10 Clubs DESPERATE To Sell Their Stars! 

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Hello and welcome back to Euro Football Daily where today we are running through 10 clubs that are desperate to sell their stars in this COVID affected market.
Hear how Real Madrid’s €580m loan to rebuild the Bernabeu and crippling bad luck with Eden Hazard means they’ll be keen to offload far more than just Gareth Bale this summer. Lille and Inter Milan might be chasing titles this season but their precarious financial positions might mean that starts such as Sven Botman, Romelu Lukaku and Achraf Hakimi might have to leave.
With Sheffield United facing the drop they’ll be keen to make as much money out of their ageing and underperforming squad as possible, whilst unless Valencia get new owners, they’ll no doubt continue their fire sale under Peter Lim with their debts above €500m.
We also hear how Marseille and Schalke’s disastrous campaigns might force a reset, how Juventus might decide to offload Cristiano Ronaldo and travel to cash strapped Barcelona who must surely be considering offloading Coutinho this summer, whilst Lionel Messi’s future remains uncertain.
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24 mrt. 2021




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Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily Maand geleden
Which of these players do you want YOUR club to sign this summer?! (Dougie)
DaRoyalSaif 27 dagen geleden
@Aman Belani too hard to happen 😬, either your club pays over 60 million euros or leave him
Aman Belani
Aman Belani 27 dagen geleden
Skrinar to Liverpool
Work Plus
Work Plus Maand geleden
He probably would too
Work Plus
Work Plus Maand geleden
Putin needs to buy all of Valencia’s stars for shalake
DaRoyalSaif Maand geleden
Hakimi and Lukaku payments are already done, Correct that please
Sabelo Mkhize
Sabelo Mkhize Dag geleden
Damn, it's almost like some of the biggest clubs in the sport should get together and do something to increase their revenue so that they can survive and not only make themselves financially viable but also the rest of the sport financially viable
Stephen Ord
Stephen Ord 6 dagen geleden
Football players aren't paid enough. Running a raffle to help support them. Got 9 quid so far
msdm83 7 dagen geleden
Real and Barcelona will always find a way out. They are to culturally, economically and politically important to their respective cities to be let go to the wall. They'll get golden handshakes from banks etc.
Sr BeetleVase
Sr BeetleVase 8 dagen geleden
Coutinho's leaving and probably taking Sergi Roberto and Umtiti with him.
Alex Sch
Alex Sch 10 dagen geleden
Is anybody out there aware of the difference between gross and net debt? The Missinformation spread through videos like this is insane
Clay Williams
Clay Williams 20 dagen geleden
Real’s current mediocrity? They won laliga last year probably could this year and will go to champions league final
Vishwa Ramnarain
Vishwa Ramnarain 21 dag geleden
Inter is not broke
BRUNO OCHIENG 23 dagen geleden
Its crazy how Man United aren't desperate to sell the mighty Phill Jonesta😂😂😂
Boi Boi
Boi Boi 23 dagen geleden
Its lies. They aren't really broke. They just want to play the market. Watch as they spend 200 mil on the next big thing
Aryan Mahanth
Aryan Mahanth 28 dagen geleden
Hands down Hazard is the worst signing in the history of Real Madrid he needs to be moved on so that they can give time to their up and coming stars, and he doesn't add anything to an already good attack....
Tilla David Katenga
Tilla David Katenga 29 dagen geleden
Barcelona are totally screwed, if Barcelona where a lower league team, they would have been demoted to lower league football
MizAkeria Maand geleden
u got everything about inter wrong lmao
Carol Foster
Carol Foster Maand geleden
Can you do me a big favour Get out of here
Ace McHardy
Ace McHardy Maand geleden
Why don’t Celtic join the Premier League?
Patrick Mccutcheon
Patrick Mccutcheon 13 uur geleden
If Rangers joined as well there would be competition in the Scottish league.
pipe360ful Maand geleden
Real Madrid stadium debt is for 30 years, so even though they start paying in 2023,it's only a small amount per year.
Xavier Monet βξ
Xavier Monet βξ Maand geleden
Everyone's selling but who's buying
Mike Rodrigues
Mike Rodrigues Maand geleden
You forgot david from lille aswell hes was having an excellent second half
nahBiggie Maand geleden
Inter reports are bullshit
unstoppableExodia Maand geleden
Pedri is turning out to be the player Barca hoped coutinho could be. such a shame Barca spent more on Coutinho than even psg or city would. Such a waste.
luka luka
luka luka Maand geleden
Diffrence is that real madrid has 35 years to pay off that debt so that comes out around 25 mil a year
Helvete Maand geleden
The bigger issue is who are they going to sell to? All clubs are hurting financially, and whilst some clubs are better off than others, you aren't going to see the fee's these players would usually command. The Prem clubs all seem to be fighting over Haaland and Sancho, which I think in the current climate would be whatever team gets them's only major financial outlay certainly in that transfer window. Then you are looking at Messi potentially walking away, his wages alone is going to put a massive dent in any clubs transfer kitty. So I think realistically a lot of these teams are going to have to have a fire sale and cut their losses if they want to get surplus players off their books.
Is all these top teams are in debt, the Chinese super league is failing and everyone else is suffering from covid money issues whos gonna buy these teams players. They can't all go to PSG and Man City
Ammar Syr
Ammar Syr Maand geleden
bruuuhhh real madrid loan payment is 25 million a year dont try to act like they are in trouble for clickbait they actually gonna sign a super star next summer so please dont share false news for clickbait
Mohan Raj
Mohan Raj Maand geleden
𝐂𝐥𝐢𝐜𝐤 𝐇𝐞𝐫𝐞 ➜ 》》 𝙊𝙣𝙡𝙮 𝘼𝙙𝙪𝙡𝙩 《《 在整個人類歷史上,強者,富人和具有狡猾特質的人捕食部落,氏族,城鎮,城市和鄉村中的弱者,無`'守和貧窮成員。然而,人類的生存意願迫使那些被拒絕,被剝奪或摧毀的基本需求的人們找到了一種生活方式,並繼續將其DNA融入不斷發展的人類社會。 說到食物,不要以為那些被拒絕的人只吃垃圾。相反,他們學會了在被忽視的肉類和蔬菜中尋找營養。他們學會了清潔,切塊,調味和慢燉慢燉的野菜和肉類,在食品市場上被忽略的部分家用蔬菜和肉類,並且學會了使用芳香的木煙(如山核桃,山核桃和豆科灌木 來調味食物煮的時候%^%^ 1616931309
Euan No Cap
Euan No Cap Maand geleden
Sheffield United? What stars🤣🤣
nigl2807 Maand geleden
Bastoni to Liverpool? (googles Bastoni....)
Yogesh Kumar
Yogesh Kumar Maand geleden
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James Jacob
James Jacob Maand geleden
The slippery tablecloth gradually depend because pillow ultrasonically squeeze modulo a uptight dipstick. proud, astonishing rub
MrMeoow91 Maand geleden
I think United fans should be glad that their club is not on this list considering how bad the Glazers had been.
Julius O.a
Julius O.a Maand geleden
Inter fans triggered in the comment section lmao. Different sources keep saying the same thing but we are meant to believe Inter fans (with thier sources) assuring all things are good. The truth is that we must wait and see what will happen in the summer.
ahmed ayman
ahmed ayman Maand geleden
What sources??? Dude stop reading the same 4 english news papers, these same ones said inter defaulted on lukaku, but then di Marzio debunked that. Let me guess, salty pl fan or a milan scrub? Loooool.
mad harry the maniac
mad harry the maniac Maand geleden
It would be better for football if the Spanish German Italian english and french leagues crash and fail and bring back the 3 foreigners rule because alot of people have been complaining for ages about how boring the champions league is and if they leagues crash and they need to work within their means like gate recipts and shirt sales football would be a much much better sport and the champions league wouldn't be the same teams competing in the knockout stages every bet on 12 usual teams that make the champions league knockout stages and you will be lucky to get 5/1 on an acc, the europa league was meant to be the small european tournament but it's so much better to watch than the champions league and if you try to pick 6 teams to qualify you will get double the odds compared to picking 12 champions league teams to reach the knockout stages and that basically sums up how boring the champions league is you could put your house on bayern munich reaching the final and playing either PSG or Manchester city and ive not watched the champions league for a couple of years now because of how boring it became and don't know what stage the tournament is at or who's left but I guarantee they 3 are still in it unless the semi finals are past then atleast 2 of them will be in it then after this season it's going to be an Italian or Spanish team that wins it then the season after that it'll be an english german or French team that wins it then the season after that it's going to be an Italian or Spanish team that wins it then the season after that it's going to be an english german or French team then back to Spanish or Italian,basically the only teams that can win it now days are from they countries hopefully before 2050 a team like porto ajax or rangers win it just to give everyone a change, another fact is if you take the biggest clubs in the world say the top 20 less than half of them are from they 5 countries. It's like that saying life imitating art.....98 percent of the world's wealth is taken up by 4 percent of the world population and same with football since ,2000, of the European trophies 98 percent have been won by less than 1 percent of the european teams from the5 money leagues,you even have small clubs like Tottenham Hotspur and arsenal Villarreal and Sevilla winning European trophys or getting to finals it's boring and the rest of the countrys should go rouge and set up their own European competition and leave the minority to compete in the champions league while the majority compete in a better more exciting european competition because the majority will have more people watching and therfore attract more sponsors and watch the big 5 leagues sink while we thrive and would be better for football in general but we could have a champions league that only champions can compete in then we have the right to the name champions league and the other 5 leagues will need to rename their European competition because it let's some champions in but the tournament is mostly made up of teams that didn't win their domestic leagues and when they come crawling to us to compete in our tournament we can tell them where to go like UEFA have been doing with the majority of domestic champions, it will eventually happen just needs teams from outside the 5 to sit round the table and draw up the plans and honestly the sooner the better for the majority of supporters and clubs. the Russians Portuguese dutch Scottish Ukrainian danish and Belgian football associations should kick it off and get the ball rolling because all they leagues have legendary teams and make up the biggest supported teams in europe outside Barcelona real Madrid and Manchester United plus their support would dwindle and they would turn to the major European competition that don't include teams from the 5 leagues with the crazy TV money mostly because we will take the lions share of the TV money after a year or 2,I know talks are ongoing for an atlantic league but it needs to move forward quicker and set up our own version of UEFA where we will take the power away from the existing UEFA and that can only be a good thing if it's ran properly 👌💛💙❤🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴
Gaming Shorts
Gaming Shorts Maand geleden
Intermilan is winning serie A, can buy back by winning trophies
troopa87 Maand geleden
Chelsea rubbing there hands together 😄
Seamus Cummins
Seamus Cummins Maand geleden
Very lazy work on Inter, the payment for players stories were nonsense and Inter had in fact paid, this is public knowledge that even a simple Google search would clear up. They have several options if suning wish to sell, even just sell a smaller % but they would prefer the loan option atleast until the summer when a serie a title would likely add value to the club and attract more potential buyers. Inter if anything will be desperate to keep their top players if they can.
ahmed ayman
ahmed ayman Maand geleden
What do you expect from these amateurs, they recommended di Maria at rwb while we have hakimi. LOOOOL
joao ferreira
joao ferreira Maand geleden
Worst analysis ! very superficial
Stewart Cameron
Stewart Cameron Maand geleden
40 mil for Coutinho you're having a joke surely??? they will be lucky to get half that.
nella singson
nella singson Maand geleden
➡️ ⤵️ B.e.S.T f'u"l'l D.a.T.i.n.G h.o.T G.i.r.L's -L-o-V-e-S-e-X---❤️😘 ..👍 !💖🖤❤️今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!この日のライブ配信は、かならりやばかったですね!1万人を超える人が見ていたもん(笑)やっぱり人参最高!まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした,. 💖🖤在整個人類歷史上,強者,富人和具有狡猾特質的人捕食部落,氏族,城鎮,城市和鄉村中的弱者,無`'守和貧窮成員。然而,人類的生存意願迫使那些被拒絕,被剝奪或摧毀的基本需求的人們找到了一種生活方式,並繼續將其DNA融入不斷發展的人類社會。. 說到食物,不要以為那些被拒絕的人只吃垃圾。相反,他們學會了在被忽視的肉類和蔬菜中尋找營養。他們學會了清潔,切塊,調味和慢燉慢燉的野菜和肉類,在食品市場上被忽略的部分家用蔬菜和肉類,並且學會了使用芳香的木煙(如山核桃,山核桃和豆科灌木 來調味g食物煮的時候 1616748635
rishi kumar D
rishi kumar D Maand geleden
Pedri is what barcelona thought coutinho was gonna be
rishi kumar D
rishi kumar D Maand geleden
Coutinho Is the kind of player you build your team around, and clearly he can't do that in barcelona. And given the new 352 ,343 system there's no room for him with ansu and dembouz being in decent form,
rishi kumar D
rishi kumar D Maand geleden
Sell coutinho and griezmann, rope in haaland, gini is pointless unless pjanic is sold as well. Sell umtiti and purchase another cb to as backup to pique and underperforming lenglet.imagine a front 3 of fati haaland and messi ,with dembouz on the bench
Ronny Quatre
Ronny Quatre Maand geleden
Lille has some really good talent..
ThatRedHairedDude Maand geleden
*signs Mustafi* Schalke: why are we still losing?
Lanky Lame
Lanky Lame Maand geleden
No wonder the UEFA are scrapping the FFP, else the "superleague" will not happen!
devzaim Maand geleden
4:37 is TMJ, a Malaysian prince. Successfully built the Southern Tiger (JDT) from ruin to win the Malaysian Super League (MSL) nearly a decade, consecutively. Hopefully, the purchase is true and Valencia might be able to contest for the top 4.
FT Maand geleden
ahmed ayman
ahmed ayman Maand geleden
Bro these guys are proper amateurs, they recommended di maria at rwb, while we had hakimi. Loooool
FT Maand geleden
ororochi 1983
ororochi 1983 Maand geleden
too much misinformation. dislike
Dean Irwin
Dean Irwin Maand geleden
Ronaldo is one of thee worst value for money transfers ever
Anne Walden
Anne Walden 4 dagen geleden
Dean Irwin I do not understand what you are saying. Real Madrid were forced to sell Ronaldo and his absence means they do not play such beautiful football .
DeadSouls RP
DeadSouls RP Maand geleden
Wouldn't say nearly a goal contribution (95 goals + 22 assists = 117) per game (123 appearances) is bad value for money 🤦🏻‍♂️
Ismail Hammani
Ismail Hammani Maand geleden
Real Madrid can pay their debt in installments for the next 30 years or so. So basically it will be like 30 mills a year. Do some research
Usmaan Shan
Usmaan Shan Maand geleden
10 clubs who scored in every game of the season
mark dailyyt
mark dailyyt Maand geleden
Dougie was losing his voice Appreciate the commitment
Aiman Adhikari
Aiman Adhikari Maand geleden
Mustafi 🤣
bart boombaclartt
bart boombaclartt Maand geleden
you guys should do the fall of serie a
Doraigaya Ragok
Doraigaya Ragok Maand geleden
Rangnick denied the schalke links a while ago. He doesn't want the job
manny Maand geleden
FFP raised to save Uafalona and Real Madrid. Football is so corrupt it’s disgusting
manny 21 dag geleden
@Sebastian Johansson they’re the primary beneficiaries of it
Sebastian Johansson
Sebastian Johansson 21 dag geleden
@manny Well it was you that said that FFP raised to save Barca and real
manny 21 dag geleden
@Sebastian Johansson everyone one knows Uefa is corrupt and those teams reap the benefits. So it not me.
Sebastian Johansson
Sebastian Johansson 21 dag geleden
@manny you are so wrong hahaha
Mauro Gonzalez
Mauro Gonzalez Maand geleden
@manny You said FIFA FFP. FFP is a UEFA policy, not FIFA's as FIFA doesn't have that kind of authority. I wasn't talking about how much each club was worth, I was talking in terms of their economic results since that's where FFP oversight comes into play. You said RM was in economic turmoil, they aren't and we can look at their latest financial statements since that's public information and then you can tell me how they are in economic turmoil. The current FFP moratorium was put out to help all clubs in European football since revenue has plumetted across every other League, and I can think of at least 5 clubs which without this would be banned from playing in the CL and EL, RM wouldn't be one of them. You'd have to prove this was done benefit RM and Barcelona since that was your initial statement, you haven't come closed to proving that's the case. You need to prove Rm is in economic turmoil and you need to prove the FFP moratorium was done to "save" Rm and Barcelona. Lastly, the wage cap is something regulated at the local level in the Spanish League. UEFA doesn't factor into this. Rm's wage cap was reduced from 641M Euros to 468M Euros last year and then increased to 473M euros in December. How is the red tape down?
Luke Van Dome
Luke Van Dome Maand geleden
Thought Sheffield United was a tad ignorant to be honest
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith Maand geleden
Why does Barcelona buy so many players if their academy is supposed to be so great.
Xyz Zyx
Xyz Zyx Maand geleden
Because Bartomeu destroyed La Masia.
Who is In Paris?
Who is In Paris? Maand geleden
Their academy hasn’t been great for years I would recommend tifo footballs video on it which basically explains the better the academy the better the first team which means the next generation find it hard to get into the first team and that just repeats over and over
Granny Gives Head
Granny Gives Head Maand geleden
do one on clubs desperate for new stars
Matt Clayton
Matt Clayton Maand geleden
Barca should take £40 in installments, some mini milks and half a mars bar for coutinho at this stage...
Gorilla Maand geleden
I don't think there's anyone dumb enough to waste a Mars bar on Coutinho at this point..
Pietro Maand geleden
Inter don't sell bro
FT Maand geleden
Brandon Ruiz
Brandon Ruiz Maand geleden
Real Madrid’s renovation debt is to be paid in 30 years, we don’t have much in short term debt as a lot of people make it sound. Plus we have a lot of players who can get us some decent money and have a President that has always guided us the right direction
Xyz Zyx
Xyz Zyx Maand geleden
I agree with you. Many People make it sound worse than it is.
James Hunter
James Hunter Maand geleden
Inter would be mad to sell Bastoni
j pounds
j pounds Maand geleden
Ragnick was scared off after meeting with the Schalke board; he knows it’s a mess that even he can’t fix. They are screwed for a few years. Sad.
Matt Howard
Matt Howard Maand geleden
He should take. Over an English club like something with potential eg Newcastle (if Ashley sells) or the irons if moyes fucks it, he would be wasted at schalke who seem to be caught in the mud atm idk why with the quality in the squad 🙄🙄
Craig Graham
Craig Graham Maand geleden
Love the Schalke part showing Getafe players running about 😂
nim bus
nim bus Maand geleden
Arsenal fans don`t you want mustafi back ? Schalke will be relegated
Leon Perez
Leon Perez Maand geleden
Jajajjaja Inter wont sell Skriniar
Will Chan
Will Chan Maand geleden
Not sure what the heck happened with Coutinho. He had it all!
Matt Howard
Matt Howard Maand geleden
Still does he wasn't needed when Barca bought him it was a prestige signing wack him as a false 9/10 at Liverpool and he'd rock it tbh 75% of teams he'd go to he would instantly double there creative quality whearas at Barca he's misused due to Messi being Messi 😂😂
Patricio Hinojosa Sáenz
Jesus Corona is The best player in FC Porto and most valuable
Luke Ansell
Luke Ansell Maand geleden
how about let the dumb big clubs fall to their own failings and demise, i have no sympathy for the likes of madrid or barca, i feel more sorry for club staff that don't get paid (happened to barca staff) meanwhile UEFA let it slide
Xyz Zyx
Xyz Zyx Maand geleden
@ItsJonny I think that fans Will Return at the beginning of the next season and they will hopefully be full by the end of the next season. But I hate Bartomeu .
ItsJonny Maand geleden
@Xyz Zyx without Corvid, Barca would of been able to cover their debt by income streams, the 100k stadium brings in alot of money. Definetly could of been managed better though, hopefullt the restrictions are lifted soon and we can all enjoy sports in stadiums again
Xyz Zyx
Xyz Zyx Maand geleden
@Syedmasroor19 Masroor719 even before Covid many teams were in big debt Barca was also there but Covid just made that debt much bigger.
Syedmasroor19 Masroor719
I don't think barcelona and real Madrid saw covid coming
Viktor Strandberg
Viktor Strandberg Maand geleden
The problem at Inter is not that there is no money, the problem is that a Chinese pandemic law prohibits them from moving capital to businesses outside China, without certain stipulations, which is why they shut down an unprofitable business (the CSL club). Also they have taken out a bridge loan with BC partners (UK) for liquidity until the summer (which will be used for Hakimi payment installment and Lukaku bonus). The liquidity problem is expected to be resolved this summer, by selling shares to BC partners.
Alastair Maand geleden
@Ninter 4 Debt is fine as long as you can service it - but the ratio is relevant - and the loss of income (no fault of Inter) is relevant - if a PE fund is doing a debt for equity swap that is effectively a hostile takeover of an asset that cannot service their debt - can write it off once they take it over as paying themselves effectively - I'm not against Inter at all - just think people should open their eyes a bit
Ninter 4
Ninter 4 Maand geleden
@Alastair do i have to pay for your next comment alastair the financial maverick?
Ninter 4
Ninter 4 Maand geleden
@Alastair inter has been in debt for nearly 30 years, much like United Madrid and Barca. I'm sure we'll be fine internet financier. Keep reading rumors and blatant lies while pretending to know better. "Tbey were late, i spoke to zhang"
Alastair Maand geleden
@Ninter 4 And I will tell you this for free you don't get a good interest rate from a Private Equity fund - you just don't you only do that if desperate (hence he was saying they will have to sell shares - i.e. equity for debt swap) that is the equivalent of having bailiffs in your house taking your tv - stop being deluded
Ninter 4
Ninter 4 Maand geleden
@Alastair they weren't late on any payments you noob😂 why should i trust anything you say after that? You can't even admit you were wrong about this one tiny detail
AC Maand geleden
Morata is a bench player better off the bench like ole. Some players just aren't starters it happens
Ninter 4
Ninter 4 Maand geleden
Skriniar was a very old rumor this past summer, and Bastoni has never ever been rumored to be sold. Inter's owners are having issues with their football spending (overseas especially), but Inter as a club isn't in trouble. All of the payments for Hakimi and Romelu that were agreed upon have been paid, and if there is anything left the clubs have set it up that way. Cmon guys, all of this is available information. The whole segment was a mix of old and non-existent rumors (before the chinese govt restrictions) and the current situation the owners are going through
ahmed ayman
ahmed ayman Maand geleden
What do you expect from these amateurs, they recommended di Maria for rwb, while we have hakimi. LOOOOOOL.
andrea roncolato
andrea roncolato Maand geleden
@Ninter 4 i didn't like the old one but this is just sad and ugly. The good part is that now i feel it represents the team better.
Ninter 4
Ninter 4 Maand geleden
@andrea roncolato so crap. Previous one was majestic
andrea roncolato
andrea roncolato Maand geleden
yeah but that new logo doe......that's worst than debts. Bleah
mifa ngia
mifa ngia Maand geleden
yeah video maker doesnt know shit
Ramadea Adrindrata
Ramadea Adrindrata Maand geleden
Inter is definitely not trying to sell Bastoni and Skriniar. As far as I can tell the one we're trying to offload is Vecino, Young, Kolarov, and Vidal
ahmed ayman
ahmed ayman Maand geleden
@Matt Howard let me guess, read that on an english tabloid? Same ones that link every non bpl player to the top 6. Remember last season when it was rumored that we would sell lautaro for 40m?? You guys are a joke.
Matt Howard
Matt Howard Maand geleden
They were pretty keen to get rid of skriniar in the summer if conte stays they'll probs buy Phil Jones as a replacement 😅😅
Nzrn Maand geleden
I wonder how Barca will turn out, on paper they look like they have quite a few sellable players. But how do they sell and stay competitive in their league? Weird to me that they want to keep Messi despite being so much in debt. If I'm not mistaken PSG and City were paying willing to splash on him but Barca did not want to sell, wouldn't it been better for them to cash in on him instead of letting him go free? Even if he does sign a new deal wouldn't that add to their financial woes instead? Maybe Messi's shirt sales and such are balancing it out I dno, just that it seems more logical to me to sell him and get him off the wage bill than to keep. And did I hear that right when he mentioned that Barca's new president promised Haaland?
Xyz Zyx
Xyz Zyx Maand geleden
@ItsJonny i agree with Everything you Said mate.
ItsJonny Maand geleden
Messi is as of now a main part in the sponsorship deals Barcelona has, if he goes without them having a heir ready akin to what Messi was for Ronaldinho, the club will be far worse of than it is right now. the previous president ruined the club, his transfer policy was horrible to a extent that shouldnt be belivable. If pepole enter the stadium again, it would ease the burden to a extreme degree, but it will take years to dig ourself out of the mess we are in right now, we have some solid young players though, hopefully they continue to mature
Xyz Zyx
Xyz Zyx Maand geleden
@Nzrn I think he is going to stay. Shirt sales are still High and if fans Return for next season which is very likely then Barca Will definetly get more money.
Nzrn Maand geleden
@Xyz Zyx I see. The video did mention on just how little games coutinho played for them. What do you think on the Messi situation?
Xyz Zyx
Xyz Zyx Maand geleden
Barca is not in debt because of Messi. Messi's Shirt sales are balanced with his WAGE. The problem is they spent to much on old players whose value just goes down and they don't even play them. They also have a Huge wage and now there aren't any fans so there is no big income. And there was a rumour that some Sheikh is interested in buying Barca since Laporta is on good terms with him.
Gian Gomes
Gian Gomes Maand geleden
Madrid are paying the stadium loan on the 23rd of July 2023, not 2022. That year later changes quite a bit our financial situation.
Rishabh Agarwal
Rishabh Agarwal Maand geleden
@Juan Gonzalez bro you have 10 comments on their videos saying how bad their videos are and how misinformed they are, idk consider not watching this channel then?
Juan Gonzalez
Juan Gonzalez Maand geleden
Facts! These Brits keep spreading these fake rumors when the actual info is out there...and the loan is for 30 years
James Cinque
James Cinque Maand geleden
Mediocrity?? Real would collapse if they don’t have Ramos or others similar to him
Fatso Maand geleden
Lille just sold Oshimen for 60 million
Pius Fußenegger
Pius Fußenegger Maand geleden
7:26 is Genk and not Schalke smh
Mubarak Hashi
Mubarak Hashi Maand geleden
Give me caleta car
Martin Gagan Carlsen
Martin Gagan Carlsen Maand geleden
No one: Absolutely no one: Zack: rÆl Madiitd 0:12
Steven Atwood
Steven Atwood Maand geleden
I'm an Inter fan, and rn there are no plans to sell Skriniar or Bastoni. Skriniar has been solid in the back and is even better now that he's figured out Conte's defensive system and no way Bastoni is getting sold; he's one of the players that Inter is building around. Fake or not likely rumors
ahmed ayman
ahmed ayman Maand geleden
Bro, biggest amateurs on youtube, I wonder how they get away with it.
FT Maand geleden
FT Maand geleden
@Xyz Zyx true
Xyz Zyx
Xyz Zyx Maand geleden
And Inter are not even desperate to sell they are not in a bad financial situaiton. I would also say Covid or no Covid many clubs are Always in debt it's just not talked about that much.
ThomRaider91 Maand geleden
This is a Dougie script isn't it? Rangnick already rejected the Schalke job like a week ago
DA REAL Johnny Appleseed
@Euro Football DailyI mean do some research my guy lol shit
Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily Maand geleden
That's just rude! (Dougie)
StJimmy546 Maand geleden
Real madrid should sell Hazard and Bale. Both player have huge wages.
Adon Saab
Adon Saab Maand geleden
That's obvious so should odriozola and Mariano possibly Marcelo and ceballos
Irish Maverick
Irish Maverick Maand geleden
Top 10 second generation footballers
Luca Attard
Luca Attard Maand geleden
you are saying these things with no form of evidence for example inter would never let go of bastoni and he wouldn't want to leave their isn't any reliable source that says so don't just say thing without proper evidence i gurantee no big names leave inter
ahmed ayman
ahmed ayman Maand geleden
@Euro Football Daily weren't you the guy that recommended di maria at rwb, while we have hakimi?? Bro I'd suggest you quit here and just do some fifa career mode content better suited to your skills.
Alastair Maand geleden
@DA REAL Johnny Appleseed Basically anyone on a big contract is stuck where they are for at least two years - including the clubs wanting to sell them
Alastair Maand geleden
@DA REAL Johnny Appleseed Of course they will sell other assets but they need to sell or mortgage the future - not unlike every other club
DA REAL Johnny Appleseed
@Alastair I mean w covid I imagine most clubs are looking to sell, but the claim they are looking to sell hakimi or lukaku is just false.
Alastair Maand geleden
@DA REAL Johnny Appleseed Paid yes yes… but late.. speaks of a club scrounging for cash - they have to sell.. Moratti won't put money in trust me on that
NO EXCUSE Maand geleden
The funny thing is that this so called English media never talks about the negative side of the Premier League. Chelsea are in 1.6 billon debt, Man United debt reached to €500m. But no English media is talking about their teams.
Xyz Zyx
Xyz Zyx Maand geleden
@Akshar Vaish if they were in debt than they wouldn't be boosted by money for signings all the time. I Always read that Granovskaia boosted the club with funds to sign more players.
Akshar Vaish
Akshar Vaish Maand geleden
@John Carter Chelsea has no debt. All money has been put in Abramovich.
John Carter
John Carter Maand geleden
@Akshar Vaish the topic is this buffoon commenting why EPL teams aren't mentioned including the fake fact of Chelsea being in 1.6 billion in debt. I can't comment on how Real will balance their books but they'll need to sell significantly to break even and not increase their over all debt. Haaland will be difficult with the fees and wages required, also defence may become a priority depending on Ramos and Varane. I think all clubs in Europe will be cutting costs rather than spending big, which means clubs keeping players they want and trying to heavily reduce the size and fringe players. EPL teams will be less affected due to tv money and likelihood of fans back at stadiums with the UKs high vaccination programme success and the government's milestone dates
Akshar Vaish
Akshar Vaish Maand geleden
@John Carter ya but if real reach semis and players take a 10% pay cut real may have enough money. And if we are able to sell isco Mariano odriozola jovic we may even raise funds for haaland
John Carter
John Carter Maand geleden
@Akshar Vaish I'm saying exact same thing to you as this other guy, check Real's finances it's published, also look at the profit and loss and balance sheet. Real Madrid have €901 million of debt of which €203 million is short term debt and needs to be repaid within 12 months
Son Heung-min
Son Heung-min Maand geleden
Can you play in Europe's top five leagues if your country has a ranking above 100 ???
Andrey Castellanos
Andrey Castellanos Maand geleden
Chiesa for 40 mil isn’t that bad considering how he’s been their best player other than Ronaldo
alpha124 beast
alpha124 beast 26 dagen geleden
@Cherisse Mayers pessidog literally has 1 non penalty goal in the UCL this season 😂 Vinicius has more. Atletico, Juventus, Roma, Liverpool, Bayern, PSG😭 goat couldn't help in 1 comeback? 0 goals + 0 assists in the last 6 Clasicos
Feixas 26 dagen geleden
@Cherisse Mayers when people use the word "penaldo" or "pessi" their opinion is worthless. And this clearly applies to you.
Aryan Mahanth
Aryan Mahanth 26 dagen geleden
@Cherisse Mayers Coming from a Barca fan I think the entire football universe will take that with a pinch of salt given moron Messi is pretty much doing the same😂😂😂
Cherisse Mayers
Cherisse Mayers 26 dagen geleden
@Feixas how many penalties?
Cherisse Mayers
Cherisse Mayers 26 dagen geleden
But he's playing better than Penaldo who is just sitting waiting for tap-ins and penalties
Carlton Mooi
Carlton Mooi Maand geleden
Where do you get your inter information from? 🤔 I really don't get it because on their official site is a different story. Make it make sense man 🙄
KIhairil Amirul Imran
KIhairil Amirul Imran Maand geleden
@Marco Verratti I heard we might get Isco or Van Der Beek for next season. A good replacement for Vidal.
Marco Verratti
Marco Verratti Maand geleden
@KIhairil Amirul Imran yeah unfortunately it’s actually very publicly available information. The first time I let it slide from FD, now this is just blatant lying. Those rumors r old, and the others, completely fabricated. There is no need to sell any stars whatsoever, and the bastoni link was a flat out lie 😂 I haven’t seen that anywhere
KIhairil Amirul Imran
KIhairil Amirul Imran Maand geleden
@Carlton Mooi whew, that good news. Imagine winning the scudetto this season and then having have to battle relegation next season cause we have financial problems.
Carlton Mooi
Carlton Mooi Maand geleden
@KIhairil Amirul Imran they're doing okay. They do have issues but the way euro daily talks about them is unacceptable man. Second time as well. I'm tired of them sometimes.
KIhairil Amirul Imran
KIhairil Amirul Imran Maand geleden
I hope Inter is doing ok.
Son Heung-min
Son Heung-min Maand geleden
Manchester United should be desparete in selling Maguire 😶
Son Heung-min
Son Heung-min Maand geleden
Jokes on. You I'm a Manchester United fan 😀
Mubarak Hashi
Mubarak Hashi Maand geleden
@3RD Period Vlogs and ndombele
3RD Period Vlogs
3RD Period Vlogs Maand geleden
Spurs should be desperate to sell son and Kane
Son Heung-min
Son Heung-min Maand geleden
Feel sad for Coutinho ....his really talented but injuries ruined him . Well at least the Brazilian national team still gives him Gametime 😘
James Price
James Price Maand geleden
Coutinho looked like the best midfielder in the world at the beginning of the 17/18 season. People forget how amazing he was. Shame it never worked out for him, but I’m certain there’s still a world class player in there.
Rob Tyman
Rob Tyman Dag geleden
@James Price - maybe Liverpool should consider re-signing him? ...given their fabled front three have slumped somewhat this season. He could be just what Liverpool need to get their winning habit back.
stretch 0131
stretch 0131 21 dag geleden
He hasn’t been played in his natural position for either Barca or Bayern, he needs to drift on the left lousy behind the strikers
JD 29 dagen geleden
Lol it's a classic Brazilian phenomenon. Players peak high but drop off even harder.
Athay Phom
Athay Phom Maand geleden
Absolutely, thing is Fcb dont play with a No 10
unstoppableExodia Maand geleden
He plays best centrally behind the striker, a role that doesn’t exist in the way Barca play. Bartomeu felt he’d be the perfect neymar Replacemnt because he’s played on the left wing for Brazil a few times. Only problem is he’s not a good winger for Barca. Huge waste of money, especially when Barca already had Denis Suarez and were criminally underutilizing him that first time Dembele was injured
NO EXCUSE Maand geleden
Total amount of loan is €903m. €203m is the short term loan that Madrid have to pay & the remaining once they will pay in long term(2049). For the Bernabeu renovation Madrid will pay off the loan over a 30-year period, with a fixed interest rate of 2.5%. Bro stop spreading fake news.
David Panov
David Panov Maand geleden
@Who is In Paris? hmmm ok
Who is In Paris?
Who is In Paris? Maand geleden
@David Panov they aren’t biased they are neutral
David Panov
David Panov Maand geleden
@Elliot Stone hmmm nah
Elliot Stone
Elliot Stone Maand geleden
@David Panov did you just claim FD loves United and Barca?😂😂😂😂 get a grip they’re neutral and makes jokes about all teams and praise all teams
David Panov
David Panov Maand geleden
They love barca and man united. Ofc they will make their rivals look like shit
Jordan Wynne
Jordan Wynne Maand geleden
It’s hectic
Android 17
Android 17 Maand geleden
As an inter fan , the club isnt broke and no star will leave this summer .. fake rumours only
Alastair Maand geleden
Not true they defaulted on money owed - You really think that they will let that go out of good will? your deluded
Marco Verratti
Marco Verratti Maand geleden
@rdfgg gghvdf because it was operating at a loss. U and football daily do not understand businesses. They own multiple companies, football, including inter, is barely for profit. And it’s barely for profit for the vast majority of football clubs. Sunning as a whole is rich asf
Viktor Strandberg
Viktor Strandberg Maand geleden
@Gourav Kumar Just for clicks, people would watch the video if they actually talked about struggling lower tier clubs. Kinda sad really
Gourav Kumar
Gourav Kumar Maand geleden
Inter ain't broke, but because the Chinese government has blocked any investements abroad, suning (inter owners) cannot invest anymore and they are looking to sell a small amount of shares to a someone who will loan them money until the fans are allowed back in stadiums and the Chinese investment ban is lifted. Anyways Inter is not looking to sell any big names, but only old players like young, kolarov ranocchia and maybe vidal. And all payments for Lukaku have been made (classic italian media making fake news trying to impact negatively the team) and Inter has an agreement with Real for Hakimi so it's all good. Idk why they have put Inter in this video as Inter is not looking to sell any of the start 11 but they want to add quality to their bench
Viktor Strandberg
Viktor Strandberg Maand geleden
@rdfgg gghvdf The problem is not that there is no money, the problem is that a Chinese pandemic law prohibits them from moving capital to businesses outside China, without certain stipulations, which is why they shut down an unprofitable business (the CSL club). Also they have taken out a bridge loan with BC partners (UK) for liquidity until the summer (which will be used for Hakimi payment installment and Lukaku bonus). The liquidity problem is expected to be resolved this summer, by selling shares to BC partners.
Kay B
Kay B Maand geleden
If you're reading this ,you're too late!
Jj T
Jj T Maand geleden
10 WORST La Masia Graduates!
A Mercedes F1 drive... soon