7 Former Stars Who Now Play At A REALLY Low Level 

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From former Real Madrid and Everton wide man Royston Drenthe to Premier League and Arsenal favourite Nicklas Bendtner, HITC Sevens takes a look at a number of high-profile footballers / soccer players who now play at a low level.
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15 apr. 2021




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Motha Fishcrackerz
Motha Fishcrackerz 8 uur geleden
Dani Guiza in Malaysia with JDT was fan favourite ❤️
Pietro Pes
Pietro Pes 12 uur geleden
Real Murcia have an impressive stadium for such a small team tbh.
Christoffer Klette
Christoffer Klette Dag geleden
Morten Gamst Pedersen plays for Alta IF in the Norwegian 3rd tier
DrtyALGreen Dag geleden
Arjen Robben hasn't retired???🤯
SteMCFC79 Dag geleden
Real Murcia are a different team, a Segunda Division side, the one Drenthe is at is Racing.
galapagoensis Dag geleden
Nothing wrong with this considering their salaries probably weren’t as lucrative as today’s salaries and the fact that it’s more down to working to be able to retire with some extra money.
Afiz Anacledata
Afiz Anacledata 2 dagen geleden
DANI GUIZA > Johor Darul Takzim (JDT), Malaysia
Digo Dahlan
Digo Dahlan 4 dagen geleden
Put MICHAEL ESSIEN.. He is on my country league now 😂
TheAshleyYoyo 6 dagen geleden
Had he not recently retired I was fully expecting Pascal Chimbonda to be high on this list
michael fisher
michael fisher 7 dagen geleden
The Eddie Howe joke will never get old
Liam Roberts
Liam Roberts 8 dagen geleden
In terms of the cover photo for this video, I love the irony of how the sponsor over the shoulder of the player is only a misspelling of what he’s probably thinking as he signs for that club.
Patrick Correia
Patrick Correia 8 dagen geleden
People usually say it's better to retire on a high but I see no problem with former stars playing for low league teams. They still love the game and just accept they can longer perform at a certain level but still want to have fun playing the game they like. Nothing but respect for that.
Michael James Owen
Michael James Owen 9 dagen geleden
I can tell you why you are not getting people come back for part two of videos. Your intonation when you speak is rather irritating. Content is OK but i personally didn't like the way you narrated the video.
Fresh Vesh
Fresh Vesh 10 dagen geleden
I mean, if it happened during what should be “prime” years then it’s definitely a tragedy, but if it’s just down to aging/injury then I respect it a lot. Means they just love to play. That being said, I don’t think there is as much between a average player in the top leagues and some of the lower leagues as people might think. A slight drop off can be the difference between top level player and an low level pro/amateur. Some players rely on pace and one injury can take that away. Plus I think a lot of these guys get rich and lose their passion for the game and don’t train as seriously
Kidings 7
Kidings 7 11 dagen geleden
7 players in a video of 15 minutes😂😂😂 is it a series?
Sergey Bahdasaryan
Sergey Bahdasaryan 11 dagen geleden
Check Gabriel Obertan and Federico Macheda. They should be on the list too
Leerick Q
Leerick Q 12 dagen geleden
His narration irritated me
Shaquille Simpson
Shaquille Simpson 12 dagen geleden
Anyhow --- Eddie howe
Stephen Calvert
Stephen Calvert 12 dagen geleden
You've missed the ultimate number one, Ben Marshall who has been playing for Stoneclough FC in Kearsley in Bolton..the ultimate pick!!!!!
Agnus KasaH
Agnus KasaH 12 dagen geleden
THE LORD !!!!!
Ronny Quatre
Ronny Quatre 13 dagen geleden
There are players that plays for a team that they loved as a child...
Aveer Chowthi
Aveer Chowthi 13 dagen geleden
Did he say any how while a picture of Eddie Howe appeared?
Maseluss 13 dagen geleden
Maicon was signed by my local team (Avaí) around 2018 or something, I don't think he ever played any game in either state championship (in Brazil we got those) or Brazilian 2nd Division, which was a shame, i'd love to see him play in Avaí's shirt.
mantawaz 13 dagen geleden
without Freddy Adu(further ado).....hahahahaha
Ry Rilo
Ry Rilo 13 dagen geleden
Lets hope their bank account isn't at a really low level.
seamusc3 13 dagen geleden
Großkreutz and Kirchhoff plz
PassivesAbseits 13 dagen geleden
That Sona Club will probably get a Wikipedia Page really soon... with the only information posted being "got mentioned on an HITC Sevens video once."...
Dark Angel
Dark Angel 13 dagen geleden
Any how ,Eddie Howe
Roel V
Roel V 13 dagen geleden
Lucio from bayern and inter was still playing, till last season age 43 wow
Dumfries Spearhead
Dumfries Spearhead 14 dagen geleden
Rafael van Der Vaart not only plays in the lower tiers of Danish football, but is also now a darts player. Another topic could be players going into another sport close to or after retirement, like the German goalie Tim Wiene.
monster271209 14 dagen geleden
The moment you start to speak immediately made me stop the video.
Q'oriank Amaru
Q'oriank Amaru 14 dagen geleden
Funny story: Romário, 1994 Ballon D'or winner, played until the age of 41; though he did play for the likes of Adelaide FC in his final years, he also had one last great season in 2005, at the age of 39, for Fluminense, and then retired with a short, but worthy run for Vasco in 2007. Which is a lot better than a lot of players in this list, surely - Maicon especially. I wasn't even aware he was still playing O.o
Yavuz Selim Yağsan
Yavuz Selim Yağsan 14 dagen geleden
The fenerbahçe team that guiza joined was the best side club ever had, quarter finalist in the champions league. He missed many absolute sitters, and actually cried after scoring against a very low tier anatolian club in the turkish cup. Now of cource he was mocked relentlessly but there were two issues most people miss. Alex, the shadow striker and playmaker was the goal scorer of that side and nearly every single striker he played with had the same goal drought, because team was shaped as such. Alex got most assists in two seasons but those assists were for inside forwards such as deivid and center backs on set pieces. Other problem for guiza was apperantly his relationship with his wife was very poor and violent, probably his self worth and trust all time low. He cried hugging the goal post. Very bizarre.
Colin Harrison
Colin Harrison 14 dagen geleden
You missed out the time Bendtner had at Sunderland. What a genuinely frustrating player. He could have been world-class if he could have been bothered enough to be.
Kavstar23 14 dagen geleden
This was a great video, thank you as always
Ed The duck
Ed The duck 14 dagen geleden
I thought freddie adu was playing for the Las Vegas lights
Paul Bryant
Paul Bryant 15 dagen geleden
Who cares where they're playing to me it shows they really love the game so good luck to them
technos 15 dagen geleden
Maicon is old so ofc he will go to a low club like wtf is this bullshit ?
herbertschmerbert 15 dagen geleden
you completely forgot KEVIN GROSSKREUTZ and maybe also Kevin Pannewitz
Cameron A
Cameron A 15 dagen geleden
Freddy Adu was at the Las Vegas lights a couple years ago. A second tier North American club.
ngc 5139
ngc 5139 15 dagen geleden
Some of these were never big names.
Marcus Franconium
Marcus Franconium 15 dagen geleden
Drente shot him self in the foot and head at the same time,. In the under 23 and olympic team he acted like he was the big man , went up against the national team manager of the youth teams and disrespected him after he gave him some advice on how not to behave on and off the pitch as any mentor does.started to argeu with the manager as he was heading to real madrid , The manager told him he would not have any thing to do with him any more and bey bey international carreer and football carreer in general. Seedorf acted the same way van gaal didnt want to have anything to do with him and kluivert any more . due to their antics on and of the field Group rape of a girl , killing some one during speeding over 100km hr to a residential area. And one of the main reasons seedorf is hated is his arogance and disrespect during the 1996 european cup. claiming penaltys and missing them .
Tommy De Buck
Tommy De Buck 15 dagen geleden
Drenthe is an actor now in the series Mocro Maffia
DaViEbh0Y Celtic
DaViEbh0Y Celtic 15 dagen geleden
I wonder, how many of these types of players have ghosts of the past from selling out too young or after a freak season for the big bucks contract which didn't work out for whatever reason, and ultimately ruined their name and/or appetite for the game, and hang on like this for some sort of penance.
Demps Chong
Demps Chong 15 dagen geleden
Really enjoyed the line 'without Freddy Adu', absolute gold!
Joaquin Reyes Techera
Joaquin Reyes Techera 15 dagen geleden
Some people like Robben or Iniesta joined retirement teams
Aljaž K. - SI
Aljaž K. - SI 15 dagen geleden
Interesting video, but your "jokes" fall flat 90%. I would say try to do better, but I think in your case you should probably just leave them out, it's not your cup of tea...
José Roberto Alvarez Rank
hey please keep this videos coming !!! it's quite interesting !
Kasper Kring
Kasper Kring 16 dagen geleden
Rafael Van Der Vaart playing 9th tier football in Denmark?
Attack Pattern Delta
Attack Pattern Delta 16 dagen geleden
Badstuber doing a Jack Rodwell at Stuttgart.
Wolf Haines
Wolf Haines 16 dagen geleden
Tom Soares. Went from Crystal Palace to the Yeovil & District Premier League. Which for those who don't know is basically Tier 14 pub football. Although this isn't because he got bad, it is because that guy loves the game so much he just keeps playing for whoever his local team is. Fair play to him.
Maestro 16 dagen geleden
Royston Drenthe actually is not fat. He is really fit, just too muscular lol.
Manos Tzanakakis
Manos Tzanakakis 16 dagen geleden
Μercia ha ha....learn the basic pronunciations before you do such a show!....
Abhiram Athavale
Abhiram Athavale 16 dagen geleden
addie howe! ;-D
Greedy Bastard
Greedy Bastard 16 dagen geleden
Even though their career fluctuated, to play at the highest level is still an achievement.
F.D. Mauer
F.D. Mauer 16 dagen geleden
Dani Guiza is 40 years old and had a fine carreer. Wtf are you on about?
Doğukan 16 dagen geleden
A rather interesting story about Güiza; during his time in Turkey, he once got in a fight in a night club. He was partying with some girls and he asked for a cigarette from a random guy. The guy was a Fenerbahçe fan and he snapped at him and if I remember correctly, beat him up pretty bad.
Kane Whu
Kane Whu 16 dagen geleden
Wtf, why did you waste time on a list that no-one has heard of?
Nasiphi Zwane
Nasiphi Zwane 16 dagen geleden
Granero was so good😭.
C Joe
C Joe 16 dagen geleden
This narrator runs out of breath before he can finish each sentence loooolllllllllll
C Joe
C Joe 16 dagen geleden
Phil Jones: A really low player playing in a star club.
DaKid Biscuit
DaKid Biscuit 16 dagen geleden
Your content is why Euro football Daily and Football Daily views have dropped massively👊🏿 they couldn't keep up
IndiBrony 16 dagen geleden
Clicked on this one thanks to algorithm and out of curiosity. Haven't followed football in a long time and was amused at how I knew practically *none* of these players, but it did make me think of a video you could do: 7 well-known players from the 90s who are still playing today! Zlatan Ibrahimovic is the top one I can think of.
S D 7 dagen geleden
Off the top of my head... Gianluigi Buffon is a definite. I’m pretty sure Maxi Rodriguez, Fabio Quagliarella, Joaquín, Claudio Pizarro & Roque Santa Cruz are all still playing, otherwise they’ve very recently retired. Jamie Cureton is still playing, although I think he’s now player-manager in the non leagues & I read something the other week about Kenny Miller still playing. Not sure if Franck Ribéry or Giorgio Chiellini started their careers in ‘99 or 2000, but they’d be close.
Shelley Lyme
Shelley Lyme 17 dagen geleden
Ponderous presentation by someone who likes the sound of his own voice. I gave up after about two minutes.
Adam Donaldson
Adam Donaldson 17 dagen geleden
Definitely would like a part deux ✌️ 👍
Kit3000 17 dagen geleden
Start at 1:30 to avoid mindless waffle.
CJ 17 dagen geleden
7. Royston Drenthe 6. Alex Song 5. Holger Badstuber 4. Dani Guiza 3. Maicon 2. Esteban Granero 1. Nicklas Bendtner
Z Z 17 dagen geleden
You missed El Hadji Diouf. World cup rising star, Liverpool, Rangers player and then he played in the Malaysia league which is probably worse than many European 3rd or 4th tier leagues.
Hello There
Hello There 17 dagen geleden
Great video Liked the Eddie howe (anyhow) at the end 😅
Albert Lay
Albert Lay 17 dagen geleden
Drenthe was never a star, so he's not exactly one for this list. Being under contract at a big club doesn't make a player a star. He was a great talent at Feyenoord, but got crazy, thought he was an arrived star and signed for Madrid, still being a youngster. He could have been a star, if only he had stayed at Feyenoord for some two years longer, learning and riping and keeping his head straight.
ThatRedHairedDude 17 dagen geleden
When Drenthe signed for Reading I thought they had got a bargain, I was wrong
Roberto Suso
Roberto Suso 17 dagen geleden
Eddi how very funny
Croatian Punisher
Croatian Punisher 17 dagen geleden
They are just too old
Bigboy69 17 dagen geleden
Day 83 of saying you should make a video on how individuals become referees and make it to the pro level. I'm currently going through the ranks in the US and think it's more interesting, more difficult, and more complicated then people think.
Leonardo Dela Cruz
Leonardo Dela Cruz 17 dagen geleden
I know daniel güiza. He was hella striker but seems with the poorest agent. Please make a part II
Turner Welborn
Turner Welborn 17 dagen geleden
dont know about you lads but i'm playing until im in a wheel chair
Gustavo Monteiro
Gustavo Monteiro 17 dagen geleden
The Túlio Maravilha video.
reallyneed2know 17 dagen geleden
Retire early with millions in your bank account or enough to live well is t smartest don't know what you are talking about..sports at this level leaves your body full of issues, I v meet former professional footballers and all of them have physical problems because how much they pushed their body to t limit for years..
Stuart Campbell
Stuart Campbell 17 dagen geleden
Great video suggestion, well-researched video--lovely content, HITC Sevens. But, if I honestly might offer constructive criticism: there are many times I simply don't finish watching your videos because you don't finish enunciating your sentences. You frequently drop the volume and tone on your final words, and that sentence cadence causes enough frustration to make me click away. I do only mean to speak this constructively.
Jordan Buxton
Jordan Buxton 17 dagen geleden
That footballer @00:15 with the pink stripe looks like he hits his wife after 2 pints of Stellas
LoSir 17 dagen geleden
Part II needed
Jordy 17 dagen geleden
I feel like you have a lot of Dutch viewers, because you keep mentioning Dutch players in several video's
tilio exon
tilio exon 17 dagen geleden
Gareth bale literally ended maicons carrier.
Søren Peter Langkjær Bojsen
Raphael van der Vaart plays in the third lowest tier in Denmark
Dumfries Spearhead
Dumfries Spearhead 14 dagen geleden
And is now also a darts player.
Matthew Turner
Matthew Turner 18 dagen geleden
I remember Royston Drenthe at my club Reading, such a waste of talent.
Samuel Alexandro
Samuel Alexandro 18 dagen geleden
what about michael essien?
J w
J w 18 dagen geleden
Of course Maicon won more caps for Brazil then Dani Alves as they play for different countries
steve irungu
steve irungu 18 dagen geleden
I miss the likes of Frank Ribery and Arjen Robben etc by Steve Irungu Jermaine
Tony Yang
Tony Yang 18 dagen geleden
Stefan Gog
Stefan Gog 18 dagen geleden
Wait, what is happening with Segunda Division B, why is it a chaos?
nefjoe 18 dagen geleden
Arjen robben joined Groningen to help them out, he is a real champ. Even though he has been injured most of the time. But he is far from being as good as his young years
Ezekiel 18 dagen geleden
Why isn't Asmoah Gyan featured in this list? We only saw a pic from him and he skipped to Bendtner ( how ever you write his name)
Champ Clancy
Champ Clancy 18 dagen geleden
Quick correction for the first one, you're thinking of Racing Murcia, not Real Murcia
Han Schouwman
Han Schouwman 18 dagen geleden
Groningen is not a B club
KILLTHe BODY 18 dagen geleden
Let's call a spade a spade some of these players are only still playing because they're broke and need money
Harshil Patel
Harshil Patel 18 dagen geleden
Its insane to think Song was a starting midfielder for Arsenal aged 22 and now just dropped off the map.
Harshil Patel
Harshil Patel 16 dagen geleden
@Sensational_Cellar 33, and he plays in Djibouti of all places, not even somewhere half decent for a swansong like India or Qatar
Sensational_Cellar 17 dagen geleden
What age is he now?
GOHAN snaps
GOHAN snaps 18 dagen geleden
Eddiehowe will never get old 😂
Jo Sm
Jo Sm 18 dagen geleden
I remember seeing Paul Parker play for Rushden and diamond's about 10yrs after he was a England and Manchester United player.
The Binary Epidemic
The Binary Epidemic 18 dagen geleden
all of these players are over 30, why does it matter
Jed Eye
Jed Eye 18 dagen geleden
Stop talking
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