Blind Darts 🤣 ft. Gerwyn Price 

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You might be missing Gerwyn Price at this years’ Premier League but you can still watch him play Moneybarn Blind Darts 🎯


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15 apr. 2021




Bezig met laden.....

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Robin Hood
Robin Hood 15 dagen geleden
They Pronoune His name wrong all the time, Its not Ger-Wyn like Gherkin, its pronounced G-er-wyn 'Ge' as in GEt
Robin Hood
Robin Hood 15 dagen geleden
I'm Welsh and I have met a few Gerwyns!
Times end
Times end 15 dagen geleden
Price is phenomenal 👍
Joey Clark
Joey Clark 18 dagen geleden
But how good of a driver is he,if he can't see the road
Michael Juitsch
Michael Juitsch 19 dagen geleden
That's not that hard
Alex 1750
Alex 1750 20 dagen geleden
Blind checkouts would be cool imo
Gaming Videos
Gaming Videos 20 dagen geleden
I thought he had COVID but my favourite are aspinall and price
Mrysia Jacak
Mrysia Jacak 20 dagen geleden
0.31 Rob Cross
Sharon Ghghgh
Sharon Ghghgh 20 dagen geleden
Was just about to say wtf dont this man have the virus why is he there then I read further on , all the best price hope you get better soon and back on the stage showing your talent
Romysh Bellucci
Romysh Bellucci 20 dagen geleden
Such a waste of paper
robert langmuir
robert langmuir 21 dag geleden
Can't really call it blind darts. There is a rim on the bit of paper covering the board that is exactly where the trebles are. They just need to aim at that.
TNT _ ARCTIC 21 dag geleden
On Saturday I’ve got a darts 🎯 thing at the ladsclub
Spud King
Spud King 21 dag geleden
We used to play darts blind (drunk) all the time! With spuds
MrLTD 21 dag geleden
New Darts?
J 7
J 7 21 dag geleden
I think so
ThAdonis 21 dag geleden
The John Cena dartboard.
Daniel Williams
Daniel Williams 21 dag geleden
Rob Cross next it seems
VOLTAGE 21 dag geleden
Is he feeling better?
Jojo29 21 dag geleden
Old video of course. He never felt bad, no symptoms
Levian R.
Levian R. 21 dag geleden
Why Kirk bewins doesnt call Matches?
Matthew Edgar
Matthew Edgar 21 dag geleden
are they his normal darts ? look a bit strange
Mattia Goffo
Mattia Goffo 15 dagen geleden
I dont think
Simon S.
Simon S. 21 dag geleden
I think i would be far better 😂, min. 400 points
Ali Hassan
Ali Hassan 21 dag geleden
Good Game Bro
Lee Carter
Lee Carter 21 dag geleden
Miss the early to mid 2000s pdc circus tavern etc.. Jesus Christ is the way.
Toni Spiegel
Toni Spiegel 21 dag geleden
And with that - Michael van Gerwen is back again the number one in the world
Pie Guy 69
Pie Guy 69 20 dagen geleden
@Johnny Mickfly excactly
Johnny Mickfly
Johnny Mickfly 20 dagen geleden
@Jordan95 HD mvg is best
Pie Guy 69
Pie Guy 69 21 dag geleden
@Jordan95 HD Bro MVG is ligit my least favourite player
Melk_ 21 dag geleden
@Jordan95 HDTo be clear am I Peter fan, but really MvG by my opinion really plays better. No any humilation of Price, but really this is my opinion.
Jordan95 HD
Jordan95 HD 21 dag geleden
@Pie Guy 69, MvG fan boyyy.
Johnathan Simonson
Johnathan Simonson 21 dag geleden
Only time MVG will be above gezzy this season 😁
Johnathan Simonson
Johnathan Simonson 21 dag geleden
@Mick 1107 literally have no idea what you’re talking about. I posted on a video a bit of banter that’s it. Have a day off brother
Mick 1107
Mick 1107 21 dag geleden
@Johnathan Simonson i mean from 2014 till 2020. I feel like thats really frustrating you and now that somebody finally took his spot you gonna post 'revenge' comments like this.
Johnathan Simonson
Johnathan Simonson 21 dag geleden
@Mick 1107 but he’s not number 1....
Mick 1107
Mick 1107 21 dag geleden
@Johnathan Simonson About van Gerwen being number one in the last few years?
Johnathan Simonson
Johnathan Simonson 21 dag geleden
@Mick 1107 ?? About what?
Mrysia Jacak
Mrysia Jacak 21 dag geleden
Good score in 9 dart
Patryk420 20 dagen geleden
Thomas Maw
Thomas Maw 21 dag geleden
Is he better
Darts Matchcenter
Darts Matchcenter 21 dag geleden
These challenges are better with Russ Bray
king dingi
king dingi 21 dag geleden
Skillsimon CF
Skillsimon CF 21 dag geleden
Those Darts look like the ones from Aspinall
joseph piper
joseph piper 21 dag geleden
Olivér Soltész
Olivér Soltész 21 dag geleden
Aaron Bose
Aaron Bose 21 dag geleden
Sipan Hassan
Sipan Hassan 21 dag geleden
Aaron Bose
Aaron Bose 21 dag geleden
Professional Darts Corporation
*Disclaimer* This video was shot at the end of January 2021.
TNT _ ARCTIC 21 dag geleden
I was about to say he tested positive
Moritz F.
Moritz F. 21 dag geleden
@The BigFish Video prolly Shot on Media day for the Premier League
The BigFish
The BigFish 21 dag geleden
Why is he wearing a UNIBET tag,, sponsor of premier league
Barni Burján
Barni Burján 21 dag geleden
Why was it only relased now?
F1 Drivers' First Cars 👀