Barcelona News Round-Up ft Ansu Fati Injury Update, Xavi & Sergio Aguero 

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The latest Barça news, as Ansu Fati has been dealt yet another blow in his recovery from a serious knee injury. After it was confirmed that the youngster will need another surgery. Plus the latest on Sergio Aguero, Memphis Depay \u0026 Xavi Hernandez!



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4 mei. 2021




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TalkFCB Maand geleden
Absolutely gutted about Ansu guys. But let's hope this will be the final procedure he'll require and he can be back fit and ready for next season!
Cyber Wick
Cyber Wick Maand geleden
@Sega Genesis Naming it another false argument lol Dude your pathetic Defending yourself like a saint
kevon brewster
kevon brewster Maand geleden
@_Yahya.sp_ true dat
kevon brewster
kevon brewster Maand geleden
I really hope he does his future is at stake
Sega Genesis
Sega Genesis Maand geleden
@Cyber Wick You created a false argument out of a statement when I clearly implied that PSG would become favorites with Messi joining. They made the Final two years ago and the semis this year. Yes, with Messi, they would be favorites. I ask you to read clearly, because this is what you do. You start false arguments. For example, go find when I ever said I was okay with Braithwaite. You can’t because I never said that. It’s yet another false argument that you created. That is what you do. All the time.
Cyber Wick
Cyber Wick Maand geleden
@Sega Genesis They made it cause they were lucky They lose their minds whenever someone plays them off the park It's a club just full of individuals not an actual what I said is true so stop crying maybe and trying to act cool,telling me to read when I clearly can? And I will pick an argument with you if your opinions are one sided and flawed 24/7 You've built a reputation on it You don't want Aguero for short term who's ready to take a paycut but okay with Braithwaite? If you still believe Ronald Dutchman's player choice Depay will help us then again your in denial He's worse than current Aguero who still has better shooting then him Plus has more toxic attitude You ignored all these points and jumped to this conclusion "What if Messi feels Aguero should start"? If that's the case Suarez would have never left would he? You and your "what if" series
Roberto Corrêa
Roberto Corrêa Maand geleden
Depay > Aguero , TODAY.
Barça Herb.
Barça Herb. Maand geleden
Junior Azeez
Junior Azeez Maand geleden
Barcelona and Real Madrid have the worst medical teams. Ansu Fati should seek treatment outside of Spain like De Jong and Eden Hazard did.
Pavle Medjesi
Pavle Medjesi Maand geleden
Why has everyone forgotten about Lautaro Martinez? I thought that he was one of the main replacement for Suarez.
Pavle Medjesi
Pavle Medjesi Maand geleden
Muhammed lamin Fatty
Muhammed lamin Fatty Maand geleden
Recover well my Bro. Ansu Fati
lahul bd
lahul bd Maand geleden
between them of course Aguero
Rafiqul Islam
Rafiqul Islam Maand geleden
Barca should bring Kante from Chelsea. Messi and Aguero partnership did not help Argentina in their prime, it won't do any good. Barca should not bring Neymar , when he was in Barca he played too many dribling Barca did not look like Barca. Barca currently look like Barca ,if they can make defence stronger ,Bring player like Kante they will be fine , Striker they can promote from La Masia, Actually Icardi would have been good fit but because of controversy he won't play alongside Messi. Barca should make nucleus from La Masia. Then one or two from outside.Koeman is doing good,he only needs to choose back line wisely
Leegal Barry
Leegal Barry Maand geleden
Get well Ansumana Fatti... I think Kun Agüero is the right replacement of Suarez
Miftahul Hasan
Miftahul Hasan Maand geleden
Talk about future defence lineup
bassey samuel
bassey samuel Maand geleden
Absolutely gutted for Ansu. It's so annoying
Taylan the Justice Warrior
Let's hope he won't end up like Reus
Jerry Dboss
Jerry Dboss Maand geleden
at least Aguero is more realistic
angry pandas
angry pandas Maand geleden
I’d take Aguero personally. He already has experience playing with Messi, which as we’ve seen can take some getting used to. Thinking of Griezmann, Coutinho
CHEFFY Maand geleden
hey jamie, hope u come back to twitter soon mate. honestly a habit of mine to check your acc every day and love interacting with u man, but no worries, take all the time u need and I'm hoping that u are well. visca el barca
Bentley Maand geleden
Unfortunately Fati is finished at Barca, his knee wont take the competitive level Barca requires anymore, the club MUST bring a number 9
Kwesi Mc Taire
Kwesi Mc Taire Maand geleden
I think Ansu should get another opinion
Shervin Seil Sepour
Shervin Seil Sepour Maand geleden
Xavi to coach Valencia?
Nicolas Perez
Nicolas Perez Maand geleden
Probably too big of a step up + the environment at that club with their terrible owner is probably worse than bartomeu
WEEBS CHILLIN Maand geleden
Sad but true 😭 dest has been injured ...
Siddhant Sitoula
Siddhant Sitoula Maand geleden
Depay is an overrated player
nanafd6 Maand geleden
Good luck Fati and we need Foden, what a talent
John Blessed
John Blessed Maand geleden
I am very interested to see who Barça strikers as their new number 9 this summer because we have not replaced Suarez as yet, not even Griezmann replaced Suarez.
Duke Won
Duke Won Maand geleden
If we don’t win the league. Should koeman be sacked for xavi? One thing I noticed about koeman favoritism which puts the team in danger we need xavi to recover the best Barca
Joseph Garcia
Joseph Garcia Maand geleden
Im sorry but aguero is getting old injury wise thats not the move
Scott Delbrah
Scott Delbrah Maand geleden
With the removal of the meniscus Ansu Fati's career won't last
Nicolas Perez
Nicolas Perez Maand geleden
It’s not the whole meniscus thankfully just the affected part I believe
Georgian .J.
Georgian .J. Maand geleden
Bye bye Reaaal 😂
nikolasthethief Maand geleden
We can say goodbye to Ansu. Sadly, another bright prospect will never have gotten the chance to reach the stars because of bad luck with injuries. He's done long-term and will never be what he could have been and what we were hoping for. This is such a big hit both for him personally and for the club as a whole. We thought we'd had a long-term solution for the left wing and probably even number 9, but it's all over now, we are back at ground zero..... So gutted, so pissed.
Axel Martinez
Axel Martinez Maand geleden
Asim Shakoor
Asim Shakoor Maand geleden
Honestly speaking i m pure madridista.... But it's so sad to see Ansu Fati.... He is a monster and i m praying for his recovery.... This boy deserves to be on the pitch and delivers match winning performances
M M Maand geleden
I extremely sad to here xavi wont come across. Its completely disappointing cuz koeman with all due respect is not the coach to take us forward. We are not going to play any better under koeman .
Nicolas Perez
Nicolas Perez Maand geleden
Yes bro a Qatari league coach would be better
Peter Bachtiar
Peter Bachtiar Maand geleden
Even the doctors are stupid
Peter Bachtiar
Peter Bachtiar Maand geleden
Aguero is to old !
Amine bestof
Amine bestof Maand geleden
Id choose depay.
Frank Jubilate
Frank Jubilate Maand geleden
Whats the point of so many attacking players Even if messi ronaldo played in same team you cant bet theyd score 3 or more total goals every match Only garcia in defence😭
brian macdonald
brian macdonald Maand geleden
Jaime, The miniscus cannot be removed as you have mentioned but the rupture will be sown by a Portugues surgeon and will take at least 3 months of recovery! This was reported yesterday in!!
Frank Jubilate
Frank Jubilate Maand geleden
U think ansu wld be great player I'd sell him if manunited wants to pay 150mil and bring in haaland
Ato Atooo
Ato Atooo Maand geleden
We don’t want depay or washed up aguero😭
Knighty Maand geleden
Hopefully ansu will be be better :(
Tech Evolution
Tech Evolution Maand geleden
Depay is a better option, good finisher and has good market value if we need to sell
Believe Munashe
Believe Munashe Maand geleden
which one would you choose aguero depay Harland Neymar
1989Hoodstar Maand geleden
these doctors should all be reolaced or fired , whoever is responsible , im done with that
ANi Maand geleden
Aguaro is brilliant but he is injury prone and is kinda same situation as Suarez
Sahil Sanjan
Sahil Sanjan Maand geleden
i'd pick aguero cos he's an out an out number 9
ANi Maand geleden
Most likely depay,garcia will come this transfer as no fees only wages . Well
Vannessa Dibor
Vannessa Dibor Maand geleden
I fell out of love with this Memphis transfer a long time ago 😒
Lieart Maand geleden
We can’t take aguero, we are not trying to build a team with old players. He’s a great player but I don’t know if that’s what barca needs even tho he comes cheap
comfort khalifa
comfort khalifa Maand geleden
Haaland ♨️♨️♨️☑️
comfort khalifa
comfort khalifa Maand geleden
Haaland ♨️♨️♨️☑️
comfort khalifa
comfort khalifa Maand geleden
Barcelona don’t need old strikers , Barcelona really need young striker like Haaland ♨️♨️☑️
Jolanda Tamka
Jolanda Tamka Maand geleden
I think if Barca medical team can help Ansu Fati they have to hold the honour to themself and let somebody else do it.They ruine him and that's not fair.It's obvious that these medical team is a dissapointment to the club.They have to sacked period.
Gazi Ransomed
Gazi Ransomed Maand geleden
What's so special about Depay? Gosh why we going for such transfers.. Barca please wakeup
Nicolas Perez
Nicolas Perez Maand geleden
He’s literally been top 2 in ligue 1 this season
dennis samalesu
dennis samalesu Maand geleden
I feel for Fati and I wish him a quick recovery.
Olugbenga Adeoye
Olugbenga Adeoye Maand geleden
Heard Memphis Depay is house hunting in barcelona
Omid Samimi
Omid Samimi Maand geleden
Depay of curse
Habib marlon
Habib marlon Maand geleden
Liverpool signed Van Dijk and went to 2 straight UCL finals and won 1. Man City signed Ruben Dias and they’re in their first final ever. Yet somehow deluded Neymar fans think he’s what Barça needs to reclaim Europe.
Nicolas Perez
Nicolas Perez Maand geleden
Cosmic Bishad
Cosmic Bishad Maand geleden
God bless our gem and please please the operation go as planned.
A.G0901 Maand geleden
I know it’s been hard for you on Twitter Jamie, take your time. 👍
Leonardo Dela Cruz
Leonardo Dela Cruz Maand geleden
Poor ansu fati. Kid's career just got started and all these surgeries. I hope this doesnt impact his potential in a negative way
Hope Ferrous
Hope Ferrous Maand geleden
Depay is a better option.
TB Jehad
TB Jehad Maand geleden
AZO MIN Maand geleden
Ajay Vnair
Ajay Vnair Maand geleden
neymar situvation?????
vipul jagtap
vipul jagtap Maand geleden
Koeman is doing good in barca, Xavi can come as an assistant just like pep came
vipul jagtap
vipul jagtap Maand geleden
Ronique Nelson
Ronique Nelson Maand geleden
If you ask me Memphis I would sign for sure no doubt about that.
Asande Phiri
Asande Phiri Maand geleden
An injured Aguero would still end the season with more goals than a fit Depay but with Aguero's salary, we could probably pay two Depays Still going with Aguero thou. If he does move to Barca, he's gonna win the UCL back-to-back (including this year with City)
06_Bakthisaran_12D Maand geleden
The fact that umtiti removed his meniscus and is playing as he is doing now hurts me . I don't want to see a drop in fati's level
#E Football short's special
Messi ..... Messi .....Messi
Arkadeep das
Arkadeep das Maand geleden
Ansu will play in fifa😂
tanay pratap
tanay pratap Maand geleden
Guys this all because of that shit defender: Aïssa Mandi This shit defender fouled Ansu. He should not be allowed to play
Jess Zuniga
Jess Zuniga Maand geleden
Really terrible news about Ansu. He would’ve made a huge difference this season, but hopefully his recovery goes smoothly this time 🙌🏽
Ryan Muñoz
Ryan Muñoz Maand geleden
Ryan Muñoz
Ryan Muñoz Maand geleden
Ryan Muñoz
Ryan Muñoz Maand geleden
Ryan Muñoz
Ryan Muñoz Maand geleden
Ryan Muñoz
Ryan Muñoz Maand geleden
Ryan Muñoz
Ryan Muñoz Maand geleden
Ryan Muñoz
Ryan Muñoz Maand geleden
Ryan Muñoz
Ryan Muñoz Maand geleden
Real War6
Real War6 Maand geleden
Sorry to hear that surgery for our young star ansu I hope its successful and for most #22 is a curse for any Barca player
Real War6
Real War6 Maand geleden
@talkfcb we need to make an effort to get n golo kante in our Barca team we really need that type of player with puig,lilax n de Jong. That's my future 3 trio
Stucky Ebai
Stucky Ebai Maand geleden
Stay strong Ansu we love you 😍
Kashif Nadeem
Kashif Nadeem Maand geleden
If I have to choose between Depay and Aguero if they ask same salary I would choose Aguero depending on the contract length aswell. If hes ready to have a huge wage cut and ready to sign a 2 year contract I would do it but I would still hope for Haaland.
Isaias Rodriguez
Isaias Rodriguez Maand geleden
I hope to be entirely wrong, this could be the end of one of the brightest stars of the next generation.
Prashant Subedi
Prashant Subedi Maand geleden
Not only ansu but we all forget about coutihno he should also be given much recognition he was gem in midfield
Sonatine Maand geleden
That shows that ONE serious injury can danger the career of a 18 year young talent, that was meant to change the world this season. He could have been on the same market-value of Mbappé now. Let's hope that Ansu Fati will recover from this! He is still very young, so with a bit of luck he will recover.
Nicolas Perez
Nicolas Perez Maand geleden
He’s had serious injuries before so I still have hope
Dalzell Dawkins
Dalzell Dawkins Maand geleden
I would definitely go with Sergio Aguero because of how clinical he is.. We would be taking a chance with Memphis because to me he’s not a right out Centre Forward which is what we need at the moment.
Bagla Bats
Bagla Bats Maand geleden
I want xavi not koeman
Nicolas Perez
Nicolas Perez Maand geleden
Koeman is better
Lando Dinge
Lando Dinge Maand geleden
I will definitely go for Memphis Depay
CS29 Harsh Azad
CS29 Harsh Azad Maand geleden
Barca can't pay messi salary. Forget halland
Ali M
Ali M Maand geleden
Hamza Baydka
Hamza Baydka Maand geleden
Depay is better option for barcelona he's still young and can improve in barcelona and he's skillfull player who can dribble past defenders.
Prince Ben
Prince Ben Maand geleden
We need a big name as a cb It's the weakest position for us In the market, in midfield and in offense it's really easy to do a huge mircato, signing aguero and memphis, then signing wijnaldom as a help for midfield even tho i believe we don't need him, we need to bring bach muncho from jirona and put trust in nico But garcia alone as a defense signing isn't nearly enough
Dash Granny
Dash Granny Maand geleden
Memphis is a steal for free.
Potiskum media
Potiskum media Maand geleden
Oh my God I wish Ansu fati all the best in his recovery I miss him badly.
JACOB ZORNU Maand geleden
To be frank, I don't see these signings interesting apart from Xavi. But I think Koeman deserves some time at least one season more with significant signings especially in defense. If we can afford a top striker we should be fine for next season. We need to be careful over these overhyped players.
Music With Bob
Music With Bob Maand geleden
I would choose Aguero.
Chandler Shurtz
Chandler Shurtz Maand geleden
We just got rid of Suarez because he is getting old and expensive and now we want Aguero who is old and expensive
Fun facts
Fun facts Maand geleden
I dont want xavi at Barca so soon . We are a club that needs to win every game . We cant stay titleless jst to build a foundation . He is going to get all the blame for his decision if things goes wrong
Fun facts
Fun facts Maand geleden
Depay is better than aguero at the moment
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