2021 Giro d'Italia Preview | The First Grand Tour Of The Year! 

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The first Grand Tour of the 2021 cycling season is almost upon us! The Giro d'Italia starts this Saturday on the 8th of May, and we're delighted to be showing it live, and on demand, in all GCN+ territories excluding Latin America and New Zealand. The race will see the return of Remco Evenepoel and Dylan Groenewegen to competition following their abbreviated 2020 campaigns along with a whole host of other superstars such as Bernal, Yates, Vlasov, Landa, Sagan, and more! With a brutal route that includes a Strade Bianche style gravel stage, 2 individual time trials, and an ascent of the infamous Monte Zoncolan - you really don't want to miss a moment.

Who do you think will take home the Maglia Rosa? Which sprinters will dominate the flat stages? Will any riders surprise us? Let us know all your predictions in the comments below!

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4 mei. 2021




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GCN Racing
GCN Racing Maand geleden
Who do you think will take home the Maglia Rosa? Which sprinters will dominate the flat stages? Will any riders surprise us? Let us know all your predictions in the comments below!
RIchard Moody
RIchard Moody Maand geleden
Don't know who's going to win but will be very interested to see how James Knox goes. I imagine he will be a super domestic in the main but will be good to see how he is developing.
BradleySports Universe
Simon Yates wins the GC And Sagan takes the points classification
Rick Bellamy
Rick Bellamy Maand geleden
Egan is choice 1- with Sagan as choice 2
Pod Strzechą Mariana
Pod Strzechą Mariana Maand geleden
Remco will take it by a country mile 🥳
Paul Angeloff
Paul Angeloff Maand geleden
heicas1 18 dagen geleden
Hello again. It's incredible that I did not choose in my own predictions for our Egan Bernal. You have to have faith in the one you think is the best. We knew he was not all recovered from his back but he is the Winner of 2019 TDF. I said the winner will be between Remco or Yates. Remco will assit for a race of 3 weeks for the first time, not a chance he will win. My god if I was wrong. Yates had more options to win because of how he won his last race. Our Egan prove he won this Giro because he is a great and talented cyclist. Mr.Wiggins dared to said he won his TDF because of a "lottery of the circumstances" ! What a bad sports commentator. Not even one vote for Egan in all of your predictions. It's so sad. Let's see what happens in La Vuelta. Greetings.
Ivan Vargas
Ivan Vargas 26 dagen geleden
I come from the future and yes, I can confirm the GCN kiss of death for Remco in this Giro will be dreadful....
Marcin P.
Marcin P. Maand geleden
Tour de France 2022 Remco or Tadej ?
heicas1 Maand geleden
Well, It seems to be that in your predictions no one goes for our E Bernal. It's true, maybe he still has not recovered his talent and confidence. Anyway, he is our best shot for this race. My predictions are that the winner will be betwwen S Yates or R Evenepoel. Tomorrow is the first stage of mountain. Let's see what happens in this battle. For now, let me invite you for a good coffee of this lands. Let the games begin.
George Lane
George Lane Maand geleden
Landa for the win? What is this, 2015 GCN?!
headban Maand geleden
+1 for simon yates
yesroh Maand geleden
We can't get it in the U.S.
flippinchoons Maand geleden
Ollie, my sister wants her hair band back!!
oliver “izmerul” izzard
What's wrong with their pants? Are they really that happy to see us?
Gayer Márton
Gayer Márton Maand geleden
where can we get those 3 GTs pictures hanging on the wall?
Eastern Brown
Eastern Brown Maand geleden
The "why is Ganna riding like a goner?" line is the most dramatic twist leading into this giro.
Erik B
Erik B Maand geleden
GCN+ makes this year the first year that I can properly follow the race. So I am super excited!
Bernard Wind
Bernard Wind Maand geleden
Not happy days if you are in NZ - without coverage... coincidentally, for the first time a New Zealander (George Bennett) will be leading a world tour team in one of the main tours for Jumbovisma the Giro
Francisco Luna
Francisco Luna Maand geleden
I hope to see Dan Martin explode on the final week and take the pink home. On the same token, I wish to see a magnificent Remco do some epic battle to the end.
Michael Kennedy
Michael Kennedy Maand geleden
Where is Shimano with their 12speed
Andrew teaches Spanish
I really don’t think I’ll ever see groenewegen the same way again. That was one of the worst things I’ve seen on live TV and it was so disturbing. I honestly thought I had just seen that young man die. Regardless of what anyone has said about the crash, I believe it was intentional. I don’t believe he expected or intended that outcome but I believe he intended to crash him.
Lorenzo Ferroni
Lorenzo Ferroni Maand geleden
Pascal Plenge
Pascal Plenge Maand geleden
Buchmann is waaaaaaay to underrated right here. Podium at least.
artery8077 Maand geleden
Just subbed to GCN+ app looking forward to the Giro and rooting for Simon Yates and Hugh Carthy
Philip Tarning-Andersen
I’m surprised nobody picked Bernal. He’s probably my favourite, but it’s a tough one to pick.
Dial Robinson
Dial Robinson Maand geleden
Break out your triple chainrings for this one, wow!
Alexander Manolov
Alexander Manolov Maand geleden
Are you guys getting paid for mentioning Remco this often for no big reason? It's almost annoying. In my heart there is only one man in this field with a character of a champion and it is Vincenzo Nibali. No disrespect to the other guys, but none of them comes even close to his class. If Vincenzo has managed to recover well and manages to survive the first days without losing much time he will give the others a hell of a challenge in the second half of the Giro. Forza Vincenzo!!
Alexander Manolov
Alexander Manolov Maand geleden
@GCN Racing I will enjoy the race whatever the development may be. The Giro is by far my favourite race. I went to Milan in 2017 to watch the Grand Finale. Hope you will enjoy the race as well.
GCN Racing
GCN Racing Maand geleden
Yep. £200 per mention from Patrick Lefevere. Unfortunately the editor took a couple of mentions out. Hope you enjoy the race. Can't wait! Dan
ThePTChem Maand geleden
How much is GCN plus? I'm too lazy to create an account just to see the price.
GCN Racing
GCN Racing Maand geleden
Depends where you are, but basically £40 or equivalent. Dan
Gabbe chico
Gabbe chico Maand geleden
and they want to have a clean
Charlie Miller
Charlie Miller Maand geleden
Simon Yates, Marc Soler and Remco 3rd
Pratalax Maand geleden
The Greenedge team's BSP has absolutely captured my heart over the years, so i just gotta be cheering for my boy Yatesy. Hyuke Arthy would be pretty cool too though.
Dean m Cooper
Dean m Cooper Maand geleden
yates has it in the bag
Djezon Maand geleden
I would normally go for Evenepoel or Yates victory chances, but I bet more on 2 big outsiders: Almeida if he can cope with the steepest climbs... And Carthy, a natural climber who's becoming a complete GC rider.
Just Kris
Just Kris Maand geleden
Will it be as epic as last year?
John Senior
John Senior Maand geleden
Coming from Yorkshire it gives me little pleasure to say Yates for the win and Carthy as an outside bet - something about Lancashire and the Giro. PS Just waiting for Tom Pidcock to win all the Grand Tours #yorkshire. ( As well as classics, CX elite worlds and OlympicGold in MTB) PPS For all deserved talk on MVDP, WVA and Evanepoel ( spelt wrong probably) Pidcock at times seems to fly a bit under people’s radar. He’s pretty good for a 21 year old.
ro cu
ro cu Maand geleden
NLblock’s automatic subtitles transcribe “Giro d’Italia” as “genitalia”. Heh heh.
Paul Angeloff
Paul Angeloff Maand geleden
I am so effing excited by the prospect of this race and being able to watch it live in the US so cheers GCN boys ( and girls)
Kathryn B
Kathryn B Maand geleden
Very excited to be able to watch the Giro in the U.S. with Race Pass!
Donald Nixon
Donald Nixon Maand geleden
Why no New Zealand?!
GCN Racing
GCN Racing Maand geleden
Sky new Zealand have the rights there. Dan
Luís Silva
Luís Silva Maand geleden
João Almeida, bota lume
Bob Loblaw
Bob Loblaw Maand geleden
Favorite: Simon Yates, Outsider: Pello Bilbao
John Jarvie
John Jarvie Maand geleden
Each grand tour kind of acts as a reminder of just how fit the pros are. Absolutely superhuman
Sergio Cuellar
Sergio Cuellar Maand geleden
Thomas de Gendt. Always. He is one of my favorite riders of all time. Now, for the GC, Hugh Carthy.
Dave Curtis
Dave Curtis Maand geleden
Would be great if you could get NZ on the list for GCN Racing.
Ian Stewart
Ian Stewart Maand geleden
Simon Yates!
Ian Stewart
Ian Stewart Maand geleden
So excited about this. I can’t believe I get to watch this. It’ll be epic! Thanks for carrying and showing it.
powermichiel Maand geleden
Eddie Jack
Eddie Jack Maand geleden
Not in NZ? Boo.
Jan Kunz
Jan Kunz Maand geleden
I hope Evenpol wasn't watching...Or he might feel some pressure from Dan 😀
Vista Cycling, Tuscany
Guys? You just totally skipped Stage 12, Thurs 20th May! Siena, Florence, Bagno di Romagna? We'll be there in beautiful Chianti before the race hits the Apennine mountains on this Queen Stage #vistacyclingtours #vistacycling
Steven Manns
Steven Manns Maand geleden
I'm sick of seeing that pervert on the ads. PACK IT IN 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
Martin Andersson
Martin Andersson Maand geleden
My money is on Simon Yates👍
Aldi Maand geleden
I think Alexander Vlasov will win. I believe him. Vamos Astana Premier Tech! Алға Астана! 🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿🇰🇿
Crisis Cycling
Crisis Cycling Maand geleden
Thanks to GCN+ I have the chance to see the Giro for the first time.
Bjorn Santens
Bjorn Santens Maand geleden
Never underestimate REMCO EVENEPOEL
Davy Van Iersel
Davy Van Iersel Maand geleden
How many sprinters haven't gone of their line since? Very fortunate nothing bad happened but should something bad happen or is it the action that could get someone suspended?
SD M Maand geleden
Would be nice to mention the day before Cortina dal Pezzo the Giro will be passing through a beautiful region of Slovenia.
GCN Racing
GCN Racing Maand geleden
Yep, good point, we should have mentioned that. Dan
Milan Tichy
Milan Tichy Maand geleden
Looks like one of the most interesting GTs the of last years. Cmon Sagaaaan.
maxime ludaescher
maxime ludaescher Maand geleden
Démare looks like Tintin in the beginning if the vid ^^
Wagerecht Maand geleden
Andrew Sturman
Andrew Sturman Maand geleden
Definitely some brutal climbs, in this edition.
Matthew Eaton
Matthew Eaton Maand geleden
1. Yates 2. Almeida 3. Hindley 4. Landa 5. Bernal 6. Carthy
Paul Dalton
Paul Dalton Maand geleden
Jain Hindley for the win
Arno Nym
Arno Nym Maand geleden
You completely left out the 12th stage ! Siena - Bagno di Romagna - very tough stage as well ! Quite a little mistake I think !
Ross Davies
Ross Davies Maand geleden
Guys so annoying you plugging the app when it’s absolute shit??? Buffering constant I’ve had to pay for Eurosport tv
Ross Davies
Ross Davies Maand geleden
@GCN Racing lots of people having same issue as myself with constant buffering, everything else works fine so can’t see how it’s from my end?
GCN Racing
GCN Racing Maand geleden
Sorry to hear you've had issues with the app, Ross. Hopefully you've reached out to our support team but, if not, you can contact them here:
Jakub Lanča
Jakub Lanča Maand geleden
Hugh Carthy is my pick.
Bill Brett
Bill Brett Maand geleden
Their should be an Indy 500 for E-bikes.
Juan Sudarsky
Juan Sudarsky Maand geleden
Egan Bernal! 🇨🇴
Robert Townsend
Robert Townsend Maand geleden
Is there any indication when we might be able to at least watch some extended highlights on GCN+ of the bigger races in New Zealand? Kinda sucks to not be able to catch up on these over here.
Ernest Paul
Ernest Paul Maand geleden
Jumbo Visma wanted to penalize Groenewegen further after his crash but they didnt want to receive backlash from the fans so they just made him ride the Giro as his first race back
Aaron Householder
Aaron Householder Maand geleden
Serious? Or are you just seriously funny? Either way, that's something.
Ernest Paul
Ernest Paul Maand geleden
years ago Van Garderen wouldve made the preview show as one of the ones to watch out for or one of the favorites now hes just "one of the americans"
Jonathan Z
Jonathan Z Maand geleden
So based on the predictions... Bernal will win 😆
steve cole
steve cole Maand geleden
Bought the GCN + , but most races are not being shown in New Zealand. Very frustrating.
grayrookery Maand geleden
Outsider: Sivakov
James Torres
James Torres Maand geleden
1st-Bernal 2nd-Landa 3rd-Vlasov 4th-Almeida 5th-Yates 6th-Bilbao 7th-Masnada 8th-Buchmann 9th-Soler 10th-Martin
yumyumhungry Maand geleden
I second Alex's pick of Hugh Carthy mainly because it would be really cool to see EF win something.
OFB Cycling World
OFB Cycling World Maand geleden
Simon Yates in 2018 was an implosion rather than an explosion fellas.
Jan Nelle
Jan Nelle Maand geleden
Can't wait for Nicholas Roche to finally win a Grand Tour
Matthew Bluhm
Matthew Bluhm Maand geleden
I wouldn't hold your breath on that one
Adrian Hibberd
Adrian Hibberd Maand geleden
Bernal to win or Hugh carthy
Sergio Rubio
Sergio Rubio Maand geleden
So nobody is picking the guy who has actually won a grand tour? Egan!
Ro Ye
Ro Ye Maand geleden
Egan Bernal to win, outsider ..... Fausto Masnada
Imre Kovacs
Imre Kovacs Maand geleden
Where did you get the grand tour posters on the back wall?
den valdez
den valdez Maand geleden
Can't wait to see remco in the race💢🤧🤧
Nick Tee
Nick Tee Maand geleden
Bernal- His Strava prep is immense
spicypretzel Maand geleden
Hopefully he didn't overtrain.
mark hancock
mark hancock Maand geleden
Hugh carthy to win.
jgrannis1 Maand geleden
Anyone else notice they made Sy look like a giant next to Dan in this video?
schmong honnes
schmong honnes Maand geleden
I read on PCS that apart from Groenewegen and Evenopoel this year, the last rider to start a grand tour without any race days before that year was David Millar in 2006
GCN Racing
GCN Racing Maand geleden
Great stat!
RyBry 3264
RyBry 3264 Maand geleden
How did no one Bernal as their pick
Michael Strasser
Michael Strasser Maand geleden
Love how you're showing it in Canada vs. FloBikes. Even though you still need an AppleTV app (hint hint 😉) your coverage is always better and FloBikes is not only more expensive, I always have mono and stereo audio problems with them. Thank you! Can't wait1
Chris Rodgers
Chris Rodgers Maand geleden
Complaints of back pain were suspiciously absent from the interviews Egan gave in the days leading up to his withdrawal from the tour; therefore, he will not win the Giro because he does not have what it takes. Team Ineos, however, will probably still win and just have Egan play the role of leader so as to cover up the reality that they chose a quitter to lead the tour in 2020 when they had two other bonafide winners on the team that they simply left at home.
Mehmet Mutlu Günal
Mehmet Mutlu Günal Maand geleden
Hugh Carthy for Maglia Rosa
Mehmet Mutlu Günal
Mehmet Mutlu Günal Maand geleden
Hugh Carthy for Maglia Rosa
Geoff King
Geoff King Maand geleden
I love GCN plus. What would make it even better for me would be more commentary by Dan & Matt and less from the regular Eurosport commentators who are nowhere near as good
1dree1 Maand geleden
Haven't read it here yet, so: Pantani started his season at the 2000 Giro d'Italia :)
Robert Marshall
Robert Marshall Maand geleden
Hi All just wondering how you are getting on with the Roku link was rather hoping it would be live for the Giro many thanks Bob
Tail Wind
Tail Wind Maand geleden
I think it will be a Battle between Remco Evenepoel and Simon Yates
leigh mason
leigh mason Maand geleden
Can you give me a month off paid leave so I can sit and watch all day uninterrupted coverage!
Flordeliza Moreno
Flordeliza Moreno Maand geleden
Layrd Olliff
Layrd Olliff Maand geleden
No offense but I believe none of you got it this one right. My pick is Bernal and outsider is Remco
Pavel Hornicek
Pavel Hornicek Maand geleden
I believe Egan Bernal will perform great in the hight mountain so cound grab GC.
Bjorn Santens
Bjorn Santens Maand geleden
If his back can stay intact... he will be there
Richard Durishin
Richard Durishin Maand geleden
Congrats on exclusive Giro rights. Now, can I stream from the app on my phone to a Chromecast yet or will the disjointed cervical and thoracic vertebrae, which have kept me off my beloved bikes for the last 18 months, get worse because I am forced to watch 3+ hours a day on my phone?
Hayden Te Ruki
Hayden Te Ruki Maand geleden
Carthy for the win! G. Bennett as my outside bet. Cheers!
Benji Herring
Benji Herring Maand geleden
Yates for the win, bike Exchange are looking very strong and are a tight team and look strong
Mastodon2 Music
Mastodon2 Music Maand geleden
Words cannot describe how excited I am to watch the live stages from kilometre zero, this is how all cycling race coverage should be.
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