Behind The Charge | Bahrain Beginnings With Max and Checo 

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Go behind the scenes for exclusive access to the Team as we follow Max and Checo from Testing to a thrilling opening race of the season in Bahrain.
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10 apr. 2021




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遺志をつぐもの 5 dagen geleden
smallhero92 5 dagen geleden
Where is imola?
Mario Avila
Mario Avila 6 dagen geleden
After watching the Netflix series, I’m fucking hooked on f1 now 🏎💨
Jakaria Khalil
Jakaria Khalil 7 dagen geleden
I never realised I needed this. Really like how the two drivers respect each other.
Oscar Goossens
Oscar Goossens 8 dagen geleden
To all of those wondering whether they drink Red Bull as well: Yes. Yes they do. 10:06
Carlos Miranda
Carlos Miranda 8 dagen geleden
What a great insight 🎉👊🏻
Lucy Harkin
Lucy Harkin 8 dagen geleden
Eddie Correa
Eddie Correa 9 dagen geleden
Sooooo a new recap video for Imola or something? Need to keep content coming.
Emma Lindahl
Emma Lindahl 10 dagen geleden
haha I love that Sergio looked inside of the big pot/urn, to see if it was empty 😂
Major News
Major News 13 dagen geleden
Please hold Perez the next years he and verstappen are the best Team in the F1 with Perez is verstappen much stronger he help verstappen and verstappen helps him. Please dont kick him i love this Team
catalina pelayo
catalina pelayo 13 dagen geleden
Was so sad to see Checo finish low after his wonderfull performance in Qualis.
James Lee
James Lee 14 dagen geleden
We need more of these videos please!!!!!!!
Silvana Dias Pinto Pereira Lourenço
Relógio infiniti red bull...
Silvana Dias Pinto Pereira Lourenço
Infiniti red bull digita no google
Axics 293
Axics 293 15 dagen geleden
Its so nice that every f1 one driver is cool with each other i really enjoy them being nice around each other
jerome mahodya
jerome mahodya 15 dagen geleden
Now do Emilia Romagna Gp. please.
daniel madrigal
daniel madrigal 15 dagen geleden
Netflix got me hooked I was just a casual here and there but I can’t stop watching know, better late than never I guess..
M Oliver
M Oliver 15 dagen geleden
AppieF1 Racepuch
AppieF1 Racepuch 16 dagen geleden
George and Max next year???
henno van damme
henno van damme 16 dagen geleden
checo beating max in q thats what i whant 2 see max need someone like that. last year it whas max vs mercedes now i hope its hamilton vs redbull honda (max and checo)
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 17 dagen geleden
4:25 checo just did what everyone does when you see an empty jar Watch straight inside it
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 18 dagen geleden
Love Max, he is maturing fast. Sergio is awesome as always.
DFFUSE 18 dagen geleden
13:11 how did he start the engine if it doesn't have a starter motor? Or was it just the electronics that shut down?
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bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 18 dagen geleden
It would be so awesome if we can get these after every race....
gtoss chddy
gtoss chddy 19 dagen geleden
It would be so awesome if we can get these after every race....
Caps Lock
Caps Lock 19 dagen geleden
Max respects Checo more than Albon. Checo is the perfect complimentary to max.
sotuur aeei
sotuur aeei 19 dagen geleden
It would be so awesome if we can get these after every race....
Steven-Lee C
Steven-Lee C 20 dagen geleden
Damn i was expecting more coverage of Checo's incredible P5 starting from the grid but nothing?
mijuo roui
mijuo roui 20 dagen geleden
"I answer what I want to answer and if I don't want to answer I won´t answer" -Me in final exams
Zac Oros
Zac Oros 20 dagen geleden
Would love to play a round with Checo in Austin
soniyu ziuy
soniyu ziuy 21 dag geleden
Perez is the most exciting driver in f1 the last 10 years
Rasta Sailor with Hobie Mirage
Of course you know that the rule changes are made just for you Max loool good luck with that
Abhishek S
Abhishek S 21 dag geleden
Why did I not subscribe to this channel earlier? Such awesome content 😎
yaliso gioouy
yaliso gioouy 21 dag geleden
It would be so awesome if we can get these after every race....
Homero Camporredeondo
Homero Camporredeondo 21 dag geleden
Nos vemos en inmolar Checo, Espero Que salga todo bien en el coche, Para que demuestres que este hecho eres un orgullo mexicano. Mi padre era aficionado de hueso colorado F1. Me da tristeza Que no vio tu triunfo, pero sé que él estará viendo tú éxitos se que nunca sé por día una carrera hasta me despertaba para verlos Tienes un muchos Anglès echando ánimos, porras.
bilisha coli
bilisha coli 21 dag geleden
It would be so awesome if we can get these after every race....
FloppyHares 21 dag geleden
Awesome content! Do this for every weekend, please. Great stuff!!!
Dwi Maryanto
Dwi Maryanto 22 dagen geleden
❤️ from Indonesia
Puisi untuk hidup
Puisi untuk hidup 22 dagen geleden
we want this every race pls :) thanks team!
bilij pdan
bilij pdan 22 dagen geleden
It would be so awesome if we can get these after every race....
Yanti Fitria
Yanti Fitria 22 dagen geleden
The amount of positivity checo spreads is just wow. He knows that it's possible for him to be there with max. Better than what was happening last year
Monchosos Y Clásicos de la cocina
Checo: "See you guys, see you in Imola." LETS GO RED BULL!!!!! 🏎️🏎️
Tarcisio Colares Nogueira Junior
Checo's carisma is unique. Nice weekend for the team. The fight is on against the Mercs.
Andrés Farías
Andrés Farías 22 dagen geleden
Never Give Up !
bilij pdan
bilij pdan 22 dagen geleden
big Checo fan.. I wanted to see him in podium so bad.
Purwanti Allan
Purwanti Allan 22 dagen geleden
Red Bull should keep Checo for at least 2 more years.
Norbert Rus
Norbert Rus 22 dagen geleden
Why Max don't stop when he was gap 20 seconds to Hamilton. But yeah god job guys see you at Imola.
The fleeing dutchman
The fleeing dutchman 23 dagen geleden
Thank you very much Red Bull for giving the fans this inside!! As many people have commented, much better than the Netflix series and I totally agree. Hope that we will see more of these episodes because you do many people a big favour. Max & Checo will give Red Bull Win(g)s!
Mspec 507
Mspec 507 23 dagen geleden
Been awhile since i last saw an F1car goes for a refuel.
petiertje M
petiertje M 23 dagen geleden
"I answer what I want to answer, and if I don't want to answer I won't answer" :D Max in a nutshell. I like that attitude, nu nonsense :)
Sundsvalen Karting
Sundsvalen Karting 23 dagen geleden
Kid: mom, can we get Unboxed? Mom: No, we have Unboxed at home Unboxed at home:
Sundsvalen Karting
Sundsvalen Karting 23 dagen geleden
Just me who saw that Checo had the facemask upside Down at the end of the video?
mastersjeng 23 dagen geleden
Please do this Each race
Irving Vazquez
Irving Vazquez 23 dagen geleden
1:40 wait... inspector checo 🧐
Freddie Blancas
Freddie Blancas 23 dagen geleden
Formula 1 is the best sport on the planet
Werner Vos
Werner Vos 23 dagen geleden
Great production guys, please keep them coming its makes the fans feel far more part of the team. Thanks
Keith Sandle
Keith Sandle 23 dagen geleden
excellent video - thx to Red Bull Racing Honda.
Michelle Salomon
Michelle Salomon 23 dagen geleden
I'm very excited for Checo, he has put a lot of heart into what he does! I think he will make a good team with Max and will be able to bring all his experience as a rider to the team ... he had an excellent race despite the problem he had and he will score points for the team again! ! GOOD LUCK THIS WEEKEND
Jay Joshi
Jay Joshi 23 dagen geleden
big Checo fan.. I wanted to see him in podium so bad.
Gustavo Aguilera
Gustavo Aguilera 23 dagen geleden
Gustavo Aguilera
Gustavo Aguilera 23 dagen geleden
Gabriel Angeles
Gabriel Angeles 23 dagen geleden
This video is great, allowing us to withess what happens in the backstage. Checo says never give up and it shows, last to win and last to fifth
rikkierikkie 23 dagen geleden
My god the rear of the RB16/B looks sexy!
Arnoud van Houwelingen
Arnoud van Houwelingen 23 dagen geleden
I really love these mini docu's .. you should do more of these .. really great work :)
nischal4444 23 dagen geleden
wow, nice episode..
Henk Janssen
Henk Janssen 23 dagen geleden
11:05 dayum who is this though?
Ernesto Diaz
Ernesto Diaz 23 dagen geleden
Señores de RedBull inviertan en el gran mercado detrás de checo pongan subtítulos en español
Carlos Arroyo
Carlos Arroyo 24 dagen geleden
Grat insider! you rock guys...! you're de best! #FlyCheco #NeverGiveUp #ChargeOn
PUMAS GOOOL FREE KICKS 24 dagen geleden
Do this for every race!!
Haciel Beltran
Haciel Beltran 24 dagen geleden
Traduction to spanish please:(
Aldo Cruz
Aldo Cruz 24 dagen geleden
Arriba México cabrones 🇲🇽
Aldo Díaz
Aldo Díaz 24 dagen geleden
ceerw buty
ceerw buty 24 dagen geleden
Every team need these. We wouldnt need to wait for netflix :D
Blackstone Daze
Blackstone Daze 24 dagen geleden
it really seems to be detrimental to all the teams to have had the shortened practice of only 3 days. kinda dumb that teams and drivers are still trying to figure out what they've got during an actual race weekend
Thato Modisane
Thato Modisane 24 dagen geleden
We need this series for every race!
Mgt Pinkflame
Mgt Pinkflame 24 dagen geleden
This is amazing & start to season for team on Pole Max & Checo strong 2021 team 👉H👈❤️
ceerw buty
ceerw buty 24 dagen geleden
CIT " McLaren Unboxed"
Eduardo raw
Eduardo raw 24 dagen geleden
it feels strange to come see checo after many years in the pink team
Yvonne Pingleton
Yvonne Pingleton 24 dagen geleden
Monster should be one of Red Bulls sponsor's, because those cars are like monsters. Beasts they are...
Yvonne Pingleton
Yvonne Pingleton 24 dagen geleden
I think that those Red Bull cars are hard to handle because of the way that they are set up. They tend to eat up drivers, but I think Perez is going to be able to handle it splendidly.
DrNo0815 24 dagen geleden
02:18 "we've had a very positive test" In those times a bit confusing xD
Myview 24 dagen geleden
All positivity will sure get you guys there
皇国 常に栄あれ
皇国 常に栄あれ 24 dagen geleden
lb 24 dagen geleden
please more from this
Ernesto Santiago
Ernesto Santiago 24 dagen geleden
Videasooo! Never give Up
neuronmind 24 dagen geleden
Drive to survive " we're not putting max in series 3 ". Red Bull " hold my energydrink "...
Phantom096 24 dagen geleden
Acelera Perez!!!
notgandalf 24 dagen geleden
need to use more drum and bass music for these videos
MyName 24 dagen geleden
All due respect but I cant wait for Max and Checo to wipe the floor with Hamilton and Botas this season. Hope this season will be the one.
TheJokerit19 24 dagen geleden
Unboxed, #IAMSTORIES, Behind The Charge, what next? BTW, what are the orange and yellow lines on the track map at 6:39? After T11 and the last corner.
ElCompaNoob 24 dagen geleden
Unos subtítulos pa sus nuevos fans mexicanos no estarían mal jajaja 1:38 checo viendo si es legal el mercedes o viendo que le puede recomendar a sus ingenieros ? :p
Giacomo Cantone
Giacomo Cantone 24 dagen geleden
CIT " McLaren Unboxed"
Kwaku Baah-Bempong
Kwaku Baah-Bempong 24 dagen geleden
Imagine if they covered every Merc stop instead of waiting 5 laps
Edwin Wagteveld
Edwin Wagteveld 24 dagen geleden
Checo: you kicked his ass or not...? Lando: in some holes I did..... Wtf people, what are the talking about... disgusting....
Ashley Green - アシェン
Good vibes in the team this season 👍🏼
Denil Gonzalez
Denil Gonzalez 24 dagen geleden
Subtittles in spanish please
Roman Soppe
Roman Soppe 24 dagen geleden
This videos should have spanish translation... please do it!!!
Video Account
Video Account 24 dagen geleden
I wanted to know who repositioned the candle on the cake.
sp33dbump33 33
sp33dbump33 33 24 dagen geleden
Checo... underrated driver finally got his shot in a top team. We are in for a treat this season.
Omar Z
Omar Z 24 dagen geleden
the next race is already expected 🔥🔥🐂
devdakilla 24 dagen geleden
The candle placement on the cake 👌👌👌😅😅😅
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