Animals That Asked People for Help #3 

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Animals That Asked People for Help #3
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Trouble might find animals on land, in water, or even in the sky! And often they come to humans for help, showing a lot of trust. Watch this video until the end and you’ll be amazed!

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3 apr. 2021




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sunil saka
sunil saka 18 minuten geleden
The boys who throw sticks at the birds should be shamed
Ganesh Choudhary
Ganesh Choudhary 40 minuten geleden
4:05 This is my home town 🥰
CT -1719
CT -1719 Uur geleden
This is for the people who dislike. 🖕 You're welcome
Jonathan Mattisson-Mellberg
Ahhh swedish
Rowena Salting
Rowena Salting Uur geleden
Sh Nightcore
Sh Nightcore Uur geleden
Humanity restored once again.
chapno Uur geleden
@everyone make sure to 9:24
Robloxcookie 03
Robloxcookie 03 Uur geleden
I started crying
NayaabPlays Uur geleden
So cute my fav one is the cow a a tree lol🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Aadim brother
Aadim brother 2 uur geleden
I wanna know the names of people who are disliking this video right now.
Mark rhieziel Gacu
Mark rhieziel Gacu 2 uur geleden
im criying 😭😭😭
The tomboyish and boy being girl UvU
Im so happy that they had the help they needed.. ( i dont what i say cause im Malaysian 🇲🇾 )
Sudais Ninja
Sudais Ninja 2 uur geleden
I love these people ❤️😞
Anish Singh
Anish Singh 2 uur geleden
*Human destroy nature*
one time
one time 3 uur geleden
fishing for large sharks should be illegal... fisherman literally cut the line and leave the hook in them ... so sad
Sarina Azimi
Sarina Azimi 3 uur geleden
I helped my moms sisters cat it was a baby I’d was only 1 years old 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Megha Sharma
Megha Sharma 3 uur geleden
Really some humans are very selfish
Amanjyot Singh
Amanjyot Singh 3 uur geleden
Aint anybody gonna talk about how they yeeted the baby bear 3:25
yeah boi
yeah boi 3 uur geleden
Chandran Plakkal
Chandran Plakkal 3 uur geleden
This similar story first one but it is sad one I found 2 baby squirrel in the pipe stuck. The nest builded above the pipe at rainy time the nest went down in the pipe me and my friends rescued It but.. When we put it on the with his mother mother dropped the both of the squirrel accidently. And the cat ate the both 😭😭😥
zam oking
zam oking 3 uur geleden
*_Goodbless U ALL_*
M O 3 uur geleden
When Messiah comes you see these happening everywhere
DUO ARTIST 3 uur geleden
Mary Lee
Mary Lee 3 uur geleden
8:20 I hope those boys who beat the poor innocent bird get their lips busted 🤬
?????????? 3 uur geleden
People don't understand. They have to accept what they were given. Animals are a gift to us, along with forests, mountains, and all other ecosystems, but what do we do? We torture our planet and its life by killing animals, taking their land, polluting their land, and many other things, to name a few. We do not deserve to live on this planet. We stripped it of its beauty, its uniqueness, and we'll eventually pay the ultimate price for it.
Mary Lee
Mary Lee 4 uur geleden
Humans are too dirty and careless. They are the #1 reason why most of these animals run into harm/trouble. But I’m glad there are people who are brave and nice enough to help animals who are in danger. Especially the guy who was willingly to climb the y’all pole to save a pigeon.
The Blended Sikhs
The Blended Sikhs 4 uur geleden
Sad to know that most of these issues were caused by humans...
Game Zoner
Game Zoner 4 uur geleden
We are God to the animals, but some ppl behave like devil.
GodlyShadowX 4 uur geleden
Can we all just agree that the cow was basically the kid that puts there head in between the stair support thing and can't get it back out
shawnte Pitts
shawnte Pitts 4 uur geleden
Igniteus 4 uur geleden
They never asked you for help, you just decided to
EJ WRLD 5 uur geleden
Why they throw the bear 🐻 like that
littlesushie 5 uur geleden
2:20 this is why you should not feed wild animals. They will follow you. They also repeat the same behavior if they come across any other human, and not all humans are good. They can even enter human settlements in search of food. Ignoring wild animals is the best practice, unless you are trained in handling them
Anuska Singh
Anuska Singh 5 uur geleden
Javian JM
Javian JM 5 uur geleden
When he said invertebrates are animals with no back bone i learned something from school .
Airong wang
Airong wang 6 uur geleden
Squirrel Squirrel Puppy Wolf Octopus Bear Cow Leopard Pigeon Orca Lemon shark Whale shark Olive Ridley sea turtle Toucan Bald eagle (USA national symbol or bird)
Kim Nam-Joon
Kim Nam-Joon 6 uur geleden
I actually heard a baby squirrel crying for help and it was like 3 inches tall and still had its eyes closed we tried to save it but it died and I couldn't help but get emotional
Allana HeadPHONES
Allana HeadPHONES 6 uur geleden
Im crying now. This really dose give me faith in humanity.
Guhh 7 uur geleden
3:22 *he just yeeted that fucking bear*
criselda greenspon
criselda greenspon 8 uur geleden
I remember when a bird was stuck I help him and now I see him EVERY MORNING trying to thank me. I still feed him
ButterBoi99Plays 8 uur geleden
The octopus was so thankful because they have 3 hearts
Dandy Hare Art
Dandy Hare Art 8 uur geleden
Feeding wild animals and habituating them to people is a death sentence for them. A wolf, unafraid of humans, is a dead wolf.
Rock girl
Rock girl 9 uur geleden
1:23 subtitles: lubvash nursed it back to hell, 3:38 subtitles: now you can see a whole rescue team coming to a cow's egg
Saif Mohammed
Saif Mohammed 9 uur geleden
Allah. There is no god except He, The Ever-Living, The Superb Upright Sustainer. Slumber does not overtake Him, nor sleep; to Him (belongs) whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth. Who is there that intercedes for His Providence except by His Permission? He knows whatever is in front of them (Literally: between their hands) and whatever is behind them, and they do not encompass anything of His Knowledge except whatever He has decided. His Chair embraces the heavens and the earth; the preserving of them (Literally: them both) does not tire Him; and He is The Ever-Exalted, The Ever-Magnificent. Translated From Quran
Saif Mohammed
Saif Mohammed 9 uur geleden
تَبَـٰرَكَ ٱلَّذِى بِيَدِهِ ٱلْمُلْكُ وَهُوَ عَلَىٰ كُلِّ شَىْءٍۢ قَدِيرٌ Blessed is the One in Whose Hands rests all authority. And He is Most Capable of everything. ٱلَّذِى خَلَقَ ٱلْمَوْتَ وَٱلْحَيَوٰةَ لِيَبْلُوَكُمْ أَيُّكُمْ أَحْسَنُ عَمَلًۭا ۚ وَهُوَ ٱلْعَزِيزُ ٱلْغَفُورُ ˹He is the One˺ Who created death and life in order to test which of you is best in deeds. And He is the Almighty, All-Forgiving. Translated From Quran
Tomek K
Tomek K 9 uur geleden
So sad that most mistake for animals kingdoms are made by humans themselves.
Tomek K
Tomek K 9 uur geleden
So sad this is not happening in United state that shot down animal when there are froze to death by police.
Lillian Oslund
Lillian Oslund 9 uur geleden
Arianna Arrindell
Arianna Arrindell 9 uur geleden
Silent Youber
Silent Youber 10 uur geleden
ADDIS ABEBA 10 uur geleden
Spinix 10 uur geleden
That 2can one is just heart breaking
Slim Ayd
Slim Ayd 10 uur geleden
L'être humain est imprévisible ! Porter SECOURS et provoquer des guerres destructrices et inhumaines.! Ange et Satan est le destin de l'homme en ce bas monde.!
Loggan Simms
Loggan Simms 11 uur geleden
**why would they threw the bear cub? There’s no sense to throw it , just place it down.**
I am a pet lover
I am a pet lover 11 uur geleden
Edgey Gaming
Edgey Gaming 12 uur geleden
why should we care tho
Me May
Me May 10 uur geleden
Animals have and still do help people survive They have saved people from threatening situations before, it's only right to help them back They provide resources like food, and they help people emotionally. Just like we should value human lives we should value animals as well. Animals feel emotions like we do. I'm sure there are other reasons as well, this is just what I thought of first
NomadicSkies 12 uur geleden
The bear stuck in trap were saved by Russians. How do I know? Cause Russians are the only ones that will grab a bear and throw it
Mr. JellyBean
Mr. JellyBean 12 uur geleden
3:20 Wow, that was the most lucky bear in history of our planet. Russians just let him go.
Maksymilian Smolarek
Maksymilian Smolarek 13 uur geleden
1:13 well im from poland but- how did u say his name? and what is his name?
Julianne Tolnai
Julianne Tolnai 13 uur geleden
I am now thinking to find a animal and help it
PlayOn Helen Doron Cair
Bird's are soooo cute
Kayra esen
Kayra esen 13 uur geleden
in soviet russia you eat the bear
So Fly Official
So Fly Official 13 uur geleden
ok listen up, who tf beats a bird bro what the hell
Me May
Me May 10 uur geleden
some people are just sick..
srikanth kusumanchi
srikanth kusumanchi 14 uur geleden
Many of these are human made mistakes, so they are just correcting them
Good luck with that
Good luck with that 14 uur geleden
Humans are no doubt, the God's best creation
Malaysia Law
Malaysia Law 14 uur geleden
Me:"It's probably not that touching-" *30 Seconds Later* Me:*CRIES*
xDennis 15 uur geleden
Stop eat animals
hiep tan
hiep tan 15 uur geleden
Madison Faye TV
Madison Faye TV 15 uur geleden
Save the turtles🐢🐢🐢
Me May
Me May 10 uur geleden
The Reaper King
The Reaper King 15 uur geleden
I love animals
Logicooo 15 uur geleden
2:55 he was just giving some corona😉
TheOneTheOnly W
TheOneTheOnly W 15 uur geleden
FFS this narration
rayan abdullah
rayan abdullah 15 uur geleden
jacob maty
jacob maty 16 uur geleden
I love this this video
Rimmi Johnson
Rimmi Johnson 16 uur geleden
This is why we should be vegans yo
Patrick Johansson
Patrick Johansson 16 uur geleden
That's awsome
whoosh bait don’t fall for it
3:15, this place on russia?
Archana Desai
Archana Desai 16 uur geleden
They r suffering bcoz of humans act.. 😠😠😠😠
louisopyoutube 16 uur geleden
Go4ll 17 uur geleden
That wolf was not after bread it was after him
Me May
Me May 10 uur geleden
if the wolf was after the person it would of already attacked, as it had several opportunities to. The wolf wasn't being hostile either
Котя В маске
Котя В маске 17 uur geleden
Not all videos here are good
the viper is great car
the viper is great car 17 uur geleden
Humans must be like this 👍
fuck commies
fuck commies 17 uur geleden
human suck
Gizmo 17 uur geleden
Most of the rescues were at the fault of humans though🤕
Ru White
Ru White 18 uur geleden
3:50 At risk of being “attacked” by the bulls. Sure don’t want that to happen.
Alex Alex
Alex Alex 18 uur geleden
I love your contact but you just need a good edit and its will be more than perfect 💜
Music for life
Music for life 18 uur geleden
Castiel Quinzel
Castiel Quinzel 18 uur geleden
That wolf looks like my husky
Me May
Me May 10 uur geleden
I love huskys💖💖
Shawn Long
Shawn Long 18 uur geleden
1.7K people have disliked this so far as of 4/17/21. Those are the types of people who have caused harm and neglect to so many of these creatures.
Paul joaquin J. Laron
Paul joaquin J. Laron 18 uur geleden
Tiger Kills A human Me:*eating cheetos*i love tigers
Ben Samuel
Ben Samuel 18 uur geleden
Sad of the orc and chitter
WIE IRDO 18 uur geleden
4:26 WTF Why is he grabbing the tail
Vincent STJ
Vincent STJ 18 uur geleden
3:02 thats why that have big brain
Xerdar36 19 uur geleden
The squirrels are pretty cute...
Kian Santang
Kian Santang 19 uur geleden
There is a saying, love that is on earth, then that which is in the sky loves you
Pam's Corner
Pam's Corner 19 uur geleden
Awwww, poor orca, he's bleeding!
krzycho277 20 uur geleden
Tadjeush lubiasch
Andrea Zsoldos
Andrea Zsoldos 20 uur geleden
like like like
TANMAY MANVIK 21 uur geleden
So the humanity is still there 🤗
Madeline Crouch
Madeline Crouch 21 uur geleden
My brother would save a wolf pup
سعيد بن غليطه
Such a good work in helping animals well done guys 😊👍
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