Can Jesse Lingard Fire West Ham To The Champions League? | Extra Time 

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Henry Hill joins Patrick van Straaten on the podcast this week for a look at the teams competing for the Europa League spots, and what failure/success would mean for each one. West Ham, Everton, and Aston Villa would surely be happy with their improvement this campaign, while Tottenham and Arsenal are bound for disappointment, and we discuss what effect missing out would have on Mikel Arteta and Jose Mourinho, as well as talking about Liverpool's extraordinary season, and how Jurgen Klopp's transfer decisions could be shaped by the next 10 weeks.

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24 mrt. 2021




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Football Daily Podcasts
Who's finishing 5th to 7th this season? Can Liverpool still crack the Champions League places?
mark dailyyt
mark dailyyt Maand geleden
@Nathan liverpool 5th your crazy
Ben Onofrio
Ben Onofrio Maand geleden
@Jack Jones Leicester might drop points but west ham will finish 4th or 5th with liverpool right behind them
Mickey Joyce
Mickey Joyce Maand geleden
End of the season fight for survival Newcastle (34) Fulham (32) .. Winner takes all. I hope Fulham stay up and Newcastle sell Wilson and Saint Maxi.. they both deserve a better coach and club
Mickey Joyce
Mickey Joyce Maand geleden
4th Tottenham 5th Chelsea 6th Arsenal 7th WestHam 8th Liverpool 9th Everton 10th Wolves 11th Leeds 12th AstonVilla
Atharva Pendse
Atharva Pendse Maand geleden
Man City Leicester city Man utd Chelsea Tottenham West ham Everton Liverpool
Ed R
Ed R Maand geleden
This video aged well r/agedlikemilk
Ciaran Clarke
Ciaran Clarke Maand geleden
villa shite defensively? no wonder mings is bambi on ice
Joe Perry
Joe Perry Maand geleden
I'm sorry. Pato is way off here. How can he say Arsenal are the best of the rest alongside west ham. Terrible take that one
Leo Soffer
Leo Soffer Maand geleden
Mourinho is one of the greatest managers of all time. RESPECT!!!!!!!
Nabin Subedi
Nabin Subedi Maand geleden
What if they win? Automatic qualification for reigning champs
Dylan Webster-Deakin
Dylan Webster-Deakin Maand geleden
Fd pod and Henry hill. Match made in heaven
michael whelan
michael whelan Maand geleden
Everton beat Tottenham, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Leicester and drew with United yet you still think they should be 11th? Are you ok?
Empress Touch
Empress Touch Maand geleden
It's essential we finish higher than bottom-half, agreed. IF - and it's a big "IF": Gbamin can be Allan's back-up, meaning we can focus more on getting Max Aarons - letting go of JonJoe Kenny won't hurt us so much and Aarons help Seamus Coleman share the workload on the right flank (getting the most from Digne). Whilst we have too many one-trick-ponies and more so, players with no sense of responsibility (Sigurdsson, possibly Gomes too), we're better than 11th. Much better. But the damn Covid-19 robbing the best manager in the world of a full, thorough pres-season last Summer had a bigger effect on us than virtually anyone else in the League. It's crucial our finish this season is way better than last, so Ancelotti and Brands can sell our club to as big a market as possible. We're now one of the best clubs to speculate about now. We've been the butt of everyone's jokes for way too long. No more.
Declan Carr
Declan Carr Maand geleden
Liverpool will be right back up there next season.
aaron binstead
aaron binstead Maand geleden
harry hills curtains are Devine
CHIKARA Gaming Maand geleden
Take a shot every time Henry says concerning😂
Harry Parker
Harry Parker Maand geleden
“Let’s start with West Ham” then talk about Arsenal lol
Lemon James9759
Lemon James9759 Maand geleden
Spurs will get top 4 over leister mark my words
Darren Evans
Darren Evans Maand geleden
Liverpool will win the Champions leauge 😎 and finish 4th
Empress Touch
Empress Touch Maand geleden
If Collina is refereeing Chelski games - fair enough. But not even they can buy out the Italian's Vauxhall endorsement contract.
Alex Martin
Alex Martin Maand geleden
Spurs are literally top of the form guide, they have been shit “recently” if you just look at the 90mins against Arsenal. They’re doing bad but they’re 3 points off Tuchel’s Chelsea, whilst being in better form, so let’s not act like they’re significantly worse that arsenal.
Gustavo Monteiro
Gustavo Monteiro Maand geleden
Liverpool are gonna be dismantled this summer, Salah, Mané, Firmino and Van Dijk will all be sold. Wijnaldum will obviously leave as well. They will be left with a mid table roster
Empress Touch
Empress Touch Maand geleden
Let's hope so. If they've got any sense, they'll trade Salah for Griezmann, rather than try to sell one of the front three starters. Like-for-like, and both given a fresh challenge; selling Salah for whatever money would only encourage the owners of Salah's replacement to slap an equal price on his transfer fee. We saw what Lovren did on DCL in the December 2017 Anfield derby - before VVD's arrival. They'd be stupid their most purposeful leader go too.
Just Diego
Just Diego Maand geleden
Liverpool won't qualify for the next champions league because "OUR SYSTEM FIRMINO" is fucking useless.
Arjun Singh
Arjun Singh Maand geleden
Fabinho, a better CDM than Kante? Please.
JayUzumaki Maand geleden
Who tf keeps typing
ryan smith
ryan smith Maand geleden
I disagree Pato. Villa's attack has been the problem, it's been terrible without Grealish.
Special Person
Special Person Maand geleden
Spurs literally whooped you 2-0 in the autumn. So patos argument "I would pick to play everton and then spurs if i had to pick a team to play against" stupid comment considering how outplayed you were in november. Anyone can win a spurs side without son and win doherty so pato clearly got a bit too much confidence.
CoC with XAV
CoC with XAV Maand geleden
Hes talking about recently and its obvious arsenal have been better since christmas
rishiraj chattaraj
rishiraj chattaraj Maand geleden
Quality content
Special Person
Special Person Maand geleden
Pato is incredibly delusional. Arsenal are the 8th best team in england, not scoring from open play for over 1000 minutes. Everton are better, spurs are better, aston villa are on arsenals level and west ham as well.
Wendy Hamenya
Wendy Hamenya Maand geleden
This is how you know that Patrick doesn’t watch spurs because he said “this is a side that was pressing really high early on in the season”. They legit only started pressing teams after Christmas 🤦🏾‍♀️
N W Maand geleden
Don’t think u understand the concept of pressing
MrTom28 Maand geleden
They don't watch any football. To them it's just numbers on a sheet of paper.
Falcon Ranger311
Falcon Ranger311 Maand geleden
Pato for football daily is like Håland is for Dortmund
aditya sharma
aditya sharma Maand geleden
Jack Phillips
Jack Phillips Maand geleden
Cracking podcast as always! Could you talk about some potential breakthrough stars at the euros?
Liamd474 Maand geleden
Xabi alonso more likely go to Liverpool?
James Edes
James Edes Maand geleden
Henry saying "cinemaaaaahhh..."
Day1's ONLY
Day1's ONLY Maand geleden
I wonder if there was a video of "why Liverpool won't win the champions league" when we were 3 nil down to barca! YNWA
Roberta Jacobo
Roberta Jacobo Maand geleden
I will just sit back and keep investing my finances with david west assured trading company, managing and growing my finances while the season ends on Liverpool not making it into the champions league
Diana Young
Diana Young Maand geleden
david also have a telegram @wealthydavid
Martin Stuart
Martin Stuart Maand geleden
david + 4 4 7 4 5 1 2 2 3 8 4 8
Roberta Jacobo
Roberta Jacobo Maand geleden
Liverpool will miss qualifying for champions league. I know they will work harder this time liverpool will fail
Divyansh Bahuguna
Divyansh Bahuguna Maand geleden
Arsenal is not even the 10th best side in the PL now 😂😂😂
Bu Ridah
Bu Ridah Maand geleden
City and Chelsea are looking to dominate the English league for the next decade. Man U will always finish top 4. They and Arsenal and Liverpool will sweep cup titles that city drop.
Bu Ridah
Bu Ridah Maand geleden
@G A FA cup
G A Maand geleden
Timothy Romang
Timothy Romang Maand geleden
Man solid show as always
Tommy Chesonis
Tommy Chesonis Maand geleden
I don’t think you guys mentioned this... but another thing to consider with liverpool selling their front 3 - ALL of them have contracts up in 2023... so this summer HAS to be when you sell, otherwise by next summer they’ll only have 1 year on their deals and obviously further drive down the fee liverpool could get Much love, An American Scouser
Danny Yates
Danny Yates Maand geleden
Not pat, he's the worst.
Over The Line Football
We made similar points on our channel, it is gonna be very hard for liverpool to get anywhere when there selection is so inconsistent. This season only proves how important a good defence is with liverpool having an injured one, with man city spending money on their defence and seeing the results.
Football Watch A to Z
Football Watch A to Z Maand geleden
Henry the Mansion prince, how nice.
Abdulmalik Abid
Abdulmalik Abid Maand geleden
The best football daily dúo hands down
Beat Maand geleden
Damn, who would’ve guessed Pat would get the first post-Oprah Prince Harry interview
Karim Dahab
Karim Dahab Maand geleden
Max Woolman
Max Woolman Maand geleden
Finally some good recognition for WHU ⚒
Max Woolman
Max Woolman Maand geleden
@Football Daily Podcasts at least they’re backing us to finish above Everton, Spurs, and the others everyone else seems to think that we will be last of that group 🤣
Football Daily Podcasts
My favourite part was when they said 'lets talk about West Ham' then proceeded to talk about Arsenal for five minutes [Mike, a West Ham fan]
James EFC
James EFC Maand geleden
Sidebe didn't have a good season last year no matter what the stats say. The majority of our fans didn't want to sign him permanently
blackradio9 Maand geleden
Finally some sensible talk about Aston Villa
Lucian McM
Lucian McM Maand geleden
Slavia Prague knock Arsenal out of the Europa league. They’re criminally underrated, and knocked Leicester out.
shubham chauhan
shubham chauhan Maand geleden
Wow just because a team is underrated ,they automatically become the favourites you donkey ??
TheBlackSwordsman 99
TheBlackSwordsman 99 Maand geleden
Arsenal beat Leicester too. Still think Arsenal have the advantage and i think Slavia's GK will be out after the clash against Rangers
Moose Lord
Moose Lord Maand geleden
Games are way better than films! And I also wish that there was more emphasis on the fact that us humans are destroying the earth which could ultimately end the lives of everyone instead of who's woke and who's not.
Michael Barry
Michael Barry Maand geleden
Great to see Henry back. Top man. Needs to be the co host imo
Oscar Jennings
Oscar Jennings Maand geleden
i love henry, but i like how they mix up the guest so it doesnt get stale
Nicholas Wilfong
Nicholas Wilfong Maand geleden
If fullham get relegated Aston villa need to pick up anguissa
Michael Stone
Michael Stone Maand geleden
After this title Liverpool will surely make top 4 now or win the UCL
Sayed Ahmed Al-Alawi
Sayed Ahmed Al-Alawi Maand geleden
Guys you're missing one thing saying Liverpool will miss on champions league, they might win the tournament and automatically qualify
Football Daily Podcasts
Obviously meant qualifying by finishing top four!
Joshua2310 Maand geleden
How is iwobi a good signing when he's only scored 2 goals in the last 2 years?
Kante Goat
Kante Goat Maand geleden
Henry Hill what a legend.
Darragh Higgins
Darragh Higgins Maand geleden
I just do not understand why villa dont bin Douglas for loads of money and actually play their far superior player, Sanson
Mohandra Maand geleden
Get on Spotify. It's a no brainer. This stuff is gold
Football Daily Podcasts
We're on Spotify, link is in the description!
Michael Kavanagh
Michael Kavanagh Maand geleden
it's on Spotify
James Lloyd
James Lloyd Maand geleden
Pat is spot on about Everton and Arsenal imo
wouter van gils
wouter van gils Maand geleden
PVS, what has spurs done to you? And why act like arsenal has been one of the better sides, look at them while having a lead in the last 10 minutes. They are pretty bad under pressure and therefore make a lot of mistakes.
Vilmer Vrennhage
Vilmer Vrennhage Maand geleden
Great podicastinen
Adamin Maand geleden
Henry has become the unofficial co host almost, and I'm loving it. Very well spoken, very polite and smart. He's like Pato except Pato doesn't mind outright calling players shite hahah
Hyeongbeen Cheon
Hyeongbeen Cheon Maand geleden
I mean Henry does call our vinicius for being shite but yeah i agree😂
Max Morris
Max Morris Maand geleden
Brilliant content as usual
Big Burrito
Big Burrito Maand geleden
i think Liverpool will find decent chunks of money selling players like Shaqiri or Ox to clubs in other leagues looking to strengthen next summer. they really should try to find a buyer for Firmino and Mane and buy a competent striker and play Diogo Jota off the left they’ll be fine. not sure who buys them tho so signing Callum Wilson on the cheap after Newcastle get relegated is honestly what i consider most likely given how tight they are with their funds.
Big Burrito
Big Burrito Maand geleden
@Xavi if they can’t sell anyone, which they can’t, then there’s a good chance they sign Callum Wilson. Liverpool are cheap, just because they should spend big doesn’t mean they will.
Xavi Maand geleden
They would have sold Salah this summer but NO ONE will pay decent money for him (or Mane or Firmino) in the current market. Callum Wilson? Why?? Injury prone and no better than Jota. Liverpool need to spend big or else they will get left behind Manchester City. Wilson won't get them anywhere.
Ryan Maand geleden
imo Arsenal are the most unluckiest team in the league. (I'm a Liverpool fan)
Jake frankel
Jake frankel Maand geleden
Spurs defensive record is 3rd in the league, not 9th.
Jared Munoz
Jared Munoz Maand geleden
Im pretty sure he said they were 9th “since Christmas” so its like recently theyve been bad and most of their points were earlier in the season
lavinho lion
lavinho lion Maand geleden
Pato is outta pocket. Spurs can easily get top 4. This season has been up and down so I wouldn’t be surprised. And yea Spurs did lose to arsenal but they won 4 of their last 5 games and one was against villa easily. I just doesn’t make sense to say there the second worst team out the bunch when they just beat villa.
anthony pickles
anthony pickles Maand geleden
PVS talking some gospel truth at the end there, preach brother !
Arnav Desai
Arnav Desai Maand geleden
Carabao Cup winners get a spot in the new Europa Conference League
Football Daily Podcasts
Wow what an incentive!
Nathan Maand geleden
Bang on, Henry - keep cinema alive!
HenchyTheGreat Maand geleden
Can you do another we need to fix? Really interesting videos.. maybe on wolves or Newcastle
Tomasz Elliott
Tomasz Elliott Maand geleden
Wolves have been better recently
Zaccybacon Maand geleden
The spot light at the top right of Henry’s head kept making me while my screen
kabir hosangadi
kabir hosangadi Maand geleden
edit needed
marcus mclean
marcus mclean Maand geleden
Luiz gets more of a pass than Xhaka since he has actually won and performed at a much higher level than Xhaka ever has or will
Tom Veloso
Tom Veloso Maand geleden
The way the video is set up it looks like lingard is the reason
IgotPMT Maand geleden
Henry just needs to give his nose a good blow
José Van mourinho
José Van mourinho Maand geleden
Say Liverpool get fifth and Manchester United finish top 4 and win the Europa League, does Liverpool still get CL football? Because the winner of the Europa League gets CL football but if ManU already has CL football does fifth place get it also?
Lib Maand geleden
@Viggo Martinsson no the only way a fifth placed team enters ucl is if they win a European competition no other way
Viggo Martinsson
Viggo Martinsson Maand geleden
@Lib but the rules have changed since then
Lib Maand geleden
No remember when Chelsea won the Europa league and Liverpool won the champions league fifth place still played in Europa league
Viggo Martinsson
Viggo Martinsson Maand geleden
@José Van mourinho no there can only be 5 pl team in the cl
José Van mourinho
José Van mourinho Maand geleden
@Viggo Martinsson So If Chelsea and ManU stay top 4 and win the CL and EL. We have 6 English team's in the CL next year. Crazy
aro oppo
aro oppo Maand geleden
The disrespect on spurs from van stratten isn’t even surprising at this point
aro oppo
aro oppo Maand geleden
@Ben Ortiz Yh all we can do is 🤞
Ben Ortiz
Ben Ortiz Maand geleden
@aro oppo I can definitely understand both sides, I just think the Mourinho appointment was short sited by Levy. If we back Mourinho we can definitely get back into the top 4 but I believe we would have a smaller window than with Nagelsmann. I would be happy to see any manager backed by Levy at this point especially after the years without any new players under Poch
aro oppo
aro oppo Maand geleden
@Ben Ortiz Yh I understand that but I think we just have to weather the storm with mourinho and try back him fully get rid of all the negative players who don’t buy into his tactics and build a proper squad . If you sack mourinho then that’s 20 mil gone and then you bring in nagelsmann and you have 20 mil of budget gone but either way I don’t mind just playing devil’s advocate
Ben Ortiz
Ben Ortiz Maand geleden
@aro oppo I would rather rebuild with Nagelsmann everytime. Jose has never stayed anywhere more than 3 years and his style is outdated. Nagelsmann is young and progressive. I think Kane is stuck at the moment because no one will pay the fee that Levy will demand.
aro oppo
aro oppo Maand geleden
@Ben Ortiz mate we won’t sack Jose this season if rather do a rebuild with Jose than nagelsmann. Kane and son won’t stay for another long term project. We just need to buy into and fully back mourinho and we can turn it around
Darcy Sanders
Darcy Sanders Maand geleden
One of the best football podcasts out there
sidhant singh
sidhant singh Maand geleden
@Someone who watches NLblock u👍
sidhant singh
sidhant singh Maand geleden
sidhant singh
sidhant singh Maand geleden
@aro oppo and then deletethe material in the next TikTok I have to
sidhant singh
sidhant singh Maand geleden
@aro oppo and then she was very knowledgeable n hi I
sidhant singh
sidhant singh Maand geleden
@aro oppo and
Darcy Sanders
Darcy Sanders Maand geleden
The thing to the left of pat is killing me, like what in the world is it
Jonah Thrane
Jonah Thrane Maand geleden
If you mean our left of pat then it's a window. If you mean his left it's a microphone, and another window.
José Van mourinho
José Van mourinho Maand geleden
haha lol its a window. A window on a sideways wall which you can open by pulling to bar on the top
Angus Cowan
Angus Cowan Maand geleden
Champions league final in Istanbul this season, Ronaldo and Messi out of UCL, Liverpool knock out German team in RD16 and potential liv vs che semi final... anyone else getting major 2005 vibes 👀👀👀???
Empress Touch
Empress Touch Maand geleden
@Daniel Burgess & @Angus Cowan: Will Collina be the ref..?
Cihat Kurt
Cihat Kurt Maand geleden
@Macarios Kindamba that’s what I’m saying
Macarios Kindamba
Macarios Kindamba Maand geleden
@Cihat Kurt we were wank in ‘05 compared to now
Cihat Kurt
Cihat Kurt Maand geleden
@Daniel Burgess they are sure as hell better than they were in ‘05 lol
Daniel Burgess
Daniel Burgess Maand geleden
Have you watched Liverpool recently?
Davinho Maand geleden
I can honestly see an upset happening in the Champions League to be honest. Liverpool are on the ''easy'' side of the CL table. Not that Real Madrid and presumably Chelsea thereafter are easy matches, but they're more winnable than City, PSG or Bayern. If LFC do reach the final, you can never write off the potential for a suprise.
The Poltical One
The Poltical One Maand geleden
You forgot the '?!?!'
IgotPMT Maand geleden
Those are normally added by Dougie in fairness
Muhd Nasir
Muhd Nasir Maand geleden