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22 apr. 2020




Bezig met laden.....

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Rohon Chowdhury
Rohon Chowdhury 2 maanden geleden
It's the only channel where everyone listens to everyone and no one is biased .
Mark Hadden
Mark Hadden 4 maanden geleden
Ozil, fabregas and mata ???
Theo Paul
Theo Paul 4 maanden geleden
Van persie, Lukaku, Costa, Rooney, Ozil, Mata, Pogba, Zabaleta all unlucky not to feature. Hart, Carrick and Kolarov, Rose, Cole, Faberagas, Verteoungh, Lapotre deserve mentions. I'm glad Gerrard, Lampard, Scholes, Ferdinand and Drogba didn't make it, their prime was in the 00s
Klaus Matrajt
Klaus Matrajt 9 maanden geleden
worst XI of the decade PLEAAASE!!! HAHAHA
Ayan Mishra
Ayan Mishra 9 maanden geleden
33:48 nice
Mark Royter
Mark Royter 9 maanden geleden
Did everyone forget about the Chelsea team of 2010? United 2011? City 2012? Seems like none of those players were here
Dave 9 maanden geleden
My Consistency Sum Numbers Team of the Decade De Gea ? , Terry, Kompany, ? David Silva, Fernandinho, Touré ?, Aguero, Hazard
Dave 9 maanden geleden
My Peak Numbers Team of the Decade De Gea A-Arnold, Kompany, Van Dijk, ? De Bruyne, Fernandinho, Touré Salah, Suarez, Hazzard
Dave 9 maanden geleden
Is it best at their peak, best numbers during any season, during the decade or is it best throughout the decade, best longevity ?! David Silva doesn't get in if Suarez, Salah or A-Arnold gets in. These guys are great following different metrics.
Tech Evolution
Tech Evolution 9 maanden geleden
shut up Zac
Alf Martin
Alf Martin 9 maanden geleden
Rooney most underrated player ever isc
Jordan Mackness
Jordan Mackness 9 maanden geleden
Leicester title winning season disrespected Vardy should have been In contention I believe Johnny Evans at cb at United, West brom and Leicester also bellerin underrated for decade
London Blue Boy
London Blue Boy 9 maanden geleden
Can't believe no-one picked modric
17Y6C22 HOH HAO JUAN 10 maanden geleden
De Gea walker Kompany VVD Baines KDB Silva Kante Sterling Aguero Hazard
Harshil Patel
Harshil Patel 10 maanden geleden
That Kante De Bruyne back to back pick is the one. De Gea Roberton Van Dijk Kompany Trent De Bruyne Kante David Silva Hazard Aguero Sterling Bench: GK?, Baines, Terry, Fernandinho, Yaya Toure, Kane, Vardy, Salah Found GK and defence back ups to be the hardest. Agreed so many good forwards but harder to field the rest of the field. Perhaps a bit bias towards the last few years, especially in the defence but think that backline is so solid especially with the wing backs we havnt seen anyone as good as Robo and Trent
thejamiebeal1 10 maanden geleden
Thibaut Courtois?
Cord Revan-Shepard
Cord Revan-Shepard 10 maanden geleden
If i had to pick my team of the decade, again id go 433 as well id go with gk to forward De Gea, Walker, Van Dijk, Terry, Robertson, Kante, Erikson, De Bruyne, Hazard, Kane, Salah
Abhishek Anand
Abhishek Anand 10 maanden geleden
Cesc Fabregas has been so underrated. Considering his assist record in the PL also his assist per 90
Jack Dunsmore
Jack Dunsmore 10 maanden geleden
You guys should definitely do another one like this, with either like over 30s or under 23s or a different league this pod was a personal favourite of mine
Lksks Jxnsnsj
Lksks Jxnsnsj 10 maanden geleden
One name comes to mind. Sergio auguerooooo
Lksks Jxnsnsj
Lksks Jxnsnsj 10 maanden geleden
Also salah > sterling
Nihal Puram
Nihal Puram 10 maanden geleden
why are there only 5 comments
? 10 maanden geleden
I would've added Juan Mata for the shock value
Content Cat
Content Cat 10 maanden geleden
Wtf, where’d all the comments go?
Football Daily Podcasts
Football Daily Podcasts 10 maanden geleden
We just moved all the old pods to here from the Football Daily channel, we could keep the views but not the comments!
Suraj Aryal
Suraj Aryal 10 maanden geleden
Zak's midfield wins it for me.
Wooderz245 11 maanden geleden
David De Gea Branislav Ivanovic Vincent Kompany Virgil Van Dijk James Milner Fernandinho Yaya Toure David Silva Mo Salah Sergio Aguero Eden Hazard
Igor Jaworski
Igor Jaworski 11 maanden geleden
Kolarov would’ve been my first pick for LB. His long shots were unbelievable.
mattybb rocks
mattybb rocks Jaar geleden
I think u should of mentioned jordan Henderson he has been at liverpool for a long time and he deserved to be mentioned
mattybb rocks
mattybb rocks Jaar geleden
Zack the best
Mr Man
Mr Man Jaar geleden
Where’s Phil Jones
L Moreland
L Moreland Jaar geleden
Hernan Crespo
Hernan Crespo Jaar geleden
Chris hammil
Sébastien Especa
Sébastien Especa Jaar geleden
The team with aguero 🔥
Adhvik Lok
Adhvik Lok Jaar geleden
"No one reached those heights since Henry" ahem Ronaldo ahem Ronaldo. Classic pat with his anti Ronaldo agenda
daft banna
daft banna Jaar geleden
Zac only picked chelsea players omg
awesomurawski Jaar geleden
Valencia, Carrick, and Rooney got robbed
Shashank Bhandari
Shashank Bhandari Jaar geleden
Pat has great frontline and backline while Zac has the best team.
Columbo Jaar geleden
do some more like this, I reckon probably Zac won
Mml Mml
Mml Mml Jaar geleden
Peter Cech TAA VVD Kompany Robertson De Bruyne Kante Lampard Van Persie Agüero Rooney Dt: Guardiola Honourable mentions: Alexis Sanchez, Bale, Hazard, Suarez, Salah, Sterling, D. Silva
anup sijapati
anup sijapati Jaar geleden
should have picked rose instead of Milner.
Primal Ape
Primal Ape Jaar geleden
how can you not pick cesc
adame6 Jaar geleden
I think Zac's is best. Baines Koscielny Dembele Eriksen are a bit weak to be in teams imo
Michael Owusu
Michael Owusu Jaar geleden
Lb Monreal
Luke Rowland
Luke Rowland Jaar geleden
Should’ve done this on the fantasy draft on FM20
Allen Severain
Allen Severain Jaar geleden
Man U and arsenal daily
henning88 Jaar geleden
Not a word on lukaku?
Dean Austin Pratt
Dean Austin Pratt Jaar geleden
zac's for me is the best..the forward line of hazard, kane and salah being fed by kdb and Trent is just insane to think about
Brice Brian Ilunga
Brice Brian Ilunga Jaar geleden
It pains me to see how much Joe Hart isn't recognized nowadays
Jack Kineke
Jack Kineke Jaar geleden
I'm not a Scouse or Pool fan, but Suarez just brings tears to one's eyes...just mesmerizingly unbelievable player. It also is important to point out that even the greatest of all time (Messi) is continually impressed by Suarez
Mihailo Majstorovic
Mihailo Majstorovic Jaar geleden
james barry
james barry Jaar geleden
Yea one of the ferdinand/ vidic season??? 10/11 11/12 12/13 any of them perhaps
james barry
james barry Jaar geleden
james barry
james barry Jaar geleden
What about Rooney in 11/12 season???
Andrew Ellison
Andrew Ellison Jaar geleden
Zac pretty much should’ve picked his best Chelsea XI for the decade right 😂
Dylan Murphy
Dylan Murphy Jaar geleden
No cesc in the midfield
Riad Shehu
Riad Shehu Jaar geleden
Thomas Rosický deserves a shout, that 13-14 season
iRonGrillmachine Jaar geleden
Nobody even concidered Nemanja Vidić, and yet he won the league 2 times this decade, and United haven't won it since, baffling.
Chris Taylor
Chris Taylor Jaar geleden
Great video guys, so hard to decide on the best team. But I think Pato's team beats the other 2 in a 2 leg tie
Oliver Young
Oliver Young Jaar geleden
This is a boring as hell request but you should play these teams against each other on Fifa, pro evolution soccer or football manager. Perhaps you could do a mini league on Fifa allowing the CPU's to play each other whilst you commentate on the matches to make the format a bit more interesting. It could be a little bit lazy as content and maybe below the level of Football Daily but it would definitely be entertaining.
Byson Beast
Byson Beast Jaar geleden
Maguire at CB
Le Roux Bodenstein
Le Roux Bodenstein Jaar geleden
These lads have short memories
sam harley
sam harley Jaar geleden
Arg Ankit
Arg Ankit Jaar geleden
(4-3-3) Ederson Walker Alderweireld Van Djik Robertson Yaya Toure De Bruyne Silva Hazard Aguero Salah
jj jj
jj jj Jaar geleden
Digne lol had a pretty good season at Everton
iamasadloser Jaar geleden
How has Zabaleta not made any team? The standout RB of the decade imo.
A Z Jaar geleden
alexis sanchez?
GunMan Khan
GunMan Khan 5 maanden geleden
Exactly ffs
Anthony Barrett
Anthony Barrett Jaar geleden
Somebody Else's Guy is an absolute tune, I'm glad someone was listening to it lol
Sunom Jaar geleden
Surprised no one mentioned Ozil
S M Jaar geleden
can't believe anyone would pick alisson after a season and a half. mine would be 4-3-3 with de gea, walker, kompany, vvd, kolarov, kante, de bruyne, silva, hazard, aguero, mane
George Crofts
George Crofts Jaar geleden
Who's this "azar" that Pato speaks of? It's Hazard!!!!!
Who cares 123
Who cares 123 Jaar geleden
Its pronounced as azar
Frederatormusic Jaar geleden
With their picks, you could still make an XI of VAN DER SAR, Cole, Vidic, Ferdinand, Valencia, Gerrard, Lampard, Modric, Aubameyang, Van Persie, Sane. Mind-boggling how some of them weren't picked up.
Cammyx013 Jaar geleden
Another video like this, and another group of guys neglects a Top 10 All Time PL player in Rooney. Shocking. His performance from 09-14 was head and shoulders above all these forwards bar Aguero. He did it all in a shit United team, and came out with titles to show for it.
Areeb Siddiqui
Areeb Siddiqui Jaar geleden
De Gea Azpilicueta Terry Kompany Walker Silva Kante De Bruyne Hazard Aguero Suarez
Dara Coleman
Dara Coleman Jaar geleden
Vidic and Evra not even mentioned but marcos alonso is🤣
hamza asgar
hamza asgar Jaar geleden
let's do the other leagues as well now. this was insanely fun
Yes That
Yes That Jaar geleden
Possibly mention that you are playing some weird version of footballer battleships whilst talking about your best elevens.. and the game rules.. and the... nah.
jai lewin
jai lewin Jaar geleden
I’ve never heard a worse xi than zacs
tom spreadbury
tom spreadbury Jaar geleden
The disrespect for Gerrard - he played half this decade, how was he not picked? EVEN if his best years were in the previous decade, he still has these stats playing as a CDM for 4 of the 5 years he played since 2010: 138 apps, 40 goals, 28 assists - the 2nd most goal involvements of a midfielder of this decade even now - behind yaya toure. Even then, he averaged 87% pass success rate, which is to this day the 2nd highest pass success rate this decade (after david Silva) - baring in mind the players he had around him post 2010, these stats are RIDICULOUS. Was in the PFL POTY six man short list 4 of the five years from 2010/11-14/15 other than Gerrard, you also did Lampard dirty by not including him. Pablo Zabaleta, Mesut Ozil, Jamie Vardy, and Samir Nasri also pretty hard done-by to not even get a mention
Tristan Miles Jamieson
Eden Hazard "He has had probably 1 season where he wasn't at his premium best"...ARE YOU MAD! Consistent?!?!?!?! Zac are you ok? Hazard's biggest problem that never put him in the race for the Ballon d'Or was his consistency! He had 1 good season, then 1 bad, then 1 good, then 1 bad. He was sooooo inconsistent. Hazard loved to go missing, he loved playing Casper the Friedly Ghost more than he enjoyed playing football
ibrahim Hassan
ibrahim Hassan Jaar geleden
Fez Duriban
Fez Duriban Jaar geleden
You guys should do a Premier League Fantasy Draft!
National Health Institute
Im a simple man. I see Zac I close the video.💪
sebaheuvelmans Jaar geleden
Stephen Strong
Stephen Strong Jaar geleden
Not to be an absolute idiot but where do I vote? Theres no link or drop down menu. Thanks peeps
Prashant Poudel
Prashant Poudel Jaar geleden
My draft vs FD GK: Petr Čech RB: Pablo Zabaleta CB: Gary Cahill CB: Aymeric Laporte LB: Ashley Cole RDM: Michael Carrick LDM: Steven Gerrard RM: Riyad mahrez LM: Mesut Özil LS: Wayne Rooney RS: Robin van Persie
Big Egg
Big Egg Jaar geleden
How Zack say interesting put baines lb to Hamil then puts Milner in his lb and starts talking about Marcos alonso aswell jeez
Football Fan GGMU
Football Fan GGMU Jaar geleden
Soy boys
Arthur Feital
Arthur Feital Jaar geleden
This draft thing was fun, you should do it more. BTW Djellab won it with the 3-4-3 Bielsa Special
avi pratap Singh
avi pratap Singh Jaar geleden
Zabaleta is a bit of a miss. At least Gary Cahill I have to say over David Luiz, Zac. Mahrez I would've liked over Sanchez because of his two league titles with different teams and THAT season with Leicester. But, Hamel for the win here. Best looking side
Apex MVA
Apex MVA Jaar geleden
Chris has the best team
Benny T
Benny T Jaar geleden
do a 2000-2010 version?
Melvin Kachere
Melvin Kachere Jaar geleden
PVS' team is utter filth😭 that Midfield & Attack get me so excited!
Euan Eagle
Euan Eagle Jaar geleden
pato won no debate
Anton VH
Anton VH Jaar geleden
Why did no one pick Ronaldo ??
Callum Zestii
Callum Zestii Jaar geleden
Zac says a name “This player speaks for himself”
Akshay Kumar
Akshay Kumar Jaar geleden
Pvs picking Liverpool players was nice!!! Definitely pvs team was the strongest. Zac should have picked a better centre back and a better lwb he would have had an animal team with the 2 in midfield and the 3 at the top. In terms of the argument of salah vs mane, i think it is more to do with Liverpool supporters when you watch them both play. You know salah takes penalties and takes more shots and is usually higher up the pitch. Mane tracks back, does a lot of the ball progression and still scores the same amount. I don't think one is better than the other. They are both awesome in their own way and Liverpool need them both. But it is easier to get more frustrated with Salah as he takes more shots usually
6 PM
6 PM Jaar geleden
Me: Wow Zacs squad actually looking the best one here Zac: David Luiz Me: Nevermind
Purva Pethani
Purva Pethani Jaar geleden
You guys should do a team of the decade for the 2000s
Martin Paredes
Martin Paredes Jaar geleden
Hamel should have taken Modric instead of Eriksen and he would have had my vote lol. If they do this again I wish they would include an extra pick for their super sub player to win a game at the death. I would have pegged hue min son would have been my pick! An engine and directness that never stops, love that guy.
Duerphy Kat
Duerphy Kat Jaar geleden
I can’t believe they are even considering Alisson for TOTD, he’s only been there one season whilst Cech and De Gea both can be argued to be the best of the decade for gks in the prem. I’m flabbergasted that Cech wasn’t picked and only De Gea was picked once, put respect on De Gea’s name, he saved over 50 points for United and won the most player of the seasons for United of all time. Smh they only focus on the last 2 years instead of 10, that’s how idiots work. Put respect on Cech’s name too, he’s one of the best PL goalkeepers of all time and kept the most clean sheets in a season of all time. Ederson and Alisson are great, but aren’t nearly as good as De Gea and Cech were in their prime.
Brandon Giannascoli
Brandon Giannascoli Jaar geleden
Nacho Monreal would have been a decent shout for LB
Matt Chessum
Matt Chessum Jaar geleden
My alternative XI is more of a 4-2-2-2 (using players none of these three have picked)... Cech Zabaleta Vertonghen Cahill Rose Matic Fabregas Ozil Mata Vardy van Persie Honourable mentions again to Ramsey, Pogba, Coutinho and Laporte who I also contemplated adding in here... Still think Zac wins but I thought this was a good fourth choice.