Daft Punk - Epilogue 

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22 feb. 2021




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გიორგი გიგაური
My family loved daft punk R.I.P you will be missed......
Batatadpoa 11 minuten geleden
as the urban legion would say, everything always ends, but hey ... it only ends when it ends ... did you get so far to play everything in the air? one more time ♫ ♪ ♫ it's not easy to get where you are, erasing the footprints of a good time is gigantic stupidity ... a few bottles of wine and a nice conversation and come back to make that cool sound for us daft punk ! CHEERS!
ириска customs
ириска customs 50 minuten geleden
Press F to pey respect
KAIZEN35 Uur geleden
Ils ont terminé leur job (de prévention)... on est tous devenus des robots à cause de cette fausse pandémie
Jean Aalbert
Jean Aalbert Uur geleden
et grâce aux nombreux moutons qui ne veulent pas s'éveiller et font même parfois la police dans la rue... mais cela est un autre sujet
Tamara Lehner
Tamara Lehner Uur geleden
Omg… you were so cool!!! ❤️❤️ it’s really sad that you die. But I will never forgot you and you will be the best forever !!! ❤️❤️❤️🕊🕊
Keylin Rous
Keylin Rous 2 uur geleden
daft punk, thank you really for all that good music honestly, I couldn't be so grateful and happy to see the most talented musicians of all time met, thank you, gracias
Kshark lol
Kshark lol 2 uur geleden
I love your sense, sound, and everything. Thank you. I cannot say that enough. DP forever.
SoMydogfat4012 2 uur geleden
1.5m likes damn
Texts if Rob 4
Texts if Rob 4 2 uur geleden
R work is never over how could you lie to us
JP DELTA 3 uur geleden
This was made on my birthday sad
Modified Drift Squad
Modified Drift Squad 3 uur geleden
As long as their not dead !!!👆✅
bruh man 122
bruh man 122 3 uur geleden
thank you
Student 3 uur geleden
I cry every time i watch this.
Stem 4 uur geleden
You're amazing. Thank You.
WILLBAD 4 uur geleden
Haci se despiden
ghost 5 uur geleden
the only thing i can give back to daft punk for the good songs is that i watch this video everyday to make it 100 M views
shrubbery shrubs
shrubbery shrubs 5 uur geleden
I like how it shows that one continued on walking thinking that they'll always make music while one stopped. Then they both stopped and looked at each other as of they knew what was about to happen. And once he turned around to show the thing on his back. The other stopped as if he didn't want to start it but knew he didn't have a choice and started it. He then walks far from his comrade and blows up. His comrade walking away now having to accept that it's over 1993-2021 (This is just what I thought and how I felt even though I've only known them for one year it feels like I've known them forever RIP daft punk)
Carlos Perez
Carlos Perez 6 uur geleden
trash can cat
trash can cat 7 uur geleden
Main and apple users say androids were bad
격한표현 7 uur geleden
Nejima Haru
Nejima Haru 7 uur geleden
Daft punk forever !!! ✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻
Evan Convertino
Evan Convertino 8 uur geleden
Evan Convertino
Evan Convertino 8 uur geleden
I remember watching you as a kid. R.I.P
Aaron (2024) Lewis
Aaron (2024) Lewis 9 uur geleden
R.I.P Daft Punk You have a very special place our hearts
liolu 9 uur geleden
Merci beaucoup pour c'est longue année de plaisir et de bonheur bon courage à vous deux 😊 bonne journée et bonne vie à vous 🙏🏻😔
Qua's Arcade
Qua's Arcade 10 uur geleden
Noob Play
Noob Play 10 uur geleden
daft punk forever
verte abyssinie
verte abyssinie 10 uur geleden
Transcendant.... Au delà de cette réalité-espace-temps !!! Beyond... Love for ever & ever....
Balisong_bois 11 uur geleden
We lost legends this year
Minosse 11 uur geleden
Ramirez 12 uur geleden
SKARIX 12 uur geleden
Volodymyr 12 uur geleden
Why golden doesn’t have a mouth? How does he enrich it battery? :) Still, I think in 10-20 years they will make a farewell world tour :) if of course there is no end of the world. Neverless you will be remembered forever and in other planets.
Valentina Abad
Valentina Abad 12 uur geleden
Creedn BO
Creedn BO 13 uur geleden
💙❤️ F
eternal Doorman
eternal Doorman 13 uur geleden
Are they really dead?
-Potato Animation-
-Potato Animation- 4 uur geleden
no they quited
Alexander M
Alexander M 14 uur geleden
Au revoir
L B 15 uur geleden
Maybe the Daft Punk read our comments maybe not.
Quiz The Gorilla
Quiz The Gorilla 15 uur geleden
thank you.
Doge :3
Doge :3 15 uur geleden
Around the world...
T-bO 15 uur geleden
Un mois après, le deuil est toujours lourd !!
Bertrand Michel
Bertrand Michel 16 uur geleden
pqsimkkj 17 uur geleden
Omgg you'll be missed guys!!!!
velikan 17 uur geleden
Why is there so many dislikes
andres felipe
andres felipe 17 uur geleden
Y la música?
Icy_Rita 18 uur geleden
ill miss you but my memories wont fade after hours i vibed to your this was my childhood and now its ending but ill miss you goodbye..👋❤⚡but daft punk forever
Abigail Savone
Abigail Savone 19 uur geleden
*The story ends, but a legend begins..* Thanks You Daft Punk
Flavio Pérez
Flavio Pérez 20 uur geleden
Nooo, what is the reason? The end of the best electronic music Era. Please don't make this 😩
-Potato Animation-
-Potato Animation- 4 uur geleden
-Potato Animation-
-Potato Animation- 4 uur geleden
reason is he didnt eat for 3 days and singin burger nuggets nuggets burger then golden helmet guy said shut the fuck up then the iron helmet man exploded
Francesco Vanni
Francesco Vanni 22 uur geleden
Dorky Jedi Kwami Platelet Hashira Of Ponyville
What would happen if shit went wrong with R2 and C3PO: 4:34
Cheezypunk 327
Cheezypunk 327 Dag geleden
Everyone in my neighborhood a member of Daft Punk died. NO. They just split. Which is still sad.
Cheezypunk 327
Cheezypunk 327 Dag geleden
Daft Punk was half of my music life. Now it's everything.
Maooky Dag geleden
Carl Cormac
Carl Cormac Dag geleden
Maybe I should die too My time has passed
MISTY405fr Dag geleden
Disliking is the best way to show them to come back
gonzulu Dag geleden
Steve Brignoni
Steve Brignoni Dag geleden
What a creative way to end a fantastic career. What a way to go out. Thank you for the memories and great times. Good luck in the future!!
Evan M
Evan M Dag geleden
If Eiffel 65 is next, my heart will be officially torn in two.
Jessye Tejada-Alvarado
That 😢
John Wick
John Wick Dag geleden
Dexter Gaming
Dexter Gaming Dag geleden
Rest in power daft punk
Sophia Álvarez
Sophia Álvarez Dag geleden
Forever Daft Punk will be in our Hearts
Zardy being foolhardy
I wasn't even born when some of this music came out but im still am gonna miss this dynamic duo
Brody Lockhart-Hurst
they inspired me to music
Kdot Hollington
Kdot Hollington Dag geleden
pessoaleatoria Dag geleden
*we mess you.*
Connor Williams
Connor Williams Dag geleden
Did he die
-Potato Animation-
-Potato Animation- Dag geleden
nope he quited
Andrea Varona
Andrea Varona Dag geleden
RodricrackYT :3
RodricrackYT :3 Dag geleden
Thomas has death?! :"(
Karl Anderson
Karl Anderson Dag geleden
fkn drama queens
-Potato Animation-
-Potato Animation- Dag geleden
dafak are you saying
Quinlan Jones
Quinlan Jones Dag geleden
"We've come to far to give up who we are' Get Lucky by Daft Punk
Milton Guity
Milton Guity Dag geleden
The Legendary daft punk best man i will miss you
Jean Salomon
Jean Salomon Dag geleden
Daft Punk breaks up Me: I don't want to live on this planet anymore
Braylen does skitts
You guys have made so many nostalgic moments in my life and thank you guys for making so many great song in my childhood have a great life you two
2-D Fachero
2-D Fachero Dag geleden
Ya paso 1 mes y aun duele
OTHON Dag geleden
Here !
brigadier-tc Dag geleden
I don't want to accept that this is the end. It's too soon. One day, they shall come back. Yes, they shall come back. Until then, there must be no regrets, no tears, no anxiety. Just go forward in all our beliefs, and prove to them they are not mistaken in theirs. Goodbye, Daft Punk, goodbye, my friends.
Jared Barton
Jared Barton 2 uur geleden
They did what they came to do. Maybe they'll return someday. When we need them.
Brian Swift
Brian Swift Dag geleden
Saphire and Rio
Saphire and Rio Dag geleden
Петр Ртов
Петр Ртов Dag geleden
This is the most emotional final in my life... The group, what i loved. The group, what we loved... Is gone... But, we're had to move straight. To the future, what they showed to all of us...
D-Dub !
D-Dub ! Dag geleden
When the timer is set. Count from 60 to 0... It lines up... ):
Francesca Benasciutti
Fenice? Non lasciateci!
Xsidon Dag geleden
i love how the empty desert they walk thru can symbolise the fact that for Daft Punk there is no longer a clear musical goal ahead anymore. They literally cemented themselves into the music history of this world won the grammys and there is nothing else that can be persued in this category... Their journey making music looks like their journey thru this exact desert. There is nothing else to do..
Xsidon Dag geleden
no more music from the future for any of us i gues... shame
Michael Fanmade Channel
I gonna miss you Robots 😢
Владимир Иванов
Daft punk: our work is never over So this was lie...
Chase :v
Chase :v Dag geleden
An end of a generation. We will miss your work.
IIIll IIIll Dag geleden
Santino Demaría
Santino Demaría Dag geleden
"We've gone already too far to keep up who we are"
P Dag geleden
Thank you for the music. Thank you for the show.
ღ ɦ ɑ m ɩ ε • ᴋ υ η • ᴜωᴜ ღ
They will always be remembered as one of the best bands, thanks for everything Daft Punk 👽💖
Jason Huembes
Jason Huembes Dag geleden
Thanks 4 everythings you gave us, you'll always be a legend🖤
Lautaro Pino
Lautaro Pino Dag geleden
Y las Motocicletas?
Lautaro Pino
Lautaro Pino Dag geleden
Se separaron los payasos?
MrBro3587 Dag geleden
Пока легендами, будем помнить о вас
Tonkman Dag geleden
Its enough to make a grown man cry
Alejandra Falcon Barbosa
Goxel 22
Goxel 22 Dag geleden
Thanks for everything.The Real Legends...
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Maraşlı 13. Bölüm
Weergaven 2,7 mln.