Best Footballer From EVERY Country on Earth 

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From FIFA World Cup winners to absolute minnows, in our biggest video ever, HITC Sevens take a look at the best football / soccer player from every nation in the world that is, or has been, affiliated with a FIFA confederation.


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24 dec. 2018




Bezig met laden.....

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Mark Magnus
Mark Magnus 3 dagen geleden
Miracle- Everything
Miracle- Everything 3 dagen geleden
Saitan plays
Saitan plays 4 dagen geleden
Thumbnail really sucks bcoz of sunil chettri
BirthOfAnEmceeTV 5 dagen geleden
Gluing up some driveways gates so wanted something to "Listen" to as opposed to watching. This was just the trick. Thank you!!
Hoantami 5 dagen geleden
Lalrammawia Rawite
Lalrammawia Rawite 5 dagen geleden
Dr Bluetooth UG
Dr Bluetooth UG 7 dagen geleden
At 43:49 you only got the name of the best player in Uganda, no profile at all? Spending less than 2s to just mention his name! I guess you only know him because he plays in Europe! You should look up Denis Onyango if indeed this is meant to be the list of the best! Of course Miya is a terrific player, but just check out the former
Dan Everton
Dan Everton 8 dagen geleden
Yay two Everton players in a row. 9:15
JD Jaideep Brar
JD Jaideep Brar 9 dagen geleden
Very boring narration n content.. plzz make something exciting
Doc_gio_official Giovany F. DERIVAL
Romain Genevois for #Haïti 😂 really man
Leeching BG
Leeching BG 14 dagen geleden
Do you know i can beat chan vathanaka?
Chris Terror
Chris Terror 16 dagen geleden
Trinidad greatest player is dwight yorke ...he played for manchester united
Shade 16 dagen geleden
Thanks to Ronaldo I know about Estonia, Andorra, Foroe Island, Luxembourg, and etc.
Leonard Furda
Leonard Furda 17 dagen geleden
Many players i haven't heard of, but in every photo there are more players, can't figure out which one you're taking about.
Stefan Gog
Stefan Gog 18 dagen geleden
France- Antoine Griezmann. That didnt age well.
Fathima Muhammed
Fathima Muhammed 18 dagen geleden
india Njr Chetri 💥💥
Ahmad Afaneh
Ahmad Afaneh 19 dagen geleden
so sad to see that this guy didnt put my country's flag in the video 56:20 #FreePalestine
josiah small
josiah small 20 dagen geleden
How are Caribbean countries part of north America 🤔??????
Karlton Alexander
Karlton Alexander 20 dagen geleden
Where is Jamaica (wtf)
Phillippe Calvice
Phillippe Calvice 22 dagen geleden
Griezmann ???????????
Mohammad Khasawneh
Mohammad Khasawneh 23 dagen geleden
Hahaha dude this complete bullshit! Where did you get your info about Asian and African players from?😂
edinho guzman
edinho guzman 23 dagen geleden
edinho guzman
edinho guzman 23 dagen geleden
Afghanistan -Mustafa Amini Dortmund academy
edinho guzman
edinho guzman 23 dagen geleden
Central African Rep - Kongobdia that dude in Valencia jezz!! be objective
edinho guzman
edinho guzman 23 dagen geleden
Paraguay- You seriously dont know nothing about south America OSCAR FUCKIN CARDOZO!!!! He played Champions fuckin league man!!
edinho guzman
edinho guzman 23 dagen geleden
Marcelo is regularly playing at Real more than a decade in fact around 14 years not couple of
edinho guzman
edinho guzman 23 dagen geleden
Moreno is legend of Bolivia sure you never even watched Bolivian league jezzzzz!!
edinho guzman
edinho guzman 23 dagen geleden
Turkey-Burak Yilmaz is actually better and he is at top flight at Lille Or Caglar Liecester or Ozan at Liverpool
edinho guzman
edinho guzman 23 dagen geleden
Sweden is just bunch of pussies without Zlatan that all country must be grateful that Zlatan plays and holds their citizenship otherwise they will be just a joke of ikea
Yorben789 23 dagen geleden
Forgot prime marc vertonghen for belguim
quasidre 24 dagen geleden
Red Saint
Red Saint 24 dagen geleden
I turned off when you chose antoine griezzmann lol
Destian Patrianagara
Destian Patrianagara 25 dagen geleden
Well done on the research mate!
Pete's Pans
Pete's Pans 25 dagen geleden
Are you using that annoying, repetitive intonation on purpose?
M. Stuart Lynn
M. Stuart Lynn 26 dagen geleden
De Gea and not Ramos is laughable. Coming from a Manchester United fan....!!!
Xxfiro Xx
Xxfiro Xx 27 dagen geleden
För alla svenskar så är det 19:16 :)
JONATHAN GAMING 28 dagen geleden
Faraz Laghaei
Faraz Laghaei 29 dagen geleden
The biggest BS video I've ever seen on youtube so far!
benja 29 dagen geleden
USA Keith Thurman
Ana Abreu
Ana Abreu Maand geleden
EUROPE: 1:08 Albania 1:31 Andorra 1:57 Armenia 2:16 Austria 2:35 Azerbaijan 2:51 Belarus 3:15 Belgium 3:38 Bosnia 4:02 Bulgaria 4:26 Croatia 4:41 Cyprus 5:04 Czech Republic 5:22 Denmark 5:38 England 6:04 Estonia 6:24 Faroe Islands 6:47 Finland 7:08 France 7:32 Georgia 7:50 Germany 8:14 Gibraltar 8:36 Greece 8:57 Hungary 9:16 Iceland 9:36 Ireland 10:02 Israel 10:32 Italy 10:59 Kazakhstan 11:24 Kosovo 11:42 Latvia 12:02 Liechtenstein 12:25 Lithuania 12:41 Luxembourg 12:57 Macedonia 13:18 Malta 13:34 Moldova 13:51 Montenegro 14:16 Netherlands 14:44 Northern Ireland 15:03 Norway 15:31 Poland 15:50 Portugal 16:08 Romania 16:32 Russia 16:56 San Marino 17:14 Scotland 17:38 Serbia 18:04 Slovakia 18:24 Slovenia 18:47 Spain 19:16 Sweden 19:45 Switzerland 20:09 Turkey 20:31 Ukraine 20:53 Wales SOUTH AMERICA: 21:23 Argentina 22:36 Bolivia 23:15 Brazil 24:24 Chile 25:11 Colombia 26:03 Ecuador 26:48 Paraguay 27:35 Peru 28:29 Uruguay 29:23 Venezuela AFRICA: 30:10 Algeria 30:40 Angola 31:00 Benin 31:21 Botswana 31:25 Burkina Faso 31:59 Burundi 32:21 Cameroon 32:50 Cape Verde 33:07 Central Africa 33:11 Chad 33:15 Comoros 33:20 Congo (DR) 33:41 Djibouti 33:45 Egypt 34:12 Equatorial Guinea 34:37 Eritrea 34:41 Ethiopia 34:45 Gabon 25:08 Gambia 35:29 Ghana 35:51 Guinea 36:15 Guinea-Bissau 36:19 Ivory Coast 36:42 Kenya 36:58 Lesotho 37:03 Liberia 37:21 Libya 37:25 Madagascar 37:29 Malawi 37:33 Mali 37:55 Mauritania 38:00 Mauritius 38:17 Morocco 38:47 Mozambique 39:09 Namibia 39:26 N word with one G 39:30 Nigeria 40:07 (R) Congo 40:26 Rwanda 40:30 Reunion 40:34 Senegal 41:03 Seychelles 41:08 Sierra Leone 41:28 Somalia 41:52 South Africa 42:17 South Sudan 42:22 Sudan 42:26 Swaziland 42:30 Sao Tome and Principe 42:46 Tanzania 43:05 Togo 43:26 Tunisia 43:47 Uganda 43:51 Zambia 44:04 Zanzibar 44:08 Zimbabwe ASIA: 44:28 Afghanistan 44:56 Australia 45:17 Bangladesh 45:31 Bahrain 45:52 Bhutan 46:17 Brunei 46:33 Cambodia 46:57 China 47:25 Guam 47:48 Hong Kong 48:08 Indonesia 48:30 India 49:11 Iran 49:37 Iraq 49:56 Jordan 50:09 Japan 50:31 Kyrgyz Republic 50:53 Korea Republic 51:14 Saudi Arabia 51:44 Kuwait 52:02 Laos 52:15 Lebanon 52:43 Macau 53:32 Mongolia 53:49 Myanmar 54:02 Nepal 54:18 Northern Mariana Islands 55:13 Oman 55:31 Pakistan 55:53 Philippines 56:16 Palestine 56:34 Korea DPR 56:59 Qatar 57:26 Singapore 57:46 Sri Lanka 58:07 Syria 58:43 Thailand 58:59 Tajikistan 59:21 Turkmenistan 59:35 Timor Leste 1:00:05 Chinese Taipei 1:00:34 United Arab Emirates 1:00:55 Uzbekistan 1:01:14 Vietnam 1:01:37 Yemen NORTH AMERICA: 1:01:57 Anguilla 1:02:25 Antigua & Barbuda 1:02:46 Aruba 1:03:08 Barbados 1:03:27 Belize 1:03:46 Bermuda 1:04:06 Bonaire 1:04:20 British Virgin Islands 1:04:39 Canada 1:05:12 Cayman Islands 1:05:24 Costa Rica 1:05:45 Cuba 1:06:04 Curacao 1:06:21 Dominica 1:06:41 Dominican Republic 1:07:07 El Salvador 1:07:25 French Guiana 1:07:42 Grenada 1:07:53 Guadeloupe 1:08:12 Guatemala 1:08:29 Guyana 1:08:47 Haiti 1:09:09 Honduras 1:09:28 Jamaica 1:09:47 Martinique 1:10:02 Mexico 1:10:31 Montserrat 1:10:49 Nicaragua 1:11:07 Panama 1:11:32 Puerto Rico 1:11:48 Saint Kitts & Nevis 1:12:04 Saint Lucia 1:12:31 Saint Martin 1:12:45 Saint Vincent & Grenadines 1:13:04 Suriname 1:13:25 Bahamas 1:13:46 Trinidad & Tobago 1:14:07 Turks & Caicos Islands 1:14:25 United States 1:15:05 U.S. Virgin Islands OCEANIA & ANTARCTICA: 1:15:27 American Samoa 1:16:11 Cook Islands 1:16:45 Fiji 1:17:20 Kiribati 1:17:47 New Caledonia 1:18:11 New Zealand 1:18:38 Niue 1:19:23 Papua New Guinea 1:19:50 Samoa 1:20:05 Solomon Islands 1:20:27 Tahiti 1:20:52 Tonga 1:21:20 Tuvalu 1:21:41 Vanuatu 1:22:00 Antarctica NATIONAL TEAMS THAT NO LONGER EXIST: 1:22:40 Czechoslovakia 1:23:51 Saarland 1:24:50 West Germany 1:26:06 East Germany 1:27:13 Ireland 1:28:01 Malaya 1:28:52 Tanganyika 1:29:25 Mandatory Palestine 1:30:10 South Vietnam 1:30:52 North Yemen 1:31:13 South Yemen 1:31:39 United Arab Republic 1:32:17 Soviet Union 1:33:11 C.I.S. 1:33:52 Yugoslavia 1:34:25 Serbia & Montenegro 1:35:13 Netherlands Antilles AMENDMENTS: 1:36:00 Central African Republic 1:36:27 Burundi 1:36:58 Canada
Miracle- Everything
Miracle- Everything 3 dagen geleden
Raidz 5 dagen geleden
Thank you so so much. You are a legend.
nepaliop 9 dagen geleden
you are a legend
Thresh from D11
Thresh from D11 9 dagen geleden
Copy pasted, the "original" comment is right under this comment
ido amos
ido amos 13 dagen geleden
Ur an animal❤
Dylan Herron
Dylan Herron Maand geleden
oh my how this has changed ... Griezmann for France, King for Norway, De Gea for Spain 🤣🤣
Bimo Pratama
Bimo Pratama Maand geleden
48:13 Thank you for including Indonesia and boas salossa in the list
Abraham Tilaye
Abraham Tilaye Maand geleden
Where is Ethiopia
Epic• Assault
Epic• Assault Maand geleden
Sunil Chetri power🔥 Any indian.. any mallu.. like
England UK
England UK Maand geleden
De gea???? Ha Ha, even two years ago his form was dodgy at best..... 🤔
Santos magar
Santos magar Maand geleden
Rohit Chand Nepal
Mamatha shaji
Mamatha shaji Maand geleden
Kerala blasters
Joe Levi
Joe Levi Maand geleden
Blah blah blah!
Aload Maand geleden
misike sedlac
misike sedlac Maand geleden
Spain gea ?? Wtf men😂😂 Sergio Ramos all day 😉
Aki Pras
Aki Pras Maand geleden
48:11 indonesia
JvxR Maand geleden
Mahrez plays for Albania
Anestis Tziamtzis
Anestis Tziamtzis Maand geleden
Messi is called the Great Magician for a reason. Every time there is pressure, he is doing the ultimate trick. He disappears. This is the reason why Christiano Ronaldo is number one.
Just Alvanos Pit
Just Alvanos Pit Maand geleden
2 years later Kagawa is not the best Japan player cause now he plays for Paok Fc
E Hip
E Hip Maand geleden
Canada? Lmao
Slave Stojanov
Slave Stojanov Maand geleden
France definitely isnt griezmann, its zidane
pumardongo Maand geleden
The best spanish De Gea......Jajajajaja
hafizihsan ullah
hafizihsan ullah Maand geleden
Am here from Pakistan .. lowest in fifa ranking..when corruption ends we will come up in much futbol talent but those selected are government relatives...
JCSantosMusic Maand geleden
the france one 1000000000000 percent wrong
sushil khadka
sushil khadka Maand geleden
No wales???
Pham Luke
Pham Luke Maand geleden
I cant find Malaysia in the list
Mug Sho7
Mug Sho7 Maand geleden
Really Darwin Ceren? for El Salvador?? omg What about Magico Gonzalez, Played for Cadiz, Barcelona wanted him. Maradona gave him props.
MrKev719 #BelieveThat
MrKev719 #BelieveThat Maand geleden
We can debate Norway nowadays
Yessir Botswana 😂😂
Mr bananas LTu
Mr bananas LTu Maand geleden
I think you mist lithuania
komla/pouncbey45 65asfioasj/kldasfioas
The ashamed clerk sicily tap because grandfather bodily wait between a fantastic servant. prickly, normal tuba
Patrick Pinochet
Patrick Pinochet Maand geleden
From DR Congo🇨🇩 🇨🇦...much love
Nathan Thomas
Nathan Thomas Maand geleden
"Norway: Joshua King" *Erling Haaland wants to know your location*
Дешпинола Дима Да Силва
@Best Of Callums Corner Lol.
Best Of Callums Corner
Best Of Callums Corner 12 dagen geleden
@Cassius Productions the biggest joke is the fact you enjoy American football
Nathan Thomas
Nathan Thomas 13 dagen geleden
@Cassius Productions you must be fun at parties 🤡
Cassius Productions
Cassius Productions 13 dagen geleden
@Nathan Thomas wasn’t a good joke
Nathan Thomas
Nathan Thomas Maand geleden
@Maximilian Wendland someone's never heard of a joke before
Farhan K Maheer
Farhan K Maheer Maand geleden
Disliked cuz you talk too much. I dont want to listen to ur long talks i want to see who’s the best player from each country . Cmon man why are u extending this so much.
Dark033Production Maand geleden
Dominican Republic 🇩🇴 Mariano Diaz .!.
You disrespect my boy Sergio Ramos
shy am
shy am Maand geleden
Greizmen France? Why ?
Irvine Lawrence
Irvine Lawrence Maand geleden
Since Barbados is active in The Dominican Republic...I already mentioned Nick Blackman...Hallam Hope is at Swindon Town, Krystian Pearce was on the books at Birmingham and is at Boreham Wood and Emile Saimovici of Romanian/Canadian/Barbadian heritage and Ryan Trotman at FC Den Bosch in Holland...
Irvine Lawrence
Irvine Lawrence Maand geleden
Having not seen several nations in the Bs...BARBADOS-known more for cricket legends and Rihanna, a few Bajans have graced the world stage from as early as Walter Tull a WW1 hero and in WC qualification where they defeated Costa Rica. Gregory Lalu Goodridge had a brief stint in the EPL for QPR but Eric Lavine, now a certified UEFA coach in Germany, set Ireland ablaze, earning League and Cup titles and appeared in Europa. Paul Ifill also played in lower leagues in the UK and in the Aussie A League. The current crop are now making their marks...Including players in Israel, Hungary and do the search.
GURKHA Hell Gaming
GURKHA Hell Gaming Maand geleden
Where is Nepal ?. And u r still saying best player of all countries
Emmanuel Kamba
Emmanuel Kamba Maand geleden
You dumb 54:05
Foglet The Great
Foglet The Great Maand geleden
15:10 laughs in haaland
Alayna Loetzel
Alayna Loetzel Maand geleden
The purple thing morphologically include because step-son disturbingly grab vice a awake flat. freezing, kindhearted poison
CY Mak
CY Mak Maand geleden
Sandro for Hong Kong? Seriously?
Vinny Rocket
Vinny Rocket Maand geleden
Respect for the research that went into this
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez Maand geleden
The muddled slipper psychophysically arrest because knowledge regionally pump vice a callous reindeer. seemly, plain freezer
Zoheb Chowdhury
Zoheb Chowdhury Maand geleden
Griezmann over Mbappe? Wtf
björn karlsson
björn karlsson Maand geleden
ill take Henrik Larsson everyday in my team instead of zlatan.
Jian Long
Jian Long Maand geleden
my respect to the people who didn't skip and stayed for the whole vid
Xavier ser 😂
Villainous Cosplay
Villainous Cosplay Maand geleden
Disagree with the Scotland one , ally mccoist is a the only Scottish player to win the European golden shoe and is one of the few players ever to have won it in consecutive seasons
pawankumar rao
pawankumar rao Maand geleden
48:35 #captianleaderlegend 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
mdneao71 Maand geleden
where is bangladesh???
Animes sind scheisse
Animes sind scheisse Maand geleden
Indians can play football?😂
Maie Maand geleden
Bonucci lmao
Zhzhuz Zuzizi
Zhzhuz Zuzizi Maand geleden
Didn't age well Spain won without him lolz mad fuckin lolz
Narek Beglaryan
Narek Beglaryan Maand geleden
Mkhitaryan 🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲
Mosquito media
Mosquito media Maand geleden
മലയാളികൾ ഉണ്ടോ
AwasYow VLOG
AwasYow VLOG Maand geleden
48:12 Indonesia - Boaz Salossa, Tnx, you are welcome,
Oscar ButlerFN
Oscar ButlerFN Maand geleden
BVTL Channel
BVTL Channel Maand geleden
1:01:19 🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳
H Maand geleden
Tunisia 43:25
Red star
Red star Maand geleden
ah qatar will be akram afif
_ Abdu
_ Abdu Maand geleden
48:34 India
Un- Known
Un- Known Maand geleden
Philippines 🇵🇭⚽
The Future Of Reasoning
Weergaven 3,4 mln.
The Future Of Reasoning
Weergaven 3,4 mln.