Chelsea to face Manchester City in the Champions League Final after beating Real Madrid 

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The 2021 Champions League Final will be an all-English affair as Chelsea will meet Manchester City in Istanbul. Goals from Timo Werner \u0026 Mason Mount in the Semi-Final 2nd leg gave Chelsea a 3-1 aggregate victory over Real Madrid.

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5 mei. 2021




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Jamie McKell
Jamie McKell 26 dagen geleden
Leagues in and around the world? Hmmm
Khalid Ismail
Khalid Ismail Maand geleden
jurgen klopps favourite player is kante
Yamato Naoe
Yamato Naoe Maand geleden
Eden Hazard : Maybe I should go back to my old club just for the sake to go to the finals and laugh together Courtouis: Me Either Thomas: Hold my signings
Navin Kumar
Navin Kumar Maand geleden
Madrid were lucky not get humiliated by Chelsea
Aryan Kamal
Aryan Kamal Maand geleden
Can any one tell me plzz when the final will be played b/w mancity and Chelsea
Tanbir Nr
Tanbir Nr Maand geleden
Champions league getting more & more English game, although most top teams are from Spain, Germany,Italy..they all have atleast 2 to 3 teams in every season final stages
Tanbir Nr
Tanbir Nr Maand geleden
I have no Doubt that MAN City will definitely win UEFA CLF....This season they r phenomenal
Tanbir Nr
Tanbir Nr Maand geleden
Or Real Madrid loosed bc they don't have CR7.. lmao 😅
Tanbir Nr
Tanbir Nr Maand geleden
Whoever wins at the end Trophy will goes to England,, lmao 😂
ZT Y Maand geleden
Kante has the ability to cover an immense field, from the Atlantic to the Pacific.
Ian Kwemoi
Ian Kwemoi Maand geleden
werner scored (this is not a tyo l
Michael Paul
Michael Paul Maand geleden
Hopes Chelsea win.
Mezie Abig
Mezie Abig Maand geleden
This is why Chelsea is the best of all time Chelsea fans are we here!!!
adel cherabcha
adel cherabcha Maand geleden
Happey 2021 manchister.with reyad mhrez..incha alah
Steven Chung
Steven Chung Maand geleden
Chelsea seems to have good fortune against city. It will continue....wish a fit eden hazard was there still. Predict a tight 1-0 game in favor of chelsea.
Nunez Frankie
Nunez Frankie Maand geleden
Manchester citu
Jamie Barritt
Jamie Barritt Maand geleden
Chelsea you can beat Manchester City do you best and constrate get the trophy and come back to the bridge with it
Merry Davis
Merry Davis Maand geleden
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Mark Miller
Mark Miller Maand geleden
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Rasay Ella
Rasay Ella Maand geleden
had been handling my account for years now.
Rasay Ella
Rasay Ella Maand geleden
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Harold Roberts
Harold Roberts Maand geleden
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Harold Roberts
Harold Roberts Maand geleden
@Gary Wright is not about ignorance but unprofessional broker is the market.
Martin Yeboah
Martin Yeboah Maand geleden
Am so proud of the lads most especially Tuchel how far he has brought this team at such a short period of time just unbelievable
Oofman Leon 21
Oofman Leon 21 Maand geleden
Timo werner to score a hat trick in the final
Dagmawi Wendimu
Dagmawi Wendimu Maand geleden
UCL final CHE VS CITY Europa league ARS vs UTD how cool it will be
Ganesh mhz
Ganesh mhz Maand geleden
premier league
Lloyd Fletcher
Lloyd Fletcher Maand geleden
Solid defence, diverse attack. Just need a bit of a killer instinct in front of goal but I don’t doubt Mount, Werner and Kai will be one of the most prolific front 3 in the world in the next season or two.
Fede Wesley
Fede Wesley Maand geleden
Whats the difference between Hitler and Usain Bolt??? Usain Bolt could actually finish a race
NBA OldBoy
NBA OldBoy Maand geleden
Can we appreciate the potential of kai havertz for a moment even when he doesn’t score he’s still giving 110% he even ran further then Kante last night!!!
Zino Djezzy
Zino Djezzy Maand geleden
So happy for The Premiere League, you proove that you have the Best Championship in all over the World, a nice Final is waiiting for us, all my Congratulations to GUARDIOLA and TUCHEL who proove to French that he is a Genious
SPLOSH-MONSTER..!! Maand geleden
I’m a Leeds fan and didn’t want a boring all English final..But I have to go with Manchester City to win, I will definitely be cheering them on..Congratulations to both teams for reaching the final..Make England proud lads, Good luck 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
Ian Owen
Ian Owen Maand geleden
She asked a question about Chelsea's defence. Sinclair didn't answer it. Why do we have pundits who are tactically inept when they talk about a match. Can't afford to get pundits who can hold an intelligent conversation.
SPLOSH-MONSTER..!! Maand geleden
Why don’t these idiots who run uefa now move the final..? I thought this organisation had learned lessons from the past but obviously not..Turkey is in lockdown so why risk 60:000 English people going over there? With the current situation, this is madness and uefa all over...UEFA HAS ALWAYS BEEN ANTI-England...Nothing has changed, still run by ego driven idiots with zero common sense 🚽🧻🚽🧻🚽🧻🚽🧻🚽🧻🚽🧻👎
fms Fms
fms Fms Maand geleden
I hope Mancity would face RM in final coz I think MC can beat RM quite easily. But against this current team Chelsea, it hard for MC to overcome. Just look at the FA Semis.They just toying with MC with their tactics, speed and skills. It's gonna be the same thing. Its hurt to say but Chelsea will beat MC this coming EPL and final of UCL....
Marc Celis
Marc Celis Maand geleden
Real Madrid committed the same mistake as Milan AC mid 2000s not selling any of its stars before they lose all their market value letting them with no liquidities, also not able to onboard other stars as they know the old ones wont move, and then you get this... a very slow and apathetic team... why start with Hazard, Kroos, Modric & Casemiro in the same XI... for various reason none of them is capable of runs and accelerations anymore and you can only exploit their skills if you have others player making runs for them when having the ball and covering space when off the ball... easy to fire at Hazard but the guy doesn’t have its legs anymore and maybe will never get them back but still shine in first touch and short fast combination the problem is there was no one to combine with.. only sitting ducks everywhere... my thought is that Zidane would have been better inspires to align maybe less talented but more fit players like Rodrygo, Valverde with Vinicius orbiting and following instruction from a Hazard Modric Casemiro triangle offering them runs and options with Benzema as a finisher ... against such good and powerful team as Chelsea you have no choice but trade talent for fitness if you have no choice, talent is not enough...
Tom Jones
Tom Jones Maand geleden
The final should be at Wembley
Citizen Kane
Citizen Kane Maand geleden
C’mon City 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
Karl Heinz
Karl Heinz Maand geleden
Frank is such a nice guy
Henry VIII King of England
Frank Sinclair is sooooooo boring. nothing intelligent insightful at all beyond the usual corny footballer comments. Don’t bother with him again please.
Noah Masette
Noah Masette Maand geleden
With PG,JK and TT the EPL is as formidable as it was in 2008-2012 with AF,JM, and RB
Bit Frost
Bit Frost Maand geleden
no way to go with this horrendous finishing
Bit Frost
Bit Frost Maand geleden
"Real Madrid was invisible the whole 90 minutes"
Bit Frost
Bit Frost Maand geleden
Bye Bye Chelsea , Good Luck next year
Bit Frost
Bit Frost Maand geleden
Congratulations for Man City for Winning their first champions league title , Manchester City are 2021 Champions League Winners 😎😎😎
ALVIN THE WISE Maand geleden
Am happy as a Chelsea fan, just being optimistic.. This is our trophy
Mariam Fatima
Mariam Fatima Maand geleden
Chealsea will win the ucl please god
bigearedmouse17 Maand geleden
All English Champions league final ? Chelsea have 5 English players and Man City have 4 ffs! So not a Squad between them 😂😂😂
Siran424 Maand geleden
That's more than what most other big teams in Europe have. Real Madrid for instance had just two Spanish players on the pitch.
Hans Christian Ostermann
Premier League`s success in Europe: a matter of money off course
Migatron1 Maand geleden
Kante for the Ballon d'Or 2021
Uncle Knox
Uncle Knox Maand geleden
Cant believe some people said Kante was finished after the world cup... this man wont stop running until hes dead
didi ahmad
didi ahmad Maand geleden
Kante for Ballon D’or
Ashish Batman
Ashish Batman Maand geleden
Name of the sky sport presenter
J. Baker
J. Baker Maand geleden
It took Tuchel 99 days to do what it took Pep to do it 5 years and a 1 Billion pounds 🤯
shihab kv
shihab kv Maand geleden
All the signings are made by Frank lampard and the credit goes to tuchel 😪
Yaren Taa
Yaren Taa Maand geleden
Before anyone write city off remember city played 12 won 11 drew 1 conceeded 4 goals this champions league campaign
justin white
justin white Maand geleden
sky sports don't like chelsea so this one for you haters nevlle jamie not michael city supporter its on
Who Knew 22
Who Knew 22 Maand geleden
The battle of the Scum6 two left
Kayleigh Parnaby
Kayleigh Parnaby Maand geleden
Super league final 🤦🏻‍♂️
Russell Lambert
Russell Lambert Maand geleden
N'Golo Kantè = Best Defensive /Holding Midfielder in the World!!! End Of..
Stan Uzo
Stan Uzo Maand geleden
"...and Ngolo plays a sixty yard pass to Kante...."
Abdize Fanito
Abdize Fanito Maand geleden
Chelsea will smashed man city in the final for sure 👍 💯
AMXHD Maand geleden
Chelsea will destroy Man City in the Champions League final, Tuchel has only lost 1 game in his last 20 and Pep has lost 2 in his last 10 against Man United and Chelsea. Mark my words, chelsea will win the champions league.
Vampire Jack
Vampire Jack Maand geleden
Chelsea ALWAYS beat Real. We their bogey-side.
Ssatem_ Maand geleden
Chelsea 1 Manchester City 0 FT
Xxx Zzz
Xxx Zzz Maand geleden
What a difference a coach makes!
mike ?
mike ? Maand geleden
One of the fakest finals 2 teams with the most plastic fans in football
UZAŁ GAMING Maand geleden
Kante still running
Pig #StanKroenkeOut
Pig #StanKroenkeOut Maand geleden
Epl was always best league yet they wanted epl teams to dominate in european games to prove , and here they are. All english finalists on european finals.
Raul Raj Basnet
Raul Raj Basnet Maand geleden
If Chelsea wins Champions league, Kante for the Balondor
Annos Aroon
Annos Aroon Maand geleden
We don't care wther its city or what ever we gnr hammer any team any team comes along our way whether the team is from heaven or whatever we will drill it out
rlmross Maand geleden
Got the better of peps reserve team oh wow impressive...
Andrej Bekan
Andrej Bekan Maand geleden
If Kepa wins the Champions league...
Filipe Ribeiro
Filipe Ribeiro Maand geleden
Hey, Sky Sports! Tuchel did not beat Sergio Conceição twice. They lost at home!!!
David Hovsepyan
David Hovsepyan Maand geleden
Although I love Guardiola a lot (I love Tuchel as well) and Manchester City's style of play, because I am a Barca fan, but I think that Chelsea will win the final, because of the following reasons: 1. City's attack is not so dangerous/direct to be able to destroy Chelsea's defense 2. in the average, Chelsea's players have higher quality (this is my opinion) 3. Tuchel is also very smart coach. 4. Currently Chelsea's players and a coach much more motivated than others (you can see it how they are battle for each ball and it is obvious just watching intensity of the players) 5. Tuchel's team seems more balanced than City 6. Etc. I would like to see City as a winner of this CL, because of Guardiola and their football, but it is hardly to be happen (
Tim Taylor
Tim Taylor Maand geleden
GGWP City.
Richie Mason
Richie Mason Maand geleden
Im a united fan i want to wish Chelsea all the luck in the world would be a very sad day if city win this so hope Chelsea can win
DX7 Maand geleden
I’m not a Chelsea fan but I’m very happy for yall
Albrosh Maand geleden
Man city ucl 2021 champion 💙 I have been supporting man city since 2011 , and this is the first year I have watch each and every match of man city except against man united,chelsea,leeds means if I watch they always win so I am going to watch ucl final man city will surely win
Jonathan Tang
Jonathan Tang 13 dagen geleden
@Albrosh So are you replying or what
Jonathan Tang
Jonathan Tang 17 dagen geleden
@Albrosh I liked your comment because I think it's HILARIOUS 🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂😂😁😁🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😁😁😁🤣🤣😂😋😁🤣
Albrosh Maand geleden
@Extreme weather news I think so. This happens to me luckily so I will watch the final and let man city win
Extreme weather news
Extreme weather news Maand geleden
So your a glory hunter then
Chisha Zela
Chisha Zela Maand geleden
Kanye for ballon d'or
Chisha Zela
Chisha Zela Maand geleden
Our women's team is also in the final
El Chapo Ibn Jon Al Drakowski
When you factor in that Kanté was fasting on top of such a great, legendary performance, wow. A warrior for Chelsea and Islam. May Allāh bless Kanté more in this life and the next. Āmeen Ya Rab.
Marlon Ben2891
Marlon Ben2891 Maand geleden
Real are shite ngl 😂
Trevor Raadt
Trevor Raadt Maand geleden
We're winning the league next season, Chelsea all the way 💙💙💙💙
TYS worldTV
TYS worldTV Maand geleden
Don't sell Tammy
ManNg Lenthang
ManNg Lenthang Maand geleden
The English Showdown Final 🤩👏👏👏💪😁
Edmund Zou
Edmund Zou Maand geleden
Real Madrid's defence Vs City's defence.. Discuss👇👇
NIKK555_CFC Maand geleden
TheMetalMouse Maand geleden
Oil Money Vs Blood Money..... The worst final anyone could even think of. I won't watch it. I'd rather scoop my own eyeballs out with a spoon whilst watching paint dry. Hope there's no fans there too because that would be poetic justice..... Seeing as YOU'VE GOT NO FANS.
christensen myrthong
christensen myrthong Maand geleden
Boo Chelsea am very glad to watch premier league vs premier league side on ucl final
Ananta Shrestha
Ananta Shrestha Maand geleden
So, it's gonna be Mahrez vs Kante CL Final. 😅
Darling Boy
Darling Boy Maand geleden
Great performance for the team... But it should have been more
Kevin Kingstone
Kevin Kingstone Maand geleden
Kante n golo kante 💙💙 aboustly brilliant for Chelsea FC
Junior bakayoko
Junior bakayoko Maand geleden
Tbh I want to see kantè winning champions league with Chelsea this year inshallah
Hurley Cape town
Hurley Cape town Maand geleden
Don’t support either team but I have a weird feeling Chelsea will win the final on penalites after a 1-1 draw with Werner scoring the final penalty and Sterling missing for City.
3piece And Soda
3piece And Soda Maand geleden
Both these teams would lose to United
3piece And Soda
3piece And Soda Maand geleden
The standards of European football this season have been low.
Higgy Smalls
Higgy Smalls Maand geleden
Tuchel Lost To Porto Lol. Come On Sky Do Your Research.
Glory Hunter
Glory Hunter Maand geleden
Its gonna be boring match unfortunately. The one who score first they will win it. The score might be 1-0
Len Maand geleden
Kante is everywhere on the pitch and just controls the game like a master.
Magic Mystery
Magic Mystery Maand geleden
Tuchel will be humbled.
Syed Habib
Syed Habib Maand geleden
Being madrid fan i hv no regreat now. They would have loose in the final. Chelsea might won the ucl if they play like this.
Galactus Pro
Galactus Pro Maand geleden
Move final to Wembley
You Don't Know Me
You Don't Know Me Maand geleden
Ready for city to bend over Chelsea in the final? I sure am 😂
Arcane Animation
Arcane Animation Maand geleden
The better Sinclair in football who doesn't support 5 teams.
Russell Liban
Russell Liban Maand geleden
Pep vs Tuchel both ever faced in the Bundesliga with Bayern and Dortmund both have success in the leagues they have managed now its just who is better in Istanbul
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