Daniel Cormier REVEALS what he told Jake Paul at UFC 261,Paul REACTS,Ngannou reacts to Usman's win 

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MMA news today:

FRANCIS NGANNOU reacts after Kamaru Usman KO's Jorge Masvidal at UFC 261

ANDERSON SILVA reacts to Chris Weidman's leg break at UFC 261

DANA WHITE reacts to Jake Paul's presence at UFC 261 \u0026 his confrontation with Daniel Cormier

KAMARU USMAN reacts to his win over Jorge Masvidal \u0026 talks Colby Covington rematch

COLBY COVINGTON reacts to Jorge Masvidal's KO loss to Kamaru Usman

DANIEL CORMIER reveals what he told Jake Paul at UFC 261
JAKE PAUL reacts after confrontation with Daniel Cormier

ROSE NAMAJUNAS reacts after insane KO win over Zhang Weili

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25 apr. 2021




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Jordan Murdock
Jordan Murdock 13 dagen geleden
Daniel Cormier is such a pathetic loser I've never enjoyed watching him fight
Roberto Toyos
Roberto Toyos 23 dagen geleden
D.C. would knock the lights out of that clown J Paul......
ALL FIRED UP!!! Maand geleden
DC should have slapped the fuck out of jake.
Jesus is God
Jesus is God Maand geleden
Jake Paul be messing with the wrong man DC would beat his face in with one hand to his two I would bet on him all day everyday once every week and twice on Sunday he could tie one arm behind his back and beat Jake Paul
T Maand geleden
Daniel Cormier looks like that fat guy from Shark Tank.
Zedeezia Maand geleden
Jake Paul looks like he has his proud boy bodyguard. Black and yellow... lol I didn't think it was possible for him to be a bigger douche. The Paul family: hold my oakleys.
Rodney Kent
Rodney Kent Maand geleden
As soon as Jake fights someone known for having hands he's getting knocked out. You don't just start boxing and a couple years later are the baddest man on the planet. Jake Paul is nothing more than a clown.
The Silent One
The Silent One Maand geleden
Jake paul the guy who calls out wrestlers to a boxing match
Sam Bone
Sam Bone Maand geleden
Knowing there are billions of other men out there, the chances of the UFC being the baddest men on the planet is very unlikely. There are probably hundreds of, if not thousands, of men out there who live quiet lives but can fuck your shit up quick regardless of who you are and what profession you have including pro fighter. It's best not to go wagging fingers lest you get embarrassed by someone you perceive to be a soft target. Especially by someone who just knocked out one of your constituents.
Who Cares
Who Cares Maand geleden
Cormier is a joke showing his blm mentality
Who Cares
Who Cares Maand geleden
Mad cause Jake made more off a 1 fight then dc eye poker did in 3 fights
Robert Antoine
Robert Antoine Maand geleden
Stupid humans make the Paul Brothers relevant.
Darkwingduck Maand geleden
Look at Jake ballin with his 100 1$ bills lol.
The GuNNeR
The GuNNeR Maand geleden
I can’t lie Jake as done well living in his brothers shadow he’s made some money fair play to him. But some put him to sleep in a real fight not some set up I dnt blame them faking it people are stupid enough to pay for it but someone give him a real fight and finish him.
Konnan Maand geleden
Is that a lil jealousy I hear dana white.
Good Samaritan
Good Samaritan Maand geleden
I dont play games. I cry
BigTrappo 187
BigTrappo 187 Maand geleden
Jake was shook asl 🤣🤣🤣pussy
kawika dee
kawika dee Maand geleden
Jake Paul would get knocked out from any ufc fighter.
cesiar25 Maand geleden
Jake would never be humble enough to fight Cormier in UFC style, he wouldn’t last. So instead of Jake calling our basketball players, and rappers, he needs to step out and be humble about HIM getting out o his pride like a dummy
joseph depino
joseph depino Maand geleden
Lol jake will drop dc in a minute in the boxing ring!!
Eric Parks
Eric Parks Maand geleden
"I don't play those gAmEsS, Joe." -Daniel Cormier
Elger Reyes
Elger Reyes Maand geleden
Jake is a chump fighting people who aren't fighters Put his ass with a Real fighter knockout 1 round Dana white: that kid gonna make a couple bucks haha 🤣🤣😆
James Davis
James Davis Maand geleden
Who’s a bigger loser broken jaw Colby or Jake loser Paul?
nick ford
nick ford Maand geleden
Who's jake paul 🤔 exactly a nobody.
Politicus Rex
Politicus Rex Maand geleden
Where the hell is Conor McGregor when you need him?
Nick Show
Nick Show Maand geleden
covington blabba mouth loser and jake the snake 🐍 paul tryna play i’m better than any ufc fighter lol 😂
Jeremy Wright
Jeremy Wright Maand geleden
Jake Paul needs to get in the octagon if he thinks he is the best!!!
torturekillah2 Maand geleden
Lol @ celeb boxing. Go fight real amateurs and turn pro. Get your juice the way all the real people do......and win a cage fight against Askren and ill respect him
m Monjezi
m Monjezi Maand geleden
chris weidman should just give up
TipzY Maand geleden
hahahaa, dana mad
Darren Arni
Darren Arni Maand geleden
how did Jake P even come close to talking to UFC legends? Fuk'in crazy world.
1Willum1 Maand geleden
DC does "play those games", he clearly wanted to generate hype, he knew his finger wagging would go viral. Guy is a self admitted sellout.
Edwin Danilo
Edwin Danilo Maand geleden
Why does jake only pick on older peeps
Jeff Welch
Jeff Welch Maand geleden
Dude said bunyon hahahaha
NoKnownThrone Maand geleden
Big difference with Cormier, is that if he wanted to just reach over, he could literally do anything he wants. I mean, if he wanted to strangle his life out, I'm sure he could get it done within 20-30 seconds of his finger in his face. Boxing is pretty and a great sport and all, but bro.... I mean just add elbows and Paul's in trouble. Fun to watch I guess though :D
Andy Og
Andy Og Maand geleden
Dana should pay you
Heresjohnnynava Maand geleden
Ghetto Tech
Ghetto Tech Maand geleden
Jake Paul grown on me he’s taking on the fight game and he’s owning it
Steve Maand geleden
JP is playing free PR
Erik Thompson
Erik Thompson Maand geleden
I give it two weeks til Jake Paul calls out Rose and challenges her to a boxing match.
indieh01 Maand geleden
Dana "this is not what I do" white, who put kimbo and mulitple internet street fighters in the ring!
Floyd Williams
Floyd Williams Maand geleden
You are all being set up on a narrative. Insert heel Jake Paul.............this is all fabricated.
odell daniel
odell daniel Maand geleden
Jake Paul makes more money than Cormier, is that why he is upset?
Matthew 17:11
Matthew 17:11 Maand geleden
Gotta love Anderson !Pure class !
christophe Maand geleden
If Cormier boxes Jake Paul he'd be without his 2 biggest weapons his wrestling and eye pokes. Still would love to see Jake get his ass beat.
Ricardo Ybarra
Ricardo Ybarra Maand geleden
Side show ?Freak show?Fake.Dana is a on Jake's nuts.Street Jesus had no reason to be main event. 50/50 Fighter. Preliminary bum.
PNW Custom Baits
PNW Custom Baits Maand geleden
He has inoy ever ducked ine dude and his name is jake paul
S miller
S miller Maand geleden
Waste of time
Grow low
Grow low Maand geleden
Jake Paul has fought absolute nobodies. And he thinks he's a world Champion or some shit
ABN Maand geleden
Jake is smart! Milk the cow as much as you can. But keep it a buck, he won't go full ufc!!
Bill J.Kamealoha
Bill J.Kamealoha Maand geleden
so what did Cormier say before? Why game did cormier not want to play with Jake Paul? Nothing is "revealed" and honestly.. who gives a rats ass. Its showbiz. They dont change the world. We just give them our money.. or stream for free.
Constantly hungry
Constantly hungry Maand geleden
D.C.puts things in order with Jake
Jay Maand geleden
Dana is spot on about Jake, he's taken us all for a riiiide 😂😂
William Mahon
William Mahon Maand geleden
Usman rocks. Love how he carries himself.
Terrance Bryant
Terrance Bryant Maand geleden
That kid making a “couple bucks” is getting paid better than u pay your ufc fighters !
Travis Bickle
Travis Bickle Maand geleden
Cormier is an antisemite.
Vegas Alien
Vegas Alien Maand geleden
Jake Paul deserves a fight with Charlie Zellenoff.
Jus Desireable
Jus Desireable Maand geleden
For once I'm glad Diana isn't entertaining the Jake Paul crap.
Austyn Koranda
Austyn Koranda Maand geleden
DC should have folded Jake in half
Gumshoe Beaumont
Gumshoe Beaumont Maand geleden
I wonder what Jake Paul and Daniel Cormier got paid for that obvious, yet brilliant marketing stunt.............
drewfusaurusrex hash
drewfusaurusrex hash Maand geleden
The only person I hate more than Jake Paul is Daniel Cormier
bennyblanco1407 Maand geleden
Any chance DC is trying to hype some easy money fight with Paul?
lee hodgson
lee hodgson Maand geleden
Another good video guys 🙏👍✌️🤘
XMe ManX
XMe ManX Maand geleden
Who is this Jake Paul guy? Is he the one that got canceled on NLblock for the suicide forest thing?
Mr Jee
Mr Jee Maand geleden
The quality of EVERYTHING is getting watered down due to these sk "influencers". They make albums, they write books, they act....and they are horrible at it. Now it has even come to fighting. And lazy people who doesn´t respect the hard work that goes into ANYTHING worth watching switches to these morons instead. And the morons laugh all the way to the bank. And quality keeps dropping....
Tonys Youtube
Tonys Youtube Maand geleden
But tbh why won’t DC take it the fight....sus
KevinTalks Maand geleden
Dana ban him
KevinTalks Maand geleden
Jake Paul is the next tekaski 69 but with a bad ending
Primal MMA
Primal MMA Maand geleden
Cormier, Nate diaz AND kamaru usman should have given JP a fine slapping that night...
D B Maand geleden
This Jake Paul guy seems to be pissing off some of the best fighters in the world. At some point he’s going to get his ass kicked. I just hope it’s on video.
Ryan V
Ryan V Maand geleden
Both Usman and Namajunas envisioned their KO strikes in their head before landing them in the cage, very interesting.
TrikShotsGaming Maand geleden
Cormier making himself look like an idiot
Lord Fatal
Lord Fatal Maand geleden
That's why canelo left Dela Hoya
Moses Supposes
Moses Supposes Maand geleden
This Jake Paul character is a reflection of a large generational swath of our culture. Good luck to us.
Brad Stine
Brad Stine Maand geleden
DC anit do and aint going to do nothing!
BearXBunny Maand geleden
GAWD I can't stand Colby Covington!!! He talks a lot of shit for a guy that got knocked the fuck out by him!!!
SubieTech Maand geleden
Dana - "grab the money while ya can kid..." at least Dana somewhat keeps it real, he knows this was all a publicity stunt but it generated revenue for the UFC. I'm so glad they keep Joe Rogan as a commentator, but I gotta say I have how much Dana and him look alike, except Dana's head shines.
Production Maand geleden
Obvious buildup for PPV event is obvious
H S Maand geleden
Jake Paul doesnt know what he is dealing with there.....LOL...but all hype
Kulas Bb
Kulas Bb Maand geleden
Jake Nobody small Paul 3 fights Lol Lol Can't box worth a shit
Robert Castro
Robert Castro Maand geleden
Congrats to Africa for running the UFC
Solidseifer1 Maand geleden
Dude has his body guard in-between him and Daniel.
Good_Joe Maand geleden
I wouldnt mind Jake calling out UFC fifhter if he fought by UFC rules. But this boxing exibitions he been doing are just laughable.
MrThesmoothone Maand geleden
lost all respect for Daniel what is thinking? how embarrassing
Johnny Le
Johnny Le Maand geleden
Jake Paul... hahahaha! What a fool! I mean get your money for now but you’ll learn the hard way one day little boy!
elohim soldier
elohim soldier Maand geleden
Cicco 1738
Cicco 1738 Maand geleden
I would have told him ima get Jon Jones to handle his chubby ass. Lol
Exion III
Exion III Maand geleden
Jake running his mouth he wants a boxing match. Get in the octagon!
Ryuk Shinigami
Ryuk Shinigami Maand geleden
it's funny as hell that for the briefest of times Jake Paul had Nate and Nicks names in his mouth until someone told him that they're more likely to roll up to his house at 3am and beat the breaks off him in his drive way!
Darren Hancock
Darren Hancock Maand geleden
Covington is just a prat
Darren Hancock
Darren Hancock Maand geleden
Jack Paul is bare annoying
Smurfy115 Maand geleden
Everyone with their phones out like a bunch of seagulls after the last fallen chip, ffs people.
Alex Ribeno
Alex Ribeno Maand geleden
Jake Paul is an imbecile that is tough when the cameras are running and there are thousands of witnesses. He is a nobody and I look forward to him being seriously hurt
J4 Samsung
J4 Samsung Maand geleden
UFC WW? same BS.
Justin Roy
Justin Roy Maand geleden
I'd fight jake paul for free. Let's make it happen he can take alllll the cash I dont want a thing but to simply knock him out. If this can come up from simply posing as a rich kid "boxer" why cant I get a FREE fight with jake.
$houto Maand geleden
Look man respect on Jake and respect on DC but Dana White need to shut his goof ass up. Like he just sounds and looks stupid af. I think more fighters from the UFC need to do some boxing, prolly 5 times more money than the UFC could ever give them
209brandon B
209brandon B Maand geleden
He should have threw toilet paper at DC and showed him!
Ratio Unkn
Ratio Unkn Maand geleden
Could usman be more generic. How does anyone like that guy?
Mr. Flicky da-bean
Mr. Flicky da-bean Maand geleden
This is why boxing is a joke now .
Shoedi L
Shoedi L Maand geleden
Dana White: "That is not what I do!" Also Dana White: "Next main event, CM Punk VS Jake Paul"
When Intelligence is Used to Play
When Intelligence is Used to Play
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