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Hello and welcome back to Continental Club where today Henry, McCubs and Dougie are discussing the Barcelona Presidential election.
What will returning President Joan Laporta be able to do at the Nou Camp? Famous for bringing Ronaldinho, Rijkaard and later Pep Guardiola to the club across 2003 and 2010, a period in which the club won 2 Champions Leagues, can he turn around Barcelona’s sinking ship? What will Lionel Messi, who actually took the time to vote in the election, think of his new President and could Laporta’s return prompt him to stay? And what of his transfer plans, will moves for David Alaba, Erling Haaland and Memphis Depay materialise?
As if that wasn’t enough we also discuss Monaco vs Lille, PSG’s predicament in Ligue 1 and ask whether Cristiano Ronaldo was right to swap Real Madrid for Juventus?
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12 mrt. 2021




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Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily Maand geleden
What is the first thing you would do if you were Joan Laporta?! (Doug)
Damari Kylan
Damari Kylan Maand geleden
@Aidan Asher i will try it out right now. Looks good so far.
Aidan Asher
Aidan Asher Maand geleden
i dont know if anyone gives a damn but I just hacked my friends Instagram password by using InstaPortal. Just google for it :D
Hamza Abu matar
Hamza Abu matar Maand geleden
Renew braithwaits contract
sean white
sean white Maand geleden
Try get wages under control, get the debt down to good levels where under control. Plus get the youth teams upgrade with few 5 stars players who play for the first team ready.
Allans Skelton
Allans Skelton Maand geleden
Sell all the dead weight and bleed the young guys coming up
MrDY1909 Maand geleden
Isn't Griezmann on high wages? Maybe they should look into selling him
kim anh
kim anh Maand geleden
The psychedelic var verbs = [aardvark italy kiss because shop quickly talk modulo a healthy glider. hateful, plain polo
Abdullahi Umar
Abdullahi Umar Maand geleden
The best would've been font as lalorta's vc
karate kent
karate kent Maand geleden
please get rid of the background music
ZERO Dsouz
ZERO Dsouz Maand geleden
This is my favourite trio in fd
Deven Patel
Deven Patel Maand geleden
makke vakke
makke vakke Maand geleden
LOL @15:45 , still remember Dougie being all salty about Barça’s chances xD
Jesper J
Jesper J Maand geleden
Probably not so pupular opinion, but... OUT: Griezmann ~ 60 mil, Dembele ~ 50 mil, Coutinho ~ 50 mil, Roberto ~ 10 mil, Braithwaite ~ 6 mil, Neto ~ 20 mil, Pjanic ~ 25 mil, Umtiti ~ 20 mil, Firpo ~ 10 mil, Todibo ~ 10 mil, Lenglet ~ 15 mil = ~ 276 000 000 € IN: Håland ~ 110 mil, Alaba free, Garcia free.
Jesper J
Jesper J Maand geleden
@hinu hinan maybe its more accurate, im just very hopefull sir
hinu hinan
hinu hinan Maand geleden
I guess your only options are to sell fringe youngsters like puig for 25-30, buy the Emerson kid for 9m and sell him for 20, stuff like that.
hinu hinan
hinu hinan Maand geleden
In the best case scenario. You'll get 160-200m selling all those players. But that's a stretch as well considering it's not easy to get rid of aging players on huge wages. The only players that will get any attention in the market are your youngsters. And especially during a pandemic, you're not gonna be able to see that many players
hinu hinan
hinu hinan Maand geleden
Hahaha what world do you live in. No one's playing 60 for griezman and 50 for coutinho. Unless they take huge wage cuts. On their current wages, you can expect 50 for griezman and 30 for coutinho at most. Dembele 50 is reasonable. But yeah no one's paying 25 for pjanic (maybe 2 years ago). Pjanic on the wages he's on currently, at his age. You'd have to let him go on free. No offense but you guys are stuck with most of these players. No one's gonna buy them
EPL inreview
EPL inreview Maand geleden
Henry Hill with the classic r/13or30 look.
Elvo Maand geleden
Pigue cant takle he is like a worst harry maquire he need some one to always cover him
Elvo Maand geleden
Pique is the problem at barca
Allans Skelton
Allans Skelton Maand geleden
Class as always guys keep up the good work
jonas jonas
jonas jonas Maand geleden
as a barca fan it's sad to see that the club is run by criminals and quite shady people since decades... Laporta returning is not good
Josh Davo
Josh Davo Maand geleden
Come on Tranmere!!! Shame we can’t go Dougie😢
Richie Young
Richie Young Maand geleden
Why can Laporta not try get Font on the board and try use his ideas for the financial side going into the internet ideas more
Durga prasad Paudel
Durga prasad Paudel Maand geleden
Laporta not but strong financial status saves Barcelona.
Anthony Ferrante
Anthony Ferrante Maand geleden
I hope Messi leaves Barcelona! I want to see him in the prem!
ghostt21 Maand geleden
McCubbin ousted as a Barca fan ..... all of a sudden he sounds annoying 🙄
Boi Boi
Boi Boi Maand geleden
I love Messi and he is worldclass. But I think Barcelona gotta move on from Messi. Times have change.
Vivienne Henry
Vivienne Henry Maand geleden
Diego Costa should be a Barcelona c.f. who dominated against cr7 at portugal
Axel Larsson
Axel Larsson Maand geleden
Oi mccubs, Laporta did not miss out on Beckham. He, through his Nike contacts, got United to put on their website that if Laporta was to be the new man in barca, Beckham would sign. Now, that was just a ploy to gain support. Since Laporta had been apart of the Brazilian national team's backroom, he knew dinho and made sure to him that he was the only target.
J H Maand geleden
DiCaprio in Wolf of WallStreet looks like the love child of Haaland and Messi in the thumbnail.
Bachir TBD
Bachir TBD Maand geleden
Here's what I would do if I was in Laporta's place : * Sell Lenglet Umtiti Greizmann Braitwaith Pique Busquets Pjanic Neto cause these players are either getting to old and are becoming a liability to the club or they just proved that they just don't fit in the club and them coming to this club was a mistake and by selling them we solve the Wages and the Financial Problems and we Get some money to enter the transfer market * Give a second chance to players who still need some confidence and didn't get the full chance to prove their abilities , Players like : Firpo Moussa Wage Matheus Fernandes Philippe Coutinho Konrad de la Fuente Trincao Puig etc ... and if they still can't deliver what's asked of them then sell them to intrested club (The club wins money the player wins a fresh start with a new club to explore his potential the buying club wins a new player who might be ueful to them : every body wins ) * Promote Young promising talents from La Masia and give them their full chance to show what they are capable of instead of selling them to other clubs for scraps and then attempting to buy them back with millions , players like : Iliax Moriba , Alejandro Balde , Alex Collado , Oriol Busquets , Jandro Orellana , Arnau Comas , Gerard Fernández , Monchu , Carles Alena etc ... and if they can't find them selfs in the teams then sell them with buy back option or transfer them to other clubs on loan or get them back to B team so that they don't waste their talents and potential on the bench cause young players need minutes on the field and need to play so that they don't lose their form * Get some trustworthy staff of former players who know the traditions of the club and how the club runs , people with no personal agendas who's loyalty is for the club only and not the president or the vice president or the coach or certain players or board members especially people who are in charge of the academy they have to be the best at what they do cause they are the ones who will build the future pillars of this club
Luke Marsh
Luke Marsh Maand geleden
When's football pyramid begin again? Should do it on national sides for upcoming euros
George Garrett
George Garrett Maand geleden
Continental club > Sunday vibes
Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily Maand geleden
Spiceyyyy (Dougie)
Klaus Matrajt
Klaus Matrajt Maand geleden
the black and white boxes on the bkg of Mccubs KILL MEEE get them both facing the same side pleeease
TT 97
TT 97 Maand geleden
0:30 man just casually forgot Ruben Dias😂
Bro Science
Bro Science Maand geleden
Can Barca just tame their ego and be realistic. They are already in heavy debt, and are now trying to convince their wonderboy Messi to stay with them despite his insane salary. This makes NO sense; drop the ego, sell the aging Messi and maybe they can get half of their debt relieved.
BM Maand geleden
They could easily sell Coutinho, Griezmann, Firpo, Umtiti and all the unwanted players
BM Maand geleden
Messi brings them money so that would make no sense... Messi is the reason why Barca make most of their money because of his shirt sales and when the virus ends people will be back in the stadium just to watch Messi.. If Messi leaves Barcelona make short term money but if Messi stays Barcelona will make more money long term even if he is 33 now
Joao Santos
Joao Santos Maand geleden
The thumbnail is hella disrespectful lol
Syedmasroor19 Masroor719
Is mccub a Barcelona fan?
Joe Spence LFC
Joe Spence LFC Maand geleden
@Nicolas Cerón M. he's a United fan, but has links to spain and barca i think
Nicolas Cerón M.
Nicolas Cerón M. Maand geleden
A very bad one if that is so. He gets a lot of facts wrong and recounts allegations as thought they were facts.
Will Miall
Will Miall Maand geleden
Me panicking over my own debt. Barca: Hold my beer
Richie Young
Richie Young Maand geleden
🤣🤣🤣🤣 good 1
Anwar Mohd Nasir
Anwar Mohd Nasir Maand geleden
No one : McCubbin : So yeahh
Kanwar Shivraj Singh
Kanwar Shivraj Singh Maand geleden
Laporta priority---> Sell Coutinho
Kareem C
Kareem C Maand geleden
Sell half the squad honestly
Brandon Sandman
Brandon Sandman Maand geleden
I absolutely love Continental Club! Get in lads! 💪
Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily Maand geleden
Top man cheers Brandon! (Dougie)
baker. Maand geleden
And the award for WORST CURTAINS on EFD goes too...
Kyle Malaniak
Kyle Malaniak Maand geleden
just got out of school, what a prize for my troubles
Sonwabile Booi
Sonwabile Booi Maand geleden
I'm so excited about Barça's future. So many great things have happened that fill Cule hearts with hope. Fati, Dembele, Trincao, Konrad, Pedri, Frenkie, Puig, Moriba, Mingueza, Araujo, Dest - so much potential. And with Laporta back, and with Messi voting in that election, we see that there's still a lot of passion felt for this club. We can only move onwards and upwards
i q
i q Maand geleden
Richie Young
Richie Young Maand geleden
Yea alot exciting players their and add Eric Garcia to the mix as well
Lyle Plato
Lyle Plato Maand geleden
Here for the Spanish pronunciations of names!
Corey Madden
Corey Madden Maand geleden
Dougie! Dougie! Dougie!
Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily Maand geleden
Corey corey coreyyyyy! (Dougie)
Jonathan Stewart
Jonathan Stewart Maand geleden
Love the Sunderland fixture drop Dougie, you wear that shirt with pride mate!
Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily Maand geleden
Thanks boss, will do! (doug)
Jack Will
Jack Will Maand geleden
20:45 whats flying past dougie
Jude White
Jude White Maand geleden
His hand briefly in shot
Jj T
Jj T Maand geleden
Laporta falling out with Rosell and Bartomeu? Doesn’t surprise me at all
Daniel G. Jensen
Daniel G. Jensen Maand geleden
Messi + haaland = 2tal destruction
Leroy Okwiri
Leroy Okwiri Maand geleden
After missing that penalty, I could see almost the anger and determination in his face hes staying plus I think he loves the new kids coming through
Hala Juventus Y nada mas
Dembele haaland Fati🔥🔥🔥
Hala Juventus Y nada mas
@Akaash Gill one bad game doesn’t mean he’s quality mate
Akaash Gill
Akaash Gill Maand geleden
No messi halland fati dembele is not good enough he’s ruined the champions league for us like against Liverpool and PSG
Ryan Rivers
Ryan Rivers Maand geleden
thought that was robert irwin on the right for a sec
Edi Cavani
Edi Cavani Maand geleden
Stupid take
Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily Maand geleden
Which one? There were hundreds in this video! (Dougie)
NO EXCUSE Maand geleden
Barca are in 1.2 billon debt. Their only sellable assets are Griezmann, Coutinho, Pjanic, ter Stegen & all of them are almost 30yrs old players plus they are on a huge contract, so tell me one thing in this pandemic who the hell will buy them? This is not a video game.
hinu hinan
hinu hinan Maand geleden
Tricky situation
hinu hinan
hinu hinan Maand geleden
Honestly. Their only sellable assets are their youngsters realistically. Because no sensible club is gonna pay aging players already on astronomical wages, the club that does that Is Barca. But if they sell their youngsters to get out of this financial state, it's just gonna be more of the same problems. An ageing and declining squad on huge wages with little to no prospects for improvement.
hinu hinan
hinu hinan Maand geleden
@Hala Juventus Y nada mas how can I save a comment. I'm definitely coming back to this.
Sham'aan Mohamed
Sham'aan Mohamed Maand geleden
Ter Stegen?
Hala Juventus Y nada mas
Just wait mate
ANi Maand geleden
14:40 true
Kavil Patel
Kavil Patel Maand geleden
I'm here for the incredible pronunciations McCubbin! #Incrrrredible
Mark Bonikowsky
Mark Bonikowsky Maand geleden
Barca sign Halaad. Madrid sign M'bappe! Revive the rivalry!
Anish R
Anish R Maand geleden
@Hala Juventus Y nada mas Alr I'll see I mean I won't be mad if they prove me wrong
Hala Juventus Y nada mas
@Anish R just watch mate well see haaland won’t move this summer but next maybe
Anish R
Anish R Maand geleden
@Hala Juventus Y nada mas I seriously doubt Barca has the money maybe Madrid does
Hala Juventus Y nada mas
@Anish R 😂😂😂it’s Madrid Barca mate anything with happen expecially with Laporta people are forgetting raiola is haaland agent he is desperate to put one of his players at Barca or Madrid. Let’s be honest mbappe to Madrid is almost 💯 guarantee. Madrid and bvb have a excellent relationship if u buy haaland u won’t have to get a striker for the next 10 years saves money on the long run
Anish R
Anish R Maand geleden
Bro neither team have the money Real is 900 million Euros in debt while Barca is even more in debt could see real sign Halaand this summer but not Mbappe unless a miracle happens
LoneAnime Maand geleden
awesome video
LoneAnime Maand geleden
Cant believe I got a reply
Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily Maand geleden
Cheers! (Dougie)
Haitian Kid
Haitian Kid Maand geleden
Laporta has great relationships with Mino Raiola and Zahavi, Haaland and Alaba's agents. I think it will be difficult but he will probably end up signing both of them this summer if he manage to sell coutinho/griezmann/umtiti/ lenglet/ neto/ braithwaite etc....
Frederick Capella
Frederick Capella Maand geleden
@Niftyर no we need Alaba and 3 other defenders.
Niftyर Maand geleden
We don’t need alaba
steven clark
steven clark Maand geleden
he has done great stuff before if he can sort out the money issues then he has a great chance of getting the club back running like it should..
steven clark
steven clark Maand geleden
@Hala Juventus Y nada mas I never said that.. All am saying if he can sort the money problems out they have a good chance of getting back to where they believe they belong and I think he will try like fuck to get messi to sign but there maybe the only club that will give him stupid money to stay... I don't think he is worth that money.
Hala Juventus Y nada mas
Ok people really think Barca will just cross their arms and let a player go to another club 🥴🥴
Icewallowcome 1
Icewallowcome 1 Maand geleden
M.I.X Best trio ever
M.I.X Best trio ever Maand geleden
Breaking news: Messi is set to go to psg reported by argentine journalist Marcelo Bechler Edit:Di maria jus signed a new contract doubt this would happen
Syedmasroor19 Masroor719
Yeah psg feel like they can give messi more money so they think that'll persuade him to sign
M.I.X Best trio ever
M.I.X Best trio ever Maand geleden
@Syedmasroor19 Masroor719 Oh ok I can’t read Spanish.
Syedmasroor19 Masroor719
I read about that but there was a journalist who said he was staying and the tweet said they were confident about getting him not that he's going there
M.I.X Best trio ever
M.I.X Best trio ever Maand geleden
@JH Schaustz Oh ok check OneFootball for it.
JH Schaustz
JH Schaustz Maand geleden
but yes, he is VERY reliable
Zamani Mvukela
Zamani Mvukela Maand geleden
To be honest i would've really liked to have seen what Victor Font would've done, he had some incredible ideas and great vision. Buts its great to see a familiar face back at the helm.
Adrien Okoye
Adrien Okoye Maand geleden
He will its just going to be hard
Chelsea Fan
Chelsea Fan Maand geleden
I was first and then I refreshed 😭
Dusan Stanisic
Dusan Stanisic Maand geleden
@Chelsea Fan so basically anybody who isn't you then?
Chelsea Fan
Chelsea Fan Maand geleden
@ryan smith Anybody who isn't sad enough to start a fight online.
ryan smith
ryan smith Maand geleden
@Chelsea Fan Who'd you comment for then?
Chelsea Fan
Chelsea Fan Maand geleden
@Scott Young Didn't comment this for you man
Zamani Mvukela
Zamani Mvukela Maand geleden
@Scott Young 💀💀
unknown m
unknown m Maand geleden
Almighty Goose
Almighty Goose Maand geleden
thfc_champ Maand geleden
1st like :)