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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar
0:00 Introduction and Celebration!
1:01 Design of the wand and its handle
3:30 ZVS circuit design and build
8:16 Voltage multiplier circuit design and build
11:36 Putting ZVS and Multiplier together
15:59 THE WAND and testing it!

Wetenschap en technologie

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19 feb. 2021




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ElectroBOOM 17 dagen geleden
Thank you AGAIN and AGAIN everyone for the views and likes and all that has kept me going all these years!!! NOW OFF TO 10 MILLION!
William Tucker
William Tucker 8 uur geleden
What happened to you electroboom your videos use to be funny now they're how can I put this without hurting your feelings boring not entertaining nore interesting anymore im sorry electroboom but you've lost a subscriber
Raiden Hezekiah
Raiden Hezekiah 2 dagen geleden
@Foster Hankison Awesome! It took roughly 10 minutes but it actually worked!
Foster Hankison
Foster Hankison 2 dagen geleden
dunno if anyone cares at all but I just hacked my gfs Instagram password by using insta portal. Find it on google if you wanna try it yourself
All in one narasinga rao
All in one narasinga rao 4 dagen geleden
Your wish shall become true.😆😆 Can't imagine you not giving away atleast 50 oscilloscopes.
Br1cht 6 dagen geleden
You look like Gargamel.
Helena Regir
Helena Regir 55 seconden geleden
Oh one oszilloskop . My Deddy has that , he is electric ⚡️ Engineer 😅
Lucas Bottura
Lucas Bottura Uur geleden
o palhaço de uma piada apenas
JuiceBotYT Uur geleden
Give this man an award
Mr Picky
Mr Picky Uur geleden
i would use title "making girls hair stand up with my magic wand"
Many 3 uur geleden
e x t e n d e d t a z e r
Eduardo Gomes
Eduardo Gomes 3 uur geleden
Now he is gargamel.
Jackson Broohm
Jackson Broohm 6 uur geleden
how to buy this thing
Amirhossein Eskandari
Amirhossein Eskandari 7 uur geleden
هموطن این چه کاریه اخه
Kenneth Camariñas
Kenneth Camariñas 8 uur geleden
i really loves his videos his a comedian and a electrician 🥰
Lor Rey
Lor Rey 10 uur geleden
I was an electronic student, if you were my professor I would've loved my course and stayed
Ricky Harris
Ricky Harris 10 uur geleden
Put electrocute on a chair, point it at her, and see if her hair rises 🙂
Blade 10 uur geleden
this makes me think of gargamel from smurfs. u cant even joke about it bruh
Hardik Minocha
Hardik Minocha 11 uur geleden
A "wingardium leviosa" would've been a cherry on top XD
Mehrad Youtube
Mehrad Youtube 12 uur geleden
سلام مهدی
TheDJBADASS 13 uur geleden
16:33 WINGARDIUM LEVIOSA! Good job Medhi Potter!
Sumedh Lele
Sumedh Lele 13 uur geleden
When NileRed posts a video, "Oh no, What has Science man done now?" When ElectroBOOM posts a video, "Oh no, What has the Engineer destroyed now?"
Bruh Noodle
Bruh Noodle 14 uur geleden
He needs rubber gloves
Nick Boiii
Nick Boiii 15 uur geleden
6:00The fact that he can say that from being shocked so much is so funny bruh
Mr. Macintosh
Mr. Macintosh 17 uur geleden
LULZ my BOT...LULZBOT Oops wrong video 🤣
ßæł-aid 18 uur geleden
Now you are the chosen one for real
modellbahn_ leon
modellbahn_ leon 19 uur geleden
17:01 I got Flashbacks: "Ohh I can feel my Hair rising" 1 Second later "OW! Something zaped me right in the a$$!"
Bob Onions
Bob Onions 19 uur geleden
I is learning! Wonderful
legendKYLE 20 uur geleden
When he went around saying zzzap you zzzap you he sounded like Arnold Schwarzenegger lol
Damián Animotion 3D
Damián Animotion 3D 20 uur geleden
that doesnt looks SFW
Gunbardo 21 uur geleden
13:58 It’s like he’s getting more used to it the more he does it... I wonder if u could train urself to-
EvilKnight _GR
EvilKnight _GR 22 uur geleden
Imagine his electricity bill lmao
s w
s w 23 uur geleden
how much you offer to BDSM
jay yu
jay yu 23 uur geleden
13:03 Capacitator: does what it's supposed to do Mehdi: >:(
ReapersMercy 23 uur geleden
This dude is amazing
Stanislaus Kelvin
Stanislaus Kelvin 23 uur geleden
Mehdi making an "electric magic wand" from a "fleshlight"
Noah Wilson
Noah Wilson Dag geleden
5:50 Circuit: It's time. RrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeEeEEEEEeeEEEeEEeEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeEeeeeeeeEEEeeeeeEEeeeEEEEe
Noah Wilson
Noah Wilson Dag geleden
3:00 🤣
Noah Wilson
Noah Wilson Dag geleden
Remith Fernandes
Remith Fernandes Dag geleden
This guy shocks the shit out of himself 🙉
Saurabh Kumar
Saurabh Kumar Dag geleden
wingardium leviosa
Biswaranjan Behera
Biswaranjan Behera Dag geleden
Damn u r so shocking...
eric Doromal
eric Doromal Dag geleden
Nichola Tesla left the group
Nemanja Kostic
Nemanja Kostic Dag geleden
Nekys Acherontios
Nekys Acherontios Dag geleden
next step: lughtsaber
2K Dag geleden
Oh yeah. All the kids should get one of these for Christmas. Definitely.
Barbara Harrison
Barbara Harrison Dag geleden
The ritzy leg byerly part because yarn adversely peel atop a earsplitting cut. meaty, shrill duckling
Grid of Lights
Grid of Lights Dag geleden
I am willing to do anything for high voltage 😁
MrKaroles321 Dag geleden
This is all one big epoxy commercial!
KyioKight Official
KyioKight Official Dag geleden
This is poggers
Raffael Lu'
Raffael Lu' Dag geleden
ritwik gossaain
ritwik gossaain Dag geleden
give me entertaintment and you get a sub good
rootbrian Dag geleden
Dammit I missed out on it. Fuck man, I wish you made a few of those magic wonds, with a DC adapter socket so I could connect TWO or FOUR full-sized 18650's! xD
xXBluebaiterXx Dag geleden
17:34 well your losing more lol jk
Joe’sFixIts Dag geleden
11:32 would you like to finish that sentence
xXBluebaiterXx Dag geleden
I wonder why he is so idiotic but I still love his videos "leETs giVe iT A TrY...HAUGH OUCH SH-BLEEEEP-T" 5:57
Arshian Dag geleden
He's a Genius and a dumbass at the same time and I love it
mohammadreza alihoseini
plasma_textile what is plasma_textile
REGALIA [Don't scan the QR code]
Should be passable as a sonic screwdriver
Brandon Derr
Brandon Derr Dag geleden
great vid
FranklinThe1 Dag geleden
It looks like a very dangerous sex toy
Nathan Concerto
Nathan Concerto Dag geleden
11:30 hmmmmm i wonder what he was going to say
WTF BOBA Dag geleden
WTF 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👍👍👍👍👍
Ashutosh Bhat
Ashutosh Bhat Dag geleden
11:32 it's probably the biggest dil oh The magic wand😂😂😂😂
Ashutosh Bhat
Ashutosh Bhat Dag geleden
0:10 Magic wand
dirty Dag geleden
ok i wanna see a super suit
David Jessup
David Jessup Dag geleden
One of the very few sponsorships that I actually have respect for. Thanks @ElectroBOOB for not selling out!
toddparkboys Dag geleden
Dill. Doo.
BananaDudeYT Dag geleden
no matter what he does, he still gets electrocuted.
H1gh_Sk7_flyer Dag geleden
Most random thing is when a ad came the live labs he was talking about came on weird
Zer0__ P0int__
Zer0__ P0int__ Dag geleden
Dude, are you okay after all of this? I worry about you.
•Something •
•Something • Dag geleden
What that wand do tho?
WhyGuy2387 Dag geleden
I am curious if your watch may have died in the process of filming this video?
mmikrik Dag geleden
Прикольно Волшебная палка щепалка
Neon Wolf 101
Neon Wolf 101 Dag geleden
gargamel back at it again
Bryson Tills
Bryson Tills Dag geleden
The rare parallelogram adventitiously jam because orange mathematically bump above a befitting lunch. dull, adamant nylon
Algirdas Zil
Algirdas Zil Dag geleden
I̶N̶F̶I̶N̶I̶T̶Y̶ Z̶e̶r̶0̶
“Static stick” (can annoy or Sabotage)
ben the emreld minecart
ben the emreld minecart 2 dagen geleden
ngl you look like that guy from the smurths the wizard dude
Ho Inu
Ho Inu 2 dagen geleden
ok time to subscribe xD
Eduardo Hillebrand
Eduardo Hillebrand 2 dagen geleden
He remembers the gargamel from smurfs
[ err_deleted ]
[ err_deleted ] 2 dagen geleden
Dude, you should try lichtenberg wood burning
FAMILY AMILY 2 dagen geleden
Your a wizard harry
No Credits
No Credits 2 dagen geleden
0:10 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 11:31
Julio Omega 96
Julio Omega 96 2 dagen geleden
Thunder punch
Kai Pavy
Kai Pavy 2 dagen geleden
Imagine his electric bills
das leben tritt ein in die eier .HDFDL
was für ein genuss
Gursikh playz
Gursikh playz 2 dagen geleden
Immortality exist: ElectroBOOM: yEs
Non Squad Gamer
Non Squad Gamer 2 dagen geleden
You are awesome 👍👍🔥❤️
Mostafa diaa Darwesh
Mostafa diaa Darwesh 2 dagen geleden
Iam here to laugh but good work
Claude Speed
Claude Speed 2 dagen geleden
You look even more like gargamel from smurfs with that wand You also look like an old davie504 And I love you congrats
Szymon Gołąbek
Szymon Gołąbek 2 dagen geleden
E-BOOM: 17:16 look its discharging to the wall. Neighbor behind that wall: R.I.P.
alfi04 2 dagen geleden
Could you repair your Table maybe ? Maybe on your Second Channel
Guy 2 dagen geleden
This man is going to explode some day
Guillaume RAY
Guillaume RAY 2 dagen geleden
What about creating a wizard battle ?
Private Page
Private Page 2 dagen geleden
Look at 16:03 "ElectroBOOM" tag inscription.
Adiarka 454
Adiarka 454 2 dagen geleden
Amazing. I wait for the day you finally collab with Styropyro and Michael Reeves. You guys will shake the world!
Rudolph Claus
Rudolph Claus 2 dagen geleden
Ok I'm not participating in the giveaway
Trojan Sans [God]
Trojan Sans [God] 2 dagen geleden
TlTO LLaN0S 2 dagen geleden
I seen that wand on Batman the animated series (season 1, episode 56) it was used on a film of fabric to bend light to create the illusion of invisibility. Also don’t become a mad scientist’s.
Bradley 0212
Bradley 0212 2 dagen geleden
My favourite one is the Jacobs ladder that makes me laugh and I’m nearly crying in laughter lol 😂😂😂😂
The tech life
The tech life 2 dagen geleden
Can I make the wand using that black colour 400kv circuit?
Kaiser Schnitsel Sr.
Kaiser Schnitsel Sr. 2 dagen geleden
and..... .the view rate dropped significantly after this video made it on utube....
Frosty. 2 dagen geleden
i love this dude
rameyrez 2 dagen geleden
is he a genius, or a dummy, iam so confuse!
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