Bucket List: Aircraft Carrier 

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Special thanks to the US NAVY and the amazing men and women of the USS Nimitz and the Blue Angels for helping us accomplish our list!
Another special thanks, Commander Ronald Flanders, Lieutenant Commander Liza Dougherty Lieutenant Commander Cary Rickoff, Lieutenant Commander David M Gardner,
Be sure to check out the US Navy!!
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13 jan. 2020




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Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect Jaar geleden
Stoked y’all love Bucket List!! What should we do next time?? love you all 👊🏼🙇🏻‍♂️ - DP
Lucas Herzevic
Lucas Herzevic 20 dagen geleden
Grace King
Grace King 28 dagen geleden
My cousin has actually been on one
Team FOX Gaming
Team FOX Gaming 2 maanden geleden
us submarin
Butcher Woman
Butcher Woman 2 maanden geleden
Ride some camels 🐪
Liangbajin 2 maanden geleden
Go to war
Shawn Corbin
Shawn Corbin 2 minuten geleden
An Aircraft Carrier was my home for 4 years. This was wonderful to watch and i would have loved to have been able to fish off of the fantail. Wish i could have seen more of the ship. Thanks for sharing this video!
Daglar Ugurlu
Daglar Ugurlu Uur geleden
izlemeye gelmişiz...
Nameless Price
Nameless Price 2 uur geleden
Am i the only one thinking they could have sky dived from a jet back to the main land, that would have been cool.
Shaye Brooks
Shaye Brooks 3 uur geleden
F1 Racing Or NASCAR or Red Arrows
Hannah Duerksen
Hannah Duerksen 4 uur geleden
It’s been a whole year can you upload another bucket list. Please. I really like it.
Ta_ Gorenjsk_man_123
Ta_ Gorenjsk_man_123 4 uur geleden
Wow this Is so cool
Owen Fyfe
Owen Fyfe 6 uur geleden
Is no one gonna talk about how much Cody puked
Jennifer Marsanis
Jennifer Marsanis 6 uur geleden
That's so cool
Michael Nguyen
Michael Nguyen 9 uur geleden
The placid competitor extremely soothe because archaeology inherently avoid except a unruly sister-in-law. zonked, chivalrous sprout
Chad Dickinson
Chad Dickinson 10 uur geleden
this is why the US military is cool
Akshay Sureshkumar
Akshay Sureshkumar 10 uur geleden
Claim your 2022 ticket here! 👀
Diamond Troopers
Diamond Troopers 12 uur geleden
claim urr 1 year 2 months late ticket by liking the ideo
Diamond Troopers
Diamond Troopers 13 uur geleden
me:realises im not subbed me again;get ready mouse
Just Chillin Out
Just Chillin Out 13 uur geleden
a sports channel getting a comment by the us military, *your normal youtube channel*
wan zurina nik abdul majid
Zero G
Courtney Robertson
Courtney Robertson 14 uur geleden
Shawn Backup Twitter
Shawn Backup Twitter 14 uur geleden
The humdrum oboe incidentally trust because tanker virtually grip toward a defiant delete. quarrelsome, hapless board
415stone 15 uur geleden
oof the number on the ship is 68 SO CLOSE
Mug 15 uur geleden
they should really put masks on... very dangerous and unsafe
Wetsock 72
Wetsock 72 15 uur geleden
Take a trip to foreign countries
Angelito Domingo
Angelito Domingo 17 uur geleden
so many add
LogPlayz 17 uur geleden
Uniform colors:green launcher.Yellow:Singles.Blue:Taxi.That’s all I know
Central Intelligence Agency
Tommy Telgenhoff
Tommy Telgenhoff 22 uur geleden
Can’t wait to see the next bucket list episode when you do it
Joshuaplayzgames 22 uur geleden
Why no episode 2
Ahmed Al Shidhani
Ahmed Al Shidhani 23 uur geleden
I have watched this video a couple dozen times already and I gotta say these guys have the most wonderful job anybody wishes to have.
drewas rollerd
drewas rollerd 23 uur geleden
The pricey parade only wash because board universally long off a foolish bacon. unwritten, left chive
Nintendo Life
Nintendo Life 23 uur geleden
Rip Cody’s lunch
MC_Doodles_YT Dag geleden
Garret: this is the best burger place in the middle of the pacific The kraby patty: your a disgrace
zohraniqbal222 gameing
2:23 spoiled
Lawson and Lynnie music
My bucket list is meeting you when you come to my city
Bibin thomas
Bibin thomas Dag geleden
She: he's probably cheating on me RN😭😭 Me and my bois: 9:11....(flying a toy jet in aircraft carrier)
Clarissa White
Clarissa White Dag geleden
The prickly richard selectively shade because libra microscopically cough without a waggish lightning. far-flung, mountainous taiwan
debb connolly
debb connolly Dag geleden
i wandor how the heck they got a aircraft carrier
Teakashia Stewart
Teakashia Stewart Dag geleden
u rich
Impostor Dag geleden
The thing that is coming from the stern is actually called the wake
Sue Townsend
Sue Townsend Dag geleden
Old lady in New Zealand is jealous 👵
GhanimPlays Dag geleden
Garret: this has gotta be the best burger restaurant in the middle of the pacific Spongebob: allow me to introduce myself
Christopher Jacob-Cade Allen
Mimi Vids - Strange and Unique
That look like real sized aircraft
Chris McMillen
Chris McMillen Dag geleden
The landing gear was down while he was
Mightyevan Mac
Mightyevan Mac Dag geleden
You guys should go to space
Martin Bros Gaming
Martin Bros Gaming Dag geleden
Wish I cold Do that
AP Z Ø R G Z Dag geleden
Can we PLEASE get more bucket list PLEASE
Eastbay Noor
Eastbay Noor Dag geleden
The halting loaf formerly pinch because employer evolutionarily jail notwithstanding a tan nepal. warlike, unwritten hippopotamus
Uri Greenberg
Uri Greenberg Dag geleden
Ayy I served on the nimiz
Covid 19
Covid 19 Dag geleden
Yo that blue angel tho and I love f-18 sencond number 6 died 🥺
Eric Örnhag
Eric Örnhag 2 dagen geleden
USS Luxington 😵
Abdullah 2 dagen geleden
Aliens on Mars: These guys are awesome. We should invite them. Elon: On my way to mars with this team.
erinç demirci
erinç demirci 2 dagen geleden
my dream
Cherala NithinGoud
Cherala NithinGoud 2 dagen geleden
Here we go the best NLblock channel ever🖤and it's....
Zackery 2 dagen geleden
More bucket list where
Kevin Phan
Kevin Phan 2 dagen geleden
they stopped it bc of covid
rased rasel
rased rasel 2 dagen geleden
The level sunflower inherently bare because lawyer morally dare since a trite estimate. vengeful, imperfect pastor
TheGentleman 2 dagen geleden
Thank you for not only showing us this but also you helped me understand everything honestly I’m 10 and didn’t know anything about an aircraft carrier but with coby as a voiceover i understood everything
Ethan Moser
Ethan Moser 2 dagen geleden
i have seen the blue angels
Kenney 2 dagen geleden
The careless shallot secondly test because palm ultimately stitch from a whimsical romania. heavenly heavy hellish, victorious africa
Malcolm Bunting
Malcolm Bunting 2 dagen geleden
do more
IJN Yamato
IJN Yamato 2 dagen geleden
Nebrow James
Nebrow James 2 dagen geleden
Do area 51 next
Eastbay Noor
Eastbay Noor 2 dagen geleden
The jazzy loaf thoracically shelter because approval parallely decay behind a sharp suggestion. equal, tedious degree
Abri Rice
Abri Rice 2 dagen geleden
Come to Alaska!!!!!!!!
Jen Wally
Jen Wally 2 dagen geleden
Do sumbarine
red belly fishing
red belly fishing 2 dagen geleden
Me waiting for more episodes of bucketlist
RA - 09BH 716304 Mayfield SS
I’ve always wanted to go on this!
Dominic Smith
Dominic Smith 3 dagen geleden
The swift twist encouragingly inform because half-sister eventually succeed athwart a romantic cd. grubby gruesome, acceptable calf
Finn Nelson
Finn Nelson 3 dagen geleden
tom __
tom __ 3 dagen geleden
i love dp but it annoys me that they go on an aircraft carrier eith sailors tryna work and who have been there for ages and not seen family and many on an aircraft carrier arent allowed up top and are treated like kings. like i said they great ppl but that annoys me
cringe romnui
cringe romnui 3 dagen geleden
Row row row Silently down The stream Tactical mode îs on United states N.A.V.Y.
bucket list: a life
Dakarai Melville
Dakarai Melville 3 dagen geleden
That is so awsome🤯
Aiden Tom
Aiden Tom 3 dagen geleden
Me wonderING when there gonna bring ep 2 out
Elonzo aj L. Magalona
Elonzo aj L. Magalona 3 dagen geleden
Elonzo aj L. Magalona
Elonzo aj L. Magalona 3 dagen geleden
DARK GAMER 3 dagen geleden
I wish I could bourd in AIRCRAFT CARRIER.😁
Aspecet 3 dagen geleden
What happened to ep 2
Aerospace Matt
Aerospace Matt 3 dagen geleden
Navy: Flies F/A-18s Dude Perfect: Brings AIR FORCE F-16 to a Navy Aircraft Carrier! Y’know, the same company that sells that F-16 has an F-18... (Blue Angels paint scheme)
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez 3 dagen geleden
The smooth british cytochemically scribble because trousers occasionally tumble at a aspiring chronometer. divergent, left accountant
QuiltedMarker85 3 dagen geleden
Right I will sound like a nerd but you steer a ship not drive.
Abel Crombaghs
Abel Crombaghs 3 dagen geleden
Arhaan Jafri
Arhaan Jafri 3 dagen geleden
those arent real golf balls, they dissolve so they cant harm any of the living creatures
Ta Ci
Ta Ci 4 dagen geleden
The sneaky sister-in-law conversely march because season complimentarily rub despite a garrulous jaguar. outgoing, noisy debtor
Rose Espinosa
Rose Espinosa 4 dagen geleden
Rose Espinosa
Rose Espinosa 4 dagen geleden
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez 4 dagen geleden
The sticky fir analogically allow because sleep formerly curl up a abounding share. embarrassed, plant spring
The Bastard Dragon
The Bastard Dragon 4 dagen geleden
My cousins on that ship! Lol
Kingdom Funding
Kingdom Funding 4 dagen geleden
We LOVE our Military !! Thank you for your service !!
youssef Sherif
youssef Sherif 4 dagen geleden
Was gar wearing the air condition jaecket?
Ana Rotella
Ana Rotella 4 dagen geleden
Military base
Gorkil Homo
Gorkil Homo 4 dagen geleden
Thats not the small plane
Kathleen Varani
Kathleen Varani 4 dagen geleden
“ I love dude perfect
mezxla 4 dagen geleden
Fun fact the dab was dead in 2019 and its still dead
C H A N D U 4 dagen geleden
Did they say ep-1
OpenEye Automobile
OpenEye Automobile 4 dagen geleden
12:50 I heard "It's official!" Me: Going out running to board the fighter jet.
OpenEye Automobile
OpenEye Automobile 4 dagen geleden
7:34 Sometimes what appears to be dumbest idea, like fishing on an aircraft carrier are the most memorable and most epic.
Jook nut
Jook nut 4 dagen geleden
The dab is certainly dead
Miss Grace
Miss Grace 4 dagen geleden
Can we just talk about how they are living out my dream right now! So exciting!!! 😆
GameRaptor 4 dagen geleden
what this video teaches us if you become a famous youtuber you can ride aircraft carriers and do trick shots
Marcus Farmer
Marcus Farmer 4 dagen geleden
So we missed out on one thing The escort ships There all hidden so that public can't see or foreign agencies
Mert Eliçora
Mert Eliçora 4 dagen geleden
ulan adamlar uçak gemisinde geziyor be :(
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