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We only have a few stories for you on this week’s Euro Transfer Talk, but they’re all big ones so you want to stay tuned to hear them all!

We start with yet another update on Neymar’s future - a few weeks ago it looked like a new deal was imminent for the Brazilian, but yet another spike in Barcelona’s interest for their former star has seen his head turn once more. And why are Barca interested again? Well, Lionel Messi has said they need to show ambition in the transfer market if he is to commit to a new deal. And not just that, Barca are reeportedly prepared to offer the Argentinian a ten year contract, which would still allow him to play in the MLS but keeps him tied down at the club beyond retirement.

In the Premier League, Raheem Sterling could be Pep Guardiola’s sacrificial lamb this summer, as Manchester City look to strengthen once more, with Erling Haaland and Jack Grealish the two players they are looking to raise funds for. Jadon Sancho has a ‘gentleman’s agreement’ with Borussia Dortmund that could allow him to leave this summer as well, and in Italy, Jose Mourinho has just been announced as Roma's next manager!





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4 mei. 2021




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Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily Maand geleden
Will Mourinho be a success at Roma?! (Dougie)
Robert Ingram
Robert Ingram Maand geleden
The question is: When will he get the sack??
Luca Palomo
Luca Palomo Maand geleden
Yes. He has an extremely good young core. A fit Zaniolo, Spinazzola, Pellegrini, Calafiori, Mancini, Cristante, and Villar. Roma might actually splash cash this summer for the first time
Ritabh Pandey
Ritabh Pandey Maand geleden
I always say yes to Mourinho but it would require him to go back to the attacking approach he showed at Real Madrid. Doesn't bode well for Chris Smalling though! 😂
SHAHID WILLIE Maand geleden
he will deliver
Nikhil Chitale
Nikhil Chitale Maand geleden
Bjørn Egil Hage
Bjørn Egil Hage Maand geleden
Sancho would be utterly stupid if he goes to PSG. No young player with ambitions would go to PSG. Going to PSG is all about the money and nothing else.
Bjørn Egil Hage
Bjørn Egil Hage Maand geleden
I predicted that Jose The Not So Special One would end up in Serie A after he got sacked from Tottenham, so this was no shock for me. The Serie A is perfect for Joseball. Good luck with his utterly boring football in a league that has become utterly boring to watch. The Serie A is perfect for retiring footballers and managers. The perfect place for them to end their careers. Jose and Roma will most likely not win many trophies, if any at all.
Dasika Sairam
Dasika Sairam Maand geleden
As someone else noticed, his last 6 clubs were: C helsea I nter R eal C helsea U nited S purs
Signore Santino Burnett
First signing will be Bruno Alves from Parma.
KaiSaeren Maand geleden
I honestly stopped caring for Neymar quite a while ago, he may have been one of the greats if he wasnt such an unprofessional moron all the time but I honestly do not know why Barcelona would or should want him back nor do I really care for watching him anymore. Mourinho will imo do pretty well in Roma, doesnt feel like he will need to stamp out his authority as much there and hopefully will just focus on football.
Peter Helmore
Peter Helmore Maand geleden
???????????ah NO?????????
Vamos BocaJr
Vamos BocaJr Maand geleden
Mourinho has tried to recruit Zaniolo everywhere he was managed in the last 4 years. He will finally have his starry... just needs to stay fit
jake milani
jake milani Maand geleden
jose will shine in Roma and he has been doing so well these years as well considering the teams he has been handed . A fallen in transition ManUTD n Spurs with greedy over controlling owners. true that Spurs squad was good but as Jose said in documentary, spurs boys are too nice . he will bring back Roma to a serious contender in Italy. im sure
Joshua Linsley
Joshua Linsley Maand geleden
If Aston Villa sell grealish and don't replacing him properly they we go down
unstoppableExodia Maand geleden
The news that mourinho will be coaching Roma has left me gutted. Roma are my favorite team in Italy (don’t ask me why, I wouldn’t be able to adequately explain) and I have a strong dislike for mourinho. I would have much preferred Sarri to be coaching Roma. Why he wasn’t considered for the role confounds me
Travel Fun
Travel Fun Maand geleden
Now I am a Roma fan... But Barca is in my heart
Bedbugs Maand geleden
Barça: "We're running out of money and deeply in debt, what are we gonna do?" Also Barça: "Lets sign another forward on gigantic wages"
Darren Goh
Darren Goh Maand geleden
Would love to see jose at juve though
sam maranga
sam maranga Maand geleden
I don't see Sterling leaving City let alone Freakish joining as City usually don't pay insane fees for players
Sam Maand geleden
Sterling should sign for Manchester United
neo nkuna
neo nkuna Maand geleden
Grealish upgrade on sterling
lukman pelu
lukman pelu Maand geleden
He should pay tribute to united bcause united make him nail the job 😁😁😁
paulyk81 Maand geleden
Barca can't afford Neymar, PSG won't sell him. Lads, stop this nonsense, it's just filler.
Sacha Reynolds
Sacha Reynolds Maand geleden
The Tottenham of Italy!
kamshufna Maand geleden
Jack Graelish is definately a big upgrade to any team he goes to ! ! Sancho !! Not that much thou !
Taylor Maand geleden
You don't have to read everything at the same cadence. You can always switch it up a bit. Maybe?
Jonn Stewart
Jonn Stewart Maand geleden
i would honestly take sterling back at liverpool as a replacement for mane or maybe sell firmino and play salah at cf
Isa Kuhadad
Isa Kuhadad Maand geleden
Roma gonna be lit next season
Uzoma Onyejekwe
Uzoma Onyejekwe Maand geleden
We follow Jose anywhere. Roma just got a new fan.
Rory Blessington
Rory Blessington Maand geleden
I knew this move might happen- Jose to Roma. Why would Sarri go when he knows Napoli will have a vacancy in less than a few months... it makes sense! We’re gonna see a 4 way battle next season between Jose, Sarri, Conte and Pirlo! What a Serie A that will be!!!
Signore Santino Burnett
Pirlo is out as soon as the final whistle blows in the season.
Darragh Ward
Darragh Ward Maand geleden
I think he's done in England, and maybe even at the pinnacle of the game at teams like Bayern, Real, Barca etc, but Roma seems like a good opportunity to rebuild his reputation and give that Roma side a good defence
Rory Blessington
Rory Blessington Maand geleden
MN... S???
hart  aber herzlos
hart aber herzlos Maand geleden
Wartet ab rom wird rasieren genau so ein Verein braucht jose ein Verein mit wenig Qualität.
Vishwa Ramnarain
Vishwa Ramnarain Maand geleden
Ah shoot we face Roma soon, oh boy can't wait
Edward Maand geleden
Dougie with the facts.
Tee Mill
Tee Mill Maand geleden
Love the show!!
DANA SAEED Maand geleden
قور بةسةر روما
Patrick tunkara
Patrick tunkara Maand geleden
Imagine When Jose Mourinho loses 10 Games in a row next season and his Excuse is that Rome Wasn't built in a day
Ryan Bareham
Ryan Bareham Maand geleden
Why are you pronouncing Jose like that...
F Hdz
F Hdz Maand geleden
Although i understand the reason please for the love of all that is good never leave me again 😭😭
key bear
key bear Maand geleden
Mourinho will have good a year or two with Roma before it burn and crash just like he was in other clubs xD
SKB Maand geleden
Jose is finished and should leave football alone. His philosophy is outdated. He talk too much and dont know how to motivate and build players. He's done!
J haych
J haych Maand geleden
Remember when everyone laughed at us for not signing sancho and that dortmund had 1 on us.. Now look who is laughing. Well they'll be losing out on a lot of money which they could of had last season.
J haych
J haych Maand geleden
@Dane F well they're going to lose a lot of money this year from last season and if they don't get champions league football then that money is even more valuable, they thought they was going to get more this year but clearly wasn't.
Dane F
Dane F Maand geleden
@J haych dortmund is fine holding onto talent and letting them grow. It's become quite the desired destination for young players with all the potential in the world.
J haych
J haych Maand geleden
@Dane F yes and dortmund would of been better off if they'd of sold sancho to us as we offered too much in the first place anyway.
Dane F
Dane F Maand geleden
With covid all teams are losing out on money.... all teams.
Adon Saab
Adon Saab Maand geleden
Big fan of jose wish him nothing but the best at Roma
Antoninus Pius
Antoninus Pius Maand geleden
What good news, thank You Special One 😃
Buck Naked
Buck Naked Maand geleden
Roma and Lazio derby will be even better from now on.
OcEleven Maand geleden
I don't know how Smalling feels about this.
The Candid One
The Candid One Maand geleden
Sancho Should sign back to city, he would be an upgrade to Sterling... Young, fast and skillful💙💙💙💙💙💙 come on city!!!👍👍👍👍👏👏👏🙌🏾🙌🏾 City 3 PSG 1
Gimusical Maand geleden
Jose Mourinho is passionate about football and coaching. We knew that he couldn't stay without a team for too long. Now he faces the biggest challenge for his career: to get a team that is well-known all over the world, with a lot of great history and fans all over the world, but always one level behind Italy's Big-3 (Juve, Milan, Inter) to the top level and win trophies. It will be three very interesting years for Roma. Lets see how the owners' plan to elevate roma to the top level will go. Serie A continues to put their plan to become the 2nd most competitive league in Europe, with world-class players, managers and teams.
Carlos Rodriguez
Carlos Rodriguez Maand geleden
i really enjoy these videos EFD!
Jatin Maand geleden
Gokhul Manikandan
Gokhul Manikandan Maand geleden
@Eavy Eavy Doesn't matter. Look at the top 4 race. And the fact that inter has won shows the league is on the up
Eavy Eavy
Eavy Eavy Maand geleden
13 points difference? No
Mujeeb Ahmed
Mujeeb Ahmed Maand geleden
Bad news for chris smalling and henrikh mkhitaryan!
Danny Blue
Danny Blue Maand geleden
Jose was out of a job for a longer time than the superleague
The_wavy1 Maand geleden
Jose back in Italy is a good thing hopefully he gets his respect back
EMZxA Maand geleden
loving the content from my sources! ❤️🔥
Daniel Maniscalco
Daniel Maniscalco Maand geleden
I just hope that he does a good job. I would be happy with a coppa italia and/or the Conference League. The only problem I have is that with Mourinho, the board is gonna have to spend serious money and sell off the deadwood in our squad
Can Akgünay
Can Akgünay Maand geleden
Mourinho - Smalling reunion. What a time to be alive
in_sane Maand geleden
@Niklas Süle - Unofficial hes been injured half the time lol what are you talking about, none of the defenders were good thats why we (im a roma supporter) have conceaded so many goals
Niklas Süle - Unofficial
@Dane F that explains why
Niklas Süle - Unofficial
@Dane F that explains why
Dane F
Dane F Maand geleden
@Niklas Süle - Unofficial forgive him he hasn't actually seen smalling play for Roma. The guy watches highlights on NLblock and thinks he's a scout lmao. What a clown.
Tee Mill
Tee Mill Maand geleden
And Mhikitayrian (I know I spelled that wrong I cba to check it!);
Ishaan DW
Ishaan DW Maand geleden
Jose might find his level at Roma
Ekta Garg's biology
Ekta Garg's biology Maand geleden
Oh, I missed you guys so much.
Reaction & Reviews 21
Reaction & Reviews 21 Maand geleden
7:53 when they start to talk Jose
Fei Kelvin
Fei Kelvin Maand geleden
Abhinav Thakur
Abhinav Thakur Maand geleden
RedTeamBlueTeamSAME TEAM
Why are you guys against freedom of speech? Why are you pro-censorship?
Lykos 45
Lykos 45 Maand geleden
He'll bring Carvalho out of retirement to play in his first match
Brian Kin
Brian Kin Maand geleden
It would be sweet revenge .if Jose can turn the tie around against United.
santos jr
santos jr Maand geleden
He wont be incharge Until next season
Moshiur Rahman
Moshiur Rahman Maand geleden
Irish guy is better
Tom Keating
Tom Keating Maand geleden
Barca have no money stop it
Icewallowcome 1
Icewallowcome 1 Maand geleden
@rohith ramesh that doesn’t mean you have 500 million to spend
rohith ramesh
rohith ramesh Maand geleden
literally abt to sign 500 mil sponsorship deal but ok
Dsss Hhhh
Dsss Hhhh Maand geleden
He would be a better fit at juve. It’s interesting because Jose time as a top coach is done.
qslkk Maand geleden
1:52 he can walk like everyone else but with a ball. Amazing.
Gimusical Maand geleden
That was a really big surprise today! It's definitely, AS Roma's new owners first big move since they took over this club last summer. And in my opinion, it's a very interesting situation. Roma aren't Real Madrid or Juventus, but they are definitely a club with a lot of history, a recognizable world brand and millions of fans all over the world. Mourinho always worked with clubs who spent tons of money to buy the best players, so this will be a challenge for him. Now he must work with young players, talents, along with big names, and CREATE. It's probably his biggest challenging work. He has the ability to prove, that now that he works for a low-profile club, he can elevate the club to the top-class level and give Roma's all that their fans want all these years: stop being below Juventus, Inter and Milan, play good football and win trophies. We will see with big interest Mourinho's work! It will be a very exciting next season in Italy.
Naija Gent
Naija Gent Maand geleden
When your football manager save is happening in real life
Raymond Maand geleden
can't wait to see him back 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 always has been my favorite manager
DTNG4M3S Maand geleden
Came in at 37 mins
Allans Skelton
Allans Skelton Maand geleden
What the hell
Chris Amadeus
Chris Amadeus Maand geleden
As a Spurs fan, I wish Jose all the best, I still can't understand why they would sack him a few days before a cup final, it seems very spiteful and typical of ENIC and Levy. We will win nothing while this mob are in charge, we didn't want big multi event stadiums state of the art indoor breweries, we want high class players and not bargain deals the likes we have to google who they are . COYS
Kiki Nugroho
Kiki Nugroho Maand geleden
As Mourinho's fans we'll keep silent for this. because if we talk about this, we'll get problem. 😁😁
Phil Jones
Phil Jones Maand geleden
I miss you guys daily vids 😍
KIhairil Amirul Imran
KIhairil Amirul Imran Maand geleden
Don't worry Jose, The Special One will given a hero's welcome at the San Siro.
Joschua Sahl
Joschua Sahl Maand geleden
Jose just has to buy phil jones and he‘ll have his cb dream team back
Brandon Ayong
Brandon Ayong Maand geleden
Everyone " Jose is done at club level. The only teams that would take him now is international football teams" Celtic " Hold my jose offer" Juventus " Hold my jose offer" Roma " HOLD MY JOSE SIGNING"
Nanduri Bharrath
Nanduri Bharrath Maand geleden
Glad to see him come back for us Mourinistas. Glad to leave those bottlers channels. Us with him, wherever he goes! #DajeJose
I'll take a quadruple treble
A would bite the hand off for Jose at Celtic pmsl just no the wages
Pietro Maand geleden
Dead move
vex 13
vex 13 Maand geleden
Well that was unexpected..
Feixas Maand geleden
No rumours no nothing. I was having lunch browsing r/soccer, had just read a Roma announcement about Paulo Fonseca, and then outta nowhere this came on the news, I almost choked on my food. It was so unexpected
Anthonio Burrowes
Anthonio Burrowes Maand geleden
Messi and neymar is staying put
Lol Ndabambi
Lol Ndabambi Maand geleden
If we get this commet to 1k likes, i will call up ronaldo and messi at the same time
Luis Halpern
Luis Halpern Maand geleden
I'm early
Lol Ndabambi
Lol Ndabambi Maand geleden
1st Au
Aaron Thornton
Aaron Thornton Maand geleden
PKING #Glazersout
PKING #Glazersout Maand geleden
Inter VS Roma next season is going to be exciting given the history between Conte and José, Serie A is retaining its past glory........
Vamos BocaJr
Vamos BocaJr Maand geleden
you know ball
Brenax Quiny
Brenax Quiny Maand geleden
Serie A now just got better with those two
Fayyaz Ilahi
Fayyaz Ilahi Maand geleden
Yes exactly what I wanna see
Federico Dotta
Federico Dotta Maand geleden
@Epiceroy la serie a dal 2005 fino a 2008 ;)
Epiceroy Maand geleden
@Federico Dotta 4-0
Tomasz Elliott
Tomasz Elliott Maand geleden
Will be interesting to see what Jose can do with that shambolic defence
Luca Palomo
Luca Palomo Maand geleden
he will fix it or sign new players. their best defender has been out all season too
Tomasz Elliott
Tomasz Elliott Maand geleden
@Robbie Cale yeah you're definitely a Swansea fan
ReviewEverything Maand geleden
@Robbie Cale facts he's shite
Robbie Cale
Robbie Cale Maand geleden
@Tomasz Elliott Rodon is not promising. Rodon is shit, coming from a Swansea fan
Rafael Santos
Rafael Santos Maand geleden
@Tomasz Elliott Yep, no Koundé, no Skriniar...José might have actually saved his season if he didn't have to fix midfield & the right back problems & decided to spend on defenders from Serie A, since they know how to defend instead of EPL when even the champions & runners-up have conceded 5 or 6 goals in a game
domiNATEgame14 Maand geleden
I expect him to do well in Italy. Maybe not gonna win the league but qualification for UCL would be seen as successful
Christian Martens
Christian Martens Maand geleden
Yeah his style of play best fits Italian League
Rafael Santos
Rafael Santos Maand geleden
@Niklas Süle - Unofficial Me too
Niklas Süle - Unofficial
@Rafael Santos winning after a 6-2 defeat is really hard, I highly doubt that Manchester United will bottle it
Rafael Santos
Rafael Santos Maand geleden
That's what Paulo Fonseca failed to do! He technically still has a chance since they're in UEL but there's not a big chance to do a 4-0 comeback with this squad when they're in terrible form
Maaz Ali
Maaz Ali Maand geleden
RIP Roma
Pogger Georgie
Pogger Georgie Maand geleden
This looks like a match made in heaven imo, idk why tho.
Tom Walker Films
Tom Walker Films Maand geleden
i thought that when he signed for spurs...
Thomas Viern
Thomas Viern Maand geleden
@Fuck NLblock Yes surprisingly. These are stats from the 19/20 season. Serie A goals from open play- 695 Premier League goals from open play- 640 Source - Of course this doesn't speak for the quality of the league or anything but serie A being a defensive league is a myth now.
Fuck YouTube
Fuck YouTube Maand geleden
@Thomas Viern from open play?
Fuck YouTube
Fuck YouTube Maand geleden
@InterFanNFootball Tottenham isn’t good enough for Mou.
Fuck YouTube
Fuck YouTube Maand geleden
@OKC x that’s the eredevise and Bundesliga
Kahn Taylor
Kahn Taylor Maand geleden
Roma? Mental
William Scott
William Scott Maand geleden
How does Jose keep getting jobs
Gokhul Manikandan
Gokhul Manikandan Maand geleden
@Jamston Julian I love Jose but even I have to agree that Jose flopped at Spurs. He has made Son world class and Kane one of the top 5 strikers but the defence was a mess, even if he didn't have the personnel
Johnson Chukwuma
Johnson Chukwuma Maand geleden
And how you idiots and witches keep hating him
Fuck YouTube
Fuck YouTube Maand geleden
@Jamston Julian José did bad? When he arrived Spurs were bottom feeders. He’s bigger than their entire club. They should be begging him for forgiveness. They’re a small shit club who act high and mighty because they have some money. They’re bottlers that are no bigger than Leicester. At least Leicester are consistent though.
Woodstock Maand geleden
@Jamston Julian but did he bad?
Jamston Julian
Jamston Julian Maand geleden
@Fuck NLblock Of course when Jose does bad it's never his fault
Starwarscity Maand geleden
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