10 MMA Rematches That Definitively Ended The Rivalries 

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4 mei. 2021




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Your Daddy
Your Daddy Dag geleden
Who cares what you agree with.. 😆
Bryan Garcia
Bryan Garcia 2 dagen geleden
Ya'll noticed that the 2 fighters who gave the hardest challenge to jones went down after that, Alexander didn't win a fight after that and Dominick reyes is on a 3 fight losing streak 2 by ko
paul ivan christler torrigue
JD Vs DJ is like a fast forward fight
Mark Lowery
Mark Lowery 4 dagen geleden
Great choices I have to say
Led Pedicel
Led Pedicel 4 dagen geleden
Who’s the guy at 0:07
Titus Redfern
Titus Redfern 16 uur geleden
Chuck Liddell
wubanga10154 4 dagen geleden
Watching Masvidal get slept was still the highlight of my year sports-wise.
K. McVicker
K. McVicker 5 dagen geleden
Why isn’t the Diaz-Mcgregor 2 match on here?
Mohamed Faizal
Mohamed Faizal 5 dagen geleden
Tj should be erased from mma history for substance use
Richard Lictawa
Richard Lictawa 5 dagen geleden
dude porier and mcgregor better finish the rivalry they got going on like holy shit its the 3rd one finish it already
King kong
King kong 5 dagen geleden
The general gentle siamese summatively carve because dry medicinally confuse among a second teller. spectacular, steady salesman
Jonathan Ahlen
Jonathan Ahlen 5 dagen geleden
Nr. 0 - Israel Adesanya vs Marvin Vettori
admin 1
admin 1 5 dagen geleden
So why are we seeing a furry vs wilder🤦🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️
itsNateHart 6 dagen geleden
Adesanya vs Vetorri 2 😂
bob henneberger
bob henneberger 6 dagen geleden
1 win for each fighter does not end it, you need a 3rd
Josh shaw
Josh shaw 6 dagen geleden
Number 11 Adesanya vs Vettori
Sam Wosbey
Sam Wosbey 7 dagen geleden
I've never listened to anything Ben the tosser Roset but I sure do know his name after watching a dozen videos on this channel lol
This is Largemouth
This is Largemouth 7 dagen geleden
Chael was so much better than his record it's almost criminal.
Anon Ymous
Anon Ymous 8 dagen geleden
How many fucking ads do you need? Holy shit
Jay van der Mark
Jay van der Mark 8 dagen geleden
We can put Style Bender vs Vettori on this list after tomorrow
Hanzo_Main 8 dagen geleden
I still want masvidal and usman to fight again
Caleb O'Connors
Caleb O'Connors 8 dagen geleden
That edger vs Maynard 2 is what got me hooked.
Adam Neal
Adam Neal 8 dagen geleden
The fact that chael Vs Silva is here is so fuckin stupid
Majed Marji
Majed Marji 8 dagen geleden
The witty school naturally tease because blinker intriguinly treat above a nostalgic sailboat. cruel, omniscient barber
M.shadows 9 dagen geleden
Tim Sylvia said it best give him a rematch right away put him at the back of the bus
Teodor Hristev
Teodor Hristev 10 dagen geleden
Actually both Sonnen and Silva fights were kinda a fluke
Harsha K
Harsha K 10 dagen geleden
What's the name of the music that plays at the end, like at 13:48 to end?
Jay 12 dagen geleden
1:02 funny that he is still fighting 🤣 😐🤥
Dan Gander
Dan Gander 13 dagen geleden
The music is the worst thing about this channel, yet they plug it every time.
Motley 16 dagen geleden
Juicy Bones Jones vs Gus 2... all of the steroids.
Navi Ickinra
Navi Ickinra 17 dagen geleden
Usman shocked us all with that KO Love that he was able silence the critics Pound for pound
Turdle Melton
Turdle Melton 17 dagen geleden
10 of the best fights that went the distance.
loozr 20 dagen geleden
Thug Rose Vs. Joanna 2 would be a good one
RP McMurphy
RP McMurphy 23 dagen geleden
Masvidal and his camp complained about the short notice weigh cut yet he stopped in Italy and got him some pizza lmao
ianthe fishable
ianthe fishable 24 dagen geleden
A lot of ped cheats on this list lol
Sic Semper Tyrannis
Sic Semper Tyrannis 26 dagen geleden
Masvidal never deserved a title shot to begin with.
Ovis Watts
Ovis Watts 29 dagen geleden
No Joseph Benavidez vs Deiveson Figueiredo?
Josh Larter
Josh Larter 29 dagen geleden
What a fantastic video. MMA on point is my favourite MMA channel
Tristan Mason
Tristan Mason Maand geleden
Ole Jorge I’ll say it again if you would stop trying to be cute to all and quit worrying so much about your hairstyle, you might win a match or two!
Trevor Taylor
Trevor Taylor Maand geleden
“ that new hotness.” Oh Tommy, you’re gold.
Chandler Beck
Chandler Beck Maand geleden
Usman’s KO on street Jesus was the craziest head snap I’ve ever seen in the ufc. I thought Jorge’s head was going to go orbital.
Kyle 1luvv
Kyle 1luvv Maand geleden
This list is completely wrong without tj vs cody, joanna vs rose and jones vs cormier wtf
charlie valentine
charlie valentine Maand geleden
Its like someone sneezed while typing there names great fights though
Chandra Gurung
Chandra Gurung Maand geleden
Myann what about ..Jones and DC ....
Shoeby Maand geleden
wish masvidal actually respected usman like he deserves, would have been a better fight w/o a doubt
Young Hegelian
Young Hegelian Maand geleden
Usman putting Masvidal to sleep has to be one of the 10 most satisfying moments in MMA.
Antonio Johnson
Antonio Johnson 5 dagen geleden
I was there in the stands and it was HILARIOUS seeing the Masvidal fans in absolute shock LOL
Rorisang 12 dagen geleden
He hits, not hard at all. He doesn't have that man in him to hurt another man He punches like a bitch I agree with you totally .
benadryl cabbagepatch
benadryl cabbagepatch Maand geleden
And unexpected
Cougar Bait
Cougar Bait Maand geleden
rumble just wanted dcs credit card
Calvin Josey
Calvin Josey Maand geleden
“The only except 2008”. So second?
Dave Maand geleden
I would have watched a third go-around with Lesnar and Mir.
Dgango Carrete
Dgango Carrete Maand geleden
That Hereditary dig was unwarranted and had no right to be funny 🤙🏾
Dungeontai Maand geleden
Bruh, jones lost the first fight with gustaffson. Delusional youtubers 🙃
Anthony Neary
Anthony Neary Maand geleden
2:40 dominating from the top but doing no damage isn’t dominating from the top..
Brandon Gratta
Brandon Gratta Maand geleden
Respect Masvidal's response. it ain't easy to admit someone else 'got your number' and is just better than you.
Lerpus B. Derp
Lerpus B. Derp Maand geleden
Hallowed ground*
Matt D
Matt D Maand geleden
BJ on his downfall was a sad one
Henry Jackson
Henry Jackson Maand geleden
Mcgregor and nate respected each other so much after their fights. Conor still says he's the toughest opponent he's faced (tho I think it should be khabib but conor will never admit that)
Adam Ruscito
Adam Ruscito Maand geleden
I was watching a whole lot of slapping tournaments from penguinz0 and now all I’m getting recommended is MMA videos
alex g
alex g Maand geleden
That Charlie in hereditary joke (Mir) almost killed me. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ryan Kavanaugh
Ryan Kavanaugh Maand geleden
Don't forget the time the greatest fighter ever Chael P Sonnen ended his rivalry with anyone who said he wasn't the GOAT when he retired undefeated.
Joseph Sheya
Joseph Sheya Maand geleden
Mighty Mouse is OP
Joy Maand geleden
Where's Tj vs Cody, Benevidez vs Figueredo,Stipe vs JDS, Dc vs Jones, Dustin vs Max,etc?
ccovemaker Maand geleden
Good thing DC is a Rhino.
Trey Kalkman
Trey Kalkman Maand geleden
6:30 when your kids start to act up in public lmao
Nyxx Maand geleden
I feel they stopped the 2nd masvifail vs marty fight a little too early.
An Idiot Plays Live Stream
A little surprised to see no Hendo vs Hua in this one, or Rose vs Joanna.
No More BS Please
No More BS Please Maand geleden
MMA on Point: Thanks to Ben Rosette for the sweet song at the Intro! Me: 🤔MMA on Point has an intro?!?!
damian Maand geleden
Aldo vs Holloway aswell
Dustin 05
Dustin 05 Maand geleden
I'm saying right now, if TJ Dillashaw vs Cody isn't in the top 3 this list is wrong.
Poeticmic Maand geleden
I wouldn't trust a single Dillashaw win any more. Same goes for Vitor, Chael and Anderson to name but a few. Way to tarnish your legacy...
Greatbig Swinging8—D
Ohhhhh Ben rosette me sooooooo Horny me love you long time ❤️
Vlad Uchiha
Vlad Uchiha Maand geleden
Tj was on that juice
Vlad Uchiha
Vlad Uchiha Maand geleden
Cormier sucks. Most overrated ever
Car Phucker
Car Phucker Maand geleden
Your opinion sucks
Deng Angok
Deng Angok Maand geleden
This is a joke and you’re a joke
mark ostrowski
mark ostrowski Maand geleden
I never liked masvidals attitude
Caddy Jim
Caddy Jim Maand geleden
A few of these I wouldn't say the rivalry ended just their past didn't cross again not being ranked high enough or losing to others drawing them further away from their rival
Caddy Jim
Caddy Jim Maand geleden
You left out *DJ's* illegal knee against *JD* in the first fight
Car Phucker
Car Phucker Maand geleden
AnikiChadLIVE Maand geleden
y'all foul for that hereditary line lmaoo
Vict0r Maand geleden
Yet Conors been choked out by Khabib and knocked out by Porier but people will scream to the ends of the earth for rematches.
G M Maand geleden
Silva was just on Chanel’s podcast. It’s super wholesome and great.
i3enj Maand geleden
Beardless Mighty Mouse hits different.
Lina Garibay
Lina Garibay Maand geleden
Jorge thought he'd be the next Nate Diaz. Nope sorry only one
Zane Gaming Channel
Zane Gaming Channel Maand geleden
Zane Gaming Channel
Zane Gaming Channel Maand geleden
Zane Gaming Channel
Zane Gaming Channel Maand geleden
700th comment
Hershey Barber
Hershey Barber Maand geleden
“Frank Mir looking like Charlie from Hereditary after a nice piece of cake.” Is a line that will not soon be topped
jose lemus
jose lemus Maand geleden
Jorge is a street fighter so blaming it on a lack of prep is ridiculous!
Brien Irving
Brien Irving Maand geleden
To this day I do not know of a greater upset that destroyed a man as dillashaw vs barao. I remember thinking dillashaw was good but would get destroyed. Opposite occurs but little did we know Renan's spirit was crushed and was never even ufc caliber again. A guy like JDS after the cain losses was a shell of his former self but at least he could win, Renan looked lost in the sauce
MEHRAJ SHAIKH Maand geleden
Forgot tj vs Cody
Ryan Moore
Ryan Moore Maand geleden
Masvidal fans actually though he’d beat usman 🤣🤣 like cmon
arkadi sevyan
arkadi sevyan Maand geleden
Jon jones should never be allowed in the UFC again
Eugene Niceness
Eugene Niceness Maand geleden
I hate when Tommy does the videos
Rob H
Rob H Maand geleden
Weidman vs Silva?
Sallow Night
Sallow Night Maand geleden
I watched this to see if you put Jones vs Cormier 2 on it and was very happy to see that you didn't.
j3zhott Maand geleden
Was TJ on the juice tho??
Ancel Espinosa
Ancel Espinosa Maand geleden
Jones vs dc????
King Slime
King Slime Maand geleden
T.J. juiced tho...he should have not been mentioned.
Car Phucker
Car Phucker Maand geleden
Renan was the juicer in this occasion.
Danny Choi
Danny Choi Maand geleden
Masvidal and Colby need to fight ASAP
Chris Donnelly
Chris Donnelly Maand geleden
Brock vs Frank should’ve happened
BrGrbubbadug Maand geleden
I feel like the GSP and Koschek rivalry deserved to be on here.
DPSFSU Maand geleden
Masvidal is trash! So happy he got his block knocked the F off!
22vx Maand geleden
Gustafsson clearly beat Jones, by the numbers. The "official" record is horseshit.
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