Arsenal vs Fulham | Watch Along Live 

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Arsenal vs Fulham | Watch Along Live
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18 apr. 2021




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Kenzo dL
Kenzo dL 7 dagen geleden
We have Arsenal fans celebrating like they won the league but in reality they just drew to Fulham and are in mid table
Aditya Tiwary
Aditya Tiwary 8 dagen geleden
Ty keeps saying 'go to var' and when they go he then slates var 😂
Glenn Mario DeMarco Hammond
You lot are embarrassing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 how are you celebrating like that
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 11 dagen geleden
Did we win the league? Why did they celebrate that much 😭😭😭
yesmyninja 12 dagen geleden
you can‘t score with your hand you dimwits
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 12 dagen geleden
The state of these lot 😭😭😭
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 13 dagen geleden
Ahaha the celebrations when they score an equaliser in the 90+7 min against a relegated threatened side at home🤣🤣
Some Guy
Some Guy 13 dagen geleden
You really got everyone on their feet screaming, pulling out their phones, and even ty thanking the lord for an equalizer against fulham. Maybe that girl who told us to chat to brighton and fulham was right about them being our level 😂
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 11 dagen geleden
The Super League are a disgrace and I hope they get relegated
Aissou Sifax
Aissou Sifax 13 dagen geleden
I am arsenal fans from Algeria
seeni gzty
seeni gzty 12 dagen geleden
Good riddance to the super league
Omari Campbell
Omari Campbell 14 dagen geleden
You guys act so biased sometimes it’s not even funny Saka’s foot was over the line of the last man hence why he is offside, the fulham guy was not over the line of the last man he is onside It’s not rocket science Stop trying to play victim to var The right decisions were made
qopoy dnon
qopoy dnon 14 dagen geleden
Did we win the league? Why did they celebrate that much 😭😭😭
Ramandeep Kamboz
Ramandeep Kamboz 15 dagen geleden
How old is Wenger. Ty: "It's Easy!" Also Ty: "71 I think, 70 yeah..."
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu 15 dagen geleden
nah we are done out here man said we drew to fulham. maybe we should “chat to brighton and fulham and dem man “ as one wise woman said😔
Motherfucker Jones
Motherfucker Jones 15 dagen geleden
AFTV Arteta fan TV
Morgan E
Morgan E 16 dagen geleden
2:10:00 prime example of how VAR is ruining football
DCFC Fan 16 dagen geleden
It shows how bad they suffering when they go mental against Fulham
Gaz Snaith
Gaz Snaith 17 dagen geleden
Celebrating a last min equaliser against Fulham like they won the league... 😂😂
GIT GUD 17 dagen geleden
Dt was going to treat Pippa like his missus after that equaliser
JAGexRK 17 dagen geleden
*decision goes against Arsenal* Ty: WELL GO TO VAR THEN!
Nicholas Healey-Dickenson
Nicholas Healey-Dickenson 17 dagen geleden
Drawing with fulham.... how arsenal have fallen to disgrace 😆 clown show 🤡
Andy Ward
Andy Ward 17 dagen geleden
Celebrating a draw with Fulham this is how low these mugs n there as equal muggy fans have sunk look at her with her her phone out dancing absolute cretin of a human
Yafet Surafel
Yafet Surafel 17 dagen geleden
The Super League are a disgrace and I hope they get relegated
Laker Ludz
Laker Ludz 17 dagen geleden
Lmaooo the celebration
NickWba20 17 dagen geleden
Good riddance to the super league
Rhys Carter
Rhys Carter 17 dagen geleden
Time stamps: Martinelli disallowed goal: 1:01:40 Penalty decision: 1:29:55 0-1 Maja (Pen): 1:32:42 1-1 Nketiah and title winning celebrations: 2:10:00
Xikmada Maanta
Xikmada Maanta 17 dagen geleden
You guys celebrating a equalizing at home against a relagation team, that's shamefullll. You guys are sitting on 9th, where is the big team mentally omg. Arsenal get a small team menatlly now after being a middtable team so long hahahah
J SALADIN 17 dagen geleden
Bro its just Fulham. Big ups to Fulham ya shoudlve won.
Mr Bille
Mr Bille 17 dagen geleden
How far this club have sunk is sad. Celebrating a draw against Fulham.
XJDX242 17 dagen geleden
I like the way Ty now points his fingers to the sky when they score for Claude
Abir Miah
Abir Miah 17 dagen geleden
It ain’t even about the fact they celebrated the goal. It’s the fact that even the whole arsenal team celebrated the goal. No trolling but that was very embarrassing.
Lets Talk football
Lets Talk football 17 dagen geleden
Pippa thinks she’s some expert
Naeem 17 dagen geleden
pipps a mong
David Quigley
David Quigley 17 dagen geleden
2:10:00 Arsenal win the Champions League
Anyanwu Chijioke
Anyanwu Chijioke 17 dagen geleden
Personally this was the best stream ever. So much fun, can't stop laughing
Vasil Kamburov
Vasil Kamburov 17 dagen geleden
Arsenal fans are a joke. Celebrating a 1-1 against Fulham like they’ve won the league 😂😂😂
mohd syamsyir
mohd syamsyir 17 dagen geleden
Embarassing fans that ive ever seen... Especially Ty
Michael Jung
Michael Jung 17 dagen geleden
Funny how arsenal think they should be in the super league... They belong in europa leauge now and always
Napoleao Navigator
Napoleao Navigator 17 dagen geleden
Ty be looking like Robert dictator 🇿🇼
K.ALI 17 dagen geleden
20 points behind United, mind the gap lads.
krick_mufc 17 dagen geleden
What an embarrassment these lot are
K.ALI 17 dagen geleden
Arsenal celebrating a draw at home to Fulham 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Darren Vickery
Darren Vickery 17 dagen geleden
It's come to this lol
Adam Scott
Adam Scott 17 dagen geleden
U do realise u drew not won 😂😂
Ukrapinsider 17 dagen geleden
“Luckily he’s offside” 🤣🤣
torai manchester
torai manchester 17 dagen geleden
"i don't have time for that" alright ty... alright...
ΠΑΣΣΑ άσε τα λεφτά
2:10:12 kelechi wtf men it's a draw against Fulham
Ben Palmer
Ben Palmer 17 dagen geleden
Ok I can understand the relief with getting a last minute point, but by god they all ran up to the camera and said 🤫🤫🤫🤫 like they won the league
||Barcamessiful Productions||
Nketiah might not be good enough, but at the end of the day he’s scored the equaliser for arsenal. At least be happy he’s scored ffs 😂🤦🏽‍♂️
DRDDAFC 17 dagen geleden
Them women have made AFTV so much worse, and without claude and troopz it is ruined
Naeem 17 dagen geleden
they know fk all about footy, only there to bait in the simps who send in superchats
King Cantona
King Cantona 17 dagen geleden
Why is pippa giving it large over a literal tap in. 😂🤣 this club is great
RichRadio 17 dagen geleden
Pippa needs to pipe down, trying to get in DTs face like that
K Willis SUFC
K Willis SUFC 17 dagen geleden
She’s bare annoying
Red Devil Freak
Red Devil Freak 17 dagen geleden
Arsenal 2021=Celebrating a tying goal against 18th place Fulham...
Ainan Adjab
Ainan Adjab 17 dagen geleden
Imagine if arsenal win the CL 😂 dem man fulham
Christopher 17 dagen geleden
just embarrassing 2:10:10
Ciaran McCurdy
Ciaran McCurdy 17 dagen geleden
Those celebrations for a home draw against fulham. Tbf takes arsenal well clear of fulham now
Josh Mansfield
Josh Mansfield 17 dagen geleden
Just want everyone to know these people don’t represent Arsenal fans in there celebrations no arsenal would celebrate like that
SHAY GAMING 17 dagen geleden
Yall just a joke 🤣.. Some of yall are just there to celebrate any goal even if arsenal are down to 5 and score 1 goal... Shame i didnt expect that
Shiraz Ghafour
Shiraz Ghafour 17 dagen geleden
Everyone celebrates a last minute goal from there team, but there are levels of celebration, this is champions league final levels.
Happy Days
Happy Days 17 dagen geleden
Aftv is everything wrong with Arsenal currently, sums it all up. Celebrating last minute goals now against Fulham, yet wenger needed to go.
Ludovic Collis
Ludovic Collis 17 dagen geleden
“Go chat to Brighton and Fulham and dem”
Paul Mccullough
Paul Mccullough 18 dagen geleden
VAR was just clutching at straws at the end actually looking for an out for Arsenals equaliser.There was absolutely no way Holding was interfering with play yet VAR took such a long time to make a decision.
Tngo M
Tngo M 18 dagen geleden
Damn celebrating a draw like its the title decider, Gooners amaze me 😂😂
Me Only
Me Only 18 dagen geleden
1ondon is a lemming following the rest of sheep Terry Henry big time choker 9 finals 0 goals most overrated striker in history.
Jazzy Jimmer
Jazzy Jimmer 18 dagen geleden
I didn’t think arsenal fans could get any more embarrassing 😂
Jazzy Jimmer
Jazzy Jimmer 18 dagen geleden
Ball Killer
Ball Killer 18 dagen geleden
Arsenal fans are ungrateful fans lol. They can even appreciate eddie for scoring
Ishaan Panaser
Ishaan Panaser 18 dagen geleden
How does ty not have time to do a bit of research it he can go and get himself some headphones 🎧🎧
Nazeem 18 dagen geleden
Imagine celebrating like you’ve just won the league after getting a lucky 90th Minute goal to end the game 1-1 😂🤦‍♂️
Brad 18 dagen geleden
im pretty happy with the result, good result against a decent side who are on form, gotta keep pushing these final few games and try and get top 4
Ferenc Szűcs
Ferenc Szűcs 18 dagen geleden
Can someone tell me from AFTV why the clock stops at 45 and 90 minute? 55:00 ceballos 56:35: no goal 1:01:35 no goal 1:29:50 pen 1:32:22 maja 1:41:47 lacazette 2:09:33 nketiah 2:11:50 goal
MrClumDog 18 dagen geleden
Celebrating like you've won a title after u get a point at home against Fulham to take you up to 9th place 😂 embarassing dead club
Aymaan .T
Aymaan .T 18 dagen geleden
The fact that we have Arsenal celebrating a draw against Fulham. How the mighty have fallen
Bottipp Norway
Bottipp Norway 18 dagen geleden
They are celebrating like they won... So embarrassing
Billy Brauer
Billy Brauer 18 dagen geleden
The fact you all were celebrating that goal, speaks about the mentality of the club and fans. Your standards are so low you are celebrating a draw
Robert Wlaker
Robert Wlaker 18 dagen geleden
CALL ME sadboy
CALL ME sadboy 18 dagen geleden
are they win the league??
jon Johnson
jon Johnson 18 dagen geleden
The level of excitement o er am equaliser to soon to be relegated team shows how far you've fallen
Live Life
Live Life 18 dagen geleden
Arsenal are a proper mid table club now (celebrating draws , how the mighty has fallen )
Aaron Dodds
Aaron Dodds 18 dagen geleden
Joke of a club 👀
v k
v k 18 dagen geleden
This channel literally is celebrating about drawing with a 18th place team just to keep ourselves in 9th. Not even the people in the Barca live stream celebrated like that after winning Copa del Rey, shameless
Kyle Govender
Kyle Govender 18 dagen geleden
VAR make these decisions knowing they'll see a comedy show on AFTV😂😂
Social Assassin
Social Assassin 18 dagen geleden
Oh how the mighty have fallen. Celebrating a goal that only gets you a draw against Fulham
K J 18 dagen geleden
absolutely disgusting behavior
Syed Ghouse
Syed Ghouse 18 dagen geleden
How are these lot making dt look like a normal person
Harry Virdee
Harry Virdee 18 dagen geleden
U lot complaining?
Itznotmk 18 dagen geleden
I can see arteta sticking Martinelli upfront and putting willian on the left
footylad 442
footylad 442 18 dagen geleden
how the mighty have fallen
Nenergy Europe ltd
Nenergy Europe ltd 18 dagen geleden
Why do youtubers come with the "I told you so" after the event?
Timmy H
Timmy H 18 dagen geleden
But Wenger out right...
Connor Hart
Connor Hart 18 dagen geleden
Drawing to fulham and jumping up and down🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
ChloeIsBae 18 dagen geleden
God the standards of these lot no wonder arsenal are 10th
Matthew Weir
Matthew Weir 18 dagen geleden
Utter mugs
Jon 18 dagen geleden
Celebrating like that for 1-1 against Fulham to keep you in 9th is hilarious. 💀
randy viper
randy viper 18 dagen geleden
The equalizer shows the state of arsenals fan base. Celebrating a draw. Embarrassing.
gerald baffour
gerald baffour 18 dagen geleden
Shameful celebrations “kg” voice
E P 18 dagen geleden
Stop Whinging. If Arsenal had got a similar penalty, you lot would be cheering and calling for a card. Bad supporters.
roders007 18 dagen geleden
If I want a laugh I come to this channel to watch highlights. Never disappoints
Duncan Edwards
Duncan Edwards 18 dagen geleden
2:19:30 Don Robbie giving Ty a homework. Go away Ty, do your job
edrosas 17 dagen geleden
Every time I don’t want to do something I’m going to say that I can’t because it will make me mad 😂😂 Tye is a genius
Muazzam Wani
Muazzam Wani 18 dagen geleden
Congrats arsenal for winning champions League final
Romans 8:38-39
Romans 8:38-39 18 dagen geleden
What a sad team...Laca out for the season. Guess the season's over now
Chirag Kamath
Chirag Kamath 18 dagen geleden
2:10:15 - I can visualize Roy Keane saying, “Imagine if they ever win the league”
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