30 Goal Ivan Toney Too Good! | The Golfing GK??! | Brentford Away | Ben Foster - The Cycling GK 

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The aftermath of the promotion weekend. I start off with training and a bike session on @Zwift Up with the big boys and girls in Cat B now..

Off for a round of golf with the 'Golfing GK' Rob Elliott 🤣🤣. Can you guess the movie reference during the round of golf......?

Back to the training ground to see Big Bazzla and off to Brentford away. A really nice hotel and an initiation from Pochettino Jnr- Top work!

Match day and the sun is shining. Not the result we wanted but we move on to Swansea at home for the last match of the season! I've got the TOTS Will Highes jumbo card up for grabs this season!

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The prize for this giveaway is a jumbo TOTS card (Will Hughes).

Entry is open to anyone who likes and comments on this video until the closing time of 18th
May 2021 @ 6.45pm GMT. I will reply to the winning comment, you then need to reply with your email address so we can arrange for the shipping of the giveaway prize.

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4 mei. 2021




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Ben Foster - The Cycling GK
Who wants to win that Will Hughes Card?!! Let me know what you think of his stats down below👌👍
Anton Christian Gyde Christensen
I Think it’s a very fine cars but he diserves more physicality⚽️👍
Chris Cole
Chris Cole Maand geleden
Do I want the Will Hughes card? F*** Off 🤣
blogabogey Maand geleden
He should have 60 physical
yishai lerer
yishai lerer Maand geleden
I’m not sure where they got 83 Physical from???
Nathiano Maand geleden
Go on then, if I have to have it 👌 stats aren't too bad, however they missed of foul language 99 😂😂 buzzing for you boys, can't wait for next season 👊👊
shaid H
shaid H 2 dagen geleden
Foster shud be at euros by far best English keeper
EssEff 14 dagen geleden
Please someone comment the song name at 2:20 !! It’s such a banger
Jack Lavender
Jack Lavender 25 dagen geleden
We need golf with baz
Aiden Green
Aiden Green 26 dagen geleden
Emil Söderdahl
Emil Söderdahl 28 dagen geleden
Wills card has 83 physical, should be more like 99...
Shankhadwip Talukdar
Shankhadwip Talukdar 28 dagen geleden
The Sun is Shinin.. /ove/y
Shea Heaney
Shea Heaney 28 dagen geleden
Sarr all day long
Zain Saeed
Zain Saeed 29 dagen geleden
Will Hughes should have 99 swearing
Gary Lawlor
Gary Lawlor Maand geleden
Pen shoot out v The irish guy (HITC sport)
Bobby Boorman
Bobby Boorman Maand geleden
The swearing midfielder with a TOTS 🤬👀
Ben Linthwaite
Ben Linthwaite Maand geleden
Rafael Veloso Starling Schwanz
Hughes could be given a bit more shooting for this card... And maybe Ben vlogging in the background of the pic xD
Anton Christian Gyde Christensen
His card is very fine but he diserves more physicality
zaiym Mughal
zaiym Mughal Maand geleden
Sebastian Eriksen
Sebastian Eriksen Maand geleden
Chris Cole
Chris Cole Maand geleden
🤣🤣🤣 that singer! Where's the shepherd's crook when ya need it? Ha! Top marks for effort tho!!!
Sam Hudd
Sam Hudd Maand geleden
I think his stats were bang on but I think it’s should be 99 99 99 99 99 99 99 and of course 99 overall
Shubham Patel
Shubham Patel Maand geleden
Nice work lad❤️
S Dee
S Dee Maand geleden
Hughes’s card should have 30 pace for the rest the stats are goof
Steven Golding
Steven Golding Maand geleden
I know you give him grief, but what a player Will Hughes is ..... seems like a top bloke too. Glad he is a hornet
Pedro Nunes
Pedro Nunes Maand geleden
Will Hughes should have 99 passing
LTFC Maand geleden
Wander when the game v Luton Town is going up 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Jenson Carruthers
Jenson Carruthers Maand geleden
Big up will Hughes
Putturtle Maand geleden
Got to be Sarr for me, absolute class player!
Ethan J Brown
Ethan J Brown Maand geleden
For that 🔥 Will Hughes card stats should of been 84-86 pace 86-87 shooting 91-93 passing 88-89 dribbling 90-91 defending and 99 physical that’s honest 😂
Samuel Tasker
Samuel Tasker Maand geleden
Hughes deserves 99 everything as hee is class
Aran Rfc2
Aran Rfc2 Maand geleden
Ismaila Sarr poty baller
Reno Augusto
Reno Augusto Maand geleden
Player of the sesson is João Pedro, cuz he is Brazilian like me and hes a youth product from Fluminense, which happens to be the team i root for
blue orange juice
blue orange juice Maand geleden
So pumped we are back in the PREMIER LEAGUE, would love to win the giveaway especially after such an incredible season!!!!
zeltzy Maand geleden
re comment-gotta be hugehsy
Matthew Robinson
Matthew Robinson Maand geleden
Whole team been insane this season. But POTS got to be between Hughes sarr or Joao pedro. Think I've got to go sarr
Matthew Robinson
Matthew Robinson Maand geleden
Femenia easily up for it too. But still sticking to sarr
David Goodey
David Goodey Maand geleden
I hope he continues doing this in the prem.
Patrick Murphy
Patrick Murphy Maand geleden
The will Hughes and sarr team of the season with joao Pedro silver stars team of the season is the best link up FUT champs has ever seen, what a player 🐝
Oscar Shinn
Oscar Shinn Maand geleden
Ismailia Sarr was absolutely CLASS this season - deffo player of the season for me!!
Andy Barker
Andy Barker Maand geleden
Absolutely the BEST football podcast ever. You might say a thing of beauty! Thanks for entertaining us this season Ben and showing us that footballers are human. You’ve kept my spirits up during the losses by helping us remember that it’s just football. Thanks also for making my son Rufus’s day by giving him a shout out at the promo party. Although you probably won’t remember doing it!! It’s been a pleasure. (Ps ismaila Sarr for POS of course although everyone has been fantastic) :)
Daniel Mills
Daniel Mills Maand geleden
My player of the season is Dan Bachman. The obvious choice is Sarr but it’s very hard being a second choice goalie and he pulled through in the second half of the season
Abram Morales
Abram Morales Maand geleden
Can you please golf with gareth bale before he goes back to madrid😂plzzzz
Tay Kight
Tay Kight Maand geleden
How come your not playing?
Jamie Lambert
Jamie Lambert Maand geleden
Keep vlogging through the Prem! Love the videos, well done on a well earned promotion this year. I am bitter my Portsmouth wasn't this year but we move forwards. Congratulations!
Toby Kirkham
Toby Kirkham Maand geleden
Absolutely spot on! Maybe a bit better shooting as he can hit them from range! 🚀☄️
Kalitenin bir numaraları adresine hoşgeldiniz
You Are The Best GK In Championship (And Premier League) I’ve ever seen!
Ezequiel Gil Barta
Ezequiel Gil Barta Maand geleden
Puede que no te haga falta nada 🎶🎶
Josh Mcluckie
Josh Mcluckie Maand geleden
Will Hughes for ballon dor, should be all 99’s
Luke PM
Luke PM Maand geleden
Im a United fan and this is the officially my favourite channel to watch this lockdown...SUBBED
Blair Kennedy
Blair Kennedy Maand geleden
Definetly should be higher but you know EA. They wouldnt give a 90 plus card to a player in the championship. Ridiculous😢
Ross Smyth
Ross Smyth Maand geleden
His tots card is fantastic, physical should be 90
Paddy Gallery
Paddy Gallery Maand geleden
I think the stats are spot on, maybe a bit more pace, he’s been class this season deserves it 👍
Javier Reyes
Javier Reyes Maand geleden
His shooting should’ve been 90+
HT Maand geleden
Hughes should’ve been all 99 stats
Alex Martin
Alex Martin Maand geleden
🔥Will Hughes is a ‘ friggin ‘ beast 🔥
breezzy_eu Maand geleden
99 everything
breezzy_eu Maand geleden
99 everything
breezzy_eu Maand geleden
99 everything
breezzy_eu Maand geleden
99 everything
breezzy_eu Maand geleden
99 everything
breezzy_eu Maand geleden
99 everything
breezzy_eu Maand geleden
99 everything
breezzy_eu Maand geleden
99 everything
breezzy_eu Maand geleden
99 everything
breezzy_eu Maand geleden
99 everything
Dylan Cunningham
Dylan Cunningham Maand geleden
Hey Ben i know u don’t replie to people that often but I was wondering did u enjoy your time at Manchester United and congrats on being promoted I hope u win the premier league much love 🙏🙏🙏
Finlay Richmond
Finlay Richmond Maand geleden
83 physical???? What a joke the mans a machine!!!!
Abstract Vision
Abstract Vision Maand geleden
I think that Will's card should have had way better pace and shooting also keep up the good work Ben
Tom creed
Tom creed Maand geleden
Stats should be 99 and the card is just to good
Finnian Stroud
Finnian Stroud Maand geleden
not 88 lol
Finnian Stroud
Finnian Stroud Maand geleden
class card and i thin he should be rated 99
Logan BRIGGS Maand geleden
His cards alright, probably overrated 😂
Oisin Byrne
Oisin Byrne Maand geleden
His stats should of been anything but 0 physical definititaly
TobyG123 Maand geleden
Big bazzler shirt giveaway???
Trusty Tomb4
Trusty Tomb4 Maand geleden
I use him because in game he is much better than Bruno Penandes
Great White FC
Great White FC Maand geleden
Loving that you guys got promoted and will be cheering you guys on come next season (accept against NUFC) ;) Love from Canada!
afsgdrhdtrjhfyjmy Maand geleden
Keep up the work!!!!!!
Nate Battye
Nate Battye Maand geleden
The hughes card is amazing! Would give him more pace shot and physical though!
Adam Dunn
Adam Dunn Maand geleden
6:29 Craig - “get the beers out”
Neale Henning
Neale Henning Maand geleden
Love this guy and not just cos he's an ex Utd player. What a top bloke.
Jack Hayes
Jack Hayes Maand geleden
Williams card is cracked
treg720 Maand geleden
will hughes is a brilliant all round midfielder and he deserves at least 90 physical
Joe Richards
Joe Richards Maand geleden
W. Hughes overall 85 80PAC 83DRI 82SHO 85DEF 90PAS 78PHY
Superdan175 Maand geleden
Hughes card is sick got him in a player pick
Mr. pap. boy
Mr. pap. boy Maand geleden
Hughes what a footballer i think his card should be 1-2 ratings higher
Ilias Margaritis
Ilias Margaritis Maand geleden
Hughes was a beast this season..absolutely deserve +5 stats to all..what a legend
YnoName Maand geleden
Is there a need for ads...
Freddie Plenty
Freddie Plenty Maand geleden
Hughes has been fantastic for us this season and his tots card shows that. COYH!🐝
Clabcd E
Clabcd E Maand geleden
Good card well deserved but stats could be changed 80 pace 80 dribbling 85 shooting 88 passing 81 defending 73 physical
emanuela dedominicis
emanuela dedominicis Maand geleden
I am Italian I am 10, I am passionate about football and I am learning English so I find your videos amazing
Jytrex Maand geleden
Hughes carries me in fut champs what a plyr should have been at least every stat over 90 no questions asked moments guilt who ?
A/MFP / Maand geleden
89 rated unbelievable Jeff what a card what a pl
madfut pack opening and trading
Hi Ben please can I get the will Hughes card it will mean so much and he really deserves it his stats are great And congrats on promotion
Kevin Haage
Kevin Haage Maand geleden
will hughes' card is very underrated disappointed in ea for not making a new swearing stat just for him tho but the card is unreal but deserves a 90 overall for the 🐐 most underrated player in the championship
Mushfiqur Rahman
Mushfiqur Rahman Maand geleden
Will hughes card should have a 99 number for his foul mouth
Not Remik
Not Remik Maand geleden
The best goalkeeper on NLblock 😍
Wiizo Maand geleden
Hughes is in the ruud gullit club😳
Max van Vuure
Max van Vuure Maand geleden
I actually play with hughes and sarr in my team in fifa 21 and he does nog deed an upgrade for his stats he’s already 💥🥵👍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️‍🔥
ben s
ben s Maand geleden
Will should be 99s across the board!
yisroel chapper
yisroel chapper Maand geleden
Red road golf
Kai Marnock
Kai Marnock Maand geleden
His card is sick but it should be 84 83 91 89 90 87
Noah Smyth
Noah Smyth Maand geleden
Will Hughes deserved that TOTS what a baller he’s been this season🔥🔥🔥
George Taylor
George Taylor Maand geleden
That Will Hughes is if a Ginger Nut biscuit was in fifa
Thomas Gibbons
Thomas Gibbons Maand geleden
I suppose a tots will hughes will be a great runner up considering I'm still waiting for your TOTS card Once a baggie always a baggie pls come back after u leave Watford Boing boing ! Ps absolutely love ur video keep them coming show my aspiring 9 year old all ur videos and he loves them like u he is weird on sauce not ketchup but sweet and sour has it will every meal.