100 Days in a Minecraft World 

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Today I'm trying a challenge originated by @Luke TheNotable to spend 100 days in a Minecraft Single player world (not Hardcore though) tracking progress from day 1 to day 100... What can I achieve in the space of 100 days in Minecraft? Let's find out :D
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30 jan. 2021




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LDShadowLady Maand geleden
For those interested, the world seed is: -8752606928398412679 on a 1.16.1 Minecraft JAVA on PC world
Jessica Yang
Jessica Yang 19 dagen geleden
Hiii Lizzie could you tell me please how u make ur minecraft graphics so cute and cool🥺( ps. THIS VIDEOOO IS SO COOL)
Elçin Savaş
Elçin Savaş 23 dagen geleden
Anj 23 dagen geleden
Do s part 2 of this
Hazel Bennett
Hazel Bennett 23 dagen geleden
Suleman Khan
Suleman Khan 23 dagen geleden
Hey can you please tell me the name of the game please
readey86 43 minuten geleden
Can only pc users collect vines, groths and grass? Because I’m a Nintendo user and whenever I mine it, i get nothing!
Dianne Baliquig
Dianne Baliquig Uur geleden
Omg I've been watching her vid. Way back when I'm 10 im proud to say that she's part of my childhood 💗💯
Ashikin Isa
Ashikin Isa Uur geleden
Good video girl 👯
Pallavi Prakash
Pallavi Prakash Uur geleden
Rose Dead Luna Lizzy
When I started the video I thought about this video gacha version
Simpシ 2 uur geleden
Why is no body talking about how good her building skills are? it’s maybe cause I’m new. either way I’m subscribing
Charry Castañeda
Charry Castañeda 2 uur geleden
But I'm in mobile sad
Charry Castañeda
Charry Castañeda 2 uur geleden
If I can get to this world I would play this everyday
Charry Castañeda
Charry Castañeda 2 uur geleden
Pls add this to 200 days love this vid
Charry Castañeda
Charry Castañeda 2 uur geleden
Your so genius in minecrafy like water cannal I didn't know that your making me back to mincraft player haha love this vid
Junko _00
Junko _00 2 uur geleden
Lizzie: creating a house in day 1 Me: creating a house at day 34 because i wanted to create a nation
Tilly Patton
Tilly Patton 2 uur geleden
I just found your account and I love your style! Omg your voice is so soothing and the world you made reminds me of minecraft + animal crossing and it is so cute!
Yaila Valdes
Yaila Valdes 2 uur geleden
Your voice is *cheff kiss* hermoso
Chin Wen Kang
Chin Wen Kang 3 uur geleden
Challenge with Mlz
Challenge with Mlz 3 uur geleden
It is said that poor Lizzies horse is still stuck in the ravine to this day
Fuan Po Locsin
Fuan Po Locsin 3 uur geleden
Me using my moms account:O: me want to see the mods of the moving leaf- also she didnt got netherite armor so thats why she is weak at the end
Challenge with Mlz
Challenge with Mlz 3 uur geleden
20:56 ahh yes diamonds for books
Karina O
Karina O 3 uur geleden
12:54 no coal left huh...WHAT ABOUT YOUR INVENTORY?!
Lil_Fluffbxrry 4 uur geleden
Me:omg 100 day in Minecraft Also me:actually its 1 day 🤓
janke Haziri
janke Haziri 4 uur geleden
astrxim 4 uur geleden
Subscribe to me!!!
Speakin Fax
Speakin Fax 5 uur geleden
Imagine if Joel saw you rescue that chicken 😯
sky Tee
sky Tee 5 uur geleden
What do I get my Minecraft like yours
Victoria Ruiz
Victoria Ruiz 5 uur geleden
Oh Lizzy turtle eggs take like almost 20 days in minecraft (sometimes more)
dyna gusman
dyna gusman 5 uur geleden
good home 😎👍
Victoria Ruiz
Victoria Ruiz 5 uur geleden
20:56 "But what's this? Silk touch for 8 diamonds?" Yea yea definitely diamonds (Just pointing out a mistake no rudeness intended)
James Owens
James Owens 5 uur geleden
Rip Bee 🐝😪
Charlotte Equestrian
Charlotte Equestrian 5 uur geleden
How did you do the roof? -Chloe
Carolann Barber
Carolann Barber 6 uur geleden
Why not do 200 days instead 100?
lily chamberlain
lily chamberlain 7 uur geleden
Does anyone know that if you found one of those rare portal things there should be a chest and in the chest are normally really good stuff in there but theres only the portal in the new minectaft with the new nether
I feel so bad😭🥺
He’s saying mama 😭🥺
My poor little brother was sick my mom didn’t help him😭🥺 and I couldn’t help him because mom would wake up I care about my so much and I am crying 😭
How do you make the trees and grass and flowers move :0
Lia Plays
Lia Plays 7 uur geleden
Your build is Amazing Bye-
Anuma Batka
Anuma Batka 8 uur geleden
You are noob luke the notable is better
gxcha_edit_ 7 uur geleden
Shut up she's chrying her best
Zyragayle Zulueta
Zyragayle Zulueta 8 uur geleden
Ldshadowlady i dowload minecraft my name is zyrille gaven i try to survival its cool🥰😍😘🤩
Luisa Oliveira
Luisa Oliveira 8 uur geleden
I have watch this video like 7 times 😂
gxcha_edit_ 7 uur geleden
I watched this 5 times
damn onion
damn onion 8 uur geleden
The next time you do this, you should go fishing to get even more books with better enchantments😍 but i love your video and how cute your house is.
Alane Leum
Alane Leum 9 uur geleden
Yeah totally safe. (Not) Meh sis: it’s safe and not dangerous
Maddie 9 uur geleden
Bird’sPlayzzz 9 uur geleden
Can we just appreciate that she called the emerald a diamond
Pam Wendling
Pam Wendling 10 uur geleden
do 200 days
cenith cheers
cenith cheers 10 uur geleden
You soooooooo cool
faris asia
faris asia 11 uur geleden
!Lizzie you need to wait for turtle eggs they didnt hatch
Anoor Randhawa
Anoor Randhawa 11 uur geleden
Her mickdonldes came on day 3 but she ate it on day 4
Master 11 uur geleden
Wowwwwwwwwww like
Jennifer Yllescas
Jennifer Yllescas 11 uur geleden
am i the only one who heard lizzie say diamonds when it was an emerald
Avrenim Crewshank
Avrenim Crewshank 12 uur geleden
“I went to harvest a few souls” Uh.. yea.. thats.. thats fine- 😳
awhitzmei 12 uur geleden
20:56 Yes Lizzie, green diamonds
lim.myka_c 12 uur geleden
The fireplace is to see where you are
Gloria Glorka
Gloria Glorka 13 uur geleden
elise 13 uur geleden
this is my comfort video, i’ve watched this 10 times already
Naya 13 uur geleden
This is my first bid I watch
Naya 13 uur geleden
Ok I need to do this on free Minecraft bc I can't buy Minecraft bc my mom won't let me
MaseDePro Moen
MaseDePro Moen 15 uur geleden
Yay 2:27
LuckyGamers7 15 uur geleden
You inspired me to build the same house 😛😋
danjela kastrioti
danjela kastrioti 15 uur geleden
Umn Lizzy wen u sed Lizzy sed let there be bunk beds anrnt u Lizzy ?
Ella Chan
Ella Chan 15 uur geleden
23:00 :>
Remee Haydar
Remee Haydar 15 uur geleden
I loved this but you didn’t even see if ur turtles grew up sad
Andy Ngo
Andy Ngo 15 uur geleden
1:25 I force my parents to say that when I eat nuggies
Vivi & Piper
Vivi & Piper 16 uur geleden
I love u Lizzie ur my favorite NLblockr
Mystery Man
Mystery Man 16 uur geleden
Lizzie I play on my iPad can you join my wold dream come true
Mystery Man
Mystery Man 16 uur geleden
Cool house lizzie
Kuna Flores
Kuna Flores 16 uur geleden
CAn i HaVE Nugges
Lucia Elizalde
Lucia Elizalde 16 uur geleden
On day 28 it was day 2 actually I saw it on the cordinits sorry if I typed it wrong
Tom Solheim
Tom Solheim 16 uur geleden
It’s so good
Vlogger si Ella
Vlogger si Ella 16 uur geleden
I realy love this! Can you do 1000 days?
Little owl
Little owl 16 uur geleden
I can't stop Watching this 🤣
ha? you read this? ajajaja get noob
7:59 creeper aw man
SilentNqghts 16 uur geleden
Am I literally the only one who realize she called emeralds diamonds...
Taylor Colton
Taylor Colton 16 uur geleden
Lol her: first death day 10 me: don't care first one many more probably 😏🙄
E F K A N 17 uur geleden
15:25 day 31?
Sophie Fun4
Sophie Fun4 17 uur geleden
I can’t stop watching 🤪🤪😚😜oh and u said diamonds not emrleds
シ Moon シ
シ Moon シ 18 uur geleden
Can we talk about how she’s way better at building than some ppl 😞 xD
Christopher Kirwan
Christopher Kirwan 18 uur geleden
200 days please
TheUltimateFusion 18 uur geleden
Lizzie: Horse lover Joel: Horse MURDERER Married
Strawberry Hollow
Strawberry Hollow 18 uur geleden
He turned into a fisherman cause he was near a barel
Ghosted_YT 19 uur geleden
This 100 days cool
kenmasimp 19 uur geleden
can you please please please please please please please pretty please tell meh wich mod you use please pretty please😫😫😫😫🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Ps. I watched now thhe 3rd time Ps.2. Your world is soooooo amazing🥺❤️
martin ti
martin ti 19 uur geleden
Silk touch for 8 diamonds you mean 8 emeralds right 😂🤣
N0T Unicorn
N0T Unicorn 20 uur geleden
lizzie: silk touch for 8 dimonds Me: are you sure those are diamons lizzie those look like emaralds
John Albino
John Albino 20 uur geleden
WoW Ur So Cool at building
Møøñlïght ëmïly
Møøñlïght ëmïly 21 uur geleden
What minecraft it that
Svesis 9
Svesis 9 21 uur geleden
Please do 200 days!!😍😍😍
Grace Beddows
Grace Beddows 22 uur geleden
Wow it looks so good
Victoria Manabat
Victoria Manabat 22 uur geleden
Ur builds are so cute😊
_iamroyalty_ 22 uur geleden
I want Lizzie to make a cottage core world in one of the next minecraft series’
Hila Ry
Hila Ry 22 uur geleden
Addicted with cats too? I like cats
Велизара Велева
I love love love 💗 youuuuuuuuuuu
Squirt 22 uur geleden
"8 diamond's" **trades in emerald**
Jyoti Meena
Jyoti Meena 22 uur geleden
I love LD shadow lady one time i wrote a comment and it was u look beautiful in every video plz reply thank u for being very beautiful in my life 😘♥️🥰🤗🤭🌸💝
Mystery Man
Mystery Man 23 uur geleden
Can i call her do y’all have her number
mingle rapier
mingle rapier 23 uur geleden
You said BuT wHaTs ThIs SiLk ToUcH fOr 8 dAiMoNdS
Dupe receita facil
Dupe receita facil 23 uur geleden
i could join the seed but im on bedrock
riya gupta
riya gupta 23 uur geleden
did anyone notice she said "8 diamonds" instead of "8 emeralds"??!?
ItzJuliet UwU
ItzJuliet UwU Dag geleden
"Can I have Nuggies!?" So cute!!
Steven Jovan Pontillas
I feel bad about the creeper, he was just trying to read... Or enchant.
Flower Horvath
Flower Horvath Dag geleden
the villager who kept turning into a fisherman: i just wanna follow my dreams
Afsana Anwar Miti
Afsana Anwar Miti Dag geleden
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