Addison Rae Responds To Bryce Hall & Saiviantha Cheating Rumors While Leaving Lunch At Crossroads 

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#AddisonRae Responds To #BryceHall & #Saiviantha Cheating Rumors While Leaving Lunch At Crossroads 3.2.21 - TheHollywoodFix
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2 mrt. 2021




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Breanna McIntyre
Breanna McIntyre Maand geleden
Everyone leave positive comments replying to this comment for addison even if she doesn't see it
Cray Crayz
Cray Crayz 11 dagen geleden
Pffft yeah, because her team has been telling them where she’s at-! Her ass got exposed- 🤣🤣
Rap OG
Rap OG 12 dagen geleden
Luv u addison ❤️🖤🥺
Sad Peeps Cult
Sad Peeps Cult 20 dagen geleden
Addison you are so sweet and BEAUTIFUL. Your new song is so great and you rocked the tonight show.
Just Elyse
Just Elyse 26 dagen geleden
we love you addi so much stay strong and we are always here for you
NBA FAN 28 dagen geleden
Love ya Addison
Luis Hernandez
Luis Hernandez Dag geleden
She doesnt want to talk
yasmin azmani
yasmin azmani Dag geleden
guys, she don't wanna talk. If she is crying & sad, why your keep ask questions
Νικητια Σηφάκη
I love addi
idolsair x
idolsair x 2 dagen geleden
poor Addison :( this is just so incredibly mean to keep on filming while you see she’s in so much pain... y’all are using her for clout at this point....
Mrs frog
Mrs frog 2 dagen geleden
Omg can’t u see she is crying tf 👹
Dino puffs
Dino puffs 3 dagen geleden
If this was me i would break their camera in 2 peices and tell them to GO AWAY
izzy adams
izzy adams 4 dagen geleden
addison- i don’t wanna talk them: so what about braddision
Ed Garcia
Ed Garcia 5 dagen geleden
Bro what’s wrong with you 💀
alisa siu
alisa siu 6 dagen geleden
Kimsan Khon
Kimsan Khon 7 dagen geleden
Sometimes I wonder how they find her
matijabi. 8 dagen geleden
Aww she still stopped for a fan
Elias Schulz
Elias Schulz 11 dagen geleden
Ich finde es echt scheiße keine Privatsphäre
Marita alain
Marita alain 11 dagen geleden
Can you just leave her
anime watcher
anime watcher 11 dagen geleden
Wow she just got caught in 4k
Nijat Aliyev
Nijat Aliyev 11 dagen geleden
She is literally crying and you are still filming her. What an egoistic imbicile
Nijat Aliyev
Nijat Aliyev 11 dagen geleden
Lauren Thomas
Lauren Thomas 12 dagen geleden
Imagine having to go like that in public
Cecilia 12 dagen geleden
hoodie, cap, glasses, mask, she clearly did not want to be found or asked questions.
mary______28 mary_______28
You guys are dogs that follow celebrities and make them cry and piss off, and then say they're arrogant and bad.
hedy Ahmadi
hedy Ahmadi 14 dagen geleden
Poor girl paparazzi ar girks
Mohammad Elsari
Mohammad Elsari 14 dagen geleden
To see her cry like this makes me really sad😢 didn't know it would hit me💔
Grace Long
Grace Long 15 dagen geleden
so are we just going to act like they don’t call the paparazzi on themselves?
Leo Leo
Leo Leo 16 dagen geleden
She clearly doesn't want to respond, why do you have to insist
Baking With Vi and Mi
Baking With Vi and Mi 16 dagen geleden
Give her a break if I was an influencer and I just went through a break up u don’t paparazzi all up in my face why don’t u guys do it to famous people actress huh Joshua basset and Olivia rodrigo why don’t u talk about their break up poor Addison has to get tasked the same question everyday she clearly doesn’t want to answer she will talk about it when she feels it’s the right time just give up she won’t answer the question
Lily Gutierrez
Lily Gutierrez 16 dagen geleden
Ok you should look both ways and get away from the front of the car or she will run you over!!
Bubbles gaming
Bubbles gaming 16 dagen geleden
bayron avila
bayron avila 18 dagen geleden
This is fucked up
Bleona.Ledjona Martinaj
Bleona.Ledjona Martinaj 18 dagen geleden
Why does he need to find people all around the city an make them cry like poor addison
Squid Bonkers
Squid Bonkers 19 dagen geleden
stop this stop this she didnt want to say anything about it and yet you guys still continued to force her into saying something. smh you know better than this
Roxy The Gacha Queen
Roxy The Gacha Queen 19 dagen geleden
Which paparazzi was that?
ItsForsight 20 dagen geleden
Fuck here feeling no one cares
Fun Bun Tehe
Fun Bun Tehe 22 dagen geleden
I think they just go up to them if they see them and force them to be on the show. You can tell.
hqkzz 22 dagen geleden
She is crying and yal still chasing her like get over it
lIlIlIlI lIlIlIlIlIlI
lIlIlIlI lIlIlIlIlIlI 23 dagen geleden
great job now shes crying
Roc 23 dagen geleden
I never liked Bryce. I think he was out of her league anyway.
Lauren Jamotillo
Lauren Jamotillo 23 dagen geleden
She kinda reminded me of Damien from Mean Girls 😂
Bailey Spelt Beefy
Bailey Spelt Beefy 23 dagen geleden
Honestly the guy asking the questions and harassing her should do the world a favour and off himself
leah elias
leah elias 24 dagen geleden
bruh she was obviously hiding what the hell she doesn't want you asking question as you can see people always be tryin to come in business even if its private you just gotta know huh
LAURETTE JEAN JACQUES 24 dagen geleden
Bro am so mad at thr girl who wamted to take the picture like...
Idalia 24 dagen geleden
they were basically harassing her she said she didn’t want to talk and still had the AUDACITY to film her and surround her. What the - 😡
Elphie From oz
Elphie From oz 24 dagen geleden
Why are you still asking her questions about it when she said she dosen’t want to talk about it
Guadlupe Uriostegui
Guadlupe Uriostegui 25 dagen geleden
I know that she is crying but the people are trying to do there job and I feel very bad for Addison
kiki solanot
kiki solanot 25 dagen geleden
she said she doesn’t want to talk about the situation then you follow up with more questions like ????? and then when she’s in her OWN CAR you proceed to film her. cant you take a hint when you see she’s literally crying
COREY 25 dagen geleden
Imagine being this sad you have to follow a teenager around and ask dumb fucking questions
Toca Noodles
Toca Noodles 25 dagen geleden
They are nosy as hell
Brianna 25 dagen geleden
What is wrong with you she said she didn’t want to talk and you keep asking her, you clearly made her cry. Wtf your making everything worse
Zakira Clark
Zakira Clark 25 dagen geleden
That’s not nice
Mari Ciminari
Mari Ciminari 25 dagen geleden
omg she literally can't get a little piece of privacity :((
Leona Daniels
Leona Daniels 25 dagen geleden
How many subs can I get from this comment CURRENTLY:0 I know sad right...
Lukiii_XD :}
Lukiii_XD :} 26 dagen geleden
Ohh shit
Myself 26 dagen geleden
Just want u to know that ur worth it, ur pretty, enough, loved, and everything will be fine ! Believe in u and in everything that u wanna do, and in everything that u wanna be
josullivan182 26 dagen geleden
Chloe Cristian
Chloe Cristian 26 dagen geleden
I would literally bug out if someone mentioned my boyfriend and cheating rumors- its amazing she's calm
CottonCloud ASMR
CottonCloud ASMR 26 dagen geleden
everyone: be nice to addison
em 27 dagen geleden
This actually looks traumatic
T 𓆪 .
T 𓆪 . 27 dagen geleden
جايه اسرق اللقطه وأمشي 🤝.
Mia Vidovic
Mia Vidovic 27 dagen geleden
She is so beautifal , dont cry Queen
Kiera :D
Kiera :D 27 dagen geleden
Do ppl seriously not understand she doesn’t like paparazzi
Sp00ky.Skylar 28 dagen geleden
Y’all that fan was Charli Da’melio
Zhani 28 dagen geleden
I swear paparazzi is just nosey and in people’s business like don’t u have summet better to do
Kylie Cowan
Kylie Cowan 28 dagen geleden
Wow fletcher
Abigail Ganguly
Abigail Ganguly 28 dagen geleden
What she said she doesn’t want to talk about it stop talking about it
Khalid Mohamoud
Khalid Mohamoud 28 dagen geleden
Jinx 29 dagen geleden
Why are they asking if bryce cheated she clearly doesn't want to be talked about it just mind your own business
Lydia L
Lydia L 29 dagen geleden
she should’ve flipped him off
Lydia L
Lydia L 29 dagen geleden
i feel so bad for her:( this is why i dont wanna be a celeb LOLOL
Itsallaboutthatu1 29 dagen geleden
I don’t really watch her but stop dawg she in a tuff moment man keep ur mouth shut if you are going to talk bout that
Fatima Ali
Fatima Ali Maand geleden
f bruce i fell so bad for addison i love her
Isabella Flores
Isabella Flores Maand geleden
Poor addi, just because there famous doesn’t mean you need to go and ask about something she doesn’t wanna talk about
Chris G
Chris G Maand geleden
This is so fucked up.
Marcela Medeira
Marcela Medeira Maand geleden
they Will end
Izzy Gardener
Izzy Gardener Maand geleden
I don’t like like the hype house and all and idk who Bryce is but like this is so mean wtf dude, i hate paparazi, like the Britney documentary was horrible honestly paparszi suck. Sorry for spelling I’m dyslexic
RambleAnimations Maand geleden
Honestly people get so mad when "celebrities" ditch the fix after accusations sometimes, this is why
babysunset Maand geleden
she is crying why you guys always wanna know stuff she doesnt wanna talk
ìåксюняíå love
А что случилось то?🗿🗿🗿
Jasxima Maand geleden
How would you like it if Addison was you and you were in her situation you should be ashamed of yourself.
Alexis Smith
Alexis Smith Maand geleden
I know that girl was a fan, but can;t u tell she’s going through something??? They have emotions too
Leticia Nogueira
Leticia Nogueira Maand geleden
Karla urgiles
Karla urgiles Maand geleden
Bruh wtf she’s clearly hurt “Is TheRe StILL BraDiSoN
Biggie Smalls
Biggie Smalls Maand geleden
Dude, this is y the paparazzi terrible people. Yall r a big reason for ruining people's careers
Sam Nicole
Sam Nicole Maand geleden
The fact that she still posed for a pic with a fan while being tormented by the papz
pida siouy
pida siouy Maand geleden
She strong bro, didn’t deserve that.
Sammi Conley
Sammi Conley Maand geleden
HOW TF COULD HE TELL IT WAS HER??? I would’ve just pretended it wasn’t me and kept walking 😂😂😂
Ella The Dancer
Ella The Dancer Maand geleden
I love how she was still caring about her fans even tho she was hurt
Saeko 22 dagen geleden
@pida siouy what makes you think it was a prank,they have officially broken up...
pida siouy
pida siouy Maand geleden
So this was a prank?? I actually felt sorry for this girl...
Vireida Garcia
Vireida Garcia Maand geleden
She should’ve just ran them over 🙄
Lol lel
Lol lel Maand geleden
Wieso muss man so ein Mädchen zum weinen bringen
Diana Syla
Diana Syla Maand geleden
I'm so sorry for her. 😔
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Maand geleden
I feel so bad for her she honestly seemed like she wanted to cry🖤
Baldomero Ayala
Baldomero Ayala Maand geleden
She’s in the bin
FILIP Olaison
FILIP Olaison Maand geleden
What insensitive prick would record someone like this i don’t even like tik tokers but this is just cruel and Addison doesn’t seem like a one of the bad ones
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Maand geleden
karla valentina s
karla valentina s Maand geleden
privacidad? sabes lo que significa?
Dana Mel
Dana Mel Maand geleden
is she crying??
Daniel Manus
Daniel Manus Maand geleden
Joshy04 Maand geleden
Also press are so horrible "dont wanna talk about it" lets continue to make it worse.
Sumaya Ibrahim
Sumaya Ibrahim Maand geleden
What is wrong with yall
Mireya Garza
Mireya Garza Maand geleden
I like your vids but why would you still record if she is crying
Barfin Ali
Barfin Ali Maand geleden
Poor addsion :( she do not deserv to be cheated :(
Hooi Ying Kee
Hooi Ying Kee Maand geleden
this is why I hate paparazzi so much🥴
Eva C.
Eva C. Maand geleden
So this was a prank?? I actually felt sorry for this girl...
Naia Meyers
Naia Meyers Maand geleden
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