Alex Ferguson's 7 Strangest Signings: Where Are They Now? 

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From Portuguese wide man Bebe, who some labelled the next Cristiano Ronaldo, to Serbian international Zoran Tosic, HITC Sevens takes a look at some of Sir Alex Ferguson's more unusual or forgotten pieces of transfer business at Manchester United, and where those players are now.
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27 mrt. 2021




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Alzhan Sadykov
Alzhan Sadykov 9 dagen geleden
I think that Diouf guy just led a double life as a Grammy winning artist Tyler the creator
jackson buckler
jackson buckler 9 dagen geleden
11:58 ?! you said earlier he was a free agent ?
Ian Gascoigne
Ian Gascoigne 10 dagen geleden
A versatile defender. Translation ‘A jack of all trades and master of none”. Up there with attacking full back. “Looks good going forward but can’t defend”.
Matt George
Matt George 13 dagen geleden
Hahahahah I'm a Staffs graduate, were you at Staffs too? Or is there another reason you put a picture of the library in there? 😂
Damare Konayaro
Damare Konayaro 15 dagen geleden
Taggart was notorious for getting caught with his hands in the cookie jar. The "Strange," signings were almost all convoluted "Bungs." Great manager no doubt but also corrupt as fuck, at various times he had his entire family rinsing Man Utd.
lorenzodaniels 15 dagen geleden
I thought manucho would be on this list
Ash Neel
Ash Neel 16 dagen geleden
Those were all low budget gambles..
Luis Crespo
Luis Crespo 16 dagen geleden
Your videos would be more interesting if you didn't swallow the last word on every sentence 🙄
Colin Noble
Colin Noble 17 dagen geleden
De leat is a good player not a bad signing at all.Djemba Djemba,now that was a strange signing.
COVID 19 20 dagen geleden
Calub Park
Calub Park 21 dag geleden
Was worth going to Russia if that's where he got his bird... stunner he's defo punching
25 Neptun
25 Neptun 21 dag geleden
deGooder 22 dagen geleden
How many of them were represented by his son's agency? 🤔
Devin morse
Devin morse 23 dagen geleden
There is something wrong with this guy. He swallows so many words that I, as a native speaker, cannot understand him. This is absurd. This is joke English
Milton Edwin
Milton Edwin 23 dagen geleden
who's that lady with Vidic at 0:49
Dobianuli D
Dobianuli D 24 dagen geleden
Nobody called Bebe next Ronaldo
Spoke 27 dagen geleden
HITC Top 7 players that became professional from the Scottish Highland League
PB Smoothie
PB Smoothie 27 dagen geleden
Eddie Howe 🤣
Sobrevalorado 29 dagen geleden
Nobody thinks Ferguson is the greatest coach ever outside Britain. Maybe you mean Cruyff, Sacchi, Guardiola or Michels
Elliot Morrow
Elliot Morrow Maand geleden
Great video with some really interesting stories! It was really difficult to hear some of the final words in your sentences though - you kept dropping off into near-silence 😥
Ash Leach
Ash Leach Maand geleden
The shot of Mama Diouf upside down is the best thing ever 🤣🤣
3 Cold Capricorn
3 Cold Capricorn Maand geleden
Goddamn that shot of staffs uni library shot me through
Craig Buckland
Craig Buckland Maand geleden
KingBear 316
KingBear 316 Maand geleden
How dare you even consider a video like this and not include William Prunier?
Alex Davies
Alex Davies Maand geleden
Up The Wrexham! Fun fact Ben Foster was also loaned to Wrexham and signed by Manchester United.
brb Maand geleden
Day 263: where are the players of DN now?
Otis Radcliffe
Otis Radcliffe Maand geleden
Off to watch the mina stampede now. Oh rabbit hole, you go on an...
Ace J. 7 Million
Ace J. 7 Million Maand geleden
He wasn't greatest manager in history at all, he just lucky enough to be given enty of money to spend on top players and the mouth to back shit up. Ould he hav win as much or dine half as well one q show string budget??? Like hell he would
Bigboy69 Maand geleden
Day 66 of saying you should make a video on how individuals become referees and make it to the pro level. I'm currently going through the ranks in the US and think it's more interesting, more difficult, and more complicated then people think.
BRFcitizen Maand geleden
What about Macheda?
Lidoanho XV
Lidoanho XV Maand geleden
All bar one came after the glazers became majority shareholders. Shows how much they fucked up the recruitment.
MultiQwerty01 Maand geleden
Surely Manucho should of been on this list somewhere
Wolf Mauler
Wolf Mauler Maand geleden
Who's pictured at 0:28?
Lidoanho XV
Lidoanho XV Maand geleden
Juan Sebastian Veron. Was quality for lazio but didn’t really find away to fit in at United.
AJHaeford89 Maand geleden
Manucho was 24 when he was signed from the Angolan premier league.
Isaac Martinez
Isaac Martinez Maand geleden
Miss Alex Feeguson
ShahZaib Khan
ShahZaib Khan Maand geleden
People living in orphanage are not homeless.
John Mitchell
John Mitchell Maand geleden
Anders Lindegaard. David Bellion Manucho (come on, he was at Hull) Eric Djemba Djemba
Jesper Hobo
Jesper Hobo Maand geleden
Where is Alexander Büttner😂
seguntebrise Maand geleden
You forgot manaucho
Maarten Strijbos
Maarten Strijbos Maand geleden
Where's Alexander Büttner??
G Maand geleden
Carrol the guy that stole the league from arsenal with that spill but hey can’t upset fergie I guess
Gustavo Monteiro
Gustavo Monteiro Maand geleden
Damn Rodrigo Possebon, he played for my team Santos during their Libertadores title campaign and barely got any playing time. Became a folkloric type of transfer because he was the "former Manchester United guy".
Rhid Morgan
Rhid Morgan Maand geleden
Crazy how quickly you forget about players I’d say 90% of players now will be forgotten about in 10 years
Nur Izzati
Nur Izzati Maand geleden
Sir Alex should have sign quaresma rather than nani.. nuff said.. Imagine Ronaldo & Quaresma on the flanks.. Damn
mickey leboeuf
mickey leboeuf Maand geleden
dont knock rodrigo possebon, he's my go to midfield signing on football manager 10 & 11
DevilsDelight Maand geleden
Carrol was actually quite a solid keeper fo united.
glennaldosf Maand geleden
Saw Tosic play and score last year for Partizan in a friendly tournament against Spartak + Lokomotiv Moscow in Qatar....
Arthur Otte
Arthur Otte Maand geleden
I disagree that Ferguson is the greatest all time, worldwide, but he has earned his place in football. Having such a career is unusual and of course it includes mistakes or less fortunate decisions. We are all human. Most of these players did not end bad, so I think he was not wrong seeing things in those players. Van der Sar was a questionable decision at its time and not even his and it turned out to be a great decision. Things sometimes go its own ways, regardless who is in charge!
Simon Jönsson
Simon Jönsson Maand geleden
Video idea: A Scandinavian national team. Don't know if it already has been done?
P Mc
P Mc Maand geleden
Richie De Laet left Man Utd to win trophies
a_rouho Maand geleden
Roy Carroll is a cult hero for Olympiacos's fans here in Greece. He joined OFI Crete without any expectations and after six months during which he was one the best goalkeepers in the league, Olympiacos snapped as a second choice experienced keeper. Before long though he was called in action. His first appearance was against Rubin Kazan in Moscow in the first match for the round of 32, in the Europa League, coming on as a late substitute after Balázs Megyeri conceded a penalty and was given a red card. Carroll saved the penalty with the first touch of his Olympiacos career and his team went on to win 0-1. In the return leg, Carroll put in a performance considered legendary by the fans, after producing a string of saves in whilst carrying a visible hamstring injury. His named was singed by the fans throughout the match as he was visibly in pain but kept on playing nevertheless. He stayed two seasons at Piraeus, winning the Greek league once and returning in the Champions League almost eight years after his United times. According to him, his time in Greece and his return to high level football helped him fight against alcoholism.
Mister Wendigo
Mister Wendigo Maand geleden
De Laet's actually a well respected player nowadays in the Belgian First Division
Gunnar Eli Sigurjonsson
I was at that game against burnley 🤣🤣. Wearing a long sleeve shirt to hide my Arsenal tattoo 🤣🤣🤣. Had a blast and was with friends that support utd. Loved the goal and just had an awesome time
stf e
stf e Maand geleden
Royal Antwerp was a feeder club of Ferguson's Man United for many years. Belgium and Netherlands have or at least had less stricter rules on work permits thus making it easier for English teams to sign non European players with the promise of sending them on loan to gain a European nationality in other countries.
Liam Beresford
Liam Beresford Maand geleden
Swansea’s 2013 League Cup winning squad - where are they now?
Jaime El Guaje
Jaime El Guaje Maand geleden
Do worst ever 1st division teams
Călin H
Călin H Maand geleden
I remember Bebe was supposed to sign in Romania for free and after a few days Man United got him instead and actually paid 🤣
DarrenIshere Maand geleden
2009 was a wild year for sir Alex 😂
Chimaoge Ibe
Chimaoge Ibe Maand geleden
Day 85: 7 most overrated players ever; 7 most underrated players ever. P.S. RIP Diego Maradona!🙏🏾❤️
Monkey Tennis
Monkey Tennis 15 dagen geleden
Far too subjective
Saraj Thethy
Saraj Thethy Maand geleden
My g
Anthony Miller
Anthony Miller Maand geleden
Can you do Brendon Rogers best signings please
AopGunshotzzz Maand geleden
Our recruitment since after Hernandez has been shite.
The Goat
The Goat Maand geleden
No David bellion no Eric djemba djemba no Dong Fangzhuo this list seemed so rushed and poorly put together 😂 come on guys some these these guys weren’t even that strange tosic really !!! Smdh
Fubar Garage
Fubar Garage Maand geleden
RItchie De Laet is a walking machine! Still one of the best defenders in Belgium on the right and left back at this moment. His teams stands second in stand and if it was not for that bad manager martinez he would be a belgium red devil again!
Noblemann Maand geleden
I'm sure it will be with great difficulties that Manchester United fans will have in forgiving Fergie for those atrocious signings
Ahmet Bahadır Ülker
Ahmet Bahadır Ülker Maand geleden
As a Turkish League follower I can say that Diouf is doing well here with Hatayspor and he is working under such a great manager. Hatayspor is a newbie here in first division but probably stay here and enjoy the league. For Obertan side, he still has that skill and class. However Erzurum is a typical relegating team in our league. Obertan can probably go to another first div team end of the season.
mr bruh
mr bruh Maand geleden
ide gas
james b
james b Maand geleden
in possibon's defence....the guy looked class before that game and looked brilliant in it
Matt Maand geleden
Antwerp was were we sent the kids to get experience
Lux Maand geleden
Hey Alfie, any chance you could do a video on the fall of the first champions of the Ukrainian Premier League; SC Tavriya Simferopol?
jknowly24 123
jknowly24 123 Maand geleden
My friends dad is bebe
Mr X
Mr X Maand geleden
Dunno if you done this but what about teams who were bad but now good... example Leicester
James Kelly
James Kelly Maand geleden
World cup winners squad & XI picking only one player from each squad for example zidane 1998, mbappe 2018
Huy izii
Huy izii Maand geleden
13:46 the guy who stands next to Posebon is actually a better footballer than him lol #JK Anyway Vietnamese club once had that kind of contract with another Brazillian star. I think around 2010 Hai Phong club signed Denilson, the guy who was once most expensive player in the world, and he played only 1 match, scored 1 goal and after that left Vietnam 4ever lol
Zuhayer Shadman Khan
Zuhayer Shadman Khan Maand geleden
Manucho Goncalves?
Gregor147 Maand geleden
Video ranking all of Pele’s goals please
Mark Royter
Mark Royter Maand geleden
Jesse Maand geleden
7 players who your country wish played for them (players who would’ve made a drastic change for the better for your country)
Ileia Maand geleden
Video idea: 7 players with the most humble beginnings
dudewhateverish Maand geleden
How dare you Bebe is an Old Trafford legend
Ian Coleman
Ian Coleman Maand geleden
i’m american but somehow the “we’ve all had an unusual stay in staffordshire” absolutely sent me 🤣🤣
william thompson
william thompson Maand geleden
we've all had an unusual stay in Staff's - so true
Sumando Mugabe
Sumando Mugabe Maand geleden
Almost all that 7 player get sign without Sir Alex seeing them actually playing - but its about managing a club?! If you cant put trust to your team then you will not have loyalty, and that excatly Sir Alex doing with that sign, even He know its risky enough but He still do it. Sir Alex himself say that there are few signing that he actually not knowing about the player. Its just like run a big company, you must put some trust to your people thou it eventually make some mistake at least you minimize the cost... i mean you lost a few money but you gain loyalty, its worth it. But as a leader you must calculate so the trouble not to big enough to destroy you. back to MU - when Sir Alex reign over MU , he have all the support and respect from all the people on MU. Thx u
Abbie Waters
Abbie Waters Maand geleden
This may not be popular but could you just throw in one video on women’s soccer, maybe just 7 best players right now
Josip Broz Tito
Josip Broz Tito Maand geleden
Day 66: Final Yugoslav First League Teams: Where Are They Now?
xc Rav
xc Rav Maand geleden
Oh wow my ignorant ass wouldn't be able to point out Yugoslavia on the map but that's a super interesting idea
Master Chief
Master Chief Maand geleden
Lol, I remember Obertan being double useless at Both United’s
IJEnslin Maand geleden
In honour of that last lad, 7 once prem players to have made less that 100 career appearances
Balham Maand geleden
Bebe was weird i agree Can you do a video on the mk dons and afc Wimbledon story pls ?
Goku PM
Goku PM Maand geleden
OFF- Ferroviária won the Woman's Copa Libertadores last week...
Alastair Brewster
Alastair Brewster Maand geleden
Your intros are just too long
Rika101 Official
Rika101 Official Maand geleden
3:33 if HITC ever sold merchandise with Eddie Howe (anyhow) meme in it, i will snap it in a sec
XMultiGames Maand geleden
day 2: 7 times teams ended in relegation places, but werent relegated, due to other teams circumstances
ayedon p
ayedon p Maand geleden
Alexander buttner?
J L Maand geleden
Do you have bass on your microphone? It's probably me and my American ears,but sometimes I can't hear a few words here and there at the end of your sentences.
Sam Maley
Sam Maley Maand geleden
Day 2 : 7 greatest title charges (had lots to points to catch up but still won it)
Joe Smith
Joe Smith Maand geleden
Philip Glover
Philip Glover Maand geleden
What was that Angolan player United got just before Sir Alex left thought Alfie would have mentioned him
Philip Glover
Philip Glover Maand geleden
@Stephen Philippou that’s him
Stephen Philippou
Stephen Philippou Maand geleden
Manucho ... wow, totally forgot about him during all these years ..
JamesManford 22
JamesManford 22 Maand geleden
Tester Gaming
Tester Gaming Maand geleden
Day 2: 7 world class managers who were also world class players
Eduardo Martins
Eduardo Martins Maand geleden
Great video. Make a video about Rogério Ceni, it has been exactly 10 years since he got his 100th goal.
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