Carragher and Neville CLASH picking their England Euro 2020 squads! 😡🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 

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Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher were tasked with picking their England squads for Euro 2020 and clashed over several selections during a fascinating discussion.
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5 apr. 2021




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Nkosi Hlabangana
Nkosi Hlabangana 5 uur geleden
I think Gaz is still stuck in 2018
Dionysos 12 uur geleden
I'm not in the Sterling-bashing club but he's had a poor season and poor recent form, don't get why anyone would think he's a nailed-on starter. I hope I'm wrong because when he's on it, he's outstanding
Mpumelelo Beyers
Mpumelelo Beyers 12 uur geleden
Jack Grel'ish' is Irish. it's in the name 💀💀
EvxnFUT 21 uur geleden
Stones better than maguire
Narendra naramala
Narendra naramala Dag geleden
carraghar is just shite..! all he does is whine like a 4 year old..
Christian wheatley
Christian wheatley Dag geleden
Ad take AWB as a solid right back and stick Walker CB with stones or maguire for pace and strength
Jourdan Dag geleden
Though I agree with what Gary says about Greenwood, it's a shame that nobody noted that the reason he's likely not playing (the Iceland incident) should also apply to Phil Foden. I don't think either should be exempt for that breach, but at least be consistent with your punishments
theslugboiii Dag geleden
Foden 100% needs to be in the starting line up over Raheem
Soraj AbdulLatif
Soraj AbdulLatif Dag geleden
lingard should definitely get picked
T B88
T B88 2 dagen geleden
Maguire and stones ain’t gonna win a tourno either.
Alex Moseley
Alex Moseley 2 dagen geleden
England won’t win the Euros, always bottle the big games
Alex Moseley
Alex Moseley 2 dagen geleden
Sterling would be no where the starting 11 been so poor all season
James Taylor
James Taylor 2 dagen geleden
Start Foden over Sterling. Sterling had his chance in 2018
TT 97
TT 97 2 dagen geleden
Carragher: why should we accept Croatia will have more of the ball? Also Carragher: picks Mount, Rice and Henderson against a team that has Modric, Kovacic and Brozovic😂😂😂
Allmy Junk
Allmy Junk 3 dagen geleden
England will lose to a supermarket again... pathetic.
Jordan Griffiths
Jordan Griffiths 3 dagen geleden
I think all this really highlights is how much Vardy is missed from this squad, I’d personally put him in over Kane all day every day but his under use in the last World Cup was a real misfire
Abdullahi Mohamed
Abdullahi Mohamed 4 dagen geleden
I’m surprised nobody giving chance to AWB best 1 v 1 defender in the world shame on you England
Tee Rod
Tee Rod 4 dagen geleden
Henderson Walker Stones Maguire Shaw Rice Henderson Mount Grealish Foden Kane
Raws2000 5 dagen geleden
neville chatting absolute garbage! Maguire more important than Kane, this guy is a liability and a fridge at the back allow it
Daniel Casey
Daniel Casey 5 dagen geleden
Jamie picks two Liverpool players. Surprise, surprise. The most biased person on the channel. A disgrace.
TT 97
TT 97 2 dagen geleden
Graeme Souness says hi😂😂😂
Dyn y Jawa
Dyn y Jawa 5 dagen geleden
McGuire is another Rio, Butcher, Tony Adams or JT? No way.
Antonio DeChellis
Antonio DeChellis 5 dagen geleden
Foden is better than Mount in the premier league this season, to me the midfield is Foden, Henderson and Phillips. No debate. Foden controls the whole match in nearly every man city match, often overshadowed by kevin and ilkay, he is the the most skilled youngster in the prem right now. I know he does not often play in the mid for city, but he is a world class mid player. Foden has scored some really important goals for man city especially in the CL. I think he could be the man to bring it home for England.
Connor Davis
Connor Davis 5 dagen geleden
Jamie saying German league is a higher level than premier is a terrible statement. Also when he said you had your say but couldn’t give Gary the chance without piping up and interrupting get real you idiot 😅
Lesego Miyagi
Lesego Miyagi 5 dagen geleden
A back 5 made in Manchester by Gary Neville And Jamie sneaking in Merseyside, questionable
Macaulay HAIGH
Macaulay HAIGH 5 dagen geleden
Gary never said Trent was “Bad“ he only answers questions to say why Gareth wouldn’t take him but carra keeps insisting on Gary wouldn’t take him ⁉️
Hugh Gedeek
Hugh Gedeek 5 dagen geleden
Tarkowski and Keane over Dier and Coady. Tarkowski can be better than Stones. AWB deserves a mention, he can't cross etc but he can defend one-on-one really well, out of all the right backs we have: Walker, TAA, James, Trippier, Tavernier and AWB- which one do you want to stop someone like Ronaldo or Mbappe on the left wing. AWB has already proved he can contain Mbappe and Neymar (not euro but you get the point). AWB is the one most likely to stop them classy left wingers.
cm 6 dagen geleden
Political satire from the Nev 🔥
Nick mag
Nick mag 6 dagen geleden
To be fair I think he’s right Calvert Lewin would be perfect as a backup striker but if you loose miguire who els is coming in
Abhishek Singh
Abhishek Singh 6 dagen geleden
The lack of Trippier, Sancho and Ward Prowse scares me 😬😬😬. Goes to show how strong this england team is
LALLEZ 7 dagen geleden
Lol they both know WALKER IS THE RIGHT BACK
elmochacho3 7 dagen geleden
England win a tournament 😂🙈😂🙈😂🙈
Attila 22
Attila 22 7 dagen geleden
I like Jamie's team. Only thing I would do is take away one of the defender's, either Coady or James and bring another forward. I like both of them but it's just too many defensive players, most of them won't play. As for Gary... wtf is he thinking with Dier?
Sam Worrall
Sam Worrall 7 dagen geleden
No Reece James huh? So baffed
Thomas Donohue
Thomas Donohue 8 dagen geleden
Lads Sterling is so overrated
Ben McManus
Ben McManus 8 dagen geleden
Lol that smile 6:59
Tony season 6 60 days in lol Rhino666
Gary let me finish Neville
j j
j j 8 dagen geleden
Saka is a better LB than Cresswell and he's not even a LB
Glenn Johan
Glenn Johan 8 dagen geleden
Haha, they are talking about winning the euros, obv they are serving beer or something stronger at sky sports.
LUKE SWAN 9 dagen geleden
Phil foden is key !! Gotta play him oh btw I’m a United aswell him Kane Maguire first names on the team sheet
Jake Abrams
Jake Abrams 10 dagen geleden
uhhhh wheres Lingard????
K Dot
K Dot 10 dagen geleden
My XI: Pickford Stones Maguire Trent Shaw Rice Mount Henderson Sterling Kane Foden
Zippo404 10 dagen geleden
No saka shows what bullshit this is- the guy should be starting you mongs
Everything Real Madrid
Everything Real Madrid 11 dagen geleden
Nate 11 dagen geleden
never make gary the coach XD
Mick Farnell
Mick Farnell 11 dagen geleden
May be a bit bias bieng a Leeds fan but he's second highest English scorer in prem . And he's a clever player also , holds the ball up well . Worth a shout I think . He isn't as prolific but a good back up going in his form . Just an opinion. ☺️
anthony elenga
anthony elenga 11 dagen geleden
Jamie's busy disrespecting Croatia, while they were in the last world cup's final, with the player of the tournament and ballon d'or. And that was just 3 years ago lol. Oh and of course they only beat England on their way to the final. No big deal
Bleach 11 dagen geleden
Foden is clear of mount and rice .
Wurzley 11 dagen geleden
GKs - Pickford, Pope, Henderson DEFs - Walker, Trent, Chilwell, Shaw, Stones, Maguire, Mings, Coady MIDs - Rice, Henderson, Kalvin-Philips, Foden, Bellingham, Mount FWDs - Kane, Sterling, Sancho, Rashford, Grealish, Greenwood Is the correct answer.
Matthew Lally
Matthew Lally 12 dagen geleden
Gary Neville is so weird. He makes sense sometimes but then says something completely bonkers. I can see why he was a crap manager
manny J
manny J 13 dagen geleden
Magiure an issue for England if he got injured? He can barley cope in the Europa league and the league and has a serious lack of champions league experience.
ivan kaloferov
ivan kaloferov 13 dagen geleden
we saw Gary Neville in Valencia 🤣🥲
nvn 0711
nvn 0711 13 dagen geleden
I may be late but facts : AWB 🕷🕸 >>> TAA
WorldIsFilledB 13 dagen geleden
No Reece James someone explain this one to me
ChrisJHull 14 dagen geleden
I think one of the biggest problems with the England squad every time is that we're always trying to planning a step ahead of where we are. What if this player gets injured? If we lose this we can play a weaker team next round. As Roy Keane always say, just focus on the next game entirely. Our mentality is completely wrong.
Andrew Joyce
Andrew Joyce 11 dagen geleden
Ethan McLaughlin
Ethan McLaughlin 14 dagen geleden
phil foden should be in the team, and im a united fan
Michael Harvey
Michael Harvey 14 dagen geleden
They should have brought Roy in to see who he would have picked.
Akram Ebrahim
Akram Ebrahim 14 dagen geleden
Pmsl both these squads rubbish. Ward prowse over chamberlain?? Wtf
Akram Ebrahim
Akram Ebrahim 14 dagen geleden
Trent gomez stones shaw Hendo declan rice Graelish Fodden sterling Kane
Akram Ebrahim
Akram Ebrahim 14 dagen geleden
Harry kane best player in squad hahahahah u having a laugh
Paul H
Paul H 14 dagen geleden
"Jamie went to a tournament and never played" Lol sly dig!
Benjamin Oakden
Benjamin Oakden 15 dagen geleden
Stick to politics, Gary
Adam Kennedy
Adam Kennedy 15 dagen geleden
Greenwood is a better finisher than DCL 🤦🏻‍♂️😆😆 no wonder you done so well at valencia gary 🤡🤫😆😆
Anthony Thomas
Anthony Thomas 15 dagen geleden
Today's England team would beat the England euro 96 team. Having watched the replays, England could not string great passes together
SportZ2Me 15 dagen geleden
If there's an option to pickup another forward i would rather pickup bamford over Greenwood tbh
Red Kop
Red Kop 15 dagen geleden
Its coming home....................NOT.
kurrrrr 15 dagen geleden
Instead of arguing, can we please enjoy the FIRST time in years where every player on the England squad is quality!
Im Jiggy
Im Jiggy 2 uur geleden
What ‘quality’ have you been watching in England?? 😂😂
iBi AhIVIeD 3 dagen geleden
Quality we shall soon find out France prb end up winning the competition.
Cormac Donnelly
Cormac Donnelly 5 dagen geleden
This is said every time, and a semi or quarter final exit always occurs afterwards
Godvitz 6 dagen geleden
Quality? lol let's see.
LALLEZ 7 dagen geleden
The correct word is ' overrated'
Beiez 15 dagen geleden
Being German and getting to watch Sancho week in week out, it honestly bothers me that both of them wouldn't take him to the Euros. He's been one of the best wingers in the world last season and, despite having a weak start into the season, found his form back before his injury. Not taking him would be absolute madness.
Andrew Joyce
Andrew Joyce 11 dagen geleden
Agree the Bundesliga gets no respect. Sancho has been phenomenal. If he was German instead of English he would be one of germanys star men
domagoj brkić
domagoj brkić 16 dagen geleden
As always England has solid but totally unbalanced team. That midfield is beyond average. When i saw that transfermarkt value of overrated Rice is €60.00m i'm laughing, Mount and Foden are good in offense but there are no playmakers. And Kalvin Phillips..who tf is Kalvin Phillips???
Эрик Шпеер
Эрик Шпеер 16 dagen geleden
Англия при наличий таких талантливых футболистов!!!давно должны были выйграть 2-3раза чемпионат мира и европы!!!слишком давно не брали чемпионат мира и европы!!!Удачи Зборной Англий на чемпионате Европы!!!Гарет Соулгейт!!!настоящий солдат!!!
Lewis Thomas
Lewis Thomas 16 dagen geleden
Tomato Plant
Tomato Plant 16 dagen geleden
I am not a Liverpool fan but I would happily choose Trent Alexander-Arnold over any other right backs anytime !
Alf Martin
Alf Martin 16 dagen geleden
Wan ??
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 16 dagen geleden
Carragher's reaction to the Maguire Kane issue was gold😂😂
Vikz Mason
Vikz Mason 16 dagen geleden
You will probably slaughter me but connar Gallagher has to go to the euros ... perfect for pressing and work rate boy is class...
Lukas Sundberg
Lukas Sundberg 16 dagen geleden
england has no chance to go far either way, why bother?
Rich Alot
Rich Alot 16 dagen geleden
Now the rest of the world gets a taste of what has been rotting America from the inside. A few wealthy people making rules the benefit only them.
Robbie Chapman
Robbie Chapman 16 dagen geleden
빅트리 16 dagen geleden
What's the point if 75 percent of the players are banned from international matches 😂
Honest Barca Guy
Honest Barca Guy 16 dagen geleden
It won't come to that. FIFA will probably give in and allow it. Because they'll loose lots of money if the likes of messi and ronaldo to name a few aren't their.
Scott Mitchell
Scott Mitchell 16 dagen geleden
They could still have a half decent side
grospipo20 16 dagen geleden
It doesn’t matter who they pick the English national is OVERRATED!!
Ken Baba
Ken Baba 17 dagen geleden
Carragher just doesn't has the ability to analyze critically as Neville does. He seem to be more emotional and less practical.
Daniel Haslam
Daniel Haslam 17 dagen geleden
Who's here after realising that Jordan Pickford and Declan Rice are probably the only 2 players in both lists that will end up playing in the Euros?
Abigail Barfoot
Abigail Barfoot 17 dagen geleden
I am everton I would put godfrey in over coady.
Nathaniel Steel
Nathaniel Steel 17 dagen geleden
Well England might not have half these players with the esl
Akash Pradeep
Akash Pradeep 17 dagen geleden
guys European super league sad status video link @
Andy M
Andy M 17 dagen geleden
Carra looks like Ming The Merciless in that thumbnail with that eyeliner.
nothing 17 dagen geleden
no AWB?
Matthew Tomlinson
Matthew Tomlinson 17 dagen geleden
No wan bissaka is madness. Dumb guys.
Matthew Tomlinson
Matthew Tomlinson 17 dagen geleden
Sterling is our worst forward end off.
Declan Hewitt
Declan Hewitt 17 dagen geleden
Why is nobody talking about Wan Bissaka? He is one of the best tacklers in the league and from a defensive standpoint better than Walker and TAA.
Mercent_ 17 dagen geleden
Who's watching this after being told that the players from clubs in the Super League can't play in the Euros?
Pritveer Singh
Pritveer Singh 17 dagen geleden
Reece james rb
shubh 17 dagen geleden
Have been supporting Manu for over 15 years now but Unfollowing Manu stand and all manu related pages and channels. So long my friends... Will be switching to some better clubs now.
Ludvic Ludzz
Ludvic Ludzz 17 dagen geleden
Dude the guy is worries about maguire. ENGLAND where screwed the point Joe gomez got injured ;D
Robert Scarrott
Robert Scarrott 17 dagen geleden
Half that England squad won't play being members of this new ESL.....won't be eligible
jamel 17 dagen geleden
No sancho wuuuy
Kxv 17 dagen geleden
a week later 95% of these players will get banned for playing in the super league
Chase_View_Racing VR
Chase_View_Racing VR 17 dagen geleden
Gary done so well in Spain and JC is a proven coach. I hope Southgate is watching this. 🤦🏻‍♂️
Abraham Chinye
Abraham Chinye 17 dagen geleden
The new team is Pope, Justin, Mings, Godfrey, Aarons, Rice, Bellingham, Maddison, Grealish, DCL, Barnes Honourable mentions: Eze, Phillips, Ings, Coady and maybe Vardy comes out of retirement
Catrina Mcgill
Catrina Mcgill 17 dagen geleden
Think Jamie carragher is an obnoxious prat he was disrespectful
Krysta Green
Krysta Green 17 dagen geleden
@Sky Sports Football - Now do one with all the players from the big 6 who will be excluded