255 yrds PAR 3 - HARDEST golf course I’ve played  

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BREAK75 EPISODE 5! This episode Rick takes on the beautiful JCB Golf \u0026 Country Club. Standing at 7,400 yards off the very back tees, Rick really has his work cut out to break75

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Hi I’m Rick Shiels, welcome to my channel RickShielsPGAGolf. This NLblock channel is designed to help you play better golf, also to help you enjoy your golf more!

I specialise in golf club reviews, golf club unboxing, golf club news, golf club head to heads, and all about golf clubs.

I also want to make you play better golf by providing coaching video on all topics about golf, how to fix your slice, fix your hook, help you drive the golf ball longer, hit your irons more pure, hit your irons closer to the hole and help you draw and fade your golf shots.
I will also help you lower your score by chipping better by stopping you duff and thin chips, pitch the ball closer and also create backspin. Also I will provide you help to putt better and hole more putts!

On this channel I also make fun and entertaining golf content based on crazy and sometimes “gimmicky” golf clubs. I like to cut through the marketing hype about products and I like to give you the honest truth about golf equipment.

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30 apr. 2021




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Rick Shiels Golf
Rick Shiels Golf Maand geleden
Thanks so much for watching! *subscribe* to my 2nd channel & help get to 100K!
Gareth Morgan
Gareth Morgan 2 dagen geleden
Keep up good work Rick shields
UK Carp Angler
UK Carp Angler Maand geleden
@Daniel Willems Unless it goes in with the first shot how can it be a hole in one?
UK Carp Angler
UK Carp Angler Maand geleden
@Marcus Lee Very much so!
Daniel Willems
Daniel Willems Maand geleden
Hole in one challenge from the back tees on the 17th their. 1) make sure camera is recording 2) get a ball sponsor. Be a lot of wet balls Just imagine if you get it. Eternal NLblock glory, forever cement yourself as the best NLblock golfer
dave the plug palumbo
dave the plug palumbo Maand geleden
Shout out to your editing, you've really taken your channel to the next level
Carl Meibergen
Carl Meibergen 2 uur geleden
I'm so familiar with the "No, no, no, no....." putting for par, watching it roll 10' passed the hole. 😉
Simon Iredale
Simon Iredale 11 uur geleden
Its seeing great golfers play like us normal folk that has made my game drop from 23 over to 18.3 in 3 months. Literally not beating myself up about every bad shot. Golf isnt what you see on the PGA tour, it's this! Great fun, these videos have done more for me than all my lessons in the last 5 years :)
Seth Lasher
Seth Lasher Dag geleden
What a fantastic course
connor w
connor w 2 dagen geleden
Imagine playing that bad x5 then u get me every fucking time lol.
Derek K
Derek K 2 dagen geleden
Are those tonka trucks in the tee boxes
platano123 2 dagen geleden
Great video, Rick! What is the name and brand of you golf push cart (sorry, random) just like the look of it.
Allah Ali Baba
Allah Ali Baba 2 dagen geleden
Great video Rick...Love the way you handled the recovery shots....I think that if you would have spend about 20 minutes on the putting green before the round, you could have save a lot of strokes....Thanks for this showing....Oh, what iron did you use on the 17th tee shot????
SxOxB 3 dagen geleden
Finally relatable content lol
Design Team
Design Team 4 dagen geleden
Your putting is terrible. Other than that you have a great game. Just every video putting always terrible.
steve woolf
steve woolf 5 dagen geleden
Rick if you want a challenge try Corinthians golf course in Kent
Fred Limly
Fred Limly 6 dagen geleden
The sassy owl summarily retire because opinion inherently disapprove outside a squeamish sturgeon. salty, jealous palm
Dave Wylie
Dave Wylie 6 dagen geleden
That G425 is working for you my friend!!! Ball flight is just phenominal. Keep the content coming Rick. Far and away my #1 golf channel favorite and top 5 content period across the board
Stewart Marshall
Stewart Marshall 7 dagen geleden
I feel so much more human. Thanks Rick
SR Entertainment
SR Entertainment 7 dagen geleden
Forgot how fun it was to watch someone play a course. Well edited man. Loved the video
Darryl Yee
Darryl Yee 8 dagen geleden
Rick - Another entertaining video! Google Mauna Kea in Hawaii. Their signature hole is a par 3, from the tips, it's 273 yards, all over the ocean, and usually with a 20-25 wind. Haha!
Kevin Brennan
Kevin Brennan 8 dagen geleden
it would be great if you told us what you got wrong; especially putting.
Ken Woll
Ken Woll 8 dagen geleden
Not your best outing, but definitely a great view of JCB.Looked like an awesome day golfing. THANKS for sharing with us.
John Candler
John Candler 8 dagen geleden
that 3rd shot on 10 - I felt that one. Most relatable shot ever.
Chris Gilligan
Chris Gilligan 8 dagen geleden
The other holes notwithstanding....on a 255 yard par 3 completely carry over water - what the actual F are they doing with all the undulation in the ground around the green, and the green itself. I mean that's a proper joke really.
JohnnyLightningV10 8 dagen geleden
Rick can't putt lol
Big T
Big T 8 dagen geleden
Looks like my normal round if lucky
Mixolosopher 9 dagen geleden
You know it's a tough course when a 250+ yard, water-surrounded par 3 has a stroke index of *_9!!_*
Jeremy English
Jeremy English 9 dagen geleden
Hole 17 is beautiful and terrifying
Joebiz24 9 dagen geleden
How'd you hit them?.......Often!
eric cam
eric cam 10 dagen geleden
If he could just make a mid range putt this would be a whole different story.
Jeremy Pfisthner
Jeremy Pfisthner 11 dagen geleden
Just now trying to get caught up on your channels. This course looked FANTASTIC. Loved the tee markers very original IMO. Not sure I’ll ever get to play golf on that side of the big pond, but would absolutely want to try and find a way onto this course.
Per venge
Per venge 11 dagen geleden
This video is soooooo boring
Josh bulley
Josh bulley 11 dagen geleden
I beg to differ the par 3 4th at remedy oak is ridiculously tough
Ken Leivonen
Ken Leivonen 12 dagen geleden
Rick, this is a great video of this new course and I am really glad that you got to play it and that you can play it from the tips. But as a senior golfer who can only dream of playing from back there, it would be nice to either talk about the different tee options available on the course while you are playing or maybe a separate video that takes on that subject. I use to play courses from the “normal” men’s tees, but now I am at a stage in life and golf, that I look at the score card and want to play a course at around 6,000 yards, when there are two sets that are close to that, I then look at the course ratings to decide which I will play from. A few years ago I got to play Chambers Bay and I was paired up with 3 players from the Atlanta, GA area. Since we were the first foursome of the day, the Starter told us we could each have our own caddie or he could give us his two best caddies and they would each carry two bags. I said I am OK with just two caddies and that is what we got. The caddie carrying my bag, Miguel was clearly the more experienced of the two and as we walked to the first tee he asked where we wanted to play from, the others in the group said, they played the US Open here, we have have to play from the tips. I told him that I wanted to play around 6000 yards, his reply to me was “You’re a smart man”. He recommended that I play the combo of Sand/White at 6100 yards. Of course all 3 of my playing partners put their first tee shots in the fescue, when we got to my tee, Michael asked if I wanted the “Big Dog” and I said, no, it’s a Par 5, I will start with the 3-wood. As he handed it to me, he said “You’re a smart man” and I proceeded to stripe it right down the middle of the fairway. As I handed my 3-wood back to him, he again said, “You’re a smart man” and then said he would meet me at my ball as he walked off to help search for the 3 balls in the fescue. It turned into one of the most enjoyable and best rounds of golf that I ever played. Miguel made it so much more enjoyable to play and an experience that I will never forget. Ken
JULIO CRUZ 12 dagen geleden
Kevin Na.... had Nothing on that walk in Birdie putt!! @ 9:50
Mack Langen
Mack Langen 12 dagen geleden
your putts kill me everytime, its like reliving my memories
Luci Fran
Luci Fran 12 dagen geleden
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Barry Henderson
Barry Henderson 13 dagen geleden
Know how you feel rick recently took up golf so just looking to improve my scores. Had 15 shots 2 holes left. Didnt even finish the last hole and nearly smashed my hybrid
JJ 15 dagen geleden
Couldn't find a fairway or green in regulation, short game sucking, couldn't buy a me, Rick....I know how you feel 😂😂
Nick Gough
Nick Gough 16 dagen geleden
17 hole tho
Andy Shi
Andy Shi 16 dagen geleden
The cloistered harbor previously wriggle because step-daughter interestingly suck among a opposite judge. organic, envious quartz
cSchroeder 16 dagen geleden
Guys like you are going to be the reason golf is getting so much more popular. These videos have been great and seeing how you keep your composure and laugh even in the bad strokes is great. I'm glad I found this channel and every time i watch i want to get back out there! Keep up the amazing work!
shawnsvfan 18 dagen geleden
Rick thanks for this. Hahaha. Just played the hardest course I’ve ever played and it killed me. I typically shoot 23 over and this course had me shoot a 108. First tee I had an awesome drive and that’s about were it ended. Figured I’d break a 100 easy. Nope.
Aditya Tomar
Aditya Tomar 19 dagen geleden
You're sadly the worst putter i have ever seen.
casinodelonge 20 dagen geleden
Can't believe they ruined a good fishing lake by putting a golf hole in it!
casinodelonge 20 dagen geleden
If the golf carts aren't mini little diggers I'm going to be very disappointed.
jamcoombes 20 dagen geleden
To be fair, the weather looked appalling...
jcd780 20 dagen geleden
Very nice course! Future British open host ?
Warren Snow
Warren Snow 20 dagen geleden
Must have a ridiculous course rating
Ivanvlogz 20 dagen geleden
He posted a shank. Lifetime SUB! Go to sleep!
Paul St. Marie
Paul St. Marie 21 dag geleden
the undulations will get you EVERY time
nathan hock
nathan hock 21 dag geleden
Ricks bad day on the green is my good day on the greens 🤣💯
David Wilson
David Wilson 21 dag geleden
Oh marry me... I’m totally using that
Jay Vav
Jay Vav 22 dagen geleden
I don’t know why it hurt me so much to watch this. I make double bogey at least 10 times a match lol
Scott C
Scott C 22 dagen geleden
Swings looking a lot more controlled Rick I must say
phil goss
phil goss 22 dagen geleden
Rick u really need to get yourself down to st mellion the Nicklaus course...if you think the JCB is hard your gonna sweat like hell on the Nicklaus 😂😂😂
Boone Docker
Boone Docker 22 dagen geleden
Every now and then, golf needs to remind you who is in charge.
will 22 dagen geleden
Nice to c a pro go through the same as all of us !!!
John Pearce
John Pearce 22 dagen geleden
I wish I could shoot 85 lol
Omega Knutson
Omega Knutson 23 dagen geleden
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Rich Chappell
Rich Chappell 23 dagen geleden
I almost always suck my first time on a new course. #17 is brutal. I would have to hit DRIVER, and still might not be able to carry the water. That's unfair.
Jacky mai
Jacky mai 23 dagen geleden
The three toast chronically store because alphabet antenatally stir unto a teeny-tiny territory. teeny, unadvised canvas
Dessie H
Dessie H 23 dagen geleden
Good to see you are human Rick 😀.
Mitch Howard-Bath
Mitch Howard-Bath 25 dagen geleden
G'day Rick from Perth - Western Australia. I always enjoy watching your exploits and tests and gear try outs. I hate it when I am on the green for 2 and on the card for 5 BUT as you have shown - everyone can have a bad day. Great to see you laugh at your "shockers". Keep up the great posts. Cheers
Silverghini 27 dagen geleden
Well done Rick for showing us that golf is as much a mental game as a skill-based one.
Derek Simmons
Derek Simmons 28 dagen geleden
You got lot of viewers wanting to play a round with yuh. Get some pointers along the way.
Richard Abeal
Richard Abeal 28 dagen geleden
You should get over to BroHof stadium course in Stockholm Sweden. 8000 yards of the back tees. longest par 3 just under 270 yards with water on 3 sides. proper course.
Randy Boyd
Randy Boyd 29 dagen geleden
Welcome to my golf world, only hint I’ll offer, next time have a pint after playing #7 Thanks for sharing your misery
W.L. Loo
W.L. Loo 29 dagen geleden
I think the point that Guy made about Rick having to keep his mind in check was really the key, and we could see what happened in the end! Great video and I really enjoyed it though!! P.S. That statement applies to my own golf game as well...
charcolew 29 dagen geleden
Nice to see you play some of the shots I usually hit, Rick! Shanks and fluffs and all sorts... If you ever need any lessons, you only have to ask!
Tim Haigh
Tim Haigh Maand geleden
No no no no NO! I liked the motion graphics and synchronous text on this one! This is a great looking golf course.
Golf Nut
Golf Nut Maand geleden
A humbling experience, ask me how I know! 🤔
Mark Sakowski
Mark Sakowski Maand geleden
Thanks for shearing, I feel much better now.
Leandro Cucco
Leandro Cucco Maand geleden
There's no enought balls in the world for me if I play the 17th
Dale Schreyer
Dale Schreyer Maand geleden
Fun to watch Rick....17 is amazing....keep them coming
Maurice Jones
Maurice Jones Maand geleden
This is your best video. Such a great golfer and humbled by this course but with the right attitude shows how great a guy you actually are! I think your viewers can learn a lot from this.
Martin Ward
Martin Ward Maand geleden
So please tell us what Guy scored
Caleb Davis
Caleb Davis Maand geleden
You can’t handle the pressure of a simple game of golf.
Stacy Carrero
Stacy Carrero Maand geleden
Danggggg Rick lipping out like that for birdie on 18th! That one one hurttttt toughhhhhh course idk shoot oh yes say +126. Thousand 🤣💯
Stacy Carrero
Stacy Carrero Maand geleden
Are anyone else recommended s all from like a week ago right now for some reason?.........some tweaked the algorithm 😵
Gonzo Maand geleden
I dont know whats more impressive, the flop shot or the fact you found that ball. That par 3 island is going to grow in size with all the balls that are going to end up around it
Nick Maand geleden
Hits flop shot out of hundred acre wood “That wasn’t bad.” The cheek
Michael Murphey
Michael Murphey Maand geleden
Watching Rick play poorly makes me feel better about my golf game 😆
David Chisholm
David Chisholm Maand geleden
If Rick struggled with this I would probably struggle to keep under 160 😂
David Bishop
David Bishop Maand geleden
This is adventurous , that’s my normal play.😂😂
Lee Maxwell
Lee Maxwell Maand geleden
That 17th hole is going to give me nightmares tonight, I would be ecstatic with a dry ball lol
SSJ Brutus
SSJ Brutus Maand geleden
This particular day for you almost gave me hope for my golf game.
Tom Youngest
Tom Youngest Maand geleden
Can't bring your C game to a tough course
Eli Blomquist
Eli Blomquist Maand geleden
When travel restrictions ease up, come to Washington in the US. I would be so interested to see what someone from the UK has to say about Chambers Bay, it’s like 4 miles away, you have a place to stay as long as you want , haha.
O Steve Dahmen
O Steve Dahmen Maand geleden
I've been watching Rick's videos for over a year now. Since the shutdown, since nothing else is open, I've been discovering golf again. I've been implementing Rick's tips and I have shaved my handicap (I keep track) from 28 last year to 23 so far this year. That's a rolling 7 round average. (Thanks Rick!) I LOVE the honesty of this video. He could have easily edited it so he shot his 75 or even 72 and shoot scratch. Nope, Rick decided to be honest, and show what an honest round of golf should be: FUN!
Philip Marshall
Philip Marshall Maand geleden
6:38 - is there no rule that allows you to play from where the divot lands instead of the ball lie?
Tony Maand geleden
I don't know if Rick edits these himself but they're super funny
tkdatheartc Maand geleden
Pickle Rick!!!!!!!
Ken Beattie
Ken Beattie Maand geleden
Golf is a very humbling game. Just when you think you've got it figured out...
Billy Mabum
Billy Mabum Maand geleden
That 1st putt on the 5th was hilarious . We’ve all been there though buddy .
Matthew Dev
Matthew Dev Maand geleden
Hole 17 is bonkers. And that road at the back looks dangerous 😂
Matthew Dev
Matthew Dev Maand geleden
Bunker rakes and flags you can remove? Oh you think you fancy!
SGTGRAY - Maand geleden
I'm surprised he uploaded this😂😂
john maddox
john maddox Maand geleden
Rick we in Staffordshire who have played this course no matter what your handicap have all bit the dust and felt destroyed, you just made me feel better, good vid and heart goes out to you
Xtr3me0wn4ge Maand geleden
You came for 12:43
D T Maand geleden
Love the videos Rick but would be great to see some more of Guys shots and get an idea of how he faired against you. I do understand time constraints and not wanting the video to be too long though. Great content either way.
WullyBee Maand geleden
I love that you show the highs and the lows. I'm new to golf, been going to the driving range for about 6 weeks, bought a cheap set of clubs and played by first round a couple of days ago. It was an ABSOLUTE disaster but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I made par on a par 3 just narrowly missing the birdie put after a great tee shot. Also nearly drained a 40 yard chip for it to come round the edge of the hole and back towards me.
Mike the Whizz
Mike the Whizz Maand geleden
When the golf course is open before the bank
Mike the Whizz
Mike the Whizz Maand geleden
Wish I had a button start car
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