4 Hours of Ambient Study Music To Concentrate - Improve your Focus and Concentration 

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Keep your focus and concentration with this ambient study music to concentrate from Quiet Quest - Study Music.
This music for studying, concentration and memory will help you improve your focus and concentration while you study, read or work.
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You can use this ambient music to study as concentration music and focus music.
Listening to study music to concentrate and remember can help you with memory recall and the future, while getting rid of background noises and distractions.
Add this ambient study music to concentrate to your study music playlist and enjoy it whenever you want.
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Music by Quiet Quest - Study Music
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18 feb. 2020




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Blissful Mind - Sleep & Meditation Music
Dear Simon, Quiet Quest is simply brilliant! You truly have an amazing talent and an impeccable taste! This is some of the best material that NLblock has to offer, no doubt! Wish you all the best, cheers!
Mind The Mind - Music Heals Everything
Thank you for the music and helping out the younger generation to fulfill their ambitions.
Kevin Shaw
Kevin Shaw 17 dagen geleden
Black Lives Matter. Get out and support your Black Brothers and sisters.
BlueHawks 17 dagen geleden
i made your comment like 888
Ambika Shahu
Ambika Shahu 22 dagen geleden
@Quiet Quest - Study Music 808i70i
Ambika Shahu
Ambika Shahu 22 dagen geleden
@Quiet Quest - Study Music 808i70i
Deny Linda
Deny Linda 3 uur geleden
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Jame Andy
Jame Andy 7 uur geleden
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Rose Playz
Rose Playz 11 uur geleden
If you are worrying about your school work - here are some things to remember:- 🌱 🌞 Everybody else is feeling the same, even if they don't say.🌼☀️ Your work does not have to be perfect. 🌺🌈 You do not need to be the best in the class. 🌻🌤️ Don't compare yourself to others.🌱 Don't spend time worrying about how your friends work is going.💐 Do not panic about school.🌼🐘 Your teachers care about you, they'd rather you be safe and happy than ahead with your work. 🦋🦩 Ask for help if you want to. 🐛🐙 Just do your best. 🐞🦋 Don't set silly high goals. 🐈🏵️ Know that the grown ups will try and get everything better as soon as they can. ❤️🌈 Give yourself a pat on the back when you're pleased with your effort or work. 🐇🌾🌿 Take exercise breaks regularly (a walk round the garden if you have one) , get fresh air if you can, even by an open window. 🐥☘️🌳 Eat healthily - fruit for snacks to keep you going. 🐾 Work in short blocks, not all morning, afternoon or all day. 🐬 Listen to beautiful calming music like this to help you. 🌴 Hug your parent/carer/dog/Teddy sometimes. 🦄 Sending you happy best wishes and caring thoughts xxxx 💝
E P 11 uur geleden
One click
One click 12 uur geleden
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Ada Montgomery
Ada Montgomery 12 uur geleden
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Gregorio Sevilla
Gregorio Sevilla 20 uur geleden
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Adrian Lazaro
Adrian Lazaro 21 uur geleden
Sharon Jacob
Sharon Jacob 21 uur geleden
beautiful, pleasing to ears.. as a pianist, i can tell that this is by far the pleasant song i have heard on NLblock.. keep it up Quiet Quest!!!
Adrian Lazaro
Adrian Lazaro 23 uur geleden
Kaylan-Joy Bell-Mcgarth
if you're studying to this, good luck if you're doing homework to this, hope you get amazing grades, if you're crying to this, hope you know things will get better if you're being happy to this, hope you stay that way if you're working out to this, hope you get the size/body you want if you're cleaning to this, hope you get it to your standers if you're waking up to this, hope you have a good day if you're going to sleep to this, sweet dreams If your playing games to this, hope you win if you're just here to listen to fill in the silence, hope you enjoy the sound and hope your day will get better
comment section
comment section Dag geleden
imagine u the only one in this world,no one else than u
odis elder
odis elder Dag geleden
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BloodCreeper Gamer2
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Carey Augustina
Carey Augustina Dag geleden
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Kerstin Xylia
Kerstin Xylia 2 dagen geleden
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bill dino
bill dino 2 dagen geleden
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bill dino
bill dino 2 dagen geleden
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Music Of Mind
Music Of Mind 2 dagen geleden
Beautiful images and music- thank you - inspiring!
Vritika Bhatia
Vritika Bhatia 2 dagen geleden
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Relaxing ASMR Synths
Relaxing ASMR Synths 2 dagen geleden
I'm floating ........ Thank you! :)
gabber_de 2 dagen geleden
This is so peaceful
Keep Calm - Study Music and Sounds
Dear Simon, You are a blessing to NLblock for always giving us good music like this. To everyone who is worrying, it is going to be ok. Just Breathe.
Owen Wade
Owen Wade 2 dagen geleden
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Daniel Bourne
Daniel Bourne 2 dagen geleden
I don't mean to be negative but I was listening to this with earphones and it's just too loud, too loud for me to concentrate, ironically enough. Of course I tried turning the volume down but I think it's just a bad or 'loud' recording.
Music Lover
Music Lover 2 dagen geleden
this is the most wonderful place where all young students across the world, who wanna touch the stars meet... 🎶🎶
The Chosen One James
The Chosen One James 5 uur geleden
Most beautiful comment! By far...
Pauline Lorenz
Pauline Lorenz 2 dagen geleden
i can't study because these beautiful landscapes keep on distracting me....
William McAlister
William McAlister 2 dagen geleden
So I’m betting there are a lot of students on here. I just wanted to let you guys know I’m a teacher and using it. You’re not in the struggle alone, we’re with you. I love you guys. You are going to be successful. Stay the course. You got this.
Francis Mausley
Francis Mausley 2 dagen geleden
Thank you. It's so pleasing to be soothed by this tranquil music in these troubled times. "We, verily, have made music as a ladder for your souls, a means whereby they may he lifted up unto the realm on high." ~ Baha'u'llah, Baha'i Faith
Ryan Hazer
Ryan Hazer 3 dagen geleden
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Tyler Holland
Tyler Holland 3 dagen geleden
I was studying and vibing to the music, and all of a sudden, the video was over 💀💀💀💀💀
Amalita Perini
Amalita Perini 3 dagen geleden
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arsenal 79
arsenal 79 3 dagen geleden
it gives me some sad vibes i feel like all the sad memories rushing into my eyes if i close it
logan Farrington
logan Farrington 3 dagen geleden
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Celeste Seraphi
Celeste Seraphi 3 dagen geleden
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Satyam Pal
Satyam Pal 4 dagen geleden
I never imagined that it will be more helpful for me ... Outstanding 🙏
Sara Yamawaki
Sara Yamawaki 5 dagen geleden
i know I sould be reading but I can't couse this is such good music and the backgrounds look incredible! :) :)
Opal Davis
Opal Davis 5 dagen geleden
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Adrean Tejeda
Adrean Tejeda 5 dagen geleden
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Jack Ryan
Jack Ryan 5 dagen geleden
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George Tashjian
George Tashjian 6 dagen geleden
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George Tashjian
George Tashjian 6 dagen geleden
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WolfQveen 6 dagen geleden
Part of it reminds me of my heart will go on and I don't know why
TRÚC NGUYỄN 6 dagen geleden
im exhausted, i have to prepare for the university entrance exam. It wil start in June but i hope everything will be okay , and i pass my university dream. thanks for reading this. hope u guys be more happy and success in life.
City Girl.
City Girl. 6 dagen geleden
Always put ur future in front of u ✨Donchu ever never give up, believe in yourself!!! you can reach YOUR dream 🤍🤍 let your dream come true one day🤍🤍 let yo mama be proud of you 👏🏿 💎
Omar Bueno
Omar Bueno 6 dagen geleden
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Pedro Costa
Pedro Costa 6 dagen geleden
This music is very good of study, thanks!
khong bao gio
khong bao gio 6 dagen geleden
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D K 6 dagen geleden
Phew- glad I'm done with school. Keep at it everyone! Its worth it!
Onkar Kapse
Onkar Kapse 6 dagen geleden
Magical Vibes
Magical Vibes 6 dagen geleden
Do check out my music videos for you loves! Stay calm and serene. Do like, share and subscribe to my channel❤❤
The Lyrical Asparagus
The Lyrical Asparagus 6 dagen geleden
absolutely astonishing cinematography
Life Inspired Academy
Life Inspired Academy 7 dagen geleden
I pray that whoever reads this and is going through a difficult time, don't give up, good things are coming for you, you will achieve your dreams in this lifetime
Ben1 Tao
Ben1 Tao 7 dagen geleden
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Malveliz Gilbertminaya
Malveliz Gilbertminaya 7 dagen geleden
Very Good Music to study
Hoeung Sothen
Hoeung Sothen 7 dagen geleden
Hey there, We are the same, that why we listen to the concentrating song now. wait.....listen to me, you are awesome, brave, unique, and strong. Now let start to continue your jobs, you can break it. Trust me "We Are The Same". I have a dream, you also have a dream. No matter where you are, who you are, what kind of situation you are living in, let make it be a paradise that you really want to live in. I pray, Let us succeed in our journey. In the next 5 more 10 years later, I see we became what we really want to be. Trust me, keep doing and fight and fight. Fight until you win the campaign. |reply again in the next 5 years, 10 years|. "I will turn back and write to you that I reach my goals too' Love you all, __________________________________ Sothen HOEUNG, Cambodian People
Satyaki Biswas
Satyaki Biswas 7 dagen geleden
what ARE these places!!!!!!!!
Satyaki Biswas
Satyaki Biswas 6 dagen geleden
Satyaki Biswas
Satyaki Biswas 7 dagen geleden
My Zen Time
My Zen Time 8 dagen geleden
Thank you for the calming video.
The Outdoor Fam
The Outdoor Fam 8 dagen geleden
Roses are Red Violets are Blue Stop Reading the Comments You've got work to do
Sara Yamawaki
Sara Yamawaki 5 dagen geleden
when people say ti not read the comments couse of school work it makes me want to read more!
Quiet Study Music
Quiet Study Music 8 dagen geleden
Hey ! stop this for you , Even the more complicated tasks can be overcome if we just try. The key to success is perseverance, so make the most of this day and put your best foot forward. I hope your day is great! 💕 if we made your mind subscribe us really helpful
Shazia Umair
Shazia Umair 8 dagen geleden
I’m doing my 4 hour English work
Stephany Gallego
Stephany Gallego 8 dagen geleden
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yG s
yG s 8 dagen geleden
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HAPPY MAN 9 dagen geleden
It let me think from the past with good memories ❤⁉️
St Girl
St Girl 9 dagen geleden
This works, people. My friend took a video of me when we were talking over zoom. I had this on in the BG. And she sent it to me later and was like "holy shit, listen to this" I sounded like a fucking sage. I was talking about a pair of shoes.
Lara Smith
Lara Smith 9 dagen geleden
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Relaxation Quest
Relaxation Quest 9 dagen geleden
Great content!
Brandon Hsia
Brandon Hsia 9 dagen geleden
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midnight black
midnight black 9 dagen geleden
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Utkarsh kumar
Utkarsh kumar 9 dagen geleden
Hey who so ever is reading this listen, I know you are tempted for social media , meeting your friends and run away from study but just control this temptation now and you will be at the place you always tempted for your entire life till now after a few years. And I know you are not stupid enough to choose these small temptations over the one you wished since you were a kid.
Sara Quiggle
Sara Quiggle 2 dagen geleden
Adya Shukla
Adya Shukla 7 dagen geleden
thankyou :(
Bruce Xu
Bruce Xu 9 dagen geleden
after a long day of procrastinating, putting this on gets me in the zone!
Elaine Ng
Elaine Ng 10 dagen geleden
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tae oh
tae oh 10 dagen geleden
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Lubos Graubner 10 dagen geleden
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Agent Sheenx
Agent Sheenx 10 dagen geleden
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Vritika Bhatia
Vritika Bhatia 10 dagen geleden
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Naomi 관
Naomi 관 11 dagen geleden
beautiful sounds!
관Lisa 11 dagen geleden
very calming
Simon Wang
Simon Wang 11 dagen geleden
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Jervis Ehrenfeld
Jervis Ehrenfeld 11 dagen geleden
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Owen Wade
Owen Wade 11 dagen geleden
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Nakul Haridas
Nakul Haridas 11 dagen geleden
What are you guys studying?
nath1270 nath1270
nath1270 nath1270 7 dagen geleden
Basicly nothing I’m homeschooled
Mark Chin
Mark Chin 11 dagen geleden
Is this track royalty free music?
Yeezydude boiguy
Yeezydude boiguy 12 dagen geleden
The flowery cough maternally gather because lumber oddly reduce amidst a mute half-brother. gullible gusty, silly whale
kickyouinhalf 12 dagen geleden
The music is quite nice but I just wished there was a cleaner recording for the audio enthusiasts or audiophiles here. And yes, I do realize that NLblock cannot playback ultra high resolution music files.
Allison Howard
Allison Howard 13 dagen geleden
This music is something I never knew I needed. I get so much more work done when I listen to it. Thank you!
Zechariah Avery
Zechariah Avery 13 dagen geleden
amazing music
Sasirekha K Parudi Sasi
Sasirekha K Parudi Sasi 13 dagen geleden
Love is universe😍 No matter what you are today love unconditionally, Love change universe , only remember what you give to this universe it will give it to you back, today you big shot , but tomorrow there is someone take over ...
ekta singh
ekta singh 13 dagen geleden
wow where is that place at 14:46?
Faadujikterujik Maietujikeoletu
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Laoura Stepanian
Laoura Stepanian 13 dagen geleden
I just wish I could see my friends again... I miss them so much.
Assman 24
Assman 24 28 minuten geleden
@The Chosen One James 17 here. Joined a new school in a new country. I don't like the people here and the lockdown is in a way helping me to avoid them. I been trying to make new hobbies but I always failed. I want to do alot of things but I'm in conflict with school. I miss my old friends alot, my old place too.
The Chosen One James
The Chosen One James 5 uur geleden
you got this! May I ask how old you are? I read something about the effects of Covid on Minors and teenagers so I am wondering how people with differernt age cope.
Assman 24
Assman 24 3 dagen geleden
Me too. I miss my homies 😢
Sara Yamawaki
Sara Yamawaki 5 dagen geleden
me to but maybe soon
Joyce Kisamo
Joyce Kisamo 14 dagen geleden
These are views of paradise...I envy people living there
Music For Soul
Music For Soul 14 dagen geleden
Change is one of the most difficult things that we face But change is inevitable One reason we don't like change Is we get comfortable where we are We get used to our friends, our job, the place we live And even if it's not perfect we accept it, because it's familiar And what happens is, because we're not willing to change We get stuck in what God used to do Instead of moving forward into what God is about to do Just because God's blessed you where you are Doesn't mean you can just sit back and settle there You have to stay open to what God is doing now What worked five years ago may not work today If you're going to be successful You have to be willing to change Every blessing is not supposed to be permanent Every provision is not supposed to last forever We should constantly evaluate our friendships Who's speaking into your life? Who are you depending on? Make sure they're not dragging you down Limiting you from blossoming Everybody is not supposed to be in our life forever If you don't get rid of the wrong friends You will never meet the right friends
Ryder Kalaris
Ryder Kalaris 14 dagen geleden
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Amalita Perini
Amalita Perini 14 dagen geleden
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Amy Clark
Amy Clark 14 dagen geleden
This has been so incredibly helpful for as I have to read a lot for my master's program. Using this as my background music, keeps my mind from wandering. Plus, it's just very chill, lovely music to listen to. Thank you!
malefiecent 15 dagen geleden
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Elizabeth Agyapong
Elizabeth Agyapong 15 dagen geleden
This is my safe place. I am at peace and I love it here.
Erinda Rruci
Erinda Rruci 15 dagen geleden