A Mercedes F1 drive... soon 

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I will drive the W10 at Paul Ricard in a demo and test for the Team following the French Grand Prix.
Can't wait! And you?

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5 mei. 2021




Bezig met laden.....

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Edward Meah
Edward Meah 4 dagen geleden
At the end of the day, the man could have easily died. Totto giving him a few laps around Paul ricard in the fastest F1 car ever made is the least he could do 😂
SCANIA R450 5 dagen geleden
What a legend
Albert Schacherl
Albert Schacherl Maand geleden
If I hear Romain Its James, I will be angry
Antonio Adamo
Antonio Adamo Maand geleden
Come back replace Bottas
no one
no one Maand geleden
Letsss Goooo
Arleider Maand geleden
I hope for the "Grosjean, it's James"
Isabel Alejandra García Zúñiga
Congrats Romain 🥳🥳🥳
MagFeed Maand geleden
Romain, I really hope you don’t enjoy this. Best finale to remember the F1 days.
Neutral Warlord 2
Neutral Warlord 2 Maand geleden
Go for it, man!
Dr Daniel impossible
Dr Daniel impossible Maand geleden
Cool but did romain replaces bottas or hamilton
Marc H
Marc H Maand geleden
Elle est faite pour toi 👍👍...
Martin Vandenberghe
Martin Vandenberghe Maand geleden
Good job 👏👏
Debesh Muhuri
Debesh Muhuri Maand geleden
He’s back then!!!
IeoN_ Maand geleden
Russel > Grosjean
patrice theberge
patrice theberge Maand geleden
wow! très contant pour toi !
Shane Canning
Shane Canning Maand geleden
Taught he retired
Eugenia Hernandez
Eugenia Hernandez Maand geleden
Mark Woldin
Mark Woldin Maand geleden
Bring it back in one piece, Romain.
Vince Black
Vince Black Maand geleden
It's a set-up. They just want everyone to see how bad Romain is.
Don Walker
Don Walker Maand geleden
Toto ...class act.
Red Maand geleden
Congrats Rom! Have a great time! Hopefully you come back on F1 with a good car.
R Jay
R Jay Maand geleden
Russel and Grosjean??? Or Bottas and Grosjean???
Goss Automotive
Goss Automotive Maand geleden
Vincent D
Vincent D Maand geleden
Wow so good
Last Mingo
Last Mingo Maand geleden
Tomás Acuña
Tomás Acuña Maand geleden
Lewis hamilton what team is ??
KingBlueSlims Maand geleden
Man, so excited about this. I only started watching F1 this season but grew to love Romain through the DTS show on Netflix. So happy for him
07EMGEE Maand geleden
grosjean to merc 2022
froggyychamp Maand geleden
Akbar Rizzky
Akbar Rizzky Maand geleden
Welcome back to F1🔥👏
Christian Baghai
Christian Baghai Maand geleden
This guy is ridiculous
Hei Chan
Hei Chan Maand geleden
Haas does not have the ‘resources’ but Renault has. Toto honored his word. Classy. Mercedes sees it as cost-effective marketing goodwill in France. Profit motivated but still classy.
Tehri Ka raja
Tehri Ka raja Maand geleden
Fan bro..stay safe drive hard
szewei1985 Maand geleden
Haha wonderful. No longer Crashjean like Crashgate but rather the gentlemen driver.
Liam Campbell
Liam Campbell Maand geleden
First time i watched this i nearly cried like i get it your passion is formula racing but...ugh i wanted you to stick with indycar like... if you read this F1 isn't the same as...say 2010 when there were so few rules you get me? Pls stick with indy
Pete Grady
Pete Grady Maand geleden
Bravo, Toto! And Mercedes. It's a wonderful gesture that brings the idea of F1, despite the intense rivalry, as a family full circle. I hope we get to see more than a fifteen-second highlight of it.
agetori77 Maand geleden
Classy move Mercedes. Two big thumbs up.
EvandaLemon Maand geleden
Certified pog moment
Arthur Tenório
Arthur Tenório Maand geleden
He protecc He Atacc But most importantly... Romain Grojsean Is Bacc!
Corben Dallas
Corben Dallas Maand geleden
C'mon Romain!!! Yes!!! :) Thank you.. Thank you.. Thank you Mercedes for giving Romain the feel of a pure F1 racer. +Thanks Toto ( a man of his word) Cant wait to see Romain driving the Mercedes in France. Merci pour ca Mercedes!!
Mark Warren
Mark Warren Maand geleden
get bottas out put romain in
David Smith
David Smith Maand geleden
I’m scratching my head why some people have given this a 👎🏼 - it’s a great gesture and I hope you have a fab experience driving the car…
Callum Burton
Callum Burton Maand geleden
Good video Romain😃👍
Ingram Cars
Ingram Cars Maand geleden
Great to see this, Romain is one of the nicest drivers ever to grace F1.
lampertl Maand geleden
This is amazing! Enjoy!
Andre Dewar
Andre Dewar Maand geleden
I hope you race for mecedes
kiki trott
kiki trott Maand geleden
Bravo 🔥🤘🤘🏎️
Mark Murphy
Mark Murphy Maand geleden
Hi Romain, fantastic news I’m glad you get to drive a championship winning car. Wring the neck outta it mate give it the full beans. Toto kept his word good on him.
Pierre Castel
Pierre Castel Maand geleden
I wish you would have forgot an "r" in the title... Awesome gift by Toto, enjoy, Fire-Walker
yi xiang Tong
yi xiang Tong Maand geleden
Good news, congratulations
JAZ Pacific Rim Hobby
JAZ Pacific Rim Hobby Maand geleden
Just imagine what you could have done with the leading car or even a midfield car. Yes you had a lot of accidents and clearly we're struggling with confidence, but as we can all pretty much clearly see except for the haters of course, that the car you were driving for the last 3 years was kind of a piece of junk. You clearly doing well so far in your rookie season in Indy car and K-mag is doing pretty good so far and IMSA minus a few tech problems. I hope you both prove all the haters wrong and Excel and your new endeavors.
Panji Kumoro
Panji Kumoro Maand geleden
Good luck, Romain.
jean rene francois
jean rene francois Maand geleden
il va la reformer !! toto sa va te couter cher!!
idk what i want
idk what i want Maand geleden
Elizabeth Del castillo
*Y O O O O O O O O O O O*
Rehan Noor
Rehan Noor Maand geleden
its nice to see the comments section in here, on twitter, most lewis fans could not appreciate you and will talk shit about you, romain.
Tommy’s Gaming channel
If you actually get the Mercedes drive one day just wanna say good luck I’m sorry about the crash 💥 it looked hurendous
Kazuya Kaneko
Kazuya Kaneko Maand geleden
Adrián Román
Adrián Román Maand geleden
the989k e-race
the989k e-race Maand geleden
RR drivers for 2022? Romain and Russel.
Tim Annear
Tim Annear Maand geleden
I can't wait for Paul Ricard, This is Epic!
Olivier Teisseire
Olivier Teisseire Maand geleden
Content pour toi....prend un max de plaisir !!!!!
Sketch Maand geleden
So glad that his last memory in a F1 car is in a Mercedes and not the horrible crash. Really hope he comes back to F1. You can tell that he's an aggressive driver and really needs the car that can handle his needs. Haas's are shit cars and the car couldn't handle him, you can tell they're shit because look at Haas in 2021, a joke.
Andy Kane
Andy Kane Maand geleden
Iv alot of respect for toto guy keeped his word ,,,drive the fuck out of it boy
Gazzatron995 Maand geleden
I’m so happy for you Romain!
LoLo the Lop
LoLo the Lop Maand geleden
Yea in last year's car in case you crash it 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 dangerous driver. Why do we never talk about why he just drove himself into a wall?
John Murton
John Murton Maand geleden
This is the thing if he does lap times like Lewis and valterri it shows that it’s act just the car
Formula Replays
Formula Replays Maand geleden
Bottas 😢
Best off twitch
Best off twitch Maand geleden
Je suis contemps pour toi plus qu a passer un chrono énorme et tu evince botas
i_am_the_dustin Maand geleden
Huge props to Toto and Mercedes for this. Absolute class organization
Profite de cette journee au maximum Romain et savoure tous les moments.
eric_racing 35
eric_racing 35 Maand geleden
Congrats Romain really happy for uoy
special cook day
special cook day Maand geleden
I'm happy Romain is with Mercedes. After the crash he got fired from haas. I wish him huge success like Lewis.
Michael Hitchcock
Michael Hitchcock Maand geleden
Congratulations...... You deserve this Romain. A very special thank you to Toto and Mercedes F1.
Top Cat
Top Cat Maand geleden
Brilliant....the boys got a lot of talent, don’t waste it on US Indy cart, great 👍 to see Roman back in F1 where he belongs.
Cap Is a cap
Cap Is a cap Maand geleden
Just stay away from turn 3 walls my dude
Congrats roman
Mando Aja
Mando Aja Maand geleden
Hope the car does not end in a wall with french saucisse behind the steering wheel 😂😂
xevious2501 Maand geleden
This guy spends majority of His F1 career nearly killing everyone on the grid, and now that it tried to kill himself everyone is all AWWWWe poor Grosjean. WTH people!! have you forgotten how many times he's plowed into stacks of cars on the grid!!! Its amazing no one got their head chopped off. now you all patting him on the back. dude doesnt even deserve a ride with as many crashes as he's had.
V Maand geleden
AlienBR Maand geleden
Congrats! Man Fire
Scott Jacobs
Scott Jacobs Maand geleden
So much respect for Toto and Merc stepping up like they have when they didn't have to. And respect for Romain for actively not talking to Merc, to make sure they were getting things done they needed to for the season. That had to be hard as hell.
Walker Standard
Walker Standard Maand geleden
Sagesky Maand geleden
Plot twist: Toto has had enough of Valteri and George
Pedro Salvatori
Pedro Salvatori Maand geleden
Well done.
James Knoepfler
James Knoepfler Maand geleden
Would love to see him back in F1!
EP GAMER FOX Maand geleden
Grosjean ira ter um bom futuro disso você pode ter certesa sou muito fan dele ums dos meus favoritos❤❤❤❤
R3T ATT4CK Maand geleden
it would be very interesting to see how grosjean would perform as "bottas replacement" i'm pretty sure that he woulnd't be any slower than bottas, grosjean is not a bad driver. he actually had very strong results in the past, especially during his time with lotus renault(for example f1 season 2013) sorry for my bad english
litto1717 Maand geleden
grande Romain..un campeón de F1.....
Rafael Tavares
Rafael Tavares Maand geleden
Missing you in the grid. Show your best.
Bela atitude da Mercedes
Josh Bennett
Josh Bennett Maand geleden
Rip stoffel, it’s his race suit😂😂😂
ROBERT ROSS Maand geleden
Great new's !! He needs to get out of Indycar asap !, the last race Romain told his engineer he wanted to PARK IT , Paul Tracy said nothing .........
Queue Maand geleden
He looks like a rockstar
Jorge Oliveira
Jorge Oliveira Maand geleden
Best of luck, well deserved!
Le Bazar
Le Bazar Maand geleden
MajesticDemonLord Maand geleden
5 seconds before starting the test: "I am Speed" And massive massive massive props to Toto for following through with it.
Zebi la mouche
Zebi la mouche Maand geleden
On sent très bien son accent français
drGonzo Maand geleden
I bet you can be faster than louis jahmilton on the same track despite being too white... Those damn racingst
No name desired
No name desired Maand geleden
Wait a minute