9 WEIRDEST Titles Races Of All Time! 

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Today on EFD we’re bringing you nine of the most bizarre title races in recent history, whether it be because of the teams involved, last minute drama or something off the pitch. It kicks off with Steve McClaren guiding FC Twente to an Eredivisie title over one of the best Ajax sides in recent years, whilst of course we also mention other surprise winners from across the continent.
This includes the Leicester City-Tottenham Hotspur race in 2016, Deportivo La Coruna cruising to La Liga glory in the year 2000 and a three way Bundesliga battle in 2007 that featured Schalke, Stuttgart and Werder Bremen but no Bayern Munich. They did however win the 2001 title, despite Schalke fans celebrating winning the title on the pitch elsewhere. The likes of Norwich and Aston VIlla were almost the first ever Premier League winners back in 1993, whilst Liverpool caught everyone by surprise as they looked to end their title drought in 2014.
Then there’s Real Sociedad almost toppling Real Madrid in 2003, whilst in Scotland in 2012, Rangers were deprived of a title race in the courts, effectively surrendering the Scottish Premiership to Celtic for that year and the eight that followed.

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Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily Maand geleden
Shoutout to Michael Adeyemi for the idea for this one! (Dougie)
user user
user user Maand geleden
I were 1999. More drama in that season even in the premier League than any other
Tyler Newton
Tyler Newton Maand geleden
Helicopter Sunday.
Qhama Liyana
Qhama Liyana Maand geleden
Please do a weird 9 relegation battles.
Mxo Maand geleden
top 10 best one season wonders? e.g. Daniel Sturridge 13/14
Michael Adeyemi
Michael Adeyemi Maand geleden
I love you guys You forgot Montpellier though
M.C.Martin 18 dagen geleden
Surprisingly, Man City vs Man UTD in 2011/12 with Agüero’s legendary last minute goal will forever be the greatest title race ever. It practically killed off Man UTD
Niraj Shrestha
Niraj Shrestha 27 dagen geleden
What about aguero taking title away from United with the last kick of the season
Rick Grimes
Rick Grimes 28 dagen geleden
To this day i still hate Leicester for winning the league arsenal were so close 😂
Nikola Đurčinović
Nikola Đurčinović 29 dagen geleden
Mauro Morera
Mauro Morera Maand geleden
2:12 Since when smoking was allowed to be done in soccer matches?
Luke2004 BFC
Luke2004 BFC Maand geleden
Burnley won the 1st division only being 1st on the final day once
Haskec Maand geleden
Wolfsburg?!?!?!?!? 08/09
ZB Stepps
ZB Stepps Maand geleden
In before Helicopter Sunday Edit: ;-;
Bader Alhodaithy
Bader Alhodaithy Maand geleden
18/19 premier league?
Revolzy Maand geleden
Only if Arsenal had a better striker in 2015/16, they could've won the league
Revolzy Maand geleden
2015/2016 was the last season when Arsenal was actually GOOD
Bag Of rats
Bag Of rats 29 dagen geleden
Should've won if it wasn't for Giroud and welbeck misses 60 percent of their fucking shots
PC Rohluzuala
PC Rohluzuala Maand geleden
Leicester champions is still the most shocking thing in
Cam Mackay
Cam Mackay Maand geleden
"Somehow finished 3rd behind rivals Arsenal" Somehow? They got battered 4 or 5-1 by a 10-man, already relegated Newcastle 😂😂😂
gamende tukker
gamende tukker Maand geleden
Fc twente update we relegated in 2018
Moncef Ecw
Moncef Ecw Maand geleden
Nice video bro
Felipe Williams
Felipe Williams Maand geleden
0:56 who is that guy in the picture with Suarez? Can’t remember his name
Varun Kapoor
Varun Kapoor Maand geleden
Ummm... Where tf is the 11/12 PL season??
Matthew Maand geleden
Ligue 1 in 2011-12? The famous Montpellier season?
Thomas Voigt
Thomas Voigt Maand geleden
FC Twente ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
irvanCrocs Maand geleden
How about Montpellier who won Ligue 1 at 2011? At that time Psg was already a rich club not to mention there were Lyon, Bordeaux, and Marseille as the strong contenders, also Lille with their Eden Hazard to chase their 2nd win title in a row.. Yet Montpellier came out of nowhere with the power of Giroud and Belhanda striking the league and won the title despite the fact they finished 14 the last season and only entered Ligue 1 three years before.. But tbh 2008-2012 Ligue 1 are so interesting considering the year after Lyon's dominance broke every winners after that to 2012 are different.. 2008= Marseille 2009= Bordeaux 2010= Lille 2011= Montpellier 2012= Psg
Kipcurrypatat _04
Kipcurrypatat _04 Maand geleden
Bursasport in turkey
Zezima scape
Zezima scape Maand geleden
Great video 👍👍
Luis Jimenez
Luis Jimenez Maand geleden
Bundesliga 1999/2000 and Bundesliga 2000/2001 should both be in here. Bayern ended up winning by the skin of their teeth in both of those seasons.
Daniel Noah
Daniel Noah Maand geleden
What about 12 / 13 epl
คﻉՇɦﻉɼ 韵律
There wasn't really any title race that season
Omar Salas
Omar Salas Maand geleden
Where is the Aguero goal 2011 2012 City were ahead and looked to win tge title messed it up and United took charge only to lose it on the final day
Just Mark
Just Mark Maand geleden
Leicester lost three game to two teams arsenal and Liverpool
Nongency Stalker
Nongency Stalker Maand geleden
2011-2012 Premier League you forgot that one
Nuno Gomes
Nuno Gomes Maand geleden
Boavista in the late 90's, RC lens or Auxerre in the mid 90's. And there was some great serie A title races through out the 90's.
Soham Karmakar
Soham Karmakar Maand geleden
0:56 isn't that frenzied de Jong with suarez 😂😂🤣
N F95
N F95 Maand geleden
3:34 why is some guy wearing a Leverkusen scarf?
Tyler Newton
Tyler Newton Maand geleden
Helicopter Sunday.
Jeffrey Jeffery
Jeffrey Jeffery Maand geleden
No way Leicester's title win is ahead of Deportivo, Stuttgart. English bias.
Matthias McCormack
Matthias McCormack Maand geleden
2008/09 Bundesliga better be on here. Hoffenheim were “winter champions” (topping the table going into winter break) behind Ibisevic scoring at a rate that hadn’t been seen since prime Gerd Müller, and then Wolfsburg win off the back of Grafite also scoring at a Gerd Müller rate Edit: on the 26th match day, Wolfsburg and Bayern were also PERFECTLY even in the table. Same points, same wins, same goals for and against, and head to head wasn’t considered as a tie breaker
MATRIX Lomachenko
MATRIX Lomachenko Maand geleden
Gerrard full of jealousy and hate , hating on others that had success , others fault why him and carra shit ! Wanker
Robin Gronwald
Robin Gronwald Maand geleden
I remember Steven Gerrard just sitting there broken
Tim Jim
Tim Jim Maand geleden
surely FC Kaiserslautern winning the league in 1997-1998 season after being promoted or Leicester when they won the league
A2trappy Maand geleden
1:13 why does look alike Stephen tries
LilTone 97
LilTone 97 Maand geleden
Strangest title race 1. Man City 98 PTS 2. Liverpool 97 PTS Change my mind
Lozano the GOAT
Lozano the GOAT Maand geleden
Brasileirao 2020?
Seamus Cummins
Seamus Cummins Maand geleden
Ever heard of Serie A ? some great title races in the 90's early 00's
Chris Yide
Chris Yide Maand geleden
I enjoyed it
T S S Maand geleden
Mahomed Naheez
Mahomed Naheez Maand geleden
You guys could have made it 10 entries with Boavista's victory in 2000/2001 title win in Portugal. Seriously, the final league table read like this: 1. Boavista, 2. Porto, 3. Sporting, 4. Braga, 5. União de Leiria and 6. Benfica.
Benjamin munk hansen
Benjamin munk hansen Maand geleden
You have to have the la liga smartbank 19/20 season in here, iv’e never seen such a close league table. Absolutely ridiculess!?!?
NdidiSZN Maand geleden
Vxkoh Maand geleden
"Shut down as a club" no 55 to see now🤣🤣 54 to go🤣🤣
TheHesK9 Maand geleden
Norwich were actually 8 points clear at the top at Christmas. Not 3
Miles Taylor
Miles Taylor Maand geleden
Leicester lost 3 games all season and 2 of them were to Arsenal 😭 we still didn’t win the league
icecream ice
icecream ice Maand geleden
The other was Liverpool init
Harihara Sudhan S
Harihara Sudhan S Maand geleden
Aguerooooo season was crazy. Last moment
_Official_ Royalty
_Official_ Royalty Maand geleden
Good content Dougie🔥‼️
Ishaan DW
Ishaan DW Maand geleden
What's crazy about the 1999/2000 La Liga race is that the three relegated sides were Betis, Atletico and Sevilla. Three teams who had won La Liga before. Noting that only 9 sides have won La Liga and 3 have never been relegated. Betis and Atletico had 42 and 38 points respectively. Jimmy Floyd Hasselbank finished second on the top scorers list for Atletico Madrid with 24.
Aviral Abijeet
Aviral Abijeet Maand geleden
2011/12 Sergio Aguero scoring with last kick of the match against QPR to win title.
Miguel L
Miguel L Maand geleden
Pundits this season : ThIs sEasOn iS So stRanGe
Sila Narodnaya
Sila Narodnaya Maand geleden
I'm sorry but this is poorly researched. Stuttgart won the last game against Cottbus 2-1 and Not 2-0 (winning Goal a brilliant Header by kedhira). Furthermore Stuttgart are NOT "die roten" (the Reds) but are rather known as "the Cheat-Rings" (die Brustringe). I dont know if you just Look at a Clubs Jersey (which would be wrong too cuz stuttgart usually plays in white) and then just translate that shit. I can't pinpoint the video cuz it's been a long time but you've also called Bayern Munich "the old lady" before which is the nickname of hertha berlin.
monsieurenglish Maand geleden
Why say 'All time' if it is only from the 90s until now. Downvote!
Mohamed Magdi
Mohamed Magdi Maand geleden
2011 EPL? When Man City won their first ever title in the last minute of the season? Remember that?
Hasib Raiyan
Hasib Raiyan Maand geleden
2011/12 season
Craz3 Maand geleden
Please learn how to pronounce German names, it’s incredibly how mispronounced some of the key names in football are in your videos.
Jochem Dekkers
Jochem Dekkers Maand geleden
13/14 Chelsea take 12 points of Man City and Liverpool and still finisched 3rd
Jochem Dekkers
Jochem Dekkers Maand geleden
@Rohith Raman iknow
Rohith Raman
Rohith Raman Maand geleden
We dropped points against the smaller teams and we didn't have a great striker, and that's what cost us
Yotam Abady
Yotam Abady Maand geleden
08/09 bundesliga was weird too
Marquinhos Silva
Marquinhos Silva Maand geleden
Brasileirão 2009 and 2019, you guys only focus on European football and its a bit upsetting, especially as the Brazillian league is much bigger and influential than the f*****g SPFL.
Marquinhos Silva
Marquinhos Silva Maand geleden
Or than the eredivise for that matter!
Rdon Ranger
Rdon Ranger Maand geleden
Leicester’s win will always hold a part in my heart. That win was amazing 👏🏾
@da_king Maand geleden
Does the 1988-89 season in England count?
Shafiih Maand geleden
If ur going to include city u have to put united in their as they only finished in 4th on goal difference
Ash Lowery
Ash Lowery Maand geleden
RockLobster Maand geleden
What about Real Madrid's 06/07 Liga?? Barcelona was in first place for much of the season while Real were six points behind and in fourth. Madrid only finally caught up with like 6 games left, tied in points with Barcelona but 1st due to goal difference. Madrid had to come back in a total of 11 matches that year, many of them in the final stretch of the season with many goals in the last 10 minutes. With only 2 games left, Madrid, Barcelona and Sevilla could still win the title. In the last game Madrid basically won the title (and Barcelona lost it) in the last 10 minutes of the season. That was the tightest and most epic league season I've ever seen. It is known in Spain as "La Liga de las Remontadas".
gazamidori Maand geleden
Top 9! I like it. Don't conform to a set top 10 standard.
tdyerwestfield - OFTW OG
I think 18/19 PL was weirdest. 1 team got 97 points from a possible 114, the 3rd highest points tally in the history of the league, and came 2nd.
Spectre08 Maand geleden
I mean Real Madrid finished 2nd in la liga in 2009 10 despite having 96 points( 3rd most in la liga history) and scoring over a 100 goals in the league.
Peter Mcgrath
Peter Mcgrath Maand geleden
Just checking ine
Christian Siegenthaler
You talk about Stoch, but forget Swiss and Twente legend Blaise N'Kufo. 12 goals that season and 6 years of service to the club at the time.
Mershell Mathers
Mershell Mathers Maand geleden
What about 11/12 BPL?
Jerry Lalngaihawma
Jerry Lalngaihawma Maand geleden
Wolfsburg title winning season 2008-09 should've been included
Antonio Ferreira
Antonio Ferreira Maand geleden
How about the year when Boavista won Portugal's Primeira liga?
Sam Crisci
Sam Crisci Maand geleden
How is Bayern winning a title weird?
Lord Cinder
Lord Cinder Maand geleden
I'd like to see a countdown featuring "cursed" European club sides. Surely Schalke and Benfica has to be in the top 2 😅
Blue Velociraptor
Blue Velociraptor Maand geleden
@Hancok as a sporting fan... im happy to see benfica not lifting a European title for another 41 years
Ramendra Singh
Ramendra Singh Maand geleden
@Hancok Don’t forget Spurs! *Pain*
Arunachala Sivateja Mudigonda
@Ghjk Lkop i think they lost like 5 finals in European cup/champions league.
Hancok Maand geleden
@Ghjk Lkop After Benfica won the 1961 and 1962 European Cups against Barcelona and Real Madrid, their Hungarian manager Béla Guttmann approached the Benfica board for a raise but they refused him upon request. Angry at this, he resigned from his position and allegedly cursed the club, telling them "Not in a hundred years from now will Benfica ever be European champions again". Later, on 6 April 1963, in an interview to A Bola, he stated, "Benfica, at this moment, are well served and do not need me. They will win the Campeonato Nacional and will be champions of Europe again." Benfica did end up winning the Portuguese league in 1963 as he said, and also reached the 1963 European Cup final. However despite his words Benfica went on to lose that final and every subsequent final they reached in multiple European competitions from that point onwards, with 11 in total so far: European Cup/UEFA Champions League: Lost in 1963 to AC Milan Lost in 1965 to Internazionale Lost in 1968 to Manchester United Lost in 1988 to PSV Lost in 1990 to AC Milan UEFA Cup/UEFA Europa League: Lost in 1983 to Anderlecht Lost in 2013 to Chelsea Lost in 2014 to Sevilla UEFA Youth League Lost in 2014 to Barcelona Lost in 2017 to Red Bull Salzburg Lost in 2020 to Real Madrid Béla Guttmann died in 1981 at the age of 82. The 1990 European Cup Final was held in Vienna where he was buried. Hours before the final was played, legendary former Benfica player Eusébio prayed at Guttmann's grave and begged for the curse to be lifted, but to no avail. Eusébio himself died in 2014. Going by Béla Guttmann's words, Benfica will not win a single European competition in any format until after 2062. There's another 41 years of this curse left to go. Also, it was originally thought that this curse only applied to the senior team before the inaugural season of the UEFA Youth League in 2013-14 - but after Benfica reached the first final and lost it in the same season that they lost the UEFA Europa League final to Sevilla, it was all but confirmed that the curse extended to youth competitions as well.
Ghjk Lkop
Ghjk Lkop Maand geleden
Why Benfica?
D M Maand geleden
Bet specky was the one who wrote the Scottish premier league one
forzaq8 Maand geleden
2001-02 Serie A , Juventus won it on the last day while inter was leader entering the last day
Henrik Fjellström
Henrik Fjellström Maand geleden
Serie A 99/00 has to be considered crazier though
Brad Day
Brad Day Maand geleden
The weirdest thing about the Leicester title win was Arsenal being in a title race
Bag Of rats
Bag Of rats 18 dagen geleden
@M.C.Martin And then there's Spurs who haven't won the league since 63
M.C.Martin 18 dagen geleden
Arsenal hasn’t won since like 2002, so Choking is inevitable with that club
Bag Of rats
Bag Of rats 29 dagen geleden
Thats usually what Arsenal did choke at the end of the season
Ace360x .MLG
Ace360x .MLG Maand geleden
Arsenal bad lol
Brad Day
Brad Day Maand geleden
@Euro Football Daily and yet you didnt disagree 😉
Benjamin Tirone Nunes
Benjamin Tirone Nunes Maand geleden
the stuttgart year of fernando meira captaining them to the championship
Luis Halpern
Luis Halpern Maand geleden
First Comments
Dayle McDonald
Dayle McDonald Maand geleden
nice to see more Scottish football talked about but id say that the 04-05 season had a much more interesting ending known as helicopter Sunday
Gaelic Smurf
Gaelic Smurf Maand geleden
Yes! Might not have had as much outside drama but it was by far a more exciting run in at the end.
Jungwoo Kim
Jungwoo Kim Maand geleden
Football Daily? Try football twice daily!
Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily Maand geleden
Haha we thought we’d treat you! (Dougie)
Benjamin Tirone Nunes
Benjamin Tirone Nunes Maand geleden
two luis suarez amazing scoring seasons coming to a second place on this list, eh
M.C.Martin 18 dagen geleden
I thought Liverpool finished 4th in 2013/14 😂
Tomasz Elliott
Tomasz Elliott Maand geleden
Who narrated this video? I forget his voice
Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily Maand geleden
Big Zac! (Dougie)
Guapo Savvy
Guapo Savvy Maand geleden
Damn! Shalke almost won a league title but they’re keeper cost them a direct free kick and Bayern won the league on the final kick of the season?! That is insane!!!
Kevin P
Kevin P Maand geleden
@PrometheusTV the keeper was on loan from Schalke so it kinda was there keeper
PrometheusTV Maand geleden
It wasn’t their keeper, it was Hamburg’s keeper.
Colt45 &Kalasnikov
Colt45 &Kalasnikov Maand geleden
Efd I love you
Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily Maand geleden
Yes boss! (Dougie)
Mattijn Maand geleden
I love the inclusion of the Eredivisie but the 2006/07 season was way more spectacular and crazy. On the last playing day PSV, Ajax, and AZ had the same amount of points(72). AZ were 1st with a goal difference of +53, Ajax second with +47, and PSV third with +46. PSV won the title on goal difference because they beat Vitesse 5-1 goal and Ajax only beat Willem II 2-0. These games were played at the same time and were absolutely nerve wrecking for the fans. This meant that PSV won the title (AZ lost earlier that day) with a goal difference of +50 while Ajax had a goal difference of +49.
Glenniboi Maand geleden
so they won by no points and 1 goal difference
Ronald Rohan
Ronald Rohan Maand geleden
danonthestrings Maand geleden
Thats insane lol
Favour Okechi
Favour Okechi Maand geleden
Wonder what that Schalke goalie said to his teammates when his loan expired and he had to go back 😂 😂
M.C.Martin 18 dagen geleden
He probably cost them the title in 2006 😂
Arbin Sulejmani
Arbin Sulejmani Maand geleden
I heard he played for few years for Schalke, after 2001
Macarios Kindamba
Macarios Kindamba Maand geleden
Dead men don’t speak 😂
MurvMuzik Maand geleden
Eredivisie 2006/2007 was much better. On the last day AZ, PSV and Ajax all had 72 points with a goaldifference of +53(AZ) +47(Ajax) and +46(PSV). AZ lost with 2-2 against Excelsior. Hence smm Ajax won against Willem 2 with 2-0 and PSV won with 5-1 against Vitesse Won became champions? Do the match
Victor Lima
Victor Lima Maand geleden
Ah, 2016. When Tottenham finished 3rd in a two horse race
FNRift Maand geleden
@bambooh penguin but still cant win a trophy :/
bambooh penguin
bambooh penguin Maand geleden
@Cam Mackay they've just finished over Arsenal 4 years in a row now
Football Drama
Football Drama Maand geleden
Heavenly Maand geleden
@Charlie k yo mums a clown
Cam Mackay
Cam Mackay Maand geleden
@Thomas Bennett Arsenal didn't really bottle it as they were only top like halfway into the campaign, it would be a bottle if we were still close with 5-10 games left, which we weren't. Definitely should have won it though, pains me to this day. Spurs however, had the chance to finish above Arsenal for the first time in 20+ years and they bottled that 🤣
Luke Adams
Luke Adams Maand geleden
Poor gerard aha
junior Maand geleden
First to comment “gshehzjuej” in a video today
icecream ice
icecream ice Maand geleden
@3RD Period Vlogs first to comment on a comment that says "gshehzjuej"
3RD Period Vlogs
3RD Period Vlogs Maand geleden
@Guapo Savvy first to comment gshehzjuej on a comment today
Guapo Savvy
Guapo Savvy Maand geleden
First to comment on a comment that says “gsgehzjuej”
Eyad Hijazi
Eyad Hijazi Maand geleden
Efd always improving , keep up the great work
GG 11 Best
GG 11 Best Maand geleden
Up the EFD
Tahir Robinson
Tahir Robinson Maand geleden
Big fan mates
Lee Maand geleden
Michael Adeyemi
Michael Adeyemi Maand geleden
They took my idea yes
Mawet Meen
Mawet Meen Maand geleden
First comments wow
Kaybee Nkosi
Kaybee Nkosi Maand geleden
Bazza Maand geleden