleden
Nate Diaz will kill him
B H 8 dagen geleden
Eww JP thinks he did well just because his sparring partner said ‘you kicked my ass’? He’s so desperate for recognition that he’s grasping at straws over a passing remark 😂 He gave off the ‘I’m not stupid, my mom says I’m smart!’ kinda vibes.
Gerardo Samaniego
Gerardo Samaniego 8 dagen geleden
Id like to see a jake paul get is ass beat by an actual boxer match and not an mma fighter.
81 SUPPORT SUPPORT 81 8 dagen geleden
Jake is like that 1 kid in school that thinks he's popular for good reasons when in reality he's being slagged off and victimized to the nines for being an absolute MUPPET 🤣 just another Charlie Z with a bad attitude
brad broadbent
brad broadbent 8 dagen geleden
I'm passed been a whole new game if was passed when was sparing while having a ice cream cone xD kinda takes away from the seriousness in you're speech lol
Duane Newstead
Duane Newstead 8 dagen geleden
Old men can't fight.
Ben Franklin
Ben Franklin 8 dagen geleden
I like how that guy is holding up those training wheels like it's something impressive
N why?
N why? 8 dagen geleden
Jakes a joke but he's making money
Bad Apple31
Bad Apple31 8 dagen geleden
Hell nah I want to see jake get ko in ufc
Biggus Dikkus
Biggus Dikkus 8 dagen geleden
The is suicide by cop.... the suicide by professional fighter.. Paul is gonna get dead, or so broken lawyers run off with his money
Zarthrian A
Zarthrian A 8 dagen geleden
Jake paul is a Westlake flake he aint from cleveland
Jetwash OutDoors
Jetwash OutDoors 8 dagen geleden
jake paul wont fight mma cause he cant pass a piss test and is scared of the smaller gloves
xander crews
xander crews 8 dagen geleden
I've never wanted to see a guy get his faced smashed in harder than Jake Paul.
Yung Tugga23
Yung Tugga23 8 dagen geleden
U put a real boxer or ufc fighter against Jake Paul and he goin get knocked in one round. Jake Paul asking retired dads and youtubers. One round wit a real fighter and he dead 💀
Jay Ramsay
Jay Ramsay 8 dagen geleden
Jake really wants to fight DANIEL CORMIER???? Is this boy on crack?
Humpty Dumpty
Humpty Dumpty 8 dagen geleden
How does Whittaker get a title fight next? He's had three fights since getting KO'd by Adesanya?
hugh jainus
hugh jainus 8 dagen geleden
Daniel Cormier’s dead body would beat the shit out of Jake Paul
Bernardo Chavis
Bernardo Chavis 8 dagen geleden
hes trying to get rich lol
Alec Hernandez
Alec Hernandez 8 dagen geleden
No one knows about the black guy in the Tyrone video lol. Bro you got hands like idk who you are at all lol
Iamurdaughter. 8 dagen geleden
Honestly, why tf jake paul don't fight a pro boxer not these mma fighters like wtf.
JJshotty 8 dagen geleden
How about a boxer verse a boxer. Jake Paul becomes a boxer to fight people in other sports. How pathetic.
Marcio 8 dagen geleden
can see jake wants every1 to hate him
Shaun Reed
Shaun Reed 8 dagen geleden
I'll say it again, this douche bag calling out MMA fighters, it needs to be an MMA fight
RP Wilson
RP Wilson 9 dagen geleden
Nate would get knocked TF out boxing JP
Brill Smith
Brill Smith 9 dagen geleden
boxing isn't fighting end of story. why not just challenge them to a game of fifa its pathetic.
Kingdom Life
Kingdom Life 9 dagen geleden
Love Lost his last 3 fights and I think he got KOd
Kingdom Life
Kingdom Life 9 dagen geleden
That’s Love , Love would get KOd easy
BXXXT 9 dagen geleden
Mike Perry is definitely stoned a.f.
Justin 9 dagen geleden
Lets see jakes dumb ass step in the octagon. Its different fuckin worlds
Nick Robles
Nick Robles 9 dagen geleden
Why does jake keep challenging ufc fighters to boxing matches??? Dude should fight some boxers. Even if they agree to box him they can’t utilize like more than half their skill set. So are the wins really that impressive?
Elcord 9 dagen geleden
J Leon love running his mouth saying he got his titles 😂 what titles though? 🤣🤣 You won a vacant wba international super middle title whatever that is i don’t know and you trying to compare it with Tyrone woodley who was a ufc welterweight champion of the world . His title is legit you’re a just a mayweather fan boy. J Leon out here looking like one of them over the hill trainers who carry the mop and bucket around the Mayweather Gym 🤡.
St Sm
St Sm 9 dagen geleden
I love boxing...... but until I see a boxer crossover in any combat sport that adds just 1 weapon, all that mouthiness just looks foolish
Pablo Noescobar
Pablo Noescobar 9 dagen geleden
The guy obviously didn’t get why Woodly asked his name. Who dafuq is he?
Effin A. Cotton
Effin A. Cotton 9 dagen geleden
What’s the over / under on the timeline when Jake Paul eventually gets seriously hurt by a professional fighter in or out of the ring? I got $500 says by August he’s in the hospital.
Salitur Rahman
Salitur Rahman 9 dagen geleden
Jake Paul and those numbers are Full of Shit
Daniel Vinci
Daniel Vinci 9 dagen geleden
This was brutal listening to you read. Be better to hear a robot!
Chip Chippahson
Chip Chippahson 9 dagen geleden
I don't even LIKE Tyron and I was enraged here. Who is that NOBODY waving his gloves with "I already done this." ? Sorry, pathetic little BOY who is a literal yes man for some 20 something year old privileged child. Imagine being a supposed grown up and your existence and income depends on a 23 year old who you have to bow down to. PATHETIC.
Sky Warp
Sky Warp 9 dagen geleden
I’m starting to think Mike Perry is just trolling everyone
joeker022 9 dagen geleden
Kinda weird how jake consider himself a boxer and wants to fight everyone but another boxer huh
Dennis Harris
Dennis Harris 9 dagen geleden
Praying for a Nate vs jake fight. King Nate Dog would silence the actor
christian jacob leongson
christian jacob leongson 9 dagen geleden
These wanna be champ boxers, okay box with the legends sure, but do mma with them too...
Lago Dozinn
Lago Dozinn 9 dagen geleden
Nate would fuck him up but Nate shouldn’t fill this dumbass head with ideas 💡
Spitfire M
Spitfire M 9 dagen geleden
Imagine speaking for someone like Jake Paul What a clown 🤡
Edward Xiong
Edward Xiong 9 dagen geleden
You don't know about these though... You dont know about these though... You don't know about these though... You don't know about these though... Liberally shit spam coming out your mouth.
T THORN 9 dagen geleden
LMAO!! Perry is missing a few brain cells
T THORN 9 dagen geleden
Woodley would destroy Jakes whole team
Chevy Atkins
Chevy Atkins 9 dagen geleden
6:38 did that dude just go deepthrought his icecream
scorpion subzero
scorpion subzero 9 dagen geleden
Nate Diaz will fuck you Up MMA Boxing street fight were ever dude you nothing
joseph D
joseph D 9 dagen geleden
Why do MMA fighters have to step into the boxing world. Askren did it, Connor did it. It's about time for one of these boxer step into the MMA world. I would love to see Jake go up against Nate in the octagon .
Riley L.A.
Riley L.A. 9 dagen geleden
For the love of fucking god...UFC roster, stoooooop. Ignore him. Force him to go fight an actual boxer.
lonewolffang 9 dagen geleden
His first two mistakes was giving Jake Paul props and respect.
Jon Hunter
Jon Hunter 9 dagen geleden
D C would literally if not singularly whip each and every last one of Jake Pauls crew including Jake himself quick! He aint Ben Askrew!!!
Santa Ana Luna
Santa Ana Luna 9 dagen geleden
Jane Paul has ENOUGH money... is he really that important that people wanna PAY to see him fight... I’d rather see Candace and Cardi fight!
Grant Girten
Grant Girten 9 dagen geleden
J’leon love doesn’t appear to have ever won a title so I don’t know what belts he was referring to
rpr6.5 creedmoor
rpr6.5 creedmoor 9 dagen geleden
I wish someone would start a rumor on the internet about Jake Paul mouthing off about Mike Tyson.
Rough Rider
Rough Rider 9 dagen geleden
Jakes streak would end in a ufc fight
k.d 9 dagen geleden
woodley will kill all this clowns at the same time
UnHoly GHouL
UnHoly GHouL 9 dagen geleden
No, I want to see Jake call out MMA fighters for a cage fight.
Ernest Espinosa
Ernest Espinosa 9 dagen geleden
Fight REAL boxers. Not MMA.
Ryan Young
Ryan Young 9 dagen geleden
He's a very good promoter, but he is not a good boxer......
kevin buck
kevin buck 9 dagen geleden
And I dont wanna see Nate and Jake in a boxing ring I would LOVE to Jake and Nate in a mma Ring tho let's see if Jake is as real of a fighter as he says he is not trying to be a ass Jake has hands I wanna see if he is a all around fighter I think he would be good at mma but he's not on Nates level just based on experience alone
kevin buck
kevin buck 9 dagen geleden
Jake Paul is a smart business man that's it if he wasn't a smart business man he wouldn't be calling out mma fighters to a boxing match if Jake Paul was a REAL FIGHTER he would be calling out BOXERS to a BOXING match that's like calling tiger woods out to a football game and that folks is FACTS
Denmark Reyes
Denmark Reyes 9 dagen geleden
Jake paul and his whole team is just a complete joke. Lmao. Always be a youtube guy. Not a fighter or an athlete. Keep dreamin' boi.
Robert Andrews
Robert Andrews 9 dagen geleden
Dude I'm being honest if Jake doesn't learn to shut the fuck up he's gonna be a the wrong time with the wrong people who don't fight, but use weapons.
Carl Bratcher II
Carl Bratcher II 9 dagen geleden
TWood is a world just use your hands...bruh how we figure 🤷🏾‍♂️
Connor Reilly
Connor Reilly 9 dagen geleden
Hey dude that no ones ever heard of! Go watch a T-wood highlight reel!
Sleep_Paralysis_King 9 dagen geleden
its seriously fuggin sad that that many people paid for that shit show
chris sieser
chris sieser 9 dagen geleden
jake paul and his team should drive into oncoming traffic
Thescoop 9 dagen geleden
Why is Jake Paul picking his opponents? Get him in the ring with someone his age lmao
Chris MJ
Chris MJ 9 dagen geleden
Jake Paul is just looking for hype - hes not a real proven boxer and knows the more hype the more people will buy into his dumb shit and actually pay to watch him fight. Dont be fooled! Hes a like the old celebrity boxing matches with Todd Bridges and Screech..
Alexander Hernandez
Alexander Hernandez 9 dagen geleden
😂😂😂😂😂 now that’s hilarious. All Diaz would do is just look at Jake the fake and that’s an instant KO. 🤣🤣🤣
SPH' Huntsville
SPH' Huntsville 9 dagen geleden
2021....when the Disney Channel, & chat internet dudes talk shit & other internet & chat dudes think it's real. S/O to DC.🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
Kasey 9 dagen geleden
Couldn't have said it better that Mike Perry.
Boston Nate
Boston Nate 9 dagen geleden
Nate Diaz would pick him apart