10 Clubs Who Sold Their STAR And Got BETTER! 

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In today’s top ten, we’re bringing you a list of clubs that sold their best player, but became a better side in the seasons that followed.
Both Milan clubs feature, with Inter winning the treble after Zlatan Ibrahimovic left and AC getting their hands on a Scudetto after Kaka left for a world record fee. Lille have made a habit of selling top players but always challenging at the right end of Ligue 1, whilst Sporting sold Bruno Fernandes but might win their first title in 18 years this season. Napoli kept getting stronger despite selling Gonzalo Higuain to the only team in Italy better than them, and Atletico Madrid have basically had a revolving door of world class strikers since 2005.
In the Premier League, Arsenal put up a title challenge after Thierry Henry left, whilst Ruud van Nistelrooy’s departure from Manchester United paved the way for Cristiano Ronaldo to become the leading man at Old Trafford. There’s also Leicester, who in recent years have sold both Riyad Mahrez and Harry Maguire, yet are on course for their best league finish since their Champion season in 2015/16, and Liverpool have Philippe Coutinho to thank for their recent successes. Turns out £105M can contribute to a lot of new talent.

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31 mrt. 2021




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Ze Ro
Ze Ro 2 dagen geleden
Arsenal: win nothing during Henry's final season *sell him to Barcelona* Arsenal: still win nothing *this pleases the doggie*
amann 23 dagen geleden
Good idea, but why you guys didnt put falcao instead of griezmann and Shevchenko instead of kaka. Atletico won la Liga and milan the champions league in the following season!
Gamer42Go 25 dagen geleden
Chelsea? We sold hazard and now we can make it to the semi final of the ucl and land in top 4
Leart The #MemeGoat
Leart The #MemeGoat 29 dagen geleden
Barcelona watching this: So if i sell messi i will win....
Mark Michael
Mark Michael 29 dagen geleden
When you pronounce 'Fabregas' remember to add 'Sexy Cesc' at the beginning. It's imperative.
Demone Dante
Demone Dante Maand geleden
Ac Milan 2013 is saying I am I a joke to you they sold Zalatan and Tiago made them absolute joke for the past 8 years
Tony Allison
Tony Allison Maand geleden
the last league title that a.c. Milan win it was 2010/2011 season
alendikxbx shorts
alendikxbx shorts Maand geleden
why is PCH in the thumb nail
Rhid Morgan
Rhid Morgan Maand geleden
Completely forgot coutinho existed haha
xKingReach Maand geleden
fruitlover Maand geleden
A better example for Napoli is when they sold Lavezzi and Cavani and used that money to buy Mertens, Callejon, Pepe Reina, Jorghino, Ghoulam, Higuain, and Albiol. With Koulibaly coming in the following season too.
Jose Estevao
Jose Estevao Maand geleden
Bruno Fernandes, 🦁🦁🦁
Mark Law
Mark Law Maand geleden
Salah was here before Coutinho was sold. Fake news mofos.
Benny T
Benny T Maand geleden
Hoping Norwich on here after selling Maddison
Mr Ok
Mr Ok Maand geleden
When was maguire the star of Leicester? Lol. Was never considered more important than vardy
Shree 5 Studios
Shree 5 Studios Maand geleden
Sporting sold their best player Leichester sold their best defender United bought them then... YKWIM
Jhavol Jarrette
Jhavol Jarrette Maand geleden
Sporting 🇯🇲💚
Athay Phom
Athay Phom Maand geleden
Sporting was doing excellent even before
Luke2004 BFC
Luke2004 BFC Maand geleden
Maguire was not the best player at Leicester
alpha gaming
alpha gaming Maand geleden
This means Barcelona helped liverpool to defeat them and win ucl and epl
Tiago Senos
Tiago Senos Maand geleden
Portugal U21 analysis please #goldengeneration
nahBiggie Maand geleden
Inter Milan got the deal of a lifetime!!
farhan Hassan
farhan Hassan Maand geleden
João Lopes
João Lopes Maand geleden
Clicked in the video just because of Bruno in a sporting shirt I miss that
William Robinson
William Robinson Maand geleden
Sell at the right price, use that excess fee to make your squad better.
Herry Mkilaha
Herry Mkilaha Maand geleden
Hope Atletico signs aguero
V B Maand geleden
Harry maguire was not even the best player at Leicester.
N F95
N F95 Maand geleden
Now Arsenal is selling flops and getting worse
Rohan Vyas
Rohan Vyas Maand geleden
Maguire for £80m. Biggest robbery in football.
Rohan Vyas
Rohan Vyas Maand geleden
@Ylh 2019 captaincy should be based on seniority. Both of them are new players. Pogba or de gea should be captain.
Ylh 2019
Ylh 2019 Maand geleden
@Rohan Vyas Good for Maguire, I suppose. I'm still not sure why Maguire is chosen to be man utd captain instead of Bruno Fernandes, though.
Rohan Vyas
Rohan Vyas Maand geleden
@Ylh 2019 coutinho was still worth half of that price at that time. Maguire got relegated 4 times as a player and now captains man utd and england regular, shambles.
Ylh 2019
Ylh 2019 Maand geleden
Pretty sure Philippe Coutinho for €145.00m is an even bigger robbery.
Vittorio Bongioanni
Vittorio Bongioanni Maand geleden
@Rohan Vyas That's what I meant, they learned their lesson from their sales.
Francisco Correia
Francisco Correia Maand geleden
Its Pedro Gonçalves not Gonzalez at least when u made de script you could had searched for that
Patrício Gomes
Patrício Gomes Maand geleden
Its not that deep
Alex Maand geleden
Relax 😂
Austin Akr0
Austin Akr0 Maand geleden
why does doogie always end his sentences in a much higher tone LIKE THIS
Dane F
Dane F Maand geleden
Inter also got better after icardi moved on
Dane F
Dane F Maand geleden
@90 Bins Conte came in and told him he wasn't part of the plan right from the gate. Nainggolans wife wasn't diagnosed til the season after
90 Bins
90 Bins Maand geleden
@Dane F well he didn’t get rid of Nainggolan. He wanted to leave to be closer to his wife
Dane F
Dane F Maand geleden
Now that I think of it Conte also got rid of Nainggolan and Perisic too. But perisic has since returned.
Akkar_Unbekannt Maand geleden
Barcelona would’ve been here if they had sold Messi. Rip Barcelona lol
Dane Powell
Dane Powell Maand geleden
Harry Maguire has never been a star, is not a star and will never be a star. He was just the right nationality and right age to command such a huge fee.
Alexander Vasquez
Alexander Vasquez Maand geleden
Aupa Atleti!❤️❤️❤️
Nathan Maand geleden
Poland will be hoping to inadvertently become no. 11 tonight
Kristoffer Andersen
Kristoffer Andersen Maand geleden
You missed the sale of Bale, and how that improved spurs as a whole
Steven Wertyuiooo
Steven Wertyuiooo Maand geleden
They were shit immediately after the sale of Bale. The money they got from that transfer was mostly wasted. Only Eriksen was good if I recall correctly.
Michael Lyga
Michael Lyga Maand geleden
@Erik Lakeland Had they just given Poch more money he'd still be around and would probably have a league title.
Erik Lakeland
Erik Lakeland Maand geleden
They didn’t improve until Pochettino arrived which was later
Michael Lyga
Michael Lyga Maand geleden
@Athay Phom I don't want to bring it up again, but 60 years without winning the league and 30 years without winning the FA cup must hurt.
Athay Phom
Athay Phom Maand geleden
They become popular, not better imo
Ian Clinton
Ian Clinton Maand geleden
As an Arsenal fan, I don’t ever want to hear about 07/08. That season was so heartbreaking especially since the quality of football was insane and deserved a trophy to crown it all of. Eduardo’s injury still kills me to this day 😭😭
Just Diego
Just Diego Maand geleden
I've always had it difficult to believe that Liverpool bought VVD and the others with the Coutinho money, not only because Liverpool bought VVD first and then Coutinho left, but because even during those times, Liverpool transfer windows had been relatively quiet, which means Liverpool didn't need to sell anybody to bring those players... Just like when we won the Champions League, a lot of revenue but, who did we bring the next transfer window/s? a couple of cheap nobodies (for the future, as they are called).
Just Diego
Just Diego Maand geleden
@90 Bins Jota was brought the season after we won the league, not the champions... And he wasn't that cheap but wasn't and still isn't a world class superstar, he was the third option behind T. Werner and Sarr, it just happened to come off really well.
90 Bins
90 Bins Maand geleden
I’m pretty sure Diogo Jota isn’t a cheap nobody
Zak Thomas
Zak Thomas Maand geleden
How does that mean sporting got better? Hes nowhere near bruno
DeadSouls RP
DeadSouls RP Maand geleden
They didn't mean to say the Goncalves is better, they are saying Sporting as a team don't miss Bruno and have become better, on course to win their first league title in nearly two decades
Elis Lundkvist
Elis Lundkvist Maand geleden
Sporting club the portugal invincebels lets goo
Lightskinlord 20
Lightskinlord 20 Maand geleden
Jack Antonio
Jack Antonio Maand geleden
Best part about the coutinio one is that while Liverpool won the league and ucl he went and got a treble too
Zero Suit Samus
Zero Suit Samus Maand geleden
He want to win UCL with Barcelona, yet joining loan at Bayern that make his wishes come true. Sometime, football is wired stroy.
irvanCrocs Maand geleden
Inter Milan could be twice in this list if you count the one when they sold Icardi 2 years ago as well, even tho they still won nothing in 2019/2020 season, reaching europe league final and 2nd place on table are still way better achievement considering how terrible they were in the last 8 years, and now it will prove better if they win the league this season..
Martim Correia
Martim Correia Maand geleden
Dougie yes i know ur watching this its Gonçalves yes pronnunced Gonsalves not Gonzalez hes Portuguese not Spaniard in case u dont known its famalicao not famalisao read better their names instead of making comments about them
Martim Correia
Martim Correia Maand geleden
@Euro Football Daily ok dougie glad to know yes i do understand that for u English people its difficult to pronounce our names and glad for the effort to that u guys doing but at the same time we Portuguese dont like to be considered as Spaniards just like Dutch people don't like to be considered as German people but i am glad for the effort u guys are making so continue with good work😁😊
Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily Maand geleden
Hi Martim, we try our best with the pronunciations and ask for a little bit of understanding, we aren't Portuguese. (Dougie)
Sam Barker
Sam Barker Maand geleden
I thought inter was gonna be icardi
Colt45 &Kalasnikov
Colt45 &Kalasnikov Maand geleden
His so crap in psg
no content
no content Maand geleden
Nobody : Euro football daily : paanns £
Rants 'N' Bantz
Rants 'N' Bantz Maand geleden
Let's go champ
Afonso Silva
Afonso Silva Maand geleden
Peyton Patenaude
Peyton Patenaude 21 dag geleden
Bruno Fernandes or Christiano Ronaldo?
Lightskinlord 20
Lightskinlord 20 28 dagen geleden
@Vittorio Bongioanni Jogou no Sporting 🇧🇷
kaiter x
kaiter x Maand geleden
E verdade
Vittorio Bongioanni
Vittorio Bongioanni Maand geleden
@Lightskinlord 20 Abel Ferreira 🇵🇹
Lightskinlord 20
Lightskinlord 20 Maand geleden
@Vittorio Bongioanni Viva ao Sporting!!!🇧🇷🇵🇹
FootieCentral V2
FootieCentral V2 Maand geleden
I got a feeling Manchester United will be better if they sell Paul Pogba 👀
mata Hari
mata Hari Maand geleden
I want him to leave, he dont deserve to play in this team, he deserve a better team like psg or juventus where he can win titles
Mustafa Maand geleden
@Khalnayak Fc I want him to go to PSG so he can win titles and UCLs and shut every one who doubted him up
Khalnayak Fc
Khalnayak Fc Maand geleden
@Mustafaikr overhated and underrated for us,people will value him when he leaves us
Mustafa Maand geleden
@Khalnayak Fc we have fallen off a cliff without him this season, carried us through against Milan as well, so disrespected by the fanbase
Khalnayak Fc
Khalnayak Fc Maand geleden
u dont watch football if u think we will be good after pogba leaves😂😂prolly one of our key players lmao
Doomsday Fish
Doomsday Fish Maand geleden
Swear HITC did this first
Alan Sansom
Alan Sansom Maand geleden
They usually do
Darryl Burrell
Darryl Burrell Maand geleden
Video idea: 10 times a club sold the title to a rival (sold a player that made the difference) example kante from Leicester to Chelsea, van Persie to Man U, possibly Suarez to atleti if they hold on)
ThatRedHairedDude 29 dagen geleden
@Dane F yeah Pirlo won the title with Juventus in his first season with them
Darryl Burrell
Darryl Burrell Maand geleden
@Mans Kanu Perfect example
Mans Kanu
Mans Kanu Maand geleden
David Villa from Barcelona to Atletico in 2014
Da-vid Cargill
Da-vid Cargill Maand geleden
@Iam RJ92 west ham wont win anything
Iam RJ92
Iam RJ92 Maand geleden
Sol Campbell from spurs to arsenal Figo from barca to real Madrid Lingardinho from man utd to west ham????
Ramadea Adrindrata
Ramadea Adrindrata Maand geleden
I'd like to point out that Inter selling Icardi and then going en route to win their first title in 10 years should be mentioned. Inter spent almost 8 years with Icardi as their main man without being able to pose a challenge for the title
GloTheActivist Maand geleden
Yeah because the other players were trash compared to him. Considering the players he had on his team, I’d say it’s quite good how many goals he scored.
True Friend
True Friend Maand geleden
Very happy that United are taking good care of Bruno. I will never forget his performances from when he played for us. (Sporting fan)
Guchu Mbogo
Guchu Mbogo Maand geleden
At this rate, I think it's the other way round
Jose Estevao
Jose Estevao Maand geleden
Bruno wins games Alone. He scores incredible free kicks and out of the box shots. I miss him in Sporting midfield
Icewallowcome 1
Icewallowcome 1 Maand geleden
@Naveen Joshy what’s your account name xd
Icewallowcome 1
Icewallowcome 1 Maand geleden
@Naveen Joshy yes
Naveen Joshy
Naveen Joshy Maand geleden
@Icewallowcome 1 wait are you on sofifa
Vs4u53 2
Vs4u53 2 Maand geleden
Great vid idea
JJB Maand geleden
Love from India 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
Lee Borland
Lee Borland Maand geleden
Johnathan David has been pretty bad every time I see him play
mustafa abdullahi #GLAZERSOUT saudisin
Man 80m for maguire is a robbery
Alex Sapeta
Alex Sapeta Maand geleden
@Dishanti Thomas yeah defo, there weren’t many options at the time compared to now but I think if Man Utd bought him for like £40 or something then I think it would have been seen as a better deal obv. But hey, make do with what they’ve got I guess, hopefully they can spend their money better elsewhere
Dishanti Thomas
Dishanti Thomas Maand geleden
@Alex Sapeta yeah now there are definitely better options but at the time I think those were their only options along with umtiti if you wanted to take a risk on his injuries
Alex Sapeta
Alex Sapeta Maand geleden
@Dishanti Thomas tbh probably yeah, but I think there is definitely better options to buy tho
Dishanti Thomas
Dishanti Thomas Maand geleden
@Alex Sapeta if they were willing to pay 80m for Maguire they should have just payed the 90m for koulibaly
Alex Sapeta
Alex Sapeta Maand geleden
To be fair he hasn’t been terrible, but for 80 million you would have expected a top European defender at least
Ethan Manners
Ethan Manners Maand geleden
Mr Bottler
Mr Bottler Maand geleden
Zero cares
Sebastian Viso
Sebastian Viso Maand geleden
Liked before I even saw it lol
Rants 'N' Bantz
Rants 'N' Bantz Maand geleden
Standard procedure
Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily Maand geleden
That's what we like to see Sebastian! (Dougie)
Nico Rey
Nico Rey Maand geleden
Nico Rey
Nico Rey Maand geleden
@Mr Bottler ok
Mr Bottler
Mr Bottler Maand geleden
Didn’t ask