10 Players Whose Value SANK In 2021! 

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On this Top 10, we are looking at 10 players whose value has sunk in 2021, courtesy of Transfermarkt.
Our list includes a number of fallen giants, such as former Arsenal star Mesut Ӧzil, Gonzalo Higuain and Eden Hazard, who has lost a massive €40m in worth this year alone.
We look at what Kepa Arrizabalaga’s poor form has meant to his market value, and whether or not Leeds United are getting value for money from Rodrigo. In Spain both Miralem Pjanic and Moussa Dembélé are both losing worth at Barcelona and Atlético Madrid respectively, while Isco has reached a new low at Real Madrid.
Finally we analyse why Milot Rashica’s poor form could mean bad business for Werder Bremen, and see what impact Dele Alli’s year in cold at Tottenham has caused to his market value!

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5 apr. 2021




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Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily Maand geleden
Which of these players would you like to see your club sign this summer?! (Dougie)
Jake SCOTT Maand geleden
Id gladly welcome hazard and rodrigo If they were for free 😂
JJB Maand geleden
LM47 8 dagen geleden
Kepa *Arrizasbnjoiubgglagga*
Robert Parker
Robert Parker 8 dagen geleden
Kepa when sold, could be the biggest loss on a player in Premier League history. He cost over 70 million and is likely to be sold for only 20-25 million.
Brian Odongo Odhiambo
Brian Odongo Odhiambo 14 dagen geleden
Hazard come back to Chelsea
Sal Seventyseven
Sal Seventyseven 18 dagen geleden
Ozil looks like he's aged five years since leaving Arsenal.
G. i joe
G. i joe 20 dagen geleden
Where' is Neymar 😂
Cristian 20 dagen geleden
Lol remember when people used to debate about who should start, Higuain or Benzema?
Devanshu Bharadwaj
Devanshu Bharadwaj 20 dagen geleden
Aubameyang, Harry Winks, Serge Aurier, Draxler, Coutinho, Lozano, van de Beek, Daniel James, Matic, Eric García, Augero, Werner, Jorginho
At The Bridge Pod: A Chelsea FC Podcast
I’d actually forgot Gonzalo Higuain was in the MLS
Cherisse Mayers
Cherisse Mayers 27 dagen geleden
To me Higuain was always an overrated shithound
Jason Nicolini
Jason Nicolini 28 dagen geleden
LOL! Didn't expect that strong pronunciation at 4:02
Anonymous 28 dagen geleden
Barkas and duffy
Anonymous 28 dagen geleden
O D 29 dagen geleden
These players are probably a bargain now
Kay Lom
Kay Lom 29 dagen geleden
so no body mention about Diva Bale..interesting..😏😁👍
JD 29 dagen geleden
It's ridiciulous to see how player wages and transfer values are inflating like crazy. The most avarage players are now easily worth up 40M which makes absolutely no sense. It's funny because that's how the market is supposed to work, however you just cannot put a fixed price on a human lol.
Lux Matrix
Lux Matrix 29 dagen geleden
I will never understand pjanic agenda...he's a superb player
Tyler Solvestri
Tyler Solvestri 28 dagen geleden
Ikr, we can take a lot of advantage from his long shots
Skeletor Cavani
Skeletor Cavani 28 dagen geleden
Fifa kids
Changi 29 dagen geleden
Mark Royter
Mark Royter Maand geleden
Hazard could've stayed at Chelsea and become a true legend. Now he will be forgotten by football history
Cherisse Mayers
Cherisse Mayers 27 dagen geleden
@WeeMickyD881 the best player ever so often against lower teams
Ab A
Ab A 28 dagen geleden
@WeeMickyD881 More like best player in the premier league for a couple of years.
Utsav Basu
Utsav Basu 29 dagen geleden
Not really
WeeMickyD881 Maand geleden
The best player in the premier league for half a decade, I think you are wrong
Jakob Smith
Jakob Smith Maand geleden
Higuain flopped so hard he was expected to be the league top scorer, he's 4 years younger than Cristiano and flopping in MLS shambles.
Will Blazey
Will Blazey Maand geleden
What about aubameyang
nkululeko mfono
nkululeko mfono Maand geleden
Why would they offer Higuain that much money when he was already beyond washed up at Chelsea all those years ago😳
Sir Soma
Sir Soma Maand geleden
I havent watched soccer since barca vs bayern 2-8. So this is trippy to watch
Robert Mürrle
Robert Mürrle Maand geleden
Mesut, krieg dein Scheiß auf Reihe! Arbeite hart und gewinne wie der Spieler den wir immer geliebt haben!
Jr_ Xtreme
Jr_ Xtreme Maand geleden
Do u guys have a video on how players transfer values are determined cuz its still a mystery to me
LM47 8 dagen geleden
It's mostly about %'s like pass accuracy, shot accuracy, tackling accuracy, goal involvement, appearances, injury record, trophies won, average match ratings, potential, Age & overall Fame.
Jr_ Xtreme
Jr_ Xtreme Maand geleden
@k k oh I see. Thanks for the explanation. Slight segway, I kinda feel like that's what's gonna happen to Spurs with Kane this summer. If he really decides he wants to leave, I don't see Levy allowing it unless Kane revolts
John Kimmel
John Kimmel Maand geleden
It’s similar to how you or I would estimate; you factor in comparable talents, age, contract and how needed the player is at the time.
k k
k k Maand geleden
@Jr_ Xtreme because the player can throw his toys out of the pram and refuse to play and leave, if the player refuses to sign the contract they will lose him to another club for nothing so often time there is a set price the player is worth in the given transfer market but the closer they are to their contract expiring the cheaper they will be for example erickson to inter he was worth $80-90 mill plus at the time but was sold for $15-20mill as he had just under a year left on his contract
Jr_ Xtreme
Jr_ Xtreme Maand geleden
@k k see I always assumed they'd be a non biased third party since it'd always be in the best interest of the selling club to over price my players. Why would they ever reduce the price based on form, age or any factors yall just mentioned
Bobby Hartanto
Bobby Hartanto Maand geleden
Dele Alli is still valued at € 32 Mn ?? It's half of what Juve will pay for Chiesa in summer 2022 and Dele is not even delivering a fraction of what Chiesa is right now, and the fact that he is oftentimes benched at Spurs. A value of around 20-22 Mn is arguably more proper for what he is right now.
Dishanti Thomas
Dishanti Thomas Maand geleden
Name value also plays a part
Atul Anilkumar
Atul Anilkumar Maand geleden
LoL , why is Higuain the captain and not Blaise Matuidi ?
zach sutton
zach sutton Maand geleden
I feel like Dele will bounce back if he leaves or Jose is fired. We saw this happen at Man U with Pogba and Luke Shaw. Pogba instantly bounced back when José left and Shaw has looked like a world class player at times.
Omar Omar
Omar Omar Maand geleden
Completely agree with every one.
irvanCrocs Maand geleden
Christian Eriksen's market value plummed down from 90 millions to "only" 35 millions now.. But he seems slowly regain his performance back recently, so it might increase again in near time but i don't think it will go near as his highest mv back then..
Phil Jones
Phil Jones Maand geleden
dele alli need to out loan maybe Leicester he definitely be a star there
Phil Jones
Phil Jones 20 dagen geleden
@mata Hari He would get games forgot that fixes squad is thin and get injuries regularly
mata Hari
mata Hari 20 dagen geleden
Leicester will not play him, then buying him for even lower price like tielemans
Luca Cavicchioli
Luca Cavicchioli Maand geleden
Jovic maybe deserved an honourable mention in this list
Marquis de Suave
Marquis de Suave Maand geleden
I swear to God, the older Ozïl gets the more and more he looks like his cartoon character from 4-4-2oons.
Accuminate 18 dagen geleden
Brian Kirema
Brian Kirema 26 dagen geleden
WhosSoapYT Maand geleden
Bro 😂😂😂
Blue Blob
Blue Blob Maand geleden
Vasco Francisco
Vasco Francisco Maand geleden
Could Hazard return to Lille? Maybe a move to the MLS?
Mario L
Mario L 19 dagen geleden
He would need to lower his wages for an MLS team to take him. Plus he would be a big risk too with his history of injuries.
Adam 29 dagen geleden
Icewallowcome 1
Icewallowcome 1 Maand geleden
Never to Lille,not sure what mls club could afford him
Khanya Nqubelani
Khanya Nqubelani Maand geleden
As a Man Utd fan... It's really kinda disappointing to see what's happening to Eden Hazard
swrxclan Maand geleden
As a Rangers fan, “As a United fan” isn’t really relevant there, but okay.
Kieron Parr
Kieron Parr Maand geleden
Transfermarkt values are just some random folks opinions. Nothing else
fortinbras1 Maand geleden
Well Rodrigo is just another overrated Spanish striker so no wonder he has been rated as a world beater with his below par skills. Just like Morata,Alcacer,Güiza and so on...
John Kimmel
John Kimmel Maand geleden
Guiza made the wrong move
rocky1169pt Maand geleden
Rodrigo was never a top striker, his numbers are just OK (even at Benfica). So to expect him to be the top striker for Leeds it was stupid.
Mbachu Blaise
Mbachu Blaise Maand geleden
Moussa Dembele is 24?!😳
andymofoincross Maand geleden
You could technically put every player on this list due to what the pandemic has done to clubs' spending power and willingness to splash cash
HenSt1985 Maand geleden
Haaland is among the players who kept rising his value.
Luke Marsh
Luke Marsh Maand geleden
Isco sound like the perfect Stoke signing of a few years back 😂
Matt Howard
Matt Howard 19 dagen geleden
Isco, affelly, bojan, shaqiri off the bench 😂😂😂
Lade 212
Lade 212 Maand geleden
Coutinho 130 million +add ons for him to score 2 against Barcelona
HenSt1985 Maand geleden
now he barely worth 30 million (IMO).
Rob Clarke
Rob Clarke Maand geleden
Hodrigo.. Portuguese R is an H at the beginning of a name
Rob Clarke
Rob Clarke 27 dagen geleden
@Tabordini no dramas king
Tabordini 28 dagen geleden
@Rob Clarke Dude give up ahah there is no variation of Portuguese that doesn't say the R's, come on man
Rob Clarke
Rob Clarke Maand geleden
@rocky1169pt so, if you were speaking to an *english speaker* and explaining how to pronounce "reais" would you advise: "rey-eyes" or "hey-eyes" ?
rocky1169pt Maand geleden
@Rob Clarke OK then. I'm gonna learn how to speak my native language 😉
Rob Clarke
Rob Clarke Maand geleden
@rocky1169pt ok bro, I guess when I go there a 4th time I'll tell all 200million people that they're speaking their language incorrectly 🤷🏼‍♂️ cheers
Jonny Walker
Jonny Walker Maand geleden
Anyone else sick of the pre vid and mid vid ads!? Especially that Keith lemon betting one? NLblock is cancer.
TheBlackSwordsman 99
TheBlackSwordsman 99 Maand geleden
Get adblocker.
Rivan Zora
Rivan Zora Maand geleden
Get NLblock vanced
Aamir Khan
Aamir Khan Maand geleden
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Yassine VJPro
Yassine VJPro Maand geleden
Hazard is hands down the worst transfer of all time
Utsav Basu
Utsav Basu 29 dagen geleden
Put ur hands up , u will see Coutinho and Kepas name there
I'm a screw
I'm a screw Maand geleden
not really since you can't predict that the player's body will crumble like that there are other signings for alot of money that were bad ideas from the start (like Kepa)
Lade 212
Lade 212 Maand geleden
Couthino scored 2x against his own club
Nathan Ikiekande
Nathan Ikiekande Maand geleden
Harry Maguire,CR7,Nicolas Pepe
Matt Brown
Matt Brown Maand geleden
Pepe sure...CR7 and Maguire no chance
YEAH YEAH Maand geleden
How is CR7 there when he has the 2nd most goals in Europe top 5 league this season
Adon Saab
Adon Saab Maand geleden
Turns out arteta was right about özil
Princewill Madugba
Princewill Madugba 29 dagen geleden
@nkululeko mfono yeah champions league had been secured🔥🔥🔥🔥
nkululeko mfono
nkululeko mfono Maand geleden
They’ve been doing great without him🤯🤩
The Poltical One
The Poltical One Maand geleden
Yep but Arsenal are 10th
hasin ashraf
hasin ashraf Maand geleden
who do you think might go much lower .
Xavier Memes
Xavier Memes Maand geleden
@Bootyeaters United cr7 never even hes 40 it would be 40 mil
HenSt1985 Maand geleden
Bootyeaters United
Bootyeaters United Maand geleden
Pepe from arsenal Ronaldo probably mane firmino Werner
Matt G
Matt G Maand geleden
Really surprised Pepe isn’t on this list. Can’t imagine his value is anywhere near the £72m Arsenal paid for him.
Robert Parker
Robert Parker 8 dagen geleden
Is Kepa going to be the biggest loss on a player in Premier League history when he leaves. I can't see him worth more than 20-25 million now.
Devanshu Bharadwaj
Devanshu Bharadwaj 20 dagen geleden
He's doing great in Europa and would adjust himself in the team next year, so price is not going to get dropped much
Juice Bx
Juice Bx 26 dagen geleden
@Federico detto Fred he hasn't had much time recently and has been one of our best players when it comes to goal contributions Last season towards the end he was doing amazing and even scored a goal in the FA cup final if I remember correctly Just needs more minutes but it's hard seeing how Arteta loves willian and Saka is amazing too
BANYHU123 29 dagen geleden
@ell1 ell1 Lmao i was never trying to argue that Gervinho was prolific in the first place, just that somehow Pepe is worse than Gervinho and cost Arsenal some crazy money.
ell1 ell1
ell1 ell1 29 dagen geleden
@BANYHU123 think you forget how unprolific gervinho was, and he had a way better side around him
Jeremy Douglas
Jeremy Douglas Maand geleden
Not one liverpool player😐
ADITYA 007 Maand geleden
Keita and ox should have been on the list.
Timothy Smith
Timothy Smith Maand geleden
Aside from firmino who else will have dropped massively maybe mane but that’s it
Chris Maand geleden
Wouldn't want Ozil to miss out on 250k, that's almost a week's wages!
Shane Cummins
Shane Cummins Maand geleden
James Filosa
James Filosa Maand geleden
Isco looks like Jack Whitehall
JJB Maand geleden
Mate your pronunciation of kepa arrijabalaga is so satisfying
JJB Maand geleden
@Robbie Mackenzie oh then my spelling is a millionaire just like kepa
Robbie Mackenzie
Robbie Mackenzie Maand geleden
And your spelling is well, as bad as kepa
JJB Maand geleden
@Thibault Axel Habineza definitely not
Thibault Axel Habineza
Ben Solo
Ben Solo Maand geleden
No one going talk about how he pronounces kepas name
JJB Maand geleden
@Timothy Smith no he means that the way the narrator pronounces it just sounds satisfying
Timothy Smith
Timothy Smith Maand geleden
You mean how it’s meant to be pronounced
JJB Maand geleden
Its so satisfying
Bootyeaters United
Bootyeaters United Maand geleden
1:25 why didn’t u mention napoli? That’s where he beat the serie A record of goals in a season
J Bo
J Bo Maand geleden
Nothing was cooler than to hear the Napoli fans/hype guy go "Gonzalo! HIGUAIN! Gonzalo! HIGUAIN! Gonzalo! HIGUAINNNN!"
Callum Lucas
Callum Lucas Maand geleden
He should have mentioned napoli over juve
Bootyeaters United
Bootyeaters United Maand geleden
Where’s Ronaldo?
Xavier Memes
Xavier Memes Maand geleden
@Bootyeaters United ever heard of pandemic
Kennzeichen B
Kennzeichen B Maand geleden
He's at 50 million Euros according to Transfermarkt
Bootyeaters United
Bootyeaters United Maand geleden
@Maurizio Franco Juventus values him around 20 million I say 40-50
Maurizio Franco
Maurizio Franco Maand geleden
How do you wanna value him? He's still a beast, but 36 years old
jadon sancho
jadon sancho Maand geleden
in Italy